Friday, December 23, 2016

Godhood is what we ultimately seek, internally and materially (reblog from June 2014)

Are we merely a self-designed species due to sexual selection? Why do we choose beauty, good health, intelligence in sexual selection? Yes, healthier children provide more successful survival and reproduction, but why do we seek successful survival and reproduction? If we answer, “that's just the way it is” it is not a good enough answer.

We, our biological bodies, instinctively desire the best or highest success in survival, which ultimately seems to mean being permanently represented in the world. The word “permanent” can easily be seen as “eternal” or infinite, and when we speak of being eternally represented we are speaking about Godhood. That is, with material/supermaterial evolution which includes sexual selection and every other kind of selection, we seek Godhood when we seek the highest beauty, good health and intelligence, it is Godhood we ultimately seek as the zenith of these things. Did the Ancient Presocratic Greeks sense this?

But we do have a little help in this selection process from the inward, yes vitalistic, activation of the material Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, which seeks Godhood through the vehicle of the evolution of material life, shaped by outside evolution.

Teleological explanations of life invoking ends and purposes for evolution remain valid for me. Passing from the phenomenal to the noumenal does not happen, there seems to be only the phenomenal passing into the superphenomenal, so arguments against the reality of teleology can rest easier, we are not teleologically seeking a ghost in the sky. Intentionality persists even in the face of postmodernism which sees no essence, no direction, other than relative, goalless, Nietzschean power, or random evolution.

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