Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Politically Incorrect Evolutionary Advancement

It is safer, more politically correct, especially today, to limit evolution to spiritual "evolution," many sages and gurus have done just this.

The involutionary enlightenment occasionally accomplished by recognition of the Soul-Within, has been the central religious knowledge, and not the material evolutionary goal of Godhood.  Both can take place, together, to attain true Godhood. Each physical material advance in evolution brings higher levels of spiritual advancement.  Forces from within and without help this process, or hinder it. Perhaps every major evolutionary advance involves divine grace as well in connection with the Spirit-Within, which activates material life to Godhood, shaped by evolution.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Unblocking The Psychological Systems

Elaborate modern psychological systems, e.g. most recently Ken Wilber’s psychological system, have been more or less unblocked by knowledge coming in from sociobiology. These psychological systems have been elaborate attempts to explain away and usually reject the politically incorrect. For example, competition, and even war, could not be reconciled with religion without rejecting and demonizing them.

An imbalance was created by overemphasizing involutionary religion and underemphasizing or rejecting evolutionary religion. This we have called The Great Spiritual Blockade, which was an elaborate compensation and repression of the evolutionary path to Godhood. The involutionary aspect of the Soul-Within was exclusively represented.

We need to cooperate with the evolution of life to Godhood, the Godhood that was first recognized internally by the great religious sages. Now we must see that we evolve to the same God externally, through natural and scientific evolution. This is not an evil path, it is central to the true attainment of the God we have seen internally, although, indeed, it may be politically incorrect at this time.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Western and Eastern Balance

When Christianity entered the Roman Empire, Eastern religion met Western religion, but there are Traditionalists who tell us that they were cousins meeting after a long separation, which began with the Indo-European migrations from East to West. The Indo-European religion of Zarathustra was an ancient ancestor to Christianity by way of the Jewish sages, who learned much during their exile later in Babylon. But the religions had since changed toward an outgoing (Western, Classical) and ingoing (Eastern, Spiritual) direction. Both contained wisdom which took generations to synthesize in the West, while back East, the original Indo-European religion was more or less retained.

The Catholic Church eventually came to contain both the Classical-Western outward and the spiritual-Eastern inward elements---the Church was willing to absorb and slowly change. We maintain that the Church absorbed far more of the involutionary Eastern than the evolutionary Western. The God of involution, seen through the Soul-Within, and the God reached by evolution, are the same, although the Soul is but an aspect of the God we evolve to. We seek more of a Balance.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Theoevolutionary Church and Archeofuturism 2

One of the main differences between Archeofuturism (AF)---which is Guillaume Faye’s view of the ancients united not with the moderns but with the futurists---and the Theoevolutionary Church (TC), is the Conservatism of TC and the more or less radical traditionalism of AF. Both world views more of less affirm futurism but the Conservatism of TC takes a more realistic position, considering the present condition of the West and the prospects for radical change. Perhaps TC emphasizes evolution and science more as well.T C is a three-fold, Traditional-Conservative(modern?)-Futurist perspective.

Another difference seems to be our attitude toward power. AF appears to embrace the ring of power in a more or less Nietzschean affirmation, TC seeks to divide power for many reasons, including longer term peace. This affirms the Christian attitude toward power against statism, yet stands for light federalism and protectionism.

The question is, can Christendom revive the martial spirit necessary to save Christendom without being overcome with the thirst for power? TC can provide the added biological imperative with the evolutionary path to Godhood within our otherwise Christian involutionary religion. But this does require change.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

"The Once & Future Christendom"

The times call for a heroic defense of Christendom. Here is an excellent essay: "The Once & Future Christendom, "From death of the West—to knights of the West," by James P. Pinkerton (The American Conservative, September 10, 2007) This is an American version of Guillaume Faye’s "Pre-War Account of an Impending Cataclysm."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wilber and the Uroboros

Religions are often trapped in the “Uroboros” phase, the circular symbol of the snake eating its own tail. This is the Involutionary Way of seeing God Within via the Soul Within.

Contrary to Ken Wilber, who used this symbol to explain the consciousness of early man, we do not escape this circle through the highest consciousness alone. This experience of the Soul Within is not Godhood, though it is a vital aspect of God.

Only through higher and higher biological evolution can we escape the Uroboros. To adapt Wilber’s excellent phrase, in each stage of evolution we transcend but include our predecessors. This also defines the formula for Perennial Conservatism.

Contrary to Wilber’s way of dealing with the Perennial Wisdom in mythology, we have not advanced beyond Golden Age consciousness. Wilber’s “pre/trans fallacy,” which was his method of dealing with the duality of biological evolution and spirituality, is not a fallacy.

The “Wholeness” experienced by the great sages is the same today as it was in the Golden Age, i.e. an inward experience of the Godhood Who can really be attained only “outwardly” after many many years of biological evolution.

Anti-Life Religious Interpretations

The Evolutionary Christian Church doesn’t define culture as a symbolic substitute for transcendence, as the East, the New Age and Western Psychology often do, transcendence is a symbolic substitute for evolving man to Godhood. Sex, food, money, fame, knowledge, and power can, of course, be used in anti-evolutionary, profane ways, but biology--the originator of these things-- provides the only way to finally reach the evolutionary Godhood that the East and New age speak of when they speak of their involutionary God. These interpretations must therefore be seen as anti-life, anti-evolution, or at best only half truths.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bodhisattva And The Blissful Trap

In the Evolutionary Christian Church the role of the “bodhisattva” is not merely one who compassionately refrains from entering "Nirvana," in order to save others, it is one who declares that Nirvana in human life can be a blissful trap (The Great Spiritual Blockade) which can impede one from biospiritual evolution to God, far beyond the human species.

It is good to know where one is going but it is not good to dwell exclusively on that virtual knowledge or virtual experience. A Golden Middle Way, once again, is the pattern to follow, seeking the enlightened experience of Nirvana within, not for the sake of the experience alone, but as a blissful hint of the goal of  Godhood evolved to in the cosmos.

Perennial Conservatism

The term Perennial Conservatism affirms ancient Pagan and Christian Tradition, and ancient and modern science. Paleoconservatism affirms Western Christian Tradition including elements of Greco-Roman Classicism. Perennial Conservatism reaches back earlier and forward further than paleoconservatism.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Heresy and the Conservative Approach to Church Doctrine

As the tree is bent, so it grows.

I think of myself as a philosophical and practical Conservative, but I think that when the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. declared Arius (Presbyter of Alexandria) and Arianism heretical, and an anathema, this was a radical, not a conservative declaration, since Arius was trying to conservatively bring Tradition, Classicism and the Pagan philosophers into the Church. The Church Fathers disagreed and created a radical break from Classicism and Science, which took many years to find its way back into the Church. When Science (Classicism’s child) struggled its way back into Western Civilization, it did so largely minus the Church, which had rejected it; a very tragic split.

With theological materialism and the Theoevolutionary Church, the theory of evolution has been brought back to the Church, taking up in this sense, where Classicism ended in 325 A.D., with a new effort to include Science in Religion. Life in the cosmos is seen as evolving to God.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

God-Within, God-Without

Opening The Spiritual Blockade

Biological evolution is difficult, full of struggle, tragedy and death, yet these problems can be somewhat easier to accept when it is understood that the God-Within, the Immanent, the Involutionary God, can be reached only through material evolution to the God-Without, the Evolutionary God.

Religions have almost exclusively concentrated on the Immanent God Within, the Involutionary Way. Experiencing the God-Within is a blissful experience, because one has a glimpse of the Transcendent God Without, but this experience often leads to the Great Spiritual Blockade of the Transcendent God Without.

Let us not become so dazzled by the God-Within that we become blind to the God-Without. The Evolutionary Christian Church seeks to open the Great Spiritual Blockade. Christianity is applied to the Involutionary God, Evolutionism is applied to the Evolutionary God. Jesus Christ teaches us how to become like God from within, free of worldly desires, Evolution teaches us how to evolve to Godhood by fulfilling the divine material drives which seek Godhood.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Evolutionary Teleology

Theological materialism suggests that Idealism is wrong if it says that reality lies beyond phenomena, or that it transcends phenomena. Phenomena evolves to superphenomena which is virtually transcendent yet is the highest form of materiality, or supermateriality. Only in this sense does matter evolve from the material to the spiritual. This is not historical or dialectical materialism, which resides in nonGodhood materialism, it is more evolutionary teleology, or theological materialism.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Virtues And Ethics

The Evolutionary Church derives it values and virtues from a union of the Christainty and Evolutionism. The seven Involutionary Virtues (Catholicism) are: prudence, justice, courage, temperance, faith, hope and charity. The Evolutionary Ethics affirm Evolution. The goal of the Involutionary Virtues is to understand God, the goal of the Evolutionary Ethics is to evolve to God.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Great Spiritual Blockade

Reaching the God Within does not heal the primary dualism of life and history, this experience is not “It,” this is “only ” recognizing the God Within. Greater than the God Within is outward Godhood itself, reached through material evolution over great time.

The God we can witness within in the present is not reached in the present but is reached only through  evolution. Let us therefore not stop here, swimming in the bliss of Virtual Godhood. The divine adventure continues.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Updated Classicism

Christian thinkers have said that without God there can be no sound basis for idealism, and that Classicism failed for this reason.

The advantage of the religious philosophy of theological materialism and the Theoevolutionary Church is that the sound early scientific grounding of Classicism, which led to leaders who were considered supermen, is synthesized with or applied to the Christian God, where God is the only highest Being.

That is, the Christian God of Religion is evolved to by way of updated Classicism. The early scientific ethos of Aristotle is updated and applied to the Godhood of Christianity, and the Revealed Religions. We evolve in the material/supermaterial world to Godhood.

A Pre-War Account of an Impending Cataclysm

Here is a review by Michael O Meara of a 2002 work by Guillaume Faye (Pre-War Account of an Impending Cataclysm) Faye offers stark and hard predictions, which should be considered.