Friday, December 30, 2016

I see a better defense of the West in the deep-conservatism of theological materialism

As I speculated a few days ago, what seems to be coming now is Donald Trump and his advisers turning away from Russia toward what could become another bi-polar world, with the U.S., Israel, and the Sunni states in the West, and with Russia, Iran, and China in the East, with at least Russia supporting Shiah Islam. Europe might be up for grabs from either side.

In the West the "cultus" or religion was Christian but has turned toward a nonreligious materialism, and the cultus of the East had recently been Communist---and still is in China---while Russia under Putin has turned toward old Orthodox Christianity, and in the case of Putin's intellectual, Dugin, has turned toward the Traditionalist School of Guenon and Evola who religiously and philosophically hated the materialistic West. Conservatives in the West want to turn back to tradition, not unlike Russia, but the tradition in the West disparages materialism even as it pursues various versions of capitalism.

I see a better defense of the West in the deep-conservatism of theological materialism, where real Godhood is understood as evolved to in the material world, which the spiritualism of the East hates. Theological materialism is the deepest religious and philosophical defense of the West, with science and progress assuredly affirmed along with religion, whereas the turn back toward the Traditionalist School of the East is a dead end which hates the world and essentially hates science, and reaches only a secondary inward God. The old inward God experienced after strict asceticism can be conservatively retained but needs to be transformed in the Outward Path toward real Godhood reached by way of material/supermaterial evolution.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

When Religion, Philosophy and Psychology Meet in Reality

"My body and will are one." Schopenhauer

Schopenhauer tells us to renounce the will, not unlike traditional religion. Nietzsche tells us to celebrate the will but then goes on to say that the will has no goal other than an amoral power drive. Freud combined these views and changed the will to the sex drive, but found no real Godhood goal to the sex drive.

Freud was on the right track in attempting to figure out a way for humans to adjust to his sex drive (will), but he missed as did Schopenhauer and Nietzsche the deepest adjustment to the human life-drive, or the Spirit-Will or Will-Spirit, which is the adjustment to the ongoing future evolution of life toward Godhood, which is the ultimate religious, philosophical and psychological path seen in theological materialism.

As I wrote in this blog several years ago (Toward Evolutionary Therapy): "Take the temperament theorists or the personality psychology of Cattell and Eysenck, and combine them with sociobiology and evolutionary psychology, and you have a good theory of personality.  But then moving beyond that I hypothesize a new kind of religious evolutionary therapy in the following way:

"Alfred Adler (who positively acknowledged Nietzsche) postulated a single drive: “striving for perfection,” which is transposed in the theological materialism of the Theoevolutionary Church (TC) as the Spirit-Will, or the Spirit-Will-to-Godhood, the activating force within life, which is also shaped by outside evolution.

Rather than the “will to meaning” of Dr Viktor Frankl, or the “will to pleasure” (pleasure principle) of Freud, or the “will to power” of Nietzsche, or “striving for perfection” in Adlerian psychology, or the renunciation of Schopenhauer, theological materialism and TC psychology say that the primary motivational force in man is the material Spirit-Will-to-Godhood.

The interesting psychology comes in relating this primary drive socially as well as individually. All people, all groups have this drive to “perfection,” but how do we socially integrate them? Our answer, unlike Adler's socialism, is seen in the Ordered Evolution, Revitalized Conservatism, or ethnopluralism suggested in the theological materialism of the TC.

Toward Evolutionary Therapy

The leadership role in theological materialism and the Evolutionary Church would be to understand the intentionality of the Spirit-Will, which the person is often unable to clearly comprehend, whereas, say, in Jungian psychology, the therapist's role is to represent the intentions of the psyche and to help see or understand the “Self”. The philosopher or Priest needs to take the side of the Spirit-Will, whereas the psychoanalyst takes the side of the Unconscious.

In “Evolutionary Therapy,” the philosopher and Priest would need to mediate a deal or balance between the Spirit-Will and the Soul-mind-body which the person can live with. “Befriending” the Spirit-Will could be a task which might involve uncomfortable insights. Egotistical human life and modern values may seem limited in the face of the long evolution of the Spirit-Will-to-Godhood which activates life, beyond man, beyond superman, beyond angels all the way to Godhood.

When the Spirit-Will is blocked, It turns away from its central path. The leadership “art” in theological materialism and the EC is to help “release” the natural Spirit-Will into the energy of the person and society, making the energy of the Spirit-Will available for the individual and for society---we can learn to use or turn the powerful force of the material Spirit-Will away from profanely hurting ourselves into helping ourselves, and helping our societies evolve, not devolve toward the profane, but evolve toward the sacred.

Meanwhile the Soul, which is the Zenith of the Mind and the ego, having seen or experienced the symbolic Father Within in the Inward Path, must maintain its task to intelligently help guide or “ride the tiger” of the Spirit-Will toward evolving to real Godhood in the Outward Path, the God first seen in the Inward Path---the Soul of the Inward Path needs to stop blocking the Spirit-Will. This is the desired balance. 

We need to befriend, not only the unconscious, but the Spirit-Will which activates the unconscious, and we need to correctly define the Spirit-Will and its direction.  The Spirit-Will is like a "Super-Id," which is a good thing, not a primitive thing.

We are not merely looking for the opposite of the ego, the contrary elements of our psyche, because Jungian androgynous balance is not the goal. The great goal of the Spirit-Will, the Super-Id, is the goal that lies beyond us, beyond the human unconscious, at the Zenith of Evolution to Godhood. Whatever parts of our psyche that seem opposed to the direction of the Spirit-Will need to be understood and synthesized and balanced..."

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Do Donald Trump and Guillaume Faye share a tragic kind of New Realism?

It appears that Trump and Faye will support the causes of Israel and globalism so that they may have Jewish support in promoting economic nationalism (Trump) and stopping the Islamic invasion of France (Faye). Pat Buchanan and others attempted to do both without Jewish support and were destroyed. Would the causes of Trump and Faye be sacrificed by not supporting the Israeli refusal to stop the settlements in Palestine, or by not supporting Jewish globalism, or is this a tragic kind of New Realism? In tragedies the hero and his cause are often sacrificed due to a tragic flaw.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Those who advocate the esoteric doctrine of experiencing "gnosis" are highly arrogant

Gnosis is the so-called direct supra-rational "union with God." But no human can experience a real union with God or be a God or a god-man since God or Godhood must be evolved to in the material and supermaterial world far beyond the human species. Rare as it is, those capable of experiencing rare gnosis, after much ascetic discipline, are experiencing a peak human experience (and not spiritual) of something of what Godhood may be like when evolved to. Civilizations founded on these esoteric doctrines are eventually the religious cause of the death of the civilization due to the neglect of material life and material evolution, as well as the more tragic death of ever evolving to real Godhood. Real material evolution is deprecated and blocked by an esoteric elite who do not value the material world. The deepest civilizations will be grounded in material evolution toward supermaterial Godhood over immense time. This, we better hope, is the future of man.

Retaining but transforming past ideas of the spirit, will, and God

Schopenhauer came close to revealing the real material '"Will" but then he renounced it, not unlike Buddha. Nietzsche turned Schopenhauer's will around and affirmed it, but then he said the will had no goal other then an amoral Dionysian will-to-power. Freud took the will and turned it into the sex drive. And postmodernism turned the will into a complete relativity of cultural values. Hegel and Kant came before these thinkers with their own versions of the forces and drives of life, and before that there was Plato and the Vedic thinkers, who probably influenced the religions of the middle east.

Theological materialism takes the Will and not only brings it into the material world but defines it as a material cause in nature and not a spiritual force unconnected to the material world. Not only that, the material Spirit-Will or Will-Spirit of theological materialism is understood as having a goal, a sacred goal, which is to activate within life to help life evolve in the material world to supermaterial Godhood. But rather than rejecting the past the Twofold Path as described in theological materialism conservatively retains the old Inward Path symbolic ideas and experiences of God, such as the Father Within, Nirvana, and so on, but transforms those first glimpses of the real Godhood which are in reality reached through the Outward Path of material evolution...Science can soon join religion in revealing the sacred goals of life.

Monday, December 26, 2016

How to Escape the La La Land of Philosophy

Harmonizing epistemology and ontology

There is no duality between Materialism and Godhood

The world rarely if ever represents exactly what our consciousness sees of the world, but the world nevertheless exists outside of our consciousness of the world. The differences regarding how we perceive the world are determined by the level of evolution of the consciousness of the perceiver of the world---there is no real duality. A human sees the world different from a frog but a God sees the world different from a human, depending on the level of the material evolution of the consciousness of frogs, humans, and Gods. Separating the "subject" from the "object" only confuses things, the difference is, again, only in the level of evolution of the subject perceiving the object. I prefer to use the tern "object" for both, since they are essentially the same.

The most truthful and realistic view of the world relating to what thinkers have called the "Absolute" or God are determined by the highest levels of the material evolution of consciousness. This helps define how we can harmonize epistemology and ontology, how we know what we know, and what the nature of existence might be. There is no need to separate the material from the spiritual.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

spelling errors

As my readers no doubt know, I often make spelling errors, especially when, as today, spell checker doesn't catch the word "marital" when I meant "material." Sorry. I can't seem to do better...but I'll keep trying.

Beyond Schopenhauer's Buddhism, Nietzsche's immoralism, and Postmodern relativism

Schopenhauer was a Buddhist or Hindu in trying to rid philosophy and himself of the material world so as to experience the timeless world of what he called the Will, which was similar to Plato's timeless non-material ideas.

Nietzsche defined his will-to-power as goalless, Dionysian, and amoral, and he affirmed Fate something like the Greeks did. Nietzsche was close to seeing the will as material or supermaterial but he didn't go there. The post-moderns followed Nietzsche and made a God of relativism.

Theological Materialism sees the Will-Spirit as the material activation within material life toward supermaterial Godhood by way of material evolution, and fully affirms the religious nature of materialism when it affirms the goal of evolving to Godhood.. Theological materialism brings religion and science together, and I believe could be the future direction of both.


Absentmindedly I confounded Shia Islam with ISIS in assessing future Middle Eastern behavior for Russia and the U.S. and I have corrected that in this little essay. "Do Trump and his advisers have the following bold policy in mind?"

Saturday, December 24, 2016

The sacred sufficient reason and purpose of life

Everything represents perceptive things in time and space and can be empirically understood, but for some things to be understood, sense experience and intelligence need to further evolve. Causal explanation can explain the world but there appears to be no beginning and end to the world and so further knowledge of this will also have to await further material evolution. Material things can exist without the human mind perceiving them, which is just common sense, but this is also related to the level of evolution of the perceiving mind.

Prior to the operation of the the intellect is the operation of the senses, but prior to the senses is the general activation of life itself which takes place within material life and is never separate from life. This is the first cause of life, which I call the Will-Spirit or Spirit Will---I include the word "spirit" simply to show the connection to traditional religion, which is included but transformed---the spiritual is really supermaterial.

Concepts and definitions are secondary to the the objects defined, the living object comes before its definition. Truth is a reference to material or supermaterial objects and does not stand alone without materiality. Truth is grounded in objects outside of itself. The sacred sufficient reason and purpose of material life is to evolve toward supermaterial Godhood. Again, this knowledge, this ontology and epistemology of theological materialism---which has been argued about for 2000 years usually in obscure ways---does not destroy traditional religion or philosophy, it includes and transforms them.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Godhood is what we ultimately seek, internally and materially (reblog from June 2014)

Are we merely a self-designed species due to sexual selection? Why do we choose beauty, good health, intelligence in sexual selection? Yes, healthier children provide more successful survival and reproduction, but why do we seek successful survival and reproduction? If we answer, “that's just the way it is” it is not a good enough answer.

We, our biological bodies, instinctively desire the best or highest success in survival, which ultimately seems to mean being permanently represented in the world. The word “permanent” can easily be seen as “eternal” or infinite, and when we speak of being eternally represented we are speaking about Godhood. That is, with material/supermaterial evolution which includes sexual selection and every other kind of selection, we seek Godhood when we seek the highest beauty, good health and intelligence, it is Godhood we ultimately seek as the zenith of these things. Did the Ancient Presocratic Greeks sense this?

But we do have a little help in this selection process from the inward, yes vitalistic, activation of the material Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, which seeks Godhood through the vehicle of the evolution of material life, shaped by outside evolution.

Teleological explanations of life invoking ends and purposes for evolution remain valid for me. Passing from the phenomenal to the noumenal does not happen, there seems to be only the phenomenal passing into the superphenomenal, so arguments against the reality of teleology can rest easier, we are not teleologically seeking a ghost in the sky. Intentionality persists even in the face of postmodernism which sees no essence, no direction, other than relative, goalless, Nietzschean power, or random evolution.

Do Trump and his advisers have the following bold policy in mind?

Perhaps Trump and his advisers are not as Putin-supporting as we thought they were. Trump and his advisers may think of Putin as having done the dirty work ridding Syria of ISIS, while they go about trying to form a Western block between the U. S., Israel, and the Sunni states, which probably would inevitably go against an Eastern block of Russia, Iran, and China, depending on how cooperative Putin wants to be regarding Syria. I suppose Putin could then turn around and support Shia Islamic fighters and Iran who hate the West and then support fourth generation warfare against the West. Putin's Traditionalist School intellectual, Dugin, would probably not mind joining with Islam, Shia or otherwise, against the hated West, but Putin might not, so he could be trapped. Then the West and Israel could figure some way to get rid of Assad in Syria.

This would mean another bi-polar world, which could bring harmony or disharmony. One big difference from the past will be determined by how much Trump is devoted to real American economic nationalism and whether he stops going abroad in search of monsters at the behest of the super-rich manipulators of globalism.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Transforming the principle of sufficient reason regarding a cosmos with no beginning and no end

If there is no beginning or end to the cosmos, the old principle of sufficient reason that nothing is without a cause needs to be upgraded, that is, if God is not thought to be the beginner/ender of the cosmos.

Humans live and die and so they almost naturally see all life live and die with a beginning and end, and for many centuries they have said God is the great cause of it all.

Does no beginning and no end to life and the cosmos therefore destroy God? No, but a transformation needs to take place from the spiritual to the material and supermaterial understanding of God or Godhood.

Material life endlessly evolves toward different levels of supermaterial Godhood with no beginning and no end, with starts and stops along the endless way.

The old principle of sufficient reason this way takes on the dynamic of theological materialism in explaining life and cosmos. The old conception of God is not thrown out, it is retained but transformed in the Twofold Path.

In the present world as "things fall apart" and "the centre cannot hold," it is time for this new yet old foundation.

With this worldview science can join religion, and real life can join religious life made real.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Beyond the Cloud of Obscurity: Theological Materialism, Appearance, and the Thing-in-itself

Religion and philosophy have been "a cloud of obscurity," to use Schopenhauer's description of Hegel's philosophy.

Regarding appearance and the thing-in-itself, the differences reside only in gradations of material evolution, there is not a dual reality. A tree or a frog sees less of the real world than a human does due to gradations of the evolution of sense experience. A God, or Godhood, sees far more of the real world than a human does due to the same gradations of evolution.

This means that Godhood is not a non-material, spiritual, or mathematical Thing-in-itself beyond the the material world, Godhood is a living object, or objects, like a tree or frog or human which has evolved to be more or less the Thing-in-itself and Appearance at the same time. Appearance is in the same category as the Thing-in-itself and the Thing-in-itself is the same as Appearance, determined by the same gradations and levels of material and supermaterial evolution. Truth is also this way a living object (not merely an idea) with or having gradations of truth depending on the level of evolution.

The Will or Spirit, which I call the Spirit-Will or Will-Spirit, is not the Thing-in-itself either, it is the material activation within life which seeks to activate life toward Godhood and the highest truth by way of material and supermaterial evolution, working within outside evolution and natural selection, or later working with conscious selection by man in harmony with as much as can be known of the real natural world. The Spirit or Will is not the last refuge of those who seek or define a non-material source for the sacred, as Hegel, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche more or less did.

Ethics, right and wrong, and sacredness need to derive from the real world of material and supermaterial evolution and do so in theological materialism.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A few personal thoughts on the reception of theological materialism

Theological materialism is a coherent unified meta-material world view, without descending, as Hegel and Heidegger did, and Plato long before them, into defining a non-material spiritual idea of God, or Being (Plato and neoplatonism claimed to turn reality down-side up while actually turning reality upside-down). I have been accused of being Lucifer, a Nazi, etc., and ignored by the left, the right, the Alt Right, by conservatives, and of course by religionists. But my work has mainly been ignored.

Some of this has to do with my blunt and simplified style of writing, some has to do with my somewhat defensive personality---I am also Swedish and German and blunt honesty combined with altruism is sort of an ethnic trait---and some has to do with having no institutional or commercial backing.  But these traits also seem to be what helps sustain me as a complete outsider. I thank fate for the Internet and for PDF technology.

I think I will continue to work energetically because the work is not only in my mind but in the heart and bones of my personality. And I do see slow-moving positive signs.

Monday, December 19, 2016

There is no split in human nature or in the human psyche

The standard religious, philosophical and psychological view is that human nature and the human psyche are split between raw goalless survival drives and a pure intellect or higher reality that can even experience a non-material God or truth, which is thought to be far superior to goalless material drives.

The problem with this view is that it is wrong. The "will' or "drive" or "spirit" (I call it the Spirit-Will or Will-Spirit) is material and is within life and seeks survival and reproductive success working along with outside evolution, and it is both a sacred goal as well as the zenith of survival and reproductive success---it seeks the deeper goal of real Godhood.

This means that human nature and the human psyche are not split. Material life has been badly defamed by these "isms" and by this mistaken duality. Human nature and material drives need to be unblocked and retrieved if we are ever to evolve to real Godhood. The dualities within religion, philosophy and psychology have been slowly destroying material life on earth.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The exploitation of history by the enemies of future healthy evolution

Two of the most damaging exploitations of history by the politically correct cultural Marxism of modern liberals are the federalism of states rights, and the positive genetic improvements for mankind which can come from eugenics and genetic engineering.

The Civil War between the slave owning South and the objecting North has been exploited and sensationalized suggesting that the constitutional federalism of states rights means slavery. And eugenics is simply labeled as Nazism. This has destroyed both of these common sense social goods.

I especially object to these two lies and exploitations of history because I advocate the eventual legal and constitutional transformation of states rights into an ethnopluralism of regions and ethnostates, to save us from another civil war between unassimilating, distinctly different ethnic groups, and as the future way to hold the nation together, given that basic human nature remains ethnocentric and group selecting.

And I take exception to the manufactured objection against eugenics and genetic engineering because these things can gradually rid us of the suffering caused by genetically inherited diseases, as well as provide the vital research needed for continuing our evolution toward Godhood, which is the sacred purpose behind steady genetic and cultural improvements. (see theological materialism)

We need to expose those who exploit history against these positive things, those who think that they benefit from this great blockade. They are the enemies of future healthy evolution for all mankind. If these vital improvements remain buried by political correctness we will probably lose the legal, constitutional, and conservative means to bring them foreword, and they may one day be brought forward by the very means the modern liberals fear most, by a fascism which gives no choice in the matter...

Friday, December 16, 2016

Theological materialism is a conservative philosophy and is not radical utopian ideology

For those conservatives who have called for more humility and less hubris among conservatives, here is a little arrogance and hubris, or even megalomania, which seems to be the unavoidable accusation in presenting an improved religious philosophy---at least if you don't mince words. Theological materialism is a conservative philosophy and is not radical utopian ideology.

There are two ecumenical things which all religions can celebrate if they affirm the philosophy of theological materialism: all religions share the same inward God, which in reality was/is a peak experience in the material mind, and all people, all groups, all biology, share the same inward material activation to evolve in the material world toward supermaterial Godhood working along with outside natural evolution, which seeks the zenith of success in survival and reproduction.

This philosophy can harmonize naturally competing human groups in the world but it can also synthesize religion and science, without trying to jam everyone together into the impossible ecumenical dream of one, equal, non-competing world. This is also the way to both conserve past religions which were mainly the symbolic experience of God in the Inward Path, while including the Outward Path of material evolution to real Godhood.

International research centers can be set up with both religion and science working together to aid in healthy evolution on earth, and to aid in the evolution toward Godhood of distinct groups living in their own regions and ethnostates in harmony with real human nature, which remains ethnocentric. This worldview gives life on earth and mankind a divine material goal which has been missing from religion, science and modern philosophy.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Who Is Destroying the West, And Why?

It is stunning to see Europe destroying itself and America following the same course. Who is allowing millions of Africans and Islamic immigrants into Europe?!  The immigrants are doing such things as raping hundreds of white girls in the north of England and forcing them into prostitution! Haven't we had enough of that kind of thing in the ghettos of our cities for years?

This suicide does not seem to bother the Big Media or the Wall Street degenerates who actually push  suicide for the purpose of advancing the power of a small number of people and groups. What a razor's edge immoral power game they play! The neoconservatives define this suicide as "creative destruction!."

If President elect Trump cannot stop these criminals from destroying the West, then the survival instincts of Americans (and Europeans) will sooner or later be spray-painting slogans on walls such as, "Stalin was Right," or even "Hitler was Right," and they will then bury democracy, Christianity, and morality in a desperate attempt to save America and the West.

So get to it Donald Trump! Build the wall. End immigration. Lower taxes. Put up tariffs. Create jobs. Back the police. Withdraw from NATO. And most importantly, devolve the power of the Big Media and Wall Street. I know we are asking for alot, but we are counting on you and your new Cabinet to do what you said you were going to do.  We want to live, not die.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Trump isn't scary, the Silicone Valley kings are scary

Did you see the conceited condescending look on the faces of the Silicone Valley kings when they met with Trump? They have been so brainwashed and indoctrinated in the political correctness of modern liberalism and libertarianism by our best universities and by the controlled media that they think an economic nationalist like Trump is only a clown. These super-rich nerds are the real political clowns and that is scary given the power they have.

Transforming the Long-Lasting Great Spiritual Blockade

The independent rebel thinker Schopenhauer nevertheless was not so independent in believing that we need to be liberated from ordinary material life and material suffering by a higher reality beyond the material world, which he called the Will, even though he was an atheist. Later Nietzsche's Will to Power  took on the same non-material goalless tone.

This follows the same line of thinking as most religious founders and most of the philosophers from Plato to Heidegger, which has been a long-lasting Great Spiritual Blockade against human culture and against real material evolution to supermaterial Godhood. This has greatly downgraded life and existence including human existence and it is overdo time to unblock this great spiritual blockade.

There is a "will'' in the philosophy of theological materialism which is presented in this blog, but it is a material will, and it activates life to evolve within the material world toward real supermaterial Godhood, which is the highest evolved object, or objects, in the real world, or supermaterial world. I call it the Spirit-Will or Will-Spirit simply to tie the real material will in with the unreal non-material spiritual will of religion and philosophy so that the transformation can be a conservative transformation. The Twofold Path defines this transformation from the inward to the outward path, retaining both.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Why multiculturalism paved the way toward ethnopluralism

It's a very odd thought to realize that the liberal religion of multiculturalism could pave the way toward ethnopluralism.

One of several big problems with multiculturalism, which centered on group identity, was that it left whites out of the mix and made whites the enemy of multiculturalism. The other big problem was that multiculturalism demanded that distinctively different ethnic cultures and groups get along well together living in the same space, which is contrary to real ethnocentric human nature.

As we have said here many times, group altruism evolved to advance ethnic groups and was not designed to work in a borderless multicultural world which causes antagonisms and competition to increase between ethnic groups and cultures.

Liberals were actually on the right track in underling group identity but they took a left turn off the tracks against real human nature into the la la Utopia of Marxism.

It seems to me that now ethnopluralism could be affirmed by, yes, the multiculturalists as the best way to improve the lot of the various ethnic groups which they claim to champion, this time including the whites. Even fringe groups on the far right and far left could find this workable.

Conservatives who still hope for a common, non-ethnic, John Wayne America need to see that world was lost in the immigration policies and ethnic breeding styles of modern America. The federalism of the constitutional separation of powers and states, perhaps with a few amendments, is the common America we can all still retain, as both liberals and conservatives affirm an ethnopluralism of ethnostates. I believe this is what is either radically or conservatively coming, and I prefer conservative change.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Immanentizing the Spiritual (reblog from Dec 2013)

The primacy of culture over politics in a world that now places politics over almost everything? How about the primacy of biology over culture and politics? This takes it deeper, although culture and biology are co-evolutionary. Turning around the old conservative cleverness, we in fact want to biologize the eschaton, contrary to Voegelin, since it is biology and evolution that take us to the end-goal of Godhood, rather than burying biology in wordy asceticism, which is where the great religions in reality are most comfortable. We can have both the Inward God within as well as the Outward Path of evolution to real Godhood. Religion needs to stop looking down its thin nose at the very evolution which brings us to Godhood---the Inward Path to the Father Within has only partially seen or symbolically experienced the real supermaterial Godhood reached through evolution in the Outward Path.

Who or what is to blame for misunderstanding equality and altruism?

Can religion be blamed? Religions say we are all universally equal under God. But Marxism was not religious and it too promoted universal equality and altruism. It is not just stupidity, smart people and smart groups (at least smart in the short term) also push universal equality and altruism as their cunning method to unequal power and unequally applied altruism. It is here where we seem to find a reason why something as foolish as universal equality and universal altruism are still with us today.

Altruism evolved and still exists in human nature and in human instincts to enhance the survival and reproductive success of separate and different groups who were genetically and culturally related to one another, it was not a universal altruism. The fear of inequality and separateness seems to derive from the fear people have of coming in last in the struggles of life, which leads to the cunning lies regarding equality and altruism. The attempt to extend these exclusive traits universally out to all men is hucksterism run wild.

There is also the fear that inequality will lead to fierce competition or war, but here too it is the lie of trying to jam distinctly different people together in the same place demanding equality and altruism that causes more problems than simply parting the combatants, as we might do on the school playground.

This is why the misunderstandings and lies regarding universal equality and altruism suggest the solution of an ethnopluralism of many ethnostates within a protecting federalism. Real life, real human nature can this way work as harmoniously and truthfully as is possible for humans to act. I hope for all of us, all groups, that this will soon become our future.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

I wish the nerds would use their intelligence to research how humans will biologically evolve

I wish the nerds would use their intelligence to research how humans will biologically evolve toward higher species, perhaps all the way to supermaterial Godhood, rather than centering on less controversially creating artificial intelligence greater than our own, or even the middle way of brain-computer interface.

It is suicide to allow AI to control humans, at best AI should never be more than an aid to humans.

The problem here may be related to the old schoolyard problem, with nerds being bullied, etc, and usually missing the kind of courage and skill required to go against political correctness, which is needed in advocating and planning genetic advancement, rather than the less controversial artificial intelligence.

Then there are those who may not be driven so much by a revenge of the nerds but rather want to deceive and advance themselves via advancing artificial intelligence and stopping others from biologically advancing. Cynical yes, but not untypical.

Be careful about deciding who you support in the intelligence battle regarding Putin

I support Trump, yet I can't say if the CIA is right about Putin influencing the presidential election in Trump's favor, or if the Trump crowd is right in saying he did not. But read intellectuals like Alexander Dugin who back Putin and you will see deep hatred of the West and people who seek imperial power. They write things like : "We need to return to the Being, to the Logos, to the foundamental- ontology (of Heidegger), to the Sacred, to the New Middle Ages - and thus to the Empire, religion, and the institutions of traditional society (hierarchy, cult, domination of spirit over matter and so on). All content of Modernity - is Satanism and degeneration. Nothing is worth, everything is to be cleansed off. The Modernity is absolutely wrong -- science, values, philosophy, art, society, modes, patterns, "truths", understanding of Being, time and space. All is dead with Modernity. So it should end. We are going to end it." (Dugin)

...So be careful about deciding who you support in this intelligence battle regarding Putin.

What you see in this blog are things like this: We moderns can change the physical world, like changing lead to gold, with the alchemy of material evolution. That is the only esoteric or arcane symbolism I can approve of. The black arts of the Traditionalist School (eg. Dugin), the Masons and the Kabbalah, and even Jesuit occult symbolism, are one-sided imagination, words, numbers, symbols, which ultimately reject the real world for non-materialism and spiritualism, when both in reality converge in the evolution of the material world to supermaterial Godhood....

...The conservative transformation---not revolution---which I see coming, eventually, will bring about an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, where different ethnic groups can conduct themselves the way they want to in their own states within our Democratic Republic, perhaps with only a few amendments to the constitutional separation of powers and states which already exists. But we will need to retain federalism and balance the states together because we need the geopolitical heft of a large nation to defend ourselves in the world. This is the sociopolitical structure most in harmony with the ethnocentric nature of real human nature, which developed many thousands of years ago and remains with us today.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

One of the unspoken causes of having destroyers and preservers in the same societies

Sociopaths and distinctly different ethnic groups are of course not the same, but we seem to understand that sociopaths cannot assimilate in our societies due to biochemical, genetic, or environmental differences, but we do not understand that distinctly different ethnic groups do not assimilate in our societies due to biochemical, genetic and environmental differences---although modern liberals continue to insist that these people can assimilate, even when the historical evidence says they cannot.

If we want to have political order and harmony in our societies we need to see that the inability to assimilate is one of the unspoken causes of our having destroyers and preservers in the same societies. This is another reason why an ethnopluralism of ethnostates with each state having assimilating ethnic groups within them, and each willing to identity their own antisocial from social people, is the healthiest and longest lasting political order.

This is the base of real conservatism, or deep conservatism, and not some unreal abstract idea, religious or not, telling us that we must all get along while living in the same space.

Friday, December 09, 2016

The forgotten or blocked natural purpose of virtue (reblog from 2013)

The natural purpose of virtue is culturally blocked everywhere. Sociobiology has made inroads in bringing nature into morality but it has been generally shoved aside by the media and the academic world. Why?

It seems that natural wills to power prefer hypocrisy or lies, in what Nietzsche called a triumph of anti-naturalism. Meanwhile the voices for natural virtue are deemed politically incorrect by cultural Marxism.

Altruism and compassion are very old within human nature, going way back to pre-human group animals, where strong social connections were needed for such things as hunting success and child rearing. That is, altruism and compassion are not new rational and religious human inventions. Man is a social animal and selection still takes place at the group level with natural ethnocentrism.

Anti-naturalism assumes that distinctly different people and cultures are exactly the same, natural laws affirming realistic self-preservation for distinct people and cultures are actually denied or blocked, with disastrous results in civil disorder.

Natural virtues can be seen in the political philosophy of ethnopluralism, which harmonizes with real human nature, for all groups, with small states or ethnostates, which can be protected by a light federalism.

The more realistic hope is that we will indeed “all get along,” but with variety and with cooperative competition, applying real natural virtues, where sociobiologically engaged religious research centers (which Cattell first talked about) can be utilized by all groups, so we can all continue on with evolving in the natural path toward real Godhood.

The next stage after Trump's sort of small government fascism

The present way of the Republican Party has been to represent Big Business, but Trump seems to want to represent both big and small business while emphasizing economic nationalism, with tariffs on foreign products and on American businesses which want to move out of the U. S. to save money on labor costs. This is different from traditional populism which represents mainly what the Marxists call the petite bourgeois, or lower middle class workers. Then Trump is appointing military generals to his cabinet, while strongly supporting local police protection and order. I approve of what Trump is trying to do, and I don't want to use incendiary terms, but this American style economic nationalism seems to be a sort of small government fascism.

The important thing missing from this sort of small government fascism is a way to deal with the assimilation of distinctly different ethnic groups within America, even if Trump manages to halt legal and illegal immigration. That is, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Middle-easterners, etc., do not assimilate in a meaningful way because human nature is naturally ethnocentric. Any nationalism needs to take this reality into account. So the next stage of political change, which probably won't be made by the Trump administration, is to begin to establish an ethnopluralism of ethnostates in America, which could be accommodated by our constitutional separation of regions, powers and states. Then America will be set for a long and successful future.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

How I affirm sociobiology (reblog from Oct 2013)

What has modern life retained of the 3.7 billion years it took to develop human nature? Any biological or cultural system that did not promote successful survival and reproduction became extinct and human nature is what we have left from the winnowing process. Those retained traits should help us define natural law and human culture---assuming we stop denying the traits of human nature which developed over thousands of years.

Of the three brains which we retained, one evolved upon the other, we tend to try to culturally block the first two, the reptilian and the basic mammalian brains, in favor of the newer, less powerful, rational brain. For example, we try to rid ourselves of what we are, of our territorial, traditional, ethnopluralistic tendencies. But the "primitive" brain remains more powerful than the rational brain, which explains the cause of many of our neuroses. This has given rise to sociobiologically derived psychology (evolutionary psychology), which we hope doesn't drift into political correctness.

Thousands of years of grouping into ethnic communities and states and nations indicate that ethnopluralism is a natural process and to try to artificially tamper with this is to try to make human nature disappear. But the natural laws always reassert themselves and we return to the political configurations of real human nature, sometimes violently if human nature has been suppressed too much.

If the “deconstructionists” had said that all cultural and political practice was shaped by traits explained by sociobiology, one might agree with them, but instead they avoid biology and tend to say that culture was shaped by political considerations, in the manner of Marxism. or selfish power drives rather than by group selection. It turns out that many of the old traditions were in sync with human nature, they need only be brought up to date with an evolutionary conservatism, and with a philosophical (and I believe religious) sociobiology.

This is where the political philosophy directed toward an ethnopluralism  of ethnostates dwells, which follows human nature as described by sociobiology, with theological materialism added giving teleological goals to evolution and human life.

Feeling the truth and not merely intellectualizing the truth

Ironically philosophers have probably blocked the truth more than revealed the truth mainly because they intellectualize the truth too much. We need to feel the truth because the truth is intimately connected to real material life, physical life, real living objects, the whole of the senses, truth is not merely found in that part of the brain that forms philosophical abstractions.

The material object is more important than the definition or idea of the object. The thing-itself is a material object not merely an idea. Even Godhood is a living material or supermaterial object, or objects, evolved to in the material world, and not merely the idea, symbol, or experience (blissful or not) of God.

In the same way we need to listen to music and feel the music before we intellectualize the various elements of the music. Also in the same way, we need to understand the old cliche that women feel and men abstract as a healthy balance evolved to in nature---we need both working together to find truth, which will be more than the idea of truth.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Notes comparing Hegel and beyond (reblog from Oct 2013)

History essentially relates to evolution and evolution relates to evolutionary religion. An  ethnopluralism of ethnostates seems to be an improved version of Hegel's state---smaller, local, closer to human nature. The material Spirit-Will, not God, drives life from within toward Godhood, and evolution shapes life from without. Evolution and the Spirit-Will are not God, they help develop Godhood through evolution. Evolution replaces Hegel's dialectic, which may not work as smoothly as thesis, antithesis and synthesis, although it more or less works that way. Devolution is not part of a duality, it is simply backward going, non-development, or development away from complexity.

Absolute Truth is obtained only in evolving to the zenith of evolution, beyond humans, absolute truth is not an abstract spiritual concept or idea, it is an ideal object evolved to. Evolution itself is not seen as the drive to truth, but the Spirit-Will, which activates life and evolution from within can be seen as the drive toward absolute truth and Godhood---here we can also think in terms the greatest success in survival and reproduction.  Life rises from simple consciousness to absolute consciousness contained in species beyond the human species. The God Within or Father Within is not absolute consciousness, it is a symbolic-experience of real Godhood which can possess absolute consciousness. Everything is subject to more evolution.

The limitation of reason lies in the limitation of the object who is reasoning. Reason can never be greater than the evolutionary level of the reasoning object. This means the goal is not first absolute reason, the goal is Godhood which does absolute reasoning. The object who is reasoning comes before the reasoned definitions of things. Does this lead us only to supercomputers? We need to think in terms of naturalizing technology, turning technology toward our divine evolutionary goals, that is, biological and superbiological goals, aided by artificial technology, not artificial technology as the goal of evolution, not cyborgs as the goal.

Religion and culture should not hobble the Faustian spirit, we seem destined to be galaxy travelers, and beyond. The earth needs to be saved, but it is ultimately a launching pad out into the cosmos toward Godhood.,..If there is a better religious philosophy I'd like to hear it.

The conspiracy nuts were right about the bankers

When you blame the bankers you look like a conspiracy nut, but the conspiracy nuts were right. An excellent essay by Anne Williamson ("Wreckers and Builders," Chronicles, Nov. 2016) makes this most clear.

I describe the world since WWII as "Germany lost, bankers won" (Williamson uses the term fascism rather than bankers). Big government and globalism grew huge due to the central bankers who have profited greatly from the now $20 trillion dollar national debt owed to the bankers, with much help from the Big Media and the academic world who brainwashed the public with socialism and cultural Marxism.

The next move for the bankers, following now charging depositors even to hold their deposits, is for bankers to dispense with cash entirely making all transaction go through the banks, who of course earn money for the privilege, and which also allows the tracking of every transaction for the taxman. This brings a government tyranny like never before.

The Russians did not fall for the Western banking conspiracy, although they did at first. Since Putin they have resisted the money lenders, buying gold instead---although they do seem to be wanting to set up their own imperialism, if you listen to their intellectual Alexander Dugin.

When president elect Donald Trump calls for making America great again by rebuilding the military and saving the nation's infrastructure will he once again fall for the scams of the bankers to lend him the money even though we are $20 trillion in debt? Or will he be only a front for the next stage of banker fascism?

Those who have attempted to dislodge the corrupt bankers have always lost, even if they were very popular in the short term...If the earth and people on earth are going to survive and evolve the big bankers have to lose.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Freedom and determinism (reblog from Oct. 2013)

If we define “heaven's command” as nature's command, as well as the command of human nature, we then are talking about the largely biological origin of social behavior, as defined by sociobiology. And if we define “earthly power” as the freedom we may have within our biologically determined nature, then we may see that we don't have as much freedom as most ideologies demand.

There is more an ignorance than a tension between what is free and what is determined, that is, ignorance of the natural and biological commands that keep us within determined parameters of nature and human nature. The idea is to try to set up our cultures so that they take into account the various few free paths we do have, leaving room for whatever creative freedom and variation we have, without trying to do what our determined nature can't do.

Religions don't need to impose order on nature, nature already imposes its order on us, which we need to know so that we may understand how much freedom we actually have to successfully aid in our own evolution in nature to Godhood. Both science and religion help in this mission.  We have to admit that the pagan religions seemed to understand this balance with nature better than the monotheistic religions, which too often viewed nature as evil, largely do to an exclusively transcendent view of God beyond nature.

Theological materialism transforms negative mysticism to positive mysticism

What Whitney Oates said of Buddhism, that in experiencing the absolute the individual is "obliterated and is swallowed up in the ineffable emptiness of the absolute" also applies to the Christian God or Father Within, although it is not often seen this way in the West. But this connects Christianity and the Eastern religions.

In the Twofold Path of theological materialism negative mysticism is is seen in the Involutionary Inward Path but not in the positive Evolutionary Outward Path, which leads material evolution to the Godhood first seen or experienced in the Inward Path of Christianity and the Eastern religions.

There is another almost positive Western mysticism in Plato, which turns out to be negative mysticism, where the individual knows in a flash of insight, while still in the phenomenal world, the same insight of the absolute as Buddha and Christ, who claimed that the experience was not of the material/phenomenal world. But in Plato the absolute is still seen or defined as non-material and of the spiritual non-phenomenal world.

Both ancient and modern philosophy make this same error in defining Being or the Absolute or Absolute Truth as non-material and beyond the active evolving material world.

Theological materialism says that both the Inward and Outward Path experiences of Godhood are material not spiritual and are of the phenomenal material world. The Inward experience of Godhood as seen or experienced in traditional religions while still retained in theological materialism can only be fulfilled or reached in the Outward Path of material evolution to supermaterial Godhood, a Godhood which is ever evolving.

This is a positive transforming of mysticism which brings the worlds of science and religion together, retaining both in and for sacred religious and cultural goals.

Monday, December 05, 2016

The hierarchy of means and ends (reblog from Sept. 2013)

Nietzsche first caused me to see that unhappiness and happiness were means more than ends. Philosophy can move far off into unreality when it misses this important concept---think of communism claiming to seek happiness for absolutely everyone at all costs. But religion can make this mistake too in seeking only unending bliss ( the beatific vision ) in the Inward Path to the Father Within.

Decay, decadence, unhappiness, these things happen naturally, to try to rid society completely of these things is unnatural. We need to try to save what is healthy and evolutionary, that is the realistic task.

Looking to deeper causes we find that nature and evolution use happiness and unhappiness as a means to encourage survival and reproductive success, just as good tasting food encourages you to eat, not for the sake of the good taste of the food but for the sake of survival.

Deeper still I believe is the material Spirit-Will To Godhood which activates all life, all happiness, unhappiness, even all survival and reproductive success to evolve toward Godhood, and it works along with the outside forces of evolution and natural selection.

Getting this hierarchy of means and ends right is the religious, artistic, philosophical, political and scientific sacred task.

How will the neoconservatives and neoliberals recover and retaliate?

The neoconservatives and neoliberals are cunning and dangerous liars. Expect to see them recover and retaliate at the attempt by the populists to re-civilize the West. What legitimate movement will they infiltrate and corrupt, the way the neocons took over and corrupted traditional conservatism?

The neos will probably claim they are fighting against the barbarianism of the populists, but it is they who have been the barbarians, destroying American manufacturing and invading other sovereign nations to gain power only for themselves and their ilk, nationalism be dammed.

Ain't human competition grand? I say more power to Donald Trump, populism, and economic nationalism.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Who is politically contemptible?

Schopenhauer thought that five-sixths of humanity were contemptible, but I think the life-philosophies of the lower classes contain no more errors than the life-philosophies of the academic philosophers. Philosophers are full of abstract concepts that have little resemblance to reality.

Donald Trump and his populist followers are attacked as being stupid, but although the top sixth of humanity may have higher IQ's---even genetically derived---and may have more general information, they are no wiser than the bottom fifth of humanity.

Hollywood stars have proven themselves to be political idiots, but they are no more idiotic than the Big Media. The problem is that some of these morons can be dangerous. Trump and his cabinet will have to find their way around all of them if they are to put America first.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

The last challenge of modern politics

President elect Donald Trump and the Republicans/Populists live more in the adult world of reality, and Hillary and the Democrats/Marxists live more in a teenage dream world. But the most important reality missing from both, and the last big challenge of modern politics, is to accept the reality that ethnic differences are not naturally harmonious and can therefore lead to civil disruptions and revolt. Living in the real world as harmoniously as is possible for humans will eventually require an ethnopluralism of ethnostates for distinctively different ethnic groups, and then protecting the national whole with federalism.

Ethnostates are called for because human nature remains as it has always been, kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection, followed by individual selection. Multi-culturalism, or trying to jam distinctly different people together in the same space, simply has not worked.

An ethnopluralism of ethnostates, regions and localities---which already somewhat exist unofficially---could be established legally in the United States due to our constitutional separation of powers and states. It may require a few amendments to legally give more power to the states so that they can move toward an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, and that won't be easy, but the challenge is far preferable to radically destructive civil disruptions or even civil war between naturally competing ethnic groups, which are now increasing.

Then the next challenge will be to enhance the material evolution of life toward Godhood for all of us, which is the sacred base of the future.

Friday, December 02, 2016

Who benefits from a borderless world?

To willingly commit national suicide in the vain attempt to show tolerance for everything is a form of insanity.

The willingness to commit national suicide became more earnest in 1964 when immigration policy in America was purposely designed to change the racial and cultural makeup of America. This has now led to the projection that by at least 2040 Euro-Americans will be a minority in their own country.

How many people who agree with our last Secretary of State John Kerry that we must prepare ourselves for a borderless world know who alone benefits from such a world? I have no empirical evidence on this but I would think most people, including the intellectuals who promote it, do not see it as a scam by a small group of global big business people, as well as those who gain power from closely monitoring the public, which seems to become necessary when open borders are crossed, legally and illegally, by millions of people who don't wish us well and do not assimilate into traditional America.

Even our modern philosophers agree with the abstract insanity that all values and all people are relative and equal and therefore the only thing to do is to be tolerant of everything from the most unrealistic to the most perverse things.

The only "tolerance" that makes any sense to me is tolerance of an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, relating to real human nature, which remains genetically and culturally ethnocentric. But this does not appeal to those with power now who benefit from open borders and a relativity of all values and all people.

 The scams of these people have to be stopped if we are to survive. President elect Donald Trump gave some hope in this, which I hope does not fade away.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Instinct and Reason (reblog from August 2013)

Who has defined reality completely or successfully? The instincts have been misunderstood by philosophers and psychologists who have often seen the instincts as antisocial or anti-civilization forces. Freud thought religion and civilization were built upon the repression of egoistic and chaotic instincts. Nietzsche in later life affirmed the chaotic instincts over their repression by weak rationality. But the human instincts are not merely selfish and chaotic and in need of repression.

The great religions also disparaged the instincts even more than the rationalists, and the higher disciplines of religion sought to rid the body of all instinctive desires so as to experience the God Within. This was the Inward Path to the Father Within minus or missing the Outward Path of material evolution to Godhood. What is needed is the Twofold Path where the Inward Path points the way to the Outward Path, which affirms the conservative perspective in this change.

Although there is a tension between the individual and the group, basic human instincts are more altruistic than egoistic, that is, group survival dominated and was stronger than the individual, which allowed us to survive and reproduce successfully, and this behavior was encoded in basic human nature. But I go further and deeper in seeing the instincts as related to the sacred, because the instincts are essentially activated inwardly by the material Spirit-Will, even as life is shaped by natural outside evolution. The instincts are not merely selfish chaos or Dionysian frenzy, the instincts are based in the sacred and even rational drive to evolve life to Godhood in the cosmos.  Our sacred task is to aid in this ongoing process.

The rulers of these cunning and dangerous games of ideology

Yes, "ideas have consequences" but it is the people and groups who use ideas to ride to power which need to be named. The conspiracy mongers are sometimes right about hidden power, but we do know where much of the big power resides and we need to name the people and groups behind Global Business, the Big Media, and the Academic World who have been using both cultural Marxism and its opposite libertarianism as their means to power.

These people promote such things as an increase in the commitment to diversity in the U. S. by accepting millions of refugees coming from very different countries than the U. S., including countries of Islamic terrorism such as Syria, and this adds to the modern liberal commitment to diversity in big government domesticate programs. But since ethnocentrism remains the central unit in the human selection process these ideologies and programs go directly against real human nature and ultimately do not work.

So the rulers of these cunning and dangerous games of ideology trade the security of our country for personal wealth and power.  It is cynical to say these things but this is the real condition of America which Donald Trump will now try to keep from completely falling apart. Economic nationalism is only the beginning of real justice in America. It is a task for heroes, a "yuge" task.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ordered Freedom Within Evolution

This should be the rallying cry of conservatism, freedom within evolution, or ordered evolution, rather than freedom within order, or ordered freedom.

The order in real evolution comes from the long-term need of conservative stability, which provides the time for positive rather than negative cultural and genetic traits to rise to the surface. Radicalism turns over the game table before the game is completed.

That is the way to move the evolution of life forward conservatively, while evolving toward higher beauty, truth and goodness. Human beings can assist in this process by the choices they make, with the goal of evolving to Godhood as the zenith of religious and cultural goals.

Directly related to freedom within evolution, or ordered evolution, is the idea that group-selection needs to be accommodated first, with individual selection following after, because group-selection remains the primary means of successful survival and reproduction, and given human nature, it remains at the origin of real social altruism. Group-selection, or ethnocentrism, is often hidden behind the lies of various "isms," especially beneath libertarianism which worships the individual.

We have been gradually learning what human nature actually is over human history, along with its connection to biological evolution and human culture. Ethnopluralism, the next version of conservatism, is the most harmonious way to proceed toward ordered freedom within evolution.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Successful societies deflect selfish impulsive goals (reblog from June 2013)

Evidence is being compiled by sociobiology but it seems likely that successful societies deflect ergic (instinctive) goal satisfaction from selfish impulsive goals, and this seems to happen both genetically and culturally. When this doesn't happen societies tend to destroy themselves by a dysgenic process. Could this genetic/cultural process be made more conscious in our social philosophies?

We can see that it is selfish to talk about individual civil rights without including the rights of the group, and the the state, because individual rights are determined by the survival of the group and the state and the circumstances of the time. Raymond Cattell thought this process was related to vanity and the failure to escape selfish instinctive impulsive demands, which are not appropriate to advanced cultures.  Libertarians take note.

Jung thought that our preferred paths toward a given goal are instinctive, he also thought that the more intrafamilial archetypes were innate. It would seem that the sublimating deflection of selfish ergic goals after centuries would lead to humans who innately find the adjustment less difficult. Expanding this forward into future evolution and one sees how evolution slowly progresses toward civilizing of the beast. We can perhaps see an example of these civilizing genetic/cultural changes happening in the way that the glands governing fear and pugnacity are larger in wild than domesticated animals.

I am not irrationally afraid of instinctive drives overcoming the civilizing ego because I coined the idea of a Super-Id, in the form of the activating material Spirit-Will within material life that is shaped by outside evolution, which can be mediated or harmonized by the mind and the ego. But this process of civilizing ergic drives does seem opposite the barbarian instincts of war, which is the usual accusation hurled against the subject of appling sociobiology in our social philosophies.

If we ever want to actually do something about the suffering people in this world, rather than just blaming the downtrodden on the evil rich, we will need to look at these genetic/cultural dynamics. 

Overart and the deepest elements of life

People complain on the left and the right about the politicization of the arts and humanities but then they totally religionize or Marxize the arts and humanities. All fields are not the handmaidens of ideology, but all fields are tied together sociobiologically. Just because totalitarian dictatorships were wrong does not mean that all totalities are wrong. I'm not talking about invading specialties and biasing them, I am taking about the deepest elements within life that connect all life and connect all fields, specifically, the material will to evolve toward Godhood which activates life as life then moves through the outside world of evolution and selection. This is a totality that can be synthesized by the arts and humanities and also by religion and science.

I'm talking about not just a total art work (Gesamtkunstwerk) but a coming together of religion, science, the arts, and politics, realistically connected by sociobiology, and understood by theological materialism in a sort of Overart, which respects human ethnic differences by way of an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, without trying to jam everyone and everything together in one massive imperial territorial totality. The international ethos can then be observed by objective international research centers which help distinctly different people successfully survive, reproduce and evolve materially toward Godhood. This is not merely an ideological or Utopian dream, this defines the deepest conservatism... I believe humans need to do something like this if we are going to survive on earth, yet alone move out into the cosmos.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Dilemmas of the Alt Right

The way I see it the main dilemma of the Alt Right was how to deal with the ethnocentrism of real human nature while also dealing with religion, science, conservatism, nationalism, and radical racialism.

Religion versus science presented itself, with the science-minded Alt Right moving toward a scientific racialism and rejecting religion. A lesser number moved toward transhumanism preferring intelligent machines to humans. A larger group moved toward the Traditionalist School of Guenon and Evola and are now mainly followers of Aleksandr Dugin, who hates the West---this school downplays science in favor of spiritualism over materialism, but keeps an element of racialism-as-tradition. Another wing moved toward paganism, such as Odinism. Perhaps the largest group on the far right never quite fit in with the Alt Right, they are the racial supremacists, sometimes in the Hitler mode. Others on the far right moved toward a racialist version of Christianity arguing that Christ was not Jewish, etc. Few if any moved toward conservatism or paleoconservatism.

I faced many of the same dilemmas of the Alt Right and the paleoconservatives, and I developed theological materialism, having been impressed and influenced by Raymond Cattell's religion from science called Beyondism, Edward Wilson's deep sociobiology, Russell Kirk and Pat Buchanan's paleoconservatism, the ethnostatism of Wilmot Robertson, and the esoteric religious thinking of people like Guenon, and others. I believe I successfully included or synthesized these thinkers in developing theological materialism, which sees the material world evolving to supermaterial Godhood, the God first symbolically but incompletely glimpsed from within by traditional religion. I also dealt with the courageous Friedrich Nietzsche, and later, Heidegger.

I eventually found a way to be a conservative patriotic American, grounded in religion, philosophy, and science, while affirming the constitutional separation of powers and states in the United States, slightly amended to save itself, by becoming an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, where different groups within ethnostates can be what they actually are and what human nature actually is, rejecting the various forms of ethnic supremacy as unworkable and immoral. The sacred goal of life is to materially evolve toward supermaterial Godhood in the cosmos.

On Lies

It seems to me that the real "fall of man" happened when lies became a conscious technique in political and social strategy---gaining "knowledge" was more about the rise than the fall of man.

Some people are both liars and stupid, some are both liars and smart. Modern political strategists are full of lies, the Big Media lies consciously, the business world and the academic world have the same mix of liars. But even religions purposely lie.

A Muslim is permitted to to lie if in so doing he protects or furthers the interests of Islam, as long as he remains faithful to Islam, it's called taqiyya. The Babylonian Talmud encourages Jews to cheat and deceive Gentiles whenever necessary. Do the ethnic groups which affirm these religions take on these qualities, or do these religious qualities derive first from the ethnic groups? People create cultures, cultures do not first create people.

I suppose real Christian's lie a bit less because it is believed that craving material power and possessions is what causes Christians to lie, which real Christians are supposed to give up. This puts Christians at a disadvantage socially and politically in the face of smart liars, even though there are few Christians who carry their Christianity that far. And there is also that ethnic element in Western civilization becoming Christian.

The big question is how can we develop a healthy culture given this mix of liars and truth tellers? My position is that religions and ethnic groups need to have their own regions and states which can then be protected with federalism. That sounds difficult but there are far more difficulties in trying to have a great multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious mix attempting to live in the same territory---even totalitarian dictatorships can't make that work. 

This would be easier to see if we weren't lied to so much.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Rational and instinctive channeling of human nature and human drives

Conservative tradition relates closer to real human nature than progressivism, but both have little or no sociobiology, and therefore both can do damage to humanity. Passions and instincts are not essentially evil, what is evil is trying to force human nature and biology to go against real human nature, whether the unnatural forcing comes from religion or political totalitarianism.

Our so-called freedom is circumscribed by biology, the natural world, and the cultures we are born into, and our freedom is limited by real nature, and real human nature. Our cultures and civilizations need to accommodate what we really are as humans. Modern culture has been moving in the exact opposite direction to this and deforming and corrupting what we really are.

Even the smallest change in human nature and our DNA structure, for example, in our immune system, took hundreds of thousands of years (now we have genetic engineering which is more rapid), but we all remain kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of selection. Rational and instinctive channeling of human nature and human drives, or education in general, needs to move in this direction.

I believe an ethnopluralism of states and regions can be established legally in the United States due to our constitutional separation of powers and states. It may require a few constitutional amendments to legally give more power to the states. This will not be easy, but it is far preferable to radically destructive civil disruptions, or even civil war, which naturally are now increasing due to competition between ethnic groups within multi-ethnic societies, even as we preach conservatism or progressivism.