Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Overart and the deepest elements of life

People complain on the left and the right about the politicization of the arts and humanities but then they totally religionize or Marxize the arts and humanities. All fields are not the handmaidens of ideology, but all fields are tied together sociobiologically. Just because totalitarian dictatorships were wrong does not mean that all totalities are wrong. I'm not talking about invading specialties and biasing them, I am taking about the deepest elements within life that connect all life and connect all fields, specifically, the material will to evolve toward Godhood which activates life as life then moves through the outside world of evolution and selection. This is a totality that can be synthesized by the arts and humanities and also by religion and science.

I'm talking about not just a total art work (Gesamtkunstwerk) but a coming together of religion, science, the arts, and politics, realistically connected by sociobiology, and understood by theological materialism in a sort of Overart, which respects human ethnic differences by way of an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, without trying to jam everyone and everything together in one massive imperial territorial totality. The international ethos can then be observed by objective international research centers which help distinctly different people successfully survive, reproduce and evolve materially toward Godhood. This is not merely an ideological or Utopian dream, this defines the deepest conservatism... I believe humans need to do something like this if we are going to survive on earth, yet alone move out into the cosmos.

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