Saturday, March 22, 2008

Notes toward unity

Inward Path Involution—Primordial Tradition-- "Integral Catholicism” as agreement on Principles with other authentic Traditions, while retaining traditional Catholicism.

Outward Path Evolution—united with Primordial Tradition, adapting Beyondism, etc., unblocking The Great Spiritual Blockade to Materiaspiritus and Godhood.


In what sense would TC be Post-traditionalist?

Traditionalism—keeping the old old
High Modernism—making the old new
Modernism—making the new
Postmodernism—making old or new okay
Post-traditionalism—making the new old.

But then, wouldn't Post-traditionalism be Conservatism?

Affirming Jung's bio-spiritual view, more or less

Carl Jung located his world view, his view of the psyche, in the physical or biological world, even if he seems to have had doubts about it later, and admitted some belief in the supernatural beyond the physical. We would more or less agree with this biological assessment, accept that we affirm the Spirit or God-Within as beyond the physical yet still housed in the physical, as a source of knowledge of God, as well as a spiritual activator.

The Spirit could be described as a Divine Manifestation, or Enlightened-Intuition, or it can and has been described in many other terms, with many planes and levels of existence. What we do affirm, unlike the Traditional view, is that the Spirit-Within, the Divine within, is not Godhood but is a glorious aspect or spiritual hint of the Godhood which we can reach at the culmination of biological-spiritual evolution.

Our view of the Spirit-Within is more in line with Jung's biological view than perhaps with the religious or esoteric sages. We agree that the Divine, which the great sages were describing, was correctly beyond Jung's physical world, yet perhaps unlike the view of the sages, for all intents and purposes the Spirit remains housed within Jung's physical world until It reaches Its destination after eons of bio-spiritual evolution to Godhood. The Spirit is thus both immanently and transcendently within.

( Here is a sort of Wilberian and interesting introduction to Jung by M. Alan Kazlev. )

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Evolution Follows Natural Law

According to Aquinas the point of ethics is to discover the essence of each aspect of creation and then pursue actions that promote the flourishing of that essence. This also affirms evolution and natural selection. Evolution seen through reason, and before that seen with the intuitive intellect, needs to be transmuted into the Church. Both empirically-minded reason and the non empirically-minded intellect can come together to define evolution in natural law.

For example, we can say that life seeks God by way of biological evolution as well as by seeking God through the Traditional involutionary methods of prayer and meditation (the Twofold Path). The finer points of evolution can enlarge ends and means within natural law. Political philosophy can affirm subsidiarity, federalism, variety,  and constitutional liberty on the bases of the natural law defined in evolution. We are all on the path to Godhood.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Two roads converge,
The vertical is preserved,
From involution to
Evolution, one does
Not exclude, we must
Redeem the material,
Fully misunderstood,
The trees and flowers
And mankind are no
Satanic seduction,
God exists Materiaspiritus,
Evolution must travel there.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good and Evil In Evolution

It is not only part of our metaphysical nature to seek God, it is part of our physical nature to seek God. We were evolved to be able to make more or less free choices within determined aspects of nature and God.

God creates life of “necessity” but with the “contingency” of meritocracy. Men make choices in evolutionary competition. Thus evolution becomes one more way to become “good” in God's eyes.

“Evil” is the “privation of the good,” which affirms Aquinas. God is the highest good. Evolution is the contingent meritocracy necessarily set up by God, the goal of which is to attain Godhood. The other virtues also remain as aids in this end goal.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Fatal Flaw and the Return

The U.S. Constitution is the best and most realistic secular system for securing classical and Christian justice for all, if is is not altered. The fatal flaw of this system is that the Founders were so cynical about power that they underestimated the Church in its role in guiding power, and we see the consequences. The Capitalists have chosen material gain over moral principle. We are falling apart while the Capitalists cast their lot for the leftover pieces.

Can the Constitution still secure morality and justice? To do so we must return to the original unaltered version (see Ron Paul.) Other solutions to our decline seem revolutionary, while Conservatism works best over the long term. It seems that what will happen first will be the revenge of socialism on capitalism, as the cycle continues with extremes. The middle ground is when Capitalism yields to agriculture and small business, owned by many men, not by a few, supported by our great Constitution and the Catholic Church. (Distributism examines this idea)

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Child and the Adult

The Traditional sages spoke of simplicity and poverty, of being like a child or a poor man, when referring to attaining the involutionary kingdom of God-Within, in contrast to the multiplicity of materialism. The Evolutionary Christian Church affirms this traditional path, yet we also go on to call for the complexity of becoming an adult, to attain the evolutionary bio-spiritual kingdom of Godhood. These are not contrasting paths.

Bird And Snake

Traditionally, material life is symbolized as the snake coiling itself around the Tree, or around a man who does not involve himself in action without desire, desire is this way symbolized as the snake.

We apply another symbol, the Firebird, the Phoenix who rises from the state of involutionary nirvana to evolve to the evolutionary God.

Action With and Without Desire

The term “action without desire” describes involution, the term “action with desire” describes evolution. The latter is virtually left out of all Traditional religions in what we call the Great Spiritual Blockade, which creates a conscious indifference to the fruits of action (see the Gospels and the Bhagavad-Gita, also this work of Rene Guenon.)

The Evolutionary Christian Church combines involution and evolution, uniting religion and science this way expresses unity not separation. In the history of religions new forms express unity more broadly and more deeply.

Heaven and nirvana can be attained in the involutionary path, this has been called “immortality,” where the sage has reached the “primordial state,” the source that man dwelled in “before the Fall.” But this is only half the goal, if that, obtained by “action without desire.” The danger is to stop here, at involutionary nirvana, blockaded by the bliss of this experience.

We must not stop, we must proceed to evolutionary Godhood, attained through long bio-spiritual evolution, the hint of which we attained in the involutionary blissful reflection of God-Within.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Ouroboros

The involutionary symbolism of the Traditionalists, and those who study the Kabbalah, and others, can be an aid, although a complicated aid, in reaching the Soul-Within, but God is only "reflected" here, in the Soul and Spirit which are the God-Within. Much of this involutionary knowledge can be mistaken for ultimate wisdom, but it is knowledge like the Ouroboros, the snake swallowing its tail. The God attained by evolution, which is reflected in the Spirit-Within, is far beyond.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Whole

The individual is important, family is important, kin is important, race is important, region is important, state is important, nation is important, the world is important, yet overall, the Church is important. This is subsidiarity, and light federalism.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Esoteric In the Evolutionary Christian Church

Closing the gap between science and religion

To continue applying the shell and kernel symbol here in a new way, and not as Rene Guenon applied them in the traditional way: when one sees through the shell of exoteric religion to the kernel, or at least discerns the path to the kernel, then one can see a glimpse of the path to the Center, to the kernel, to Godhood. In becoming conscious of the path, one can then follow the path; this knowledge then enters the evolutionary path, the esoteric path.

Bio-spiritual evolution to God becomes this next stream of the esoteric, and the traditional esoteric streams now become exoteric. The paths of involution to the Soul-Within, formerly, in tradition, defined as esoteric, become exoteric, however difficult they are to attain.

“Science” this way enters the esoteric realm, in knowing, or at least learning the arcane bio-spiritual ways to evolve to Godhood. The huge gap between religion and science, East and West, is closed.

Godhood is this way both disguised and protected by the very nature of things. Wide are the exoteric ways, but the esoteric path to God in the Kosmos is rare.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Why Small Government

The main objection to big government is often overlooked. It is not merely because free people are happier, more creative and more natural, it is because solving human problems and seeing human destiny cannot be accomplished merely through the worship of secular government, but by the religious, moral influence on society and government, which is necessarily therefore of a light federal form.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

How could one not notice?

How could one not notice
the garden that grew
the star, a far away
magnet, a shuffling
of immaculate earth,
a window of perfection,
directing the future,
spinning the world,
unfurling the flag,
on the path to Godhood?

The Niche

The atomic niche is small,
yet the power of the Kosmos
is there, and revolutions
begin quietly, the atom
grows to Godhood, numinous
truths are sealed within the mountain,
the numbers are bizarre.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Symbols and Primordial Truths

Many secret societies appear to be using ancient primordial symbols, which were originally meant to aid elite “religious” seekers in reaching the involutionary Soul within, for nonreligious, materialistic and even sinister purposes. And the Jungians tend to apply symbols to the human psyche, and less to a beyond-human religion, so they can mislead as well.

For a purer reading of primordial symbols examine the esoteric writings of Rene Guenon. Or you could skip the others, which can lead to great confusion, and begin with TC, which is cutting the Gordian Knot of confusion, rather than endlessly trying to nitpick and unravel the symbols.