Monday, November 28, 2016

Dilemmas of the Alt Right

The way I see it the main dilemma of the Alt Right was how to deal with the ethnocentrism of real human nature while also dealing with religion, science, conservatism, nationalism, and radical racialism.

Religion versus science presented itself, with the science-minded Alt Right moving toward a scientific racialism and rejecting religion. A lesser number moved toward transhumanism preferring intelligent machines to humans. A larger group moved toward the Traditionalist School of Guenon and Evola and are now mainly followers of Aleksandr Dugin, who hates the West---this school downplays science in favor of spiritualism over materialism, but keeps an element of racialism-as-tradition. Another wing moved toward paganism, such as Odinism. Perhaps the largest group on the far right never quite fit in with the Alt Right, they are the racial supremacists, sometimes in the Hitler mode. Others on the far right moved toward a racialist version of Christianity arguing that Christ was not Jewish, etc. Few if any moved toward conservatism or paleoconservatism.

I faced many of the same dilemmas of the Alt Right and the paleoconservatives, and I developed theological materialism, having been impressed and influenced by Raymond Cattell's religion from science called Beyondism, Edward Wilson's deep sociobiology, Russell Kirk and Pat Buchanan's paleoconservatism, the ethnostatism of Wilmot Robertson, and the esoteric religious thinking of people like Guenon, and others. I believe I successfully included or synthesized these thinkers in developing theological materialism, which sees the material world evolving to supermaterial Godhood, the God first symbolically but incompletely glimpsed from within by traditional religion. I also dealt with the courageous Friedrich Nietzsche, and later, Heidegger.

I eventually found a way to be a conservative patriotic American, grounded in religion, philosophy, and science, while affirming the constitutional separation of powers and states in the United States, slightly amended to save itself, by becoming an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, where different groups within ethnostates can be what they actually are and what human nature actually is, rejecting the various forms of ethnic supremacy as unworkable and immoral. The sacred goal of life is to materially evolve toward supermaterial Godhood in the cosmos.

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