Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mass movements are not all bad

Mass movements are not as “irrational” and “subhuman” as they have been depicted by therapeutic psychologists and relativistic philosophers. Human nature developed ethics largely out of the necessities of group selection, so the group or the mass is a vital part of human nature.

I am individualistic, I know that individual freedom is important, but individual traits do not last long if they don't ultimately benefit the group.

It should be said that some of the disparaging of mass movements and the promoting of individualism was the effort of one group seeking an advantage over another group.

Individual control is somewhat lost in mass movements but that is not all bad since human nature is group-oriented.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Improving the America voter

Democracies depend on the knowledge and virtues of the average citizen, dictatorships depend more on leaders. Supposedly a Republic as in America has some of both, democratic republics pick leaders who then represent them. How has this been working out?

If public schools and the media largely educate toward modern liberalism, then voters will often, but not always, lean in that direction. This means that the cultures of societies do in fact influence the directions they go, which then affects other things, even human genetics are affected by these social patterns.

For example, we provide around three times more resources to educate a below average student than an average student, and very little or nothing on gifted students. I think we need to be picking up the average within our democracies, which can then help us attain more informed citizens who can pick more farsighted leaders---for the overall good of society.

Of course I am not suggesting that we abandon the below average, but I am saying that if we want to have citizens informed enough to vote responsibly we have to center more on improving the average. Accomplishing this requires leaders who are willing to be called nasty names by the more short-sighted liberals who insist on helping the below average at the expense of the average.

China, for example, instituted the one-child policy in order to combat the terrible suffering of starvation in their overpopulated nation.  The West has criticized China for this, both left and right, but it showed that China had leaders who were farsighted enough to put up with the nasty names they are called by the more short-sighted.

It seems that democracies need to keep proving that they are as good as dictatorships in making tough decisions. For that we need informed citizens who choose informed leaders.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Godhood is not a cyborg

Future computer robots will support humans with a very high quality of life. Genetic engineering may provide cures for most diseases. We can greatly improve our lives with nanotechnology. Molecular electronics will very soon allow us to build computers a million times more powerful than personal computers today. This is all fine and good, assuming the great danger from self-replicating engineered organism is understood. But I am astounded at how many singularitarians and trans-humanist's don't seem to have a problem accepting the idea that robots will eventually succeed human beings and make us extinct!

In the ethical dimension concerning the new technologies, human-induced natural evolution will compete with human-induced cyborg evolution, at first, until the cyborgs supposedly replace human beings. I consider it unethical and dangerous for future human and post-human evolution to fuse with robots, or to become robots.

We will, assuming we survive, develop computers that can do most things better than humans, but humans, and post-humans, need to have control over the machines. As Bill Joy and others have pointed out, computer robots making their own decisions could view humans as using up resources the robots require and so they could get rid of humans.

We do not want to replace humans, we want to evolve beyond humans to future species, higher species, and eventually we want to evolve all the way to Godhood. If we become robots we become extinct. We cannot  achieve real immortality by downloading our minds or our consciousness into machines, that is not immortality that is death.

I have always sensed a sidestepping or even a timidity leading to bias among many of the singulatarians against the subject of future natural human evolution because the subject of real post-human evolution has been politically incorrect. But who will be the elites who decree our merging or oneness with robots, and how will they be different from the World War Two dictators they fear?

I affirm the idea of a moral future with codes to deal with technical advancement. Between nature and machines I am on the side of nature. We must not ignore the order, or disorder, of nature. Nature is bigger than human inventions. We can be aided by new technology, but not destroyed by new technology. I believe that life is evolving beyond the human species to Godhood, so I am certainly not a Luddite.  Our mission is to help life---not merely artificial life---evolve to Godhood, and Godhood is not a cyborg.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Means and Ends in Art and Culture

I don't think high culture sits above the struggle for existence, or that culture is above the world of necessity. Sociobiology has taught us of the biological connections with all social behavior.

The “state” is usually thought of as a means to an end, but so is culture, including religion. Life is evolving to Godhood and that is the end to which biology and culture are going, consciously or unconsciously. Perhaps only when we are fully conscious can we attain the goal of Godhood.

High art is an affirmation of this divine goal and should not therefore be defined as being out of the world of struggle for existence and the world of necessity. High art is an affirmation of the sacred and evolving to Godhood is sacred. Art and culture are not an end in themselves, and when they are, it creates inferior and lower directed art and culture.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Succinctly Describing the Twofold Path

The Involutionary Inward Path is the simple or pure religious way of defining and attaining the God-Within, or the Father-Within, or the Soul-Within, which has been described in the East as attaining “Enlightenment.”  This is the state of no-suffering reached by ridding the body and mind of all material desires. It is a very difficult thing to accomplish, literally all desires need to be stopped.

Every thing else in religion was an addition to this basic goal. Theology was such an addition, including definitions of things like truth, beauty, goodness, Logos, and the Trinity.  But these things would be considered distractions by the pure, simple mystics of Buddhism, and the mystics of other religions.

There is no real material life without the additions of theology, no-matter how the mystics define the blissful state of no-desire. Normal people usually cannot attain the Enlightenment of the ascetics, they are involved in marriage, reproduction, and other things in real material life. This largely explains the reason for philosophical theology.

In the Theoevolutionary Church, the Evolutionary Outward Path is added to the Involutionary Inward Path of the great religions. The Inward Path rids itself of suffering by destroying all desires, which is the state of attaining the Father-Within, the Outward Path rids itself of suffering by attaining the zenith of desires, or Godhood, which is reached through the desires of upward evolving, not devolving, material evolution.
The state of no-desire in the Inward Path is seen as the virtual experience of the real Godhood of the Outward Path, which is reached by attaining the zenith of desires in material evolution.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Therapeutic individualism and the collective group

The individual finds his place in the group where he lives as an individual within the group. To encourage innovation and avoid stagnation society needs to be able to distinguish the deviations of individuals as creative or destructive, while giving individual freedom and opportunity to develop creatively within the group.

It was a kind of renunciation of social responsibility for modern psychologists and philosophers to center only or mainly on therapeutic individualism, as well as being a misreading of human nature. It has once again been affirmed by the great sociobiologist E. O. Wilson that human ethics were mainly selected out of group selection, which also drives individual selection. For example, altruistic groups competed more successfully than groups containing too many self-serving individuals.

We need philosophers, psychologists and theologians who affirm real human nature. Specifically what we need is evolutionary therapy regarding the recognition of the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood which activates life to Godhood, and life is then shaped by outside evolution. Personal and social psychology needs to address this divine path, which does not reject individualism but sees the individual rising along with the group, and the group rising along with a world of groups.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What is freedom and equality?

Are we so envious that we cannot admit any differences in talents and abilities and even legislate against it? We need to have equal opportunity but not equal outcome.

The only way to gain equality is to enforce it artificially, to abandon freedom and real equal opportunity in favor of dictatorship. True freedom and true equality of opportunity allow real merit to take place. Only about 20 out of 10,000 people are gifted enough to do truly original research, which human progress and well-being have depended upon.

The Right has had serious problems with imperialism but it has been more merit-oriented than the Left. The Left has had what Cattell called an “overblown parental instinct” toward those who lag behind, and almost always at the expense of the innovators. This has to be called selfish on the part of the Left because it leads to the decline of society as a whole, and the Left is not used to being called selfish. Some have called this the mommy-left and the daddy-right, which sounds sexist but seems to be more or less true.

Rather than a big central government trying to dictate an overall equality, it is far more just to have many small independent states or ethnostates protected by a light federalism, which allows more natural variety, more freedom, more meritocracy, more chance for innovation, more evolution, with cooperative competition.

I wish politicians and intellectuals had the courage to talk about these things, which are vitally important for the future of human life.  When anyone does bring these things up they are usually buried by demagoguery, or by self-serving special interest groups.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Give up exclusively centering on the Inward Path

Give up exclusively centering on the Inward Path and evolve to Godhood in the Outward Path.

The Inward God, or Father Within, is not Godhood but is the blissful state of no desire which mirrors the attainments of Godhood.

The Inward Path signifies the blocking of reproduction, love, art, everything of the material world, this is the only way to see or experience the Father Within.

All religions have said this, from Hinduism and Buddhism to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Their sacred scritures are full of this position. For example, St. Jerome was one of many mystics who said, “Marriage peoples the earth, virginity peoples heaven.”

Nevertheless, seeing or experiencing the God Within is affirmed in the Twofold Path, but only as a way to clarify and eventually be fulfilled with our evolution to Godhood in the Outward Path.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cooperative competition hates autocracy

Competition is a natural check on the permanent ascendance of any state or people or individual. Early Nietzsche thought this “agonism” or competition was what made the Ancient Greeks great, before the Persian war used up all their cultural energy. With cooperative competition everyone benefits, even the losers, in numerous ways---when one person, even when one innovative genius competes with another, we all advance.

The Founders of America more or less understood how competition prevents autocracy, although the independence of individual states has been greatly corrupted by an increasingly autocratic government. This is why I affirm light federalism and subsidiary protecting many small states, or ethnostates, where cooperative competition creates greatness. If we are to evolve to Godhood, the divine goal of life, our evolution depends on cooperative competition.

Humans are capable of this, but it does mean a constant vigilance toward evolution, and against devolution.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Evolutionary Direction

Defining God and Godhood from past religious and poetic definitions of God, and having this relate to our evolutionary goals, gives the Theoevolutionary Church a better view of where we are going than the brilliant religion from science of Raymond Cattell, called Beyondism.

Beyondism does not know where it is going beforehand in its evolutionary adventure, which makes all kinds of  genetic and cultural innovations possible, and this is desirable, but defining Godhood in general by featuring past traditional definitions of God provides a better idea of where we need to go genetically and culturally.

Affirming the different trajectories of the Twofold Path, the Inward Path to the God-Within, and the Outward Path of evolution to Godhood, allows the inclusion of ancient religious traditions, avoiding more radical and revolutionary change which is less likely to be accepted or sustained over the long term.

Also the religious affirmation of the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood activating material life to evolve to Godhood gives us more of why life developed from prebiological building blocks, rather than only the how of science, although I think science will discover and define the Spirit-Will activating life.

The highest truth, intelligence, beauty, virtue and merit have traditionally defined God---although this has referred mainly to the inward God or Father Within---and these traits and virtues define the general direction we are going sociobiologically in our outward evolution to Godhood, a direction that is available to all groups and all states, not just one group or one state, as we all evolve to Godhood, in our own environments of innovation and adventure.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Theological and scientific misunderstandings

From the beginning God was seen inwardly by the founders of the great religions and only nominally outwardly, whereas it should have been the other way around. This led theology to the Great Spiritual Blockade against the material world, but most destructively, it blockaded material life from evolving to Godhood. Life was too strong to be blockaded by all but a few mystics, yet the blockade remained within the ethos of traditional cultures.

Science simply rejected both the inward and outward God as its way to cope with the misunderstandings, which became a misunderstanding at the base of Western science. The inward and outward God do exist and they do not conflict with material life, although the mirror-God-within can only be seen or experienced by blocking all the material desires. Jesus Christ was the Messiah of the God Within, as were a very few mystics of the great religions.

Religious values have been centered on salvation first and not on worldly values no-matter how theologians might reluctantly allow real life to live. It is simply going against the basic teachings of the religious founders to define a worldly kingdom in place of a spiritual kingdom, or to apply such theological tricks as doing good works as long as one is not attached to good works or attached to the world.

The Twofold Path seeks to resolve these misunderstandings. The Inward God or Father Within is implicit, clarified and fulfilled in evolving to Outward Godhood. Re-experiencing the Father Within is only preliminary to evolving to Godhood. Science can be the Logos of God when applied to our evolution to Godhood. The results will be neither pure science nor pure religion but something greater than both.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Creating Wholeness

Human nature and human culture should not be mutilated by grafting the incongruous Inward Path of mystic religions on the deeper and far stronger Outward Path of material evolution, like a superficial veneer over a natural oak. We need to go back, but religiously, to our neglected deeper roots and give the material world a better chance to evolve to Godhood.

We do this not by rejecting the Inward Path to the God Within, or Father Within, which is a mirror or virtual glimpse of real Godhood evolved to in the cosmos in the Outward Path. Human nature and conservative human history tell us that we need Ordered Evolution not radical revolution.

In the Twofold Path the Inward Path is synthesized and fulfilled in the Outward Path which can heal us and create religious, psychological and cultural wholeness. Biology, science, art and social philosophy can legitimately join religion.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Confusion About Equality

One of the central reasons for affirming a variety of small states is that gene-cultural advantages in one environment can be a disadvantage in another, as Cattell and others have pointed out. A tiger in one state may be a lamb in another, or vice versa, and this causes social disruptions, which is why immigration remains a volatile issue. These things can't be ignored because they cause much bloodshed.

The distinction between different groups should not be thought of as inferior and superior but as different, and designed for different environments. Rather than demanding that all people be unnaturally equal, with demagogic politicians and selfish businessman exploiting this issue, real injustice needs to be understood as trying to make unequal people equal.

All people need to have an equal chance to compete, genius can rise out of any class, but it is unjust to demand an equal outcome from all people and all states. This is the central reason for affirming a variety of largely independent small states, with their independence protected by a light federalism and subsidiarity.

Also, our concern is upward evolution. A variety of states and people is good for evolution.  Central research in sociobiology can be shared by all in their own way, within a moral framework.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Science can be the Logos of religion

It is thought that there can be no science of God. I disagree. We evolve to Godhood materially-supermaterially and there can therefore be a science of God. But many elements of Godhood will need to be answered when we evolve further. The block between science and religion has mainly been because of the insistence on an exclusively non-material spiritual definition of God.

Both the God Within or Father Within of traditional religion and the Godhood without of the ECC are vague and difficult to define, but they can be defined enough to set the framework for moral and social behavior in our evolution to Godhood. The Twofold Path tells us that the Father Within can give us a good hint of what real Godhood is like when attained through evolution. One needs to experience the Father Within, which makes it more difficulty to put in words.

The ideas and experiences implicit in the Father Within of the Inward Path are clarified in Godhood of the Outward Path. Godhood and evolution seen this way can make science the Logos of religion.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


I affirm much of the new technology in biology discussed in various blogs and journals, stem cells, embryo research, synthetic biology, reproductive technology, but I believe it needs to be done within the moral framework and values of the Evolutionary Christian Church.

Our basic grounding doctrine and mission, which is our evolution to Godhood, affirms a biopolitical world. The goals at this stage of our evolution are vague but still clear in that we are evolving toward higher and higher truth, intelligence, beauty, virtue and merit.

In the past biology was mostly unconscious, and when it did surface it scared people with things like eugenics. But we need not have thrown it all away, sociobiology has again solidly redeemed biopolitical considerations.

Can “regulation” of biology be “left” or “right” politically? Coercion and force are disaffirmed, we need a voluntary effort, and we need Ordered Evolution, which enhances and enriches life---we have a long way to evolve. For example, the light federalism protecting many small states, or ethnostates, which we affirm, has already been well-tested and is an ideal grounding for evolution with variety.

It seems to me that “transhumanism” needs to slow down or pause a bit more to prevent cyborg monsters from destroying the very evolution we seek. Computers and new technology in biology and genetics need to enhance evolving life, not rule or destroy evolving life.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Toward a psychology of theological materialism: comparing Christianity and Paganism

Even Carl Jung, who is usually portrayed as sympathetic to paganism, thought that German paganism was “primitive” compared to Christianity. Was It?

German paganism was clear and straightforward, as the are the German people, and it was more complex and whole than modern people have thought it was.

Like all the great religions, Christianity, in essence, tried to block out the material world and material desires to experience the Father Within. It was so-called civilized religion which blocked out what Jung called the “lower half” of human nature, or the desires of the material world, Paganism did not block out civilized religion.

The origin of the world in the myths and metaphor's of the pagan Yngvi-Freyr-Nerthus---if seen as the Spirit-Will and Primal Material in theological materialism---seem to me to be a better description of the origin of the world than the Big Bang, or creation by the “Final Cause” of St. Thomas.

Neither Paganism or Christianity affirmed the evolution to Godhood of material life, the divine goal of the so-called lower half of human nature, which is really in this sense the upper half of human nature.

We recover our whole selves in the Twofold Path, where the Inward God of Christianity is fulfilled in the real Outward Godhood reached through material-supermaterial evolution. We balance the divine activation of life by the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, with the outward shaping of evolution.

This does not awaken a “blond beast,” this awakens the divine path of evolution to Godhood for blonds, brunettes, blacks, whites, Christians, Pagans, Hindus, atheists, and all life in the cosmos.

This is how we make good the misdefined primitive in us, this is how we civilize the beast.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sublimating war into evolution

QuintinTaylor described how early Nietzsche thought the Ancient Greeks sublimated war into their sublime goals of art, culture and genius, at least until the Persian war, when political intrigue took up all the cultural energy. Nietzsche also wondered, in his notes, why the Spartan's needed such a powerful warrior ethos when they had so little culture to protect.

Competition, agonism, contention for a prize, was in every element of Greek culture. Before the all-out Persian war there was cooperative competition between city states, in all areas, which helped to create excellence. Cooperative competition was also a way to put the brakes on aggression and war---and it was a preventive against a single totalitarian ascendency.

America and the West too have been politicized, involving themselves in many little wars, which takes up all our cultural energy. This is not leading to high culture. At the same time competition is increasing frowned upon by liberals in their increasingly hedonistic world. But the competitive spirit still hangs on in professional sports, and in the business world, although large corporations are increasingly choking out competition.

If we are to survive and evolve from the beasts to the gods we will need to sublimate war and aggression into a cooperative competition of evolution. High art, culture and genius are not the single goal of humanity, high culture needs to be affirming our evolution toward Godhood, and this requires a religious character, tone and guiding belief. Art, culture and genius are evolving steps along the way toward Godhood. It is that simple, and that difficult.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Affirming Variation

The original United States Constitution had the right idea in creating many small states with much independence, lightly protected by the federal government. I believe in keeping and affirming the protectors of variation in America and in the world between states, beyond the old physical barriers like mountain ranges, with such things as languages, nationalities, social classes and physical differences. This is the most natural way to accommodate actual human nature and the natural ethics of group selection which were evolved deeply within human nature over many thousands of years.

With actual human nature in mind, the healthiest political philosophy affirms many small states that are basically ethnostates. Human beings are always moving on different trajectories of evolution where a genetic or cultural advantage in one environment may be a disadvantage in another---and what's wrong with that?  People who demean this as "racist" usually have ulterior motives involving their own selfish agendas.

But the deepest reason for affirming variation is in evolutionary religious philosophy, with a variety of groups evolving in their own special ways toward Godhood, guided voluntarily and without coercion or force by the church working with science. We do need cooperative competition between people and states, but humans are capable of this, if we are serious about it. And we have to be serious about it because imperialistically trying to make the world all the same, by subterfuge or by force, has brought continuing disaster to us all.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A powerful force to awaken

The experiences and ideas of the Inward Path to the Father Within are clarified in the material evolution of the Outward Path to Godhood.

Freedom as “de-worldlization,” no desires, no materialism, no world, is the Inward Path. Is that not death? As a matter of fact mystics say that the bliss of the Soul is reached by dying to the world. Mystics do reach this state, in all religions, although it is rare.  Atheists are wrong to deny this state.

The good news of the Twofold Path in the ECC is that dying to the world applies only to the Inward Path. The Outward Path is the path that leads life to Godhood, shaped by material and supermaterial evolution.

But the Outward Path is not the path of hedonistic materialism, it is the path of conscious applied evolution and not the path of devolution.

Theological materialism is awakening the ground of the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood which activates life to Godhood---a powerful force to awaken.

Without the actual supreme natural object Godhood, abstract definitions and experiences of the inward God are incomplete and only a mirror of Godhood. But supermaterial Godhood in still not reached by humanity and needs to be evolved to in the cosmos, idealism is still required in this naturalistic world. Romantic-classicism and evolutionary realism aiding religion can help inspire us in our evolution.

Monday, October 08, 2012

How To Civilize The Beast

In “The Politics of Myth,” Robert Ellwood speaks of how Carl Jung thought that Christianity had split the German barbarian into an upper and lower half, repressing the lower, primitive side, which still needed to be channeled into the upper, civilized, Christian and rational side.

Sociobiology and our religion explain this dilemma with the Twofold Path. The Inward Path of all the Great Religions leads to the Father Within, and the Outward Path activates and leads life to Godhood, shaped by evolution. This is how we integrate the human psyche (not just the Germans) but also materialism and spiritualism, religion and science.

The tension between the collective unconscious and the individual in Jung is resolved with universal, group and individual ethics combining in our religious philosophy. All life, all people are universally evolving to Godhood, within their particular groups and states, and individuals within the groups are evolving, changing and then adapting to their own group, and also adjusting to universal human evolution.

The Spirit-Will within all life is not a "beast," it seeks Godhood by activating material life to evolve to Godhood in the cosmos, shaped by varied evolution. This is what needs to be channeled into culture and civilization, and balanced in individuals. This is how we bring together the "lower" and "upper" halves of all of us. This is how we civilize the beast. 

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Approximate Godhood

We cannot accurately define Godhood at this stage in our evolution, but we can describe Godhood as the zenith of truth, intelligence, beauty, virtue and merit. Our task is to affirm and accede to the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood that activates life, which is then shaped by evolution.

Raymond Cattell's term “Beyondism” described well the direction we are going. But we connect the goal of the great religions in describing our destination as Godhood, and Cattell, who was quite courageous, does not.

Science will find many ways to help us evolve, with genetic planning and engineering, but religious ethics will need to guide the upward direction of evolution.

Conservatism in general has had as much influence on us as the science of sociobiology, both describe nature's order and evolution. We are therefore pleased to be able to connect outward Godhood, reached through evolution, with the God within or Father Within of Christianity, and with the mystics of other religions. This means we can proceed with a Revitalized Conservatism and an Ordered Evolution.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Bonding against envy in evolution

Even though it has been well researched for years that achievement in society is improved with higher IQ levels, this is not fully accepted, bias and envy and competition continue to block this important knowledge.

Our religion can help in bonding against envy when we affirm at least raising the level of those with IQ's of 120 and above so that gifted talents can help us better manage our survival and evolution. Of course character needs to be selected along with intelligence, we do not need intelligent monsters. In democracies, as Cattell pointed out, we need to make sure that the level at the bottom is brought up as well as the top to avoid envy and too large a separation in education levels.

If the general IQ of humanity goes down, with all the complicated challenges we face now and in the future, our survival potential will also go down. Our religion can help in promoting universal ethics for all groups evolving to Godhood, as well as particular groups, by bringing up the lower groups along with the top groups. 

These things have to stop being considered politically incorrect. The motives of those who are blocking these things do not always look so noble, but it seems to be more that complicated things are harder to accept than simple things. Humans are capable of this evolutionary strategy, and these improvements are necessary if we are to survive into the more complicated future.

There is also our divine mission of evolving to Godhood, which is the most important reason of all to keep evolving toward truth, beauty and virtue.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Real Metaphysics

The realists are partly right, but the nominalists are more right. Some things which the realists say are real are real, but not all things the realists say are real are real.

The nominalists are right to define many things that the realist's say are real as names or definitions or symbols only, and I expand this to include most of the definitions of God of the great religions.

Godhood in the theological materialism of the the Theoevolutionary Church (TC) is a material-super-material reality arrived at by way of natural evolution, first activated by the Spirit-Will, and than shaped in by outside evolution.

The traditional God or Father Within of Christianity, and the great religions, is saved and retained when understood as the God first seen inwardly. Two root metaphors in the TC are the Twofold Path and our evolution to Godhood, another is the Great Spiritual Blockade put up against evolving to real Godhood. However, these are real happenings in a very rational metaphysics and not really metaphors.

This metaphysics can rescue Christianity and the great religions from sinking into oblivion under the onslaught of science and modern philosophy. This is a metaphysics which can offer hope to mankind now and in the far future as we evolve out into the cosmos toward Godhood, if we can save life on earth first.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Sublimations different from Nietzsche

Early Nietzsche believed (“The Republic of Genius” by Quentin Taylor) that the Ancient Greeks sublimated war into their incomparable culture and when they stopped doing this, due to the takeover of fatal political instincts which arose in fighting the Persians, it brought an end to Hellenic greatness in culture.

Nietzsche assessed political goals in relation to the goals of culture and the creation of genius. Not hating religion as Nietzsche did, we think that evolutionary religion has to be the main sublimation of aggression and war---culture and genius are only means to the great end of evolving to Godhood.

We can reach beyond the superman as we evolve toward Godhood, which we see as the fulfillment of the exclusively inward God of the great religions, this is not a rejection of religion, it includes the inward God in outward Godhood, with an Ordered Evolution, and not revolution.

This is also not affirming a one-race supremacy or imperialistic exclusivity as seen in Nietzsche's political followers, this is a universal goal within particular states and regions, with all groups evolving at their own pace, in accord with real human nature and group ethics.

Like the Greeks we can affirm competition as highly valuable in the creation of cultural excellence, but we need cooperative competition to sublimate raw aggression and overly imperialistic sociopathic behavior. Competition keeps things changing and evolving and helps avoid the stagnation of a single totalitarian culture or leader.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Bringing nature and religion together

In the great religions, God is spiritual, not of this world, not of materialism, and this definition has created the opposition between nature and religion, even if there have been theological tricks to try to bring them together.

Early Nietzsche said that nature itself uses culture and the state to elevate humanity to higher levels. But it is the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood behind life itself that first activates nature, which is then shaped by evolution.

It was a tragic error, or at least incomplete religion, which tried to blockade nature and human desires in order to experience the blissful God Within, which is only a glimpse of real Godhood.

Nature and religion at last come together in the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church, without intellectual tricks, where Godhood is reached through material and supermaterial evolution in the Outward Path, the God first seen in the Inward Path.

Monday, October 01, 2012


Politics and finance have crowded out more important things in culture, which helps explain the present vulgarity of the West. The West has done well materially led by free-enterprise finance, but without having ethics and morality to guide finance it has become vulgar and even dangerous.

Egoism and individualism are more primitive than altruism and groupism, in spite of what the libertarians say, animals are more self-centered than humans. Modern psychology and philosophy have much to do with this narcissism and anarchism, with their affirmations of personal relative “narratives.” Sociobiology should remedy some of this thinking with its information on how the group is the original creator of ethics.

I hypothesize that the order of rank can still be thought of as something like the original tripartite system, but with more upward mobility and opportunity for the talented from every class. That is, priests, warriors and producers as the healthiest social structure. Scientists can now work with priests, at least in the Theoevolutionary Church. This valuation of importance can apply in various political systems.

As I have said before, the modern world, which was more or less invented by the West---for good or for evil---does not look so evil when religion, science, warriors and producers can meet and help one another in the evolution of life to Godhood.