Tuesday, March 30, 2010

States of consciousness depend on structures of consciousness

“States” of consciousness are given too much importance among spiritualists. The states exist only in the structures of the mind, or at the mind's zenith in the Soul-Mind.

“Structures” of consciousness should be given central importance, as they are the way we evolve to Godhood materially. States of consciousness depend on structures of consciousness.

The Object needs to be seen as coming before definition of the object in theology. This requires a transvaluation.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Spirit Within Activates Eros

Is the Spirit Within Eros? Eros, the impulse to reproduce and preserve, is an important aspect of the Spirit Within but the goal of Godhood is the central drive of the Spirit, and Eros only aids in this divine goal.

This is the mistake Freud made in making the sex drive so prominent. Nietzsche was closer thinking in terms of the Will To Power. But the Evolutionary Christian Church is closest in defining the Spirit as the Will To Godhood. Eros doesn't activate the Will To Godhood of the Spirit, the Spirit activates Eros.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I do not affirm the “singularity” future

I do not affirm the "singularity" future, which says that there will soon be an end to the distinction between man and machine.

This is another way to avoid human evolution. This is the evolution of the machine, of technology, not human evolution.

In our human evolution to super-humans and beyond to the Gods, technology can perhaps come to our aid, but we must not allow machines to evolve for us, it is we who must evolve.

Why are we so afraid of human evolution? Answer this and you answer why we have been blocked from the path of evolving to Godhood.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Progress is a religious directive

Traditional religion can be blamed for many of the problems of the material world simply because religion was at least formally absent from material concerns. They looked back to preindustrial times, or all the back to Eden where men were supposedly spiritual and not material. Yes, the Christian West led the world in material progress but that was in spite of their spiritual teachings. And the East was even more successful in holding back material progress—until recently.

Material and technological progress are not necessarily a bad thing. But we do need to evaluate progress in terms of human evolution and devolution. Give the inventors and creators total freedom but then accept their creations based on whether they advance human beings or not. Our concern about technology is not merely ecological concern, such as the “bright green revolution,” although we do affirm this direction. We agree that we can build a sustainable technological civilization. But most importantly, progress is a religious directive toward human evolution, because we are activated by the Spirit Within to evolve , materially, to Godhood.

Involutionary consciousness is not evolution

The “involution” of consciousness is claimed as the next “evolutionary” step for our race by the proponents of “evolutionary spirituality.” They say we are “evolving” from the individual self to a higher “Authentic Self” of the “collective.” But this is involution not evolution. This is not progress this is staying in the same place, or even devolution.

Our consciousness only truly evolves when we materially evolve, and we need to evolve way beyond human consciousness and beyond the human collective consciousness. Evolution to Godhood means material evolution to Godhood and our consciousness must evolve as we materially evolve from humans to superhumans to Gods to Godhood.

Is there a fear among the evolutionary spiritualists in facing the facts of material evolution as the ground of religion? And are they exploiting the popular gap between religion and evolution? These people are making a good living giving their seminars, retreats, etc.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Self Esteem and Godhood

The narcissistic idea that we are gods is seen in past and present religions. But we are not anywhere near evolved enough to be Gods, no matter how much self esteem we give ourselves.

We need to accomplish evolution to Godhood, the Spirit Within is not God, therefore we are not wonderful without accomplishing something, which affirms the old work ethic.

Concentrating so totally on “individual transformation,” as the new age and the “evolutionary spirituality” movements are doing (not unlike the Revealed Religions) keeps man more or less in his same human place.

If we define the Spirit Within correctly as not God but as activating us to evolve to God, then we can retain the various meditations and mind disciplines of old and new religions, as we do with the Involutionary Inward Path. But without the Twofold Path connection with the Evolutionary Outward Path we will not reach Godhood.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hard Thoughts On The Present And Future

Our government and business leaders have been dishonest and selfish, and our church leaders have been weak and immoral. Expanding American-made exports to the world was a good thing, involving ourselves intimately in the business and lives of other nations was a bad thing.

American popular culture is now decadent and inferior and the fact that the rest of the world is consuming our popular culture will make them decadent and inferior too.

A borderless world, which is the hope of modern intellectuals, has no relation to human nature, and human nature was formed 100 thousand years ago and remains unchanged today. This Utopian view has played into the hands of globalist business which has more or less raped and pillaged the world.

People were promised wonderful things in the “information age” but they have been made obsolete and their work is performed by machines or by people in third world nations who are payed almost nothing. People have increasingly had no choice but to begin to build underground economies, to develop home schooling and localism. State governments are trying to pick up the slack of a huge rotting federal government.

By 2050 whites will be a minority in the U.S. But the big changes are in the most populated states while many states will remain with a majority of whites, at least for now. As the ethnic group changes the culture changes, this is a common fact rarely admitted. And politicians have been caving in to who ever will get them elected. This will set up a white backlash, the opposite of what the liberals and socialists had in mind. Ethnic concerns will increase not decrease.

People no longer respect their corrupt leaders in government and in business. But the liberal solution of democratizing authority and ridding the world of elites (except for themselves) is cutting the guiding head off the body. Hierarchy is as natural and as old as human nature. When the elite changes the culture changes.

Genuinely new solutions to these problems are very rare and they take a long time to assimilate. Revitalizing our Revealed Religions is the path we have taken with the Evolutionary Christian Church. Churches are in worse shape than the government and business world. No civilization has ever risen without a foundation in religion, and empires have always fallen when the founding religion fell.

Joining the material to the spiritual world, synthesizing science and religion, uniting the Inward Path of the Spirit and the Outward Path of material evolution in the Twofold Path is our solution to the long blockade of religion, which clears the path to evolve to Godhood in the Kosmos. The Will to evolve to Godhood, or the Spirit, lives within all ethnic groups and will be encouraged.

Politically we will work with what we have. The United States Constitution, originally, was an excellent plan, affirming a variety of small states and localism, with a very light federalism. This is once again the counter-revolutionary wind of the future, for all states and all ethnic groups. If the Constitution had been followed and not corrupted, pillaging global business and tyrannical socialist-fascist government would not have been permitted.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Spiritualists and Materialists Were Both Right

More Borders Mean More Peace Not Less

Evolution is taking us to Godhood, this is the higher realm we can aspire to. This synthesizes religion and science. Natural law can therefore function with divine law. Godhood did “construct” human nature in the sense that our evolution, which originated from Godhood, is what defines us. Therefore spiritualists and materialists were both right.

We are the “Constructors” (see Frederick Turner, “Art, Nature and Human Evolution,” American Arts, Winter 2010) of our outward self, however, the original Constructor was Godhood, a Godhood which was attained through Kosmic material evolution. As our descendants now live on within us, so God lives on in us through the Holy Spirit, which is the central activator of our evolution back to Godhood. Then the cycle repeats itself.

We do, as the social constructivists say, create our own societies to help us survive, but it involves more than this reduction to survival only. We are activated by the Spirit Within to evolve to Godhood, which defines far more than mere survival and reproduction. The Spirit Within works along with these natural forces, there is an “invisible hand” in the evolutionary mechanism, which is the activation of material evolution by the Spirit Within to evolve to Godhood. Evolution is full of starts and stops and backward goings and branchings which create diversity on earth and in the Kosmos, but the direction of material evolution is linear and activated by the Spirit Within and we are free within this evolving divine path.

The evolutionary psychologists desperately sought to distance themselves, in light of the real horrors of World War Two, from any eugenic theory, but they moved too far away. They did not have the insight or the courage to see any connection between evolution and religion. Had they looked deeper and had more courage they might have seen the natural and religious synthesis of biology and theology. This perhaps understandable mistake was in seeing eugenics (now transformed into genetic engineering) only in terms of selfish racism, where a noble Aryan or a Chosen race is affirmed against all others.

All ethnic groups seek to evolve to Godhood and all ethnic groups should be encouraged to do so. This ecumenical, religious, affirmation of evolution is valid no matter how mixed in heritage present ethnic groups may be. Human beings naturally seek their own, prefer their own, human beings separate naturally and always have done so. This variety and separation should be celebrated not blockaded.

In political terms “devolution” from larger states to smaller states is preferred, but biological devolution is a real enemy of all people. Our bodies and Spirit are all “tested” in the natural world of evolution. In this sense our cultures and religions are, as the sociobiologists say, devices for survival and reproductive success.

A borderless world has no relation to human nature, which evolved one hundred thousand years ago and has virtually not changed today. More borders mean more peace not less. History has proved time again that when borders separating ethnic groups are artificially destroyed they always return again, and often with violence.

The Theoevolutionary Church affirms the Evolutionary Path of all people to Godhood, the Godhood first seen in the Involutionary Path of the Revealed Religions. We affirm this Twofold Path, the Inward (Spiritual) and Outward (Material) Path to Godhood.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Choosing Leadership

Affirming the Constitution

What is the best way of choosing leadership? Plato thought that it's not the form of government but the integrity of the leadership that matters most. The best form of government won't work with selfish leaders.

A down to earth reason why the separation of church and state is preferred is because the Church, at least ideally, has a better way of choosing leadership than a secular state. And the Church has it over secular universities because it values traditional morality---recent perversions within the Church to the contrary.

The United States Constitution took the negative and cynical (and wise) view that the best leadership will not always be chosen, human nature being what it is, therefore, the Constitution simply limits the power of leaders, and separates powers as much as possible, and gives leadership to many states and regions. People naturally seek independence and prefer their own regions and their own people. And the Constitution keeps government small, with representatives of the people, since the mass of people have unequal talents in leadership which pure democracy would exploit.

Cynical, negative but realistic. It is idealism and romanticism and criminal activity that set up forms of government based on false hopes and inaccurate views of human nature. We need to get back to the principles of the Constitution.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Toward A Healthy Future Social Structure

Applying The Twofold Path

At this time of the massive growth of secular government, and the fading of religion, I can see future church communities, religious institutions, which can be economic if they want to be, and even virtual ethnostates, before they blend into bigger states, having very light state governments. The church communities would be assisted by a sort of civil service of priests, scientists, businessmen, artists, etc. Then I see the church communities and states blended into a very light national federalism, which would retain the separation of church and state. I think this would not be far from what the Founders of the United States Constitution had in mind.

Now, added to this solid traditional foundation, which is mainly the Involutionary Inward Path, would be the Evolutionary Outward Path. The Outward Path would also be guided by the church. The divergent Outward Path affirms steady upward evolution to Godhood, and retains positive mutations, through the stability of conservative church communities and the convergent Inward Path. Stagnation, which erodes people and institutions, is countered by this evolutionary structure. But most importantly, through the Twofold Path the sacred religious goal of evolving to Godhood would cease to be blocked.

In the Eternal City of Rome you can find long layers of history preserved. The churches can encorporate the remains of ancient Rome, with columns from the ancient buildings. I see the Theoevolutionary Church as the next layer upon the Eternal City, incorporating and complementing the past as it moves into the future.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What We Would Retain Of Classicism

We would retain the idea of “beauty as the content of things made, the good of things done, the truth of things known.” (See “Classicism and Language in Architecture,” Carrol William Westfall, American Arts, Winter 2010) These principles (at least in the West) were sketched out by the Greeks in their quest to find principles to organize their political and religious lines.

We would keep the practice of “handing on from the past something useful in the present to make it available to the future.”

Most importantly we would emphasize, as the Greeks did, the reference to “the best,” to seeking distinction between the best and the rest, for us that is related to meritocracy and evolution, which is one the cornerstones of the Twofold Path in the Theoevolutionary Church.

We would attempt to make visible the content of epiphenomenal reality, not “metaphysical” reality, which is a difference we seem to have with traditional classicism.

We would retain the idea of making architecture and art that is congruent with the order of religion, at least, and in some cases the political regime.

As to the anthropomorphic analogy used in classical tradition, we would retain much of this, for example, showing the best individuals and human scale buildings to symbolize Gods and Godhood, as the Greeks did.

We would base our principles on the concept that evolution imitates Godhood, but does not copy Godhood. Each cosmos and each Godhood is somewhat different. This follows through in buildings and culture. To copy whole, as Westfall points out, is neoclassical. To imitate is our Revitalized Conservatism, that seems more in line with classicism, which imitated traditional principles but did not copy them whole.

Man is not a machine, as suggested in modern architecture. We are activated from within to evolve to Godhood, which means we can retain the language of myth, the beautiful, the good, the true. We would perhaps think in terms of Godly selection more than natural selection.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I define Monism as showing that the cosmos, from Godhood to the world, is not made of distinct bodies but different dimensions of the same entity, transformed into the cosmos.

Godhood is in the epiphenomenal or supermaterial dimension, that is, still phenomenal, still of this world, but at the zenith of evolution in this world.

The Spirit-Will is seen as a Primary Dimension of Monism, the Spirit-Will was and is the activator of life, not the originator of life, from the Primal Material, which can then evolve to Godhood. There was and is no beginning to endless life. The Spirit-Will transforms and activates the evolving material world, activating the living world to evolve to Godhood. This is how the Spirit-Will itself attains Godhood, riding the vehicle of life as it evolves.

Monday, March 15, 2010

All is Objects

How we can become trapped in the maze of philosophy, in Realism, Nominalism, Idealism, and it only gets worse in modern philosophy.

Let's not get trapped.

The universe is orderly, but orderly in flux.
Universals do not have a reality of their own as some Realists tell us, not an extra-mental existence beyond the phenomenal world.
God's exist as supreme objects and do not exist outside of phenomenon, but as actual beings, not merely names beyond epiphenomenon, ... this is a material realism.

Objects exist as material not spiritual objects.
As to Idealism, each being can only see what its body and senses can see, thus the Gods can see more than humans.
The senses are the father of the intellect, intellect only explains the senses.
However, the Spirit-Will Within life can perhaps see a bit beyond the body which the Spirit inhabits.
But most importantly the Spirit-Will is not beyond phenomena, it is epiphenomena, superphysicality itself.

So what we have is a continuum of material evolution, from the simple to the complex, to Godhood.
Truth is approached through the real object not the mathematics of the object.
Unchanging numbers can only explain or define changeable matter.
The world is great by the actual presence of the Gods, not by the mathematics that define the Gods.
God is perceived by the senses but senses in touch with and activated by the Spirit Within.
Truth is secondary to the object God.
The body is always “becoming” and never “being” except in name only or numbers only.
Being is becoming or
Objects are evolving.
The closest we have to "unchanging being" is the Spirit Within and even that is evolving along with man and the cosmos to become the Holy Spirit of Godhood.

Aristotle is my boy when he deals with the earth, with real objects,
But I see no need for Aristotle's Forms, even universal forms change or evolve until they evolve to Godhood, the Supreme Material Object.

The Object Body of God outranks thought in the Mind of God.

All is Objects, real live material objects in various stages of evolution, all the way to Godhood.
This is theological materialism.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where does the blame lie for the degradation of Western art and culture?

Beyond the Conservative critique

Blame can go all around yet those who see the degradation of Western art and culture as a “disease of faith” (T.S.Eliot etc.) are more right than they knew. Why? Because they blamed our degradation on the loss of faith without seeing that the faith itself played a big part in the degradation.

Perennial Tradition from prehistory to the Revealed Religions began with the Great Spiritual Blockade of the material world, and it was this great error in the perennial foundation of spiritualism that gradually led to the degradation and virtual downfall of art and culture.

By the time Nietzsche declared that God was dead, which greatly influenced all modern philosophers, religious influence was all but over. The fact that this great error of hating or at least blocking the material world was exploited by the enemies of Western culture was a secondary--although very damaging--occurrence. Non-Christians followed their own natural wills to power in helping to kick down the rotting door. And the only alternative other intellectuals felt they had was atheism and Godless forms of materialism.

To bring back Western art and culture conservative's advocate going back to traditional values and images. They say: “True art is an appeal to our higher nature, an attempt to affirm that other kingdom in which moral and spiritual order prevails.” (Roger Scruton, “Beauty”) But it is that “other kingdom” that essentially hates the world, no matter how clever and pedantic the religious philosophers parse their arguments. The world they seek is beyond the material world.

What I believe is needed to revive art and culture—and religion---is the theological materialism of the Theoevolutionary Church, which retains the Gods of our Fathers in the Twofold Path and transforms true Godhood into the Zenith of Material Evolution. With the projected Theoevolutionary Church, science can join religion, art can affirm biology, and materialism can strongly support religion.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Macrocosm and Microcosm

There is an analogical correspondence between microcosmic man and macrocosmic Godhood, but I see the analogy different from Traditionalism.

Godhood is a living Object with Spirit, Mind (Soul) and Body, only Godhood is the Zenith of Spirit, Mind and Body in the world, the highest evolved Being in the Kosmos.

We therefore cannot be “God” in our human bodies. When Shiva said, “wisdom is found in the body. If one really discovers it, he will become omniscient.” This does not happen to humans, only supermaterially or epiphenomenally-evolved Godhood is omniscient.

The only epiphenomenal force we contain is the Spirit Within, which activates us to evolve all the way to Godhood. And even the Spirit is a superphenomenal force that is not God but is the activator and Seed of Godhood.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jung was more right than the yogis but...

Contrary to Carl Jung, religion does more than try to heal neurotic individuals torn by the division between the conscious and unconscious. But contrary to the yogis, yoga does not “overcome” human consciousness and the human condition.

Even so, Jung was more on the right track if he thought that the content of yoga operates on the plane of phenomenological psychology, or at least future psychology. The sages of yoga claim they do overcome the human phenomenological condition and are transformed beyond it.

We admit neither of these perspectives. Rather than to "absolutize the human unconscious" (an Evola phrase) as the source of God as Jung did, and unlike the yogis who claim that God has no real connection with the phenomenal world, we admit a real Godhood which can be attained at the zenith of material evolution, a Godhood beyond the human, and beyond the human unconscious—the yogis were right in that respect. What the unconscious of man can see, with discipline, is the Spirit Within the unconscious, which is both immanent and transcendent, but transcendent essentially only through evolutionary material reproduction.

Our God is a superphenomenal, supermaterial, evolutionary Godhood, which can only be attained through material and supermaterial reproduction in evolution, although we can catch glimpses of Godhood in union with the Spirit Within, which is the seed of God. This is contained in the Twofold Path of the Evolutionary Christian Church.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Liberation Or Attainment

“Liberation cannot be achieved except by the perception of the identity of the individual spirit with the Universal spirit. It can be achieved neither by yoga, nor by Sankhya (analysis), nor by the practice of religious ceremonies, nor by mere learning.”-Shankaracharya

But we say it can be achieved by evolution. The above quote is a classic Involutionary Inward Path view of Tradition. “Liberation” is here defined merely by “identifying” the individual Spirit with the universal spirit. However, this is not nearly enough, although Shankaracharya is right that yoga or analysis, ceremonies and learning (which are not that different in any case all being more or less defined in the Inward Path) won't get you there either. It won't get you there because it is a liberation of the human Mind-Soul into the “universal spirit” which was really an earlier and perhaps better version of the Jungian human unconscious as universal spirit.

For Real liberation, or rather, for Real Attainment of Godhood we must evolve all the way to Godhood through the “dreaded” and Spiritually Blockaded Evolutionary Outward Path of material evolution, leading to the “spiritual” ( really supermaterial) Supreme Object Godhood. This is not merely identifying with God, this is attaining Godhood.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

No Duality

There is a continuum from the material to the supermaterial and beyond, which is usually thought of as spiritual, but there is no duality.

The closest we can come to duality, the two poles of evolution and devolution (Godhood and the Satanic) is also not a duality. Here it may be called a monarchical dualism since evolution conquers devolution.

The material world gets endless chances to evolve to Godhood, even as the Great Kosmic Center gives chances to evolve.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Earth-bound and heaven-bound enlightenment

First experience God through the inner discipline of the Revealed Religions following the Involutionary Inward Path, then become God through the discipline of evolution by following the Evolutionary Outward Path. Both together make up the Twofold Path. Catholicism and other religions such as Hinduism enhance the first, the Evolutionary Christian Church enhances the second. The first is earth-bound enlightenment, the second is heaven-bound enlightenment.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Why the drive to knowledge?

The Will to Godhood, or the Spirit-Will within activates life to evolve to Godhood. Knowledge greatly helped us survive, but the central purpose of surviving was not only survival and reproductive success, as sociobiology and science in general have suggested, the deeper purpose was so that we might evolve to Godhood. The greater meaning of survival and reproduction is the evolution to Godhood, which is a Central Law of the cosmos, seen in theological materialism, written about here.

Friday, March 05, 2010

A Rebirth of Religion and Science

The Evolutionary Christian Church can be a rebirth of religion and science, the Inward and Outward Path have a universal application. One affirms the other. The Inward Path stops the Outward Path from disorder and chaos, and the Outward Path stops the Inward Path from the Great Spiritual Blockade against the material world. The Outward Path enriches religion with the Enlightenment and science, and the Inward Path enriches science with Tradition and religion. This is the Twofold Path applied in a world ecumenism.

Reconciling the Involutionary forms of wisdom from Hyperborea to the Hindus, Zoroastrians to Plato, Aristotle, the Christian Fathers, Chinese philosophy, the Renaissance, the Kabbalah of Judaism, occult philosophy, even Islam, is seeing the deeper unity among them, and this is not syncretism. Our introduction of the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood, the path of material evolution to Godhood, activated by the Spirit Within, in conjunction with the Inward Path (The Twofold Path), unites modern science with this Tradition.

We are not syncretistic because there is a deep and sure unity in the elements of all the Religions; this uniting is considered syncretism by those who see these elements as only disparate elements.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

"Innovation Cannot Sustain the Economy," from Economy In Crisis

“...According to Gomory, with any economic good, there are four choices: go without, produce it yourself, trade it for another product or import it and pay for it at a later date.  Since the era of globalization, America has been doing too much of the latter....” 

Essay Here

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

On the condescension of the Eastern sage

Action in religion and evolution

The Eastern sage sits and smiles condescendingly at the unceasing action of the West. But this is arrogance in believing that God is found solely within man and therefore we do not have to be concerned with the actions of the material world. This arrogance is the result of centering exclusively on the Involutionary Inward Path to the Soul and Spirit within, which is not Godhood, even if the Spirit originally derives from God.

Action in evolution, not inaction, defines the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood. Yet we do not smile condescendingly on the inaction of the Eastern sage as they do us. We include the Inward Path in the Twofold Path of the Evolutionary Christian Church. We do not set up a Great Spiritual Blockade against material evolution, because material evolution is the real vehicle by which we attain Godhood. Action, not merely inaction, is the means of applying religion.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Internet and Mass Information

A quote from Russell Kirk can relate to the internet: “Information is not knowledge; and knowledge is not wisdom.”

Massive amounts of information from the internet and elsewhere can be turned into knowledge which can then lead to wisdom. What is required is the ability to discriminate and integrate all that mass of information.

The information age tends to turn out people who know everything but know the value of nothing--- another Kirk quote.

David Foster Wallace once said that he took in 500,000 bits of info but could use only 25.

Monday, March 01, 2010

On The Other

The Theoevolutionary Church affirms God as the Other, in the Judaeo-Christian tradition, rather than concentrating exclusively on the Involutionary Soul or Self of Perennial and Eastern philosophy.

God is seen in the Inner Spirit as the Spirit Within, but God is most essentially the Other from which the Inner Spirit derived. And furthermore we evolve to Godhood, the Other, we do not involve to the Other.

The “Great Chain Of Being,” described in perennial philosophy as from matter to body to soul to spirit describes the Involutionary Path. The Evolutionary Path is described as from Godhood to Spirit to Matter to Godhood. Both Paths are affirmed in the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church.

It may have been convenient to define Involution as Evolution, as the New Age and some Eastern mystics tended to do, but what they describe is nevertheless involution. We do not evolve to the “superconsciousness” of the great mystics, we involve to this state. Involution may be a “rediscovery “ of the soul, but evolution is a discovery of Godhood, the Great Other.