Monday, December 12, 2016

Who or what is to blame for misunderstanding equality and altruism?

Can religion be blamed? Religions say we are all universally equal under God. But Marxism was not religious and it too promoted universal equality and altruism. It is not just stupidity, smart people and smart groups (at least smart in the short term) also push universal equality and altruism as their cunning method to unequal power and unequally applied altruism. It is here where we seem to find a reason why something as foolish as universal equality and universal altruism are still with us today.

Altruism evolved and still exists in human nature and in human instincts to enhance the survival and reproductive success of separate and different groups who were genetically and culturally related to one another, it was not a universal altruism. The fear of inequality and separateness seems to derive from the fear people have of coming in last in the struggles of life, which leads to the cunning lies regarding equality and altruism. The attempt to extend these exclusive traits universally out to all men is hucksterism run wild.

There is also the fear that inequality will lead to fierce competition or war, but here too it is the lie of trying to jam distinctly different people together in the same place demanding equality and altruism that causes more problems than simply parting the combatants, as we might do on the school playground.

This is why the misunderstandings and lies regarding universal equality and altruism suggest the solution of an ethnopluralism of many ethnostates within a protecting federalism. Real life, real human nature can this way work as harmoniously and truthfully as is possible for humans to act. I hope for all of us, all groups, that this will soon become our future.

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