Monday, January 31, 2011

Divine and Profane Evolution

There is nothing really new in the latest evolutionary spirituality of people like Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen, who promote the old Involutionary Inward Path of Tradition to the Soul Within, but not the Evolutionary Outward Path of material-supermaterial evolution to Godhood. This new-old evolutionary spirituality is now a money-making religious business.

Evolution is not merely the evolution of human consciousness, or cultural evolution, evolution is material and supermaterial evolution beyond the human species. This is of course politically incorrect but never-the-less it must be told.

The Spirit Within is always trying to ride the vehicle of material evolution to Godhood. It is not trying to “escape” the material world or evolve only consciousness at the human level. The Spirit is the determined, activating, drive of evolution from within, which means that evolution is not completely random. Mutations are subject to undetermined natural selection and shaping from without by evolution.

It is our task to become conscious of the divine path of evolution to Godhood, and to counter the profane path of devolution and entropy.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some differences between Evolutionary Christianity and Carvaka

According to Abigail Turner-Lauck Wernicki, “Indian Materialism” refers to the school of thought within Indian philosophy, usually called Carvaka, that rejects supernaturalism and rejects ethical systems that are grounded in supernaturalistic cosmologies. The good, for the Indian materialist, is strictly associated with pleasure and the only ethical obligation forwarded by the system is the maximization of one’s own pleasure. Wernicki says Indian Materialism pre-dated the British Empiricist movement by over a millennium.

The evolutionary Christianity of theological materialism applies the term “supermaterialism” rather than supernaturalism to avoid being mistaken for a non material worldview. Our ethical system is based in a supermaterial cosmology. The good is primarily associated with upward evolution to Godhood, which may or may not always be pleasurable to the individual in the short term but offers the maximum pleasure in the long term.

We are naturalistic in rejecting Plato's dualism, as well as Indian or Traditional spirituality, which says that there are two realms of reality, the material and the immaterial. We see the material and the supermaterial as one thing with different levels of evolution. Our naturalism affirms that all reality is in nature, but unlike naturalism we do not reject the idea that actions can have morally good and evil consequences. Upward evolution is sacred, devolution and entropy are profane.

But unlike the Carvaka we do not remain opposed to Traditional spirituality, we include it in the Involutionary Inward Path of the Twofold Path. This is the way ascetic and meditative practices lead to the bliss of the Soul, but not to Godhood. It is the Evolutionary Outward Path that affirms the Will to Godhood, or Spirit, in evolutionary survival and reproduction on the upward path to Godhood.

The body is a burden only in terms of attaining the Soul-Within in the Inward Path, but the body is essential in the Outward Path, as the vehicle of evolution to higher species, and eventually to Godhood. We dignify the material world in this sense, and we affirm science, even if some insights of intellectual intuition have not yet been validated by empirical science. But we do not reject supermaterialism and put science in it's place.  We do not reject theism as the Cavakas do, Godhood is seen as supermaterial and attained through long evolution.

We therefore accept philosophical and theological claims that have not been verified by direct experience, in doing so we have used the terms idealistic realism , or idealist naturalism. This means that our ontology rests on the affirmation of scientifically non-perceivable Objects, even though Godhood is not defined as non material. We agree with the Carvaka that the cosmos and the world, and the objects in the world are real, and that existence can be defined in terms of physical elements, although we include supermaterial elements, with the supermaterial realm yet to be understood scientifically.

We also believe that human consciousness is a material construct, but again, we add a supermaterial construct to consciousness. The Spirit Within, which exists at the Zenith of the Soul, is the ground of consciousness, but the Spirit is always based in the body. There can be no Soul or Spirit apart from the body, and the Spirit is passed on through material and supermaterial reproduction, which the Spirit, or Will to Godhood, activates.

We do not think it is futile to speculate as to the origin of the cosmos, but we acknowledge that higher evolution in conscousness and intelligence is necessary to know more and more. However, making connection with the Spirit Within can help in this difficult area.

Objects in the cosmos activated by the Spirit Within, with the purpose of evolving to Godhood, and objects are shaped by evolution from without. Existence is therefore purposeful and teleological.

Unlike the Carvaka we do not affirm egoism or individual selection over group selection, both work together, along with cultural selection, yet evolution has primarily taken place at the group level. Therefore altruism can this way be understood, as affirmed by sociobiology.

Unlike the Carvakas, Evolutionary Christianity is not negative toward traditional religion, even if traditional religion is negative toward us. We do believe that we revitalize Tradition.

Friday, January 28, 2011

"Move away from the ideology of global economic integration"

I thought this was worth quoting, from part of Herman Daly's farewell speech to the World Bank, way back on January 14, 1994 (suggested by Alex Imreh)

“... Move away from the ideology of global economic integration by free trade. free capital mobility, and export-led growth—and toward a more nationalist orientation that seeks to develop domestic production for internal markets as the first option, having recourse to international trade only when clearly much more efficient.

At the present time global interdependence is celebrated as a self-evident good. The royal road to development, peace, and harmony is thought to be the unrelenting conquest of each nation's markets by all other nations. The word "globalist" has politically correct connotations, while the word "nationalist" has come to be pejorative. This is so much the case that it is necessary to remind ourselves that the World Bank exists to serve the interests of its members, which are nation states, nation communities—not individuals, not corporations, not even NGOs. It has no charter to serve the one-world without borders cosmopolitan vision of global integration—of converting many relatively independent national economies, loosely dependent on international trade into one tightly integrated world economic network upon which the weakened nations depend upon for even basic survival.

The model of international community upon which the Bretton Woods institutions rests is that of a "community of Communities", an international federation of national communities cooperating to solve global problems under the principle of subsidiarity. The model is not the cosmopolitan one of direct global citizenship in a single integrated world community without intermediation by nation states. To globalize the economy by erasure of national economic boundaries through free trade, free capital mobility, and free, or at least uncontrolled migration, is to wound fatally the major unit of community capable of carrying out any policies for the common good. That includes not only policy for purely domestic ends, but also international agreements required to deal with those environmental problems that are irreducibly global (C02, ozone depletion). International agreements presuppose the ability of national governments to carry out policies in their support. If nations have no control over their borders they are in a poor position to enforce national laws, including those necessary to secure compliance with international treaties.

Cosmopolitan globalism weakens national boundaries and the power of national and subnational communities, while strengthening the relative power of transnational corporations. Since there is no world government capable of regulating global capital in the global interest, and since the desirability and possibility of a world government are both highly doubtful, it will be necessary to make capital less global and more national. I know that is an unthinkable thought right now, but take it as a prediction—ten years from now the buzz words will be "renationalization of capital" and the "community rooting of capital for the development of national and local economies", not the current shibboleths of export-led growth stimulated by whatever adjustments are necessary to increase global competitiveness. "Global competitiveness" (frequently a thought-substituting slogan) usually reflects not so much a real increase in resource productivity as a standards-lowering competition to reduce wages, externalize environmental and social costs, and export natural capital at low prices while calling it income.

The World Bank should use the occasion of its fiftieth birthday to reflect deeply on the words of John Maynard Keynes: "I sympathize therefore, with those who would minimize rather than those who would maximize, economic entanglement between nations. Ideas, knowledge, art, hospitality, travel—these are the things which should of their nature be international. But let goods be homespun whenever it is reasonably and conveniently possible; and, above all, let finance be primarily national...."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Why should they want to be more like us?"

"Why should China abandon a trade policy that is working marvelously well for them, and adopt a trade policy that is failing dismally for us? "    Column here by Pat Buchanan      

Seeing and being the real physical object

Defining God as non physical probably began in more primitive times when early mystics thought mental life was non physical. This carried forward when mathematicians and logicians defined God with numerical meaning and truth, which was ideal and not physical.

I do not think we need to restrict things only to subjective data, as in phenomenology, or to evident data as in science, because Godhood and the Spirit remain ideal things understood through intellectual intuition (but may not always be). Godhood in this case is an “ideal” defined as physical, a Supreme Physical Object, which is why I sometimes use the term idealistic realism, or idealistic naturalism, or finally theological materialism.

What we see is real, but we can only see as much as our senses are evolved to see, and we don't See All with Full Consciousness until we evolve to Godhood, the Supreme Physical Object, or objects.

“Truth” then is the accuracy of judgment of the thing-itself, the object, depending on the level of evolution of consciousness of the definer of truth. Aquinas defined truth as the adequacy of the intellect and the thing.

Evolutionary Christianity brings religion to seeing and being the real physical object, both real and ideal, which evolves in the cosmos from the material to the supermaterial, and finally to Godhood.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Revitalizing Consensus Mysticism

The Atman (Soul) is not Brahman (God), but the Soul as well as the body derive from Godhood, which is an important distinction.

Many mystics stop at the bliss of the Soul and do not go deeper into the Zenith of the Soul where the Spirit dwells.

The Spirit activates material life to evolve to Godhood as the Will To Godhood. The Soul and Spirit are not non-sensory, they are super-sensory or supermaterial.

This is a revitalizing of consensus mysticism.

This explains the difference between the Inward Path to the Soul and the Outward Path of the Spirit to Godhood, in the Twofold Path of Evolutionary Christianity.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Consciousness And Being

“Consciousness” is the attempted unity of the Subject (as Mind-Soul-Spirit) and the Object (as Body.) Consciousness mediates between the Spirit and the Body. I say “attempted” unity because we cannot have full consciousness until we evolve mind and body higher on the scale of consciousness. Full consciousness comes with the evolution to Godhood.

The “thing-in-itself” is described as:  mind-soul-spirit as the “thing,” and the body as the “in-itself.” The Supreme-Thing-In-Itself is Godhood. This means that Godhood has a Mind-Soul-Spirit and Body as we do only Godhood has evolved to the Zenith of these things-in-themselves.

This way the subjective and objective are one, with different evolutionary levels and divisions of mind-body consciousness.

Immanence and transcendence are defined by the Spirit within the body, with the Spirit transcending within the body by activating the body to evolve to higher and higher stages. The Spirit is the offspring of Godhood and has traveled through evolutionary life activating life since at least the birth of the Kosmos and is also in this sense transcendent.

All concepts make their way back to the body and spirit, which are material and supermaterial objects and not concepts. Concepts and mathematics can go anywhere but Being as Object is circumscribed by the reality of the object. Being is not everything that was, is or will be, Being is its own object at different levels of evolution. Concepts are non-Being.

Godhood is not “reduced” to nature, Godhood is nature evolved to its highest state. There is no Being that is lifeless, there are active evolutionary objects as Being.

I think this reshapes consciousness and Being in an original way, with gratitude for the work of many others in this area. This can be applied to Evolutionary Christianity.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bright Green And Upward Evolution

The Bright Green movement is another way of looking at sustainability and ecology. The old green solution was mainly to make man the villain in nature and to remove him from nature. The Bright Green way is to harmonize with the geophysicality and ecology of the planet, to shift from trying to control nature to trying to find designs and technology that fit in with nature.

Adding a religious element to this worldview we can recognize that the old theology splits the Spirit from the material world, whereas I think we need to put Spirit back in the material world as the activator of all life. This is the deepest current in nature which we need to harmonize with. Nature is evolving to Godhood if we let it, and help it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Totality In Reality

A response to Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen (“EnlightenNext,” # 47, 2011)

The problems that come from trying to transcend beyond the self, beyond what we are, stems from the original theological error of seeing Godhood as Nirguna-Brahman, as the empty, formless, unmanifested goal of life. This makes the rejection of ones own life, ones own people easier, as ones goal is to embrace the nothingness and bliss of a desireless Soul. This is not a higher level of love, this is the emptiness and bliss of the Soul. This defines the Inward Path to the Soul Within.

There is not two realities, one empty and one with objects, there is only the world of evolving objects. Objects are the ground of Being, not emptiness. This emptiness is defined as Nirvana in Tradition, but this is a self-created emptiness, created by the mind-soul emptying the mind and body of all desires and drives.

Seeking liberation from the desires of life is seeking death. The “nonduality” of Mahayana Buddhism, where both life and emptiness are supposedly united is not a union, it is acknowledgment of life against death, it is an affirmation of “samsara” alone which includes both suffering and joy. Formless, nonexistence, exists in the mind-soul of humans providing that they first rid themselves of all desires of a formful existence. This is not Godhood.

Godhood is not timeless and unchanging, Godhood is transmuting and transforming and activated by the Spirit Within. Godhood is not the Nirguna-Brahman of the Hindu Vedanta, which defines an unmanifest, formless emptiness. Godhood is a Supremely Evolved Living Object at the Zenith of Evolution in the Kosmos. The “enlightened” human being, according to the Traditional definition, is not fully conscious and is certainly not experiencing Godhood. To be Fully Conscious with Absolute Consciousness we must evolve far beyond man to superman and then to Godhood.

The Spirit or Will To Godhood is the Ground of Being and the Ground of Evolution, but it is not the Zenith of Being or the Zenith of Evolution, which is Godhood, the Goal of the Spirit. Godhood did not leap from the formless to form when creating the Kosmos, Godhood was Superform transmuting form, and Supermaterial transmuting the material.

The Spirit or Will To Godhood is not the sex-drive, but the Spirit activates the sex drive as the method or vehicle of survival and reproduction, for the Spirit itself to evolve within the material and supermaterial vehicle to Godhood.

“Who we really are” is not limited to the Spirit, the Spirit exists within the Body, the “thing-within-itself” which is evolving to Being-In-Itself, our Supreme Goal.

We have finally evolved to become aware of ourselves, which was an important development on the path to evolving to Godhood. But we won't become Totally Aware of ourselves with Absolute Consciousness of ourselves or with Absolute Knowledge of the Kosmos until we evolve to Godhood.

Elemental particles do not spontaneously burst forth into existence, they are activated by the Spirit Within or the Will To Godhood. This goes back to the beginning of the Kosmos, and to the Kosmos before that. The Spirit is born or transmuted from Godhood in each new Kosmos.

The Kosmos is not a static place, it is active, emerging, activated by the Spirit and not ruled by an unmoving, nonmaterial nothingness. Various structures in the Kosmos interact, integrate, collaborate, and some of these advance, but some fall back in entropy.

Movement and evolution are constant, the Kosmos never rests on it achievements, even when Godhood is attained in evolution, Godhood then transmutes and transforms into the next Kosmos.

There is self-copying in evolution, and then self-copying mutations take place. Some mutations are evolutionary, some are devolutionary. These changes in turn change groups, as entire groups advance and retreat.

We are all in this evolving movement of transmutations and transformations together, all activated by the Will To Godhood. This is why it is important to find a way, a social system that allows variety in evolution, such as the lightly federated small states, or ethnostates, we often speak of.

There is a problem with trying to hypertrophy love of ones own to “worldcentric” or kosmoscentric” stages. Love becomes lost in the process. When examining human nature as seen by sociobiology we see that we are essentially designed to advance our own, and so we look for a way to have “cooperative competition” in evolution, so that we can retain variety and divergence while still having convergence and order.

Higher levels of evolution do not destroy the dynamic of natural selection and mutation. There is evolution and devolution, there is separation and variety. We need to affirm divergence as the highest creativity and see convergence as less creative but still important in maintaining necessary order, which later allows more divergence. In the Twofold Path of the Evolutionary Christian Church, the Inward Path of Tradition is convergent and the Outward Path of evolution is divergent.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

On the cohesive Chinese

..."most people do not really see themselves as members of a large multinational unit, global citizens, or "mass consumers." Instead the drivers of history remain the essentials: the desire to feed one's family, support the health of the tribe, and shape the immediate community. The particularistic continues to trump the universalistic..." from article in Foreign Policy,  "Rise of the Hans."

Being and Supermaterial Spirit

Being is represented by the Inward Dynamis of the Spirit-Will in man, existing in the “in-itself” of the body as the “thing-in-itself.”
This is “a prior,” and is not always conscious in man, but Spirit-Will could also be “a posteriori” if science rises to define it. 

Nevertheless, Spirit-Will is the primary activator of life from the inside, which is then shaped by evolution from outside. But Spirit-Will is supermaterial, therefore Spirit-Will (thing) and body (in-itself) are not dualistic.

The Soul, Mind and Ego (self-consciousness) grow or evolve out of the activation of the Spirit-Will, and they can be blind to the Spirit-Will because the mind is busy with daily living. This can be seen as Mind (mind-Soul) over Being (Spirit-Will).

Traditional mystics have reached the Soul by blocking the ego of the mind, etc., and here mystics experience the bliss of desirelessness. But this Soul-bliss seems blind to the Being or Spirit-Will which activates even the Soul.

However, the being (small b) of the Spirit-Will seeks the Being of Godhood, and it is for this purpose that the Spirit-Will activates life to evolve to Godhood. This means that Higher Being resides in Godhood and Lower being resides in the Spirit-Will.

The Inward Path to the Soul is the path of Traditionalism.  The Outward Path of the Spirit-Will seeking Godhood is added to inward Traditionalism in the Twofold Path.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Object As Real and Ideal

“Truth-in-itself” is said to be atemporal and distinct from the facts of existence, as in pure or formal logic.

But the object-in-itself needs to be upgraded and truth-in-itself needs to be downgraded. Truth-in-itself is not Godhood and to say or think that it is, is making an idol out of denotation and defintion. Truth “only” defines the object that is real.

Godhood is not defined as beyond fact, experience, or material (ie. supermaterial) reality. But for now, intellectual intuition and probability lead to an idealistic realism which has to define Godhood until we evolve higher consciousness and intelligence to understand or see or reach the real Supreme Object Godhood.

Real “meaning” needs to be seen as not ideal logic but as real existing objects. Seeking the truth-in-itself free of any object can become an obsessive game and an escape from the world, as it has been for many mystics, philosophers and even scientists.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Arguments for direction in evolution

I find the arguments that evolution is “non-purposive” as closed as the arguments for direction, information is lacking in both arguments.

I often use intellectual intuition, analogy, and patterns in evolution, eg. from the simple to the complex, from unconscious to consciousness, etc. Also, when one theory harmonizes with another seemingly unrelated theory this is helpful. These arguments tend to accumulate and that accumulation is good in forming the larger picture.

I see no reason to deny that one may be transferring a seemingly ideal drive to a natural drive when one speaks of the Spirit Within as the Will To Godhood which activates life and has a Godhood goal for evolution. This is an ideal defined as material or supermaterial, that is different from standard idealism which usually rejects the material in using pure logic or spiritual conceptions.

“Verification” by science will be nice, but science too may have too expand its methods.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Meaning And The Twofold Path

The “there” of meaning is in two essential places: in the Spirit Within man (Will To Godhood) and in the Supreme Spirit of Godhood at the Zenith of Evolution.

This means that some (Heidegger) of the existentialists were right to place 'being” in man, as man is, in “Dasein,” although I understand that some have tried to place meaning in God or the Spirit.

Meaning remains dependent on man in this sense, on man's mind, but the mind is only the interpreter of the Soul at the Zenith of the Mind, and the Soul interprets the Spirit-Will at the Zenith of the Soul--- this means that “meaning” remains at/in the Spirit-Will in Man.

Traditionalism seems to stop at knowledge of the Soul-Within, which is traditionally arrived at through the Inward Path, by blocking all desires of the material world in a Great Spiritual Blockade. Ethics and morals in Traditionalsim derive basically from the needs of the Path to the Soul.

But this is only one of the Two Paths in the Theoevolutionary Church (TC). The Outward Path centers on the Spirit within the Soul, which activates life to evolve to Godhood, by unblocking the Great Spiritual Blockade toward sacred evolution, rather than profane devolution or toward no evolution at all. Both Paths are affirmed in the TC. The Inward Path to the Soul leads to the Outward Path to the Spirit.

“You are the Self. You are already and eternally That. There is never a moment when the Self is not; it is ever-present, here and now. If Realization were something to be gained hereafter, there would be an equal chance of its being lost; this cannot be Liberation, which is eternal,” Sri Ramana Maharshi.  Sri Ramana Maharsha is speaking here only of the Soul and not the Spirit-Will. Traditionalism requires the Great Spiritual Blockade of the Body and the Spirit (Will To Godhood) to gain the Soul or Self Within. This is only the Inward Path in the Twofold Path Of the Theoevolutionary Church.

The Outward Path, which is seen at the Zenith of the Soul, is the path of evolution to Godhood in the material and supermaterial world. Sacred not profane evolution is desired, rather than no evolution at all, or rather than dwelling in the bliss of the materially-empty Soul.

The Inward Path leads to meaning within man, the Outward Path leads to meaning within Godhood, a Godhood which must be evolved to from the material to the supermaterial. Only when Godhood is attained will Full Meaning or Absolute Truth be known.

The path of Traditionalism is the Inward Path to the Soul, in Christianity and the Eastern religions. The Outward Path is the Path of Evolution to Godhood. The Twofold Path in the TC is defined as Ordered Evolution.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Sacred Ground Of Instincts

Unlike the ever courageous Raymond Cattell, I see the “ergic endowment,” the basic instincts, grounded in the Will To Godhood, or the Spirit-Within. Cattell suggests sublimating sex and aggressive ergic drives into evolutionary paths, and that I can agree with, but one doesn't want to sublimate the sacred ergic drive of the Spirit, which activates life to evolve to Godhood.

Religion is not merely frustrated ergs, religion should be centered in the prime instinct, the sacred instinct of the Spirit or the Will To Godhood. That is, we need to center on the instinct of the Spirit rather than frustrate this instinct.

Cattell quotes Tennyson saying, “Move upward, working out the beast, and let the ape and tiger die.”
But we must civilize the beast of the instincts rather than let them die, because the beast is grounded in the sacred Spirit, the Will To Godhood Within, even if the beast does not have the mind to see. Human religion need not let the ground of religion, the Spirit, die---the Will to Godhood is our only means to attain Godhood.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Life is more important than the definition of life

Life is more important than the definition of life. Even so, “pure logic” doesn't have to define life to be mathematically true. Pure logic is a game within the mind of real life. Pure logic has been overrated and has led to theological and philosophical confusion.

As if defining pure logic rather than Godhood, religion has often even blocked the real material world in defining God. It is time to get back to the natural object. Our evolutionary theology says real life must evolve to Godhood, and not merely mathematics.

“Truth-in-itself” "free" of the natural world is not Godhood. Godhood is a Supreme Natural Object evolved to in the cosmos, and not merely the Mind alone (Thing) without the Body (In-Itself).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

" Religion, fertility and genes"

Here is an examination of the question: will the religious inherit the earth?,  from a skeptical Dienekes Anthropology Blog.

The Twofold Path And Beyondism

The Involutionary Inward Path affirms the “order” in Ordered Evolution, which helps evolution by affirming the tradition of the God Within. Nine-tenths of new mutations are unfit and so mutations are slow and benefit from the ordered society of tradition.

The Evolutionary Outward Path affirms “evolution” in Ordered Evolution, which is needed to attain Godhood, this requires progress and advancement in genetics and culture on the path to to Godhood.

I support, for example, the independent states affirmed in the original Constitution of the United States, but I also support a world federation of ethnostates, bonded in what Raymond Cattell hopefully called “cooperative competition” to evolve. War is negative selection, the fit are lost, war is dysgenic.

Cattell's impressive “Beyondism” seems to suggest that progress is blind and he thought we can therefore only speak of “going beyond” what we are. I believe that life and evolution have the religious goal of attaining Godhood, activated by the Spirit Within, and life and evolution are also shaped by evolution from without.

This briefly describes the Twofold Path in relation to Beyondism.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Agreeing and disagreeing with Heidegger

I partially like Heidegger's placing of Being in “Dasein” (see “Heidegger and Aquinas” by John Caputo), which to me means Being is placed in the existence of man, the place of meaning is man, meaning originates in the existence of man. Metaphysics had gotten away from the real world and was dwelling in pure faith or even pure logic with no relation to natural law. But even so Heidegger was too restricting.

I allow the ideal to go beyond man's mind alone and beyond man's existence. The ideal meaning can appear within the Spirit-Will which exists within man and within life. But this is a Spirit defined as remaining in the material-supermaterial world as part of the natural world. I think when early phenomenology tried to avoid metaphysical constructions it cut its head off, which is what science did.

If man can see the Spirit Within, man can see that man has his being, and higher evolved beings have their being, and our minds can only define being in relation to our level of evolutionary development.

This also means that man is not as “free” as Heidegger suggested. We are not “hurled” into the world with no idealistic-natural goal. The goal of the Spirit-Will is to activate our being at any given stage of evolution to evolve to the Zenith of Beings, which is Godhood. We are determined from within by the Spirit but shaped from without by “freer” evolution.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Openly Anthropomorphic

I openly anthropomorphize Godhood giving Godhood physical (although superphysical or supermaterial) qualities, including a Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit, as man has, except that Godhood is evolved to the Zenith of these things.

Evolution is also teleologically physically evolving from the simple and unconscious to the complex and conscious, as it has done on earth, and then evolving on to superconsciousness or more fully conscious Godhood, with backward sliding and entropy included along the way.

If there is a "ghost in the machine" it is the Spirit, or Spirit-Will To Godhood (a supermaterial ghost), which activates life from within as evolution shapes life from without.

I see it as wrong not to anthropomorphize Godhood, and incorrect to define Godhood as an infinite number, or a grand machine, or a nonphysical form, rather than as a Supreme Living and Evolved Object.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Kind Of Old Conservatism

I believe in representative government, not pure democracy. I value meritocracy, but I understand that there are natural aristocrats who can come from any class. Leadership and hierarchies are natural throughout the animal and human world, they help create order.

I respect tradition. Conservatives tend to be realistic and view human nature the way sociobiology views human nature.  Sociobiology has described how culture is on a “leash” of biology, and when culture roams too far from biological human nature it is pulled back to human nature. For example, attempts at universal equality have little relation to human nature---human nature is kin-centered, monogamous, hierarchical, xenophobic, and even ethnocentric.  We need to find a way for real human nature to live in the crowded modern world, which is why I advocate small states, ethnostates, with a light federalism protecting there independence and self reliance.

My view of evolutionary conservatism can help create order and stability, which allows evolution to take place in stable environments. I call this Ordered Evolution, which is something like conservative Russell Kirk's Ordered Freedom but with more emphasis on evolution. Evolution is a religious imperative in the Theoevolutionary Church.

Ethnostates can take what has been destructive, the differences in people, and apply this in socially constructive ways. We are not only trying to save one people, one race, we are trying to save the variety of all people, all races, by living in small, self-sufficient states.

Nations rose as homogeneous nations and they fell or drastically changed when they were no longer homogeneous. People create cultures more than cultures create people. This natural fact is a powerful incentive for allowing ethnostates, where all people, all races, have their chance at independent genetic and cultural advancement. Raymond Cattell in his Beyondist religion saw many of these things and used science to study them.

There are enemies of this worldview, which is why small states need to be protected with a light federalism. There are those who wish to abolish all borders, along with all ethnic and national identities, who claim that separate nations trigger wars, and therefore we need a World Government. Communist Marxism thinks this way, but so does Milton Friedman in his world of global Capitalism. Therefore, both left and right-wing can seek a pluralistic and multicultural new world order. These are the people who encourage open immigration, which seems designed to weaken national or ethnic identities. This is also the constant song of the media across the world.

But those who want a one world order also seek to rule it imperialistically, supremely, even if from behind the scenes. All people, all races must be afforded the right to live and evolve, with variety, and have their chance at independent genetic and cultural living, in separates states. Racial or politically supremacy and imperialism, promoting only one people in the world, runs counter to this natural, sociobiologically valid, way of living. The chief task of light federalism is to protect the independence of these small states.

Most importantly, this is a religious imperative. All people, not just a few, are activated by the Spirit to evolve and prosper, and this is the best and most practical way for all people to live and evolve. I affirm the Twofold Path in the Theoevolutionary Church, retaining the Church's traditions in the Involutionary Inward Path, and expanding the Church with the Evolutionary Outward Path.

All the Revealed Religions, Catholic, Protestant as well as the Eastern Religions were uniform in following the Involutionary Inward Path to the God Within. To this is added the Evolutionary Outward Path, where life evolves from the material to the supermaterial, and finally to Godhood. 

Religion needs to rise again. The Theoevolutionary Church is a revitalized religion living in harmony with human nature and the Kosmos. We no longer need to split the Body from the Mind or Spirit, they are together in life, activating life to evolve to Godhood. We evolve to the Godhood first glimpsed in the Inward Traditions of Traditional religion. 

With small states or ethnostates---and I don't see this going against the original Constitution of the United States---we can understand that all people benefit from loving and advancing their own people.  Some Europeans in the New Right have also seen the wisdom of thousands of ethnostates.

This is a conservatism based on sociobiology and traditional religion, allied to evolutionary religion. This is Revitalized Conservatism, which I believe is our only hope.

Friday, January 07, 2011


John Caputo reminds us that the word reality has its origin in the Latin word “res,” for “thing.” Many theologians and philosophers seem to see reality as mathematics, equations, unchanging nonmaterial forms.

Godhood is a Real Thing, a Supreme Form, a Supreme Object, or Objects even though there may exist in God's mind a Supreme mathematical equation defining Himself/Herself. The equation is not a living object outside of God's mind.

Realism says that the mind can determine reality, but the mind can determine only part of reality until we evolve all the way to Godhood. The subjective element is the level of evolution of the object trying to define reality.

There is no logical sphere outside of the material or supermaterial world, logic exits in the mind-spirit, or the “thing,” of the object, or the “in-itself,” who is doing the thinking. As Husserl said, real fire burns, but the meaning of “fire” is harmless.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

American Decline Is Real

"...Remember, the money printing stimulus packages have allowed the US multinationals to receive record profits. So money was created out of thin air to fund their R&D, to pay for the outsourcing of US jobs and to bail them out when things went south. Contrary to what is told, the stimulus packages did create a lot of jobs but just not in the US..."   essay here from "Economy In Crisis"

Idealism-Spirit and Realism-Body, but both are material

The body has to evolve a mind to see the Spirit-Will or the Activating Dynamis which activates the body. Meanwhile the Spirit-Will will activate life whether life has a mind or not. Mind seems to develop with a bias toward helping the Spirit-Will activate the body to evolve to Godhood. Spirit is never separate from the body it lives within. But Spirit doesn't come “before” the body it lives within the body, although its goal may be the highest goal of the body.

“Being” therefore is described as an object with both mind-Spirit and body, and not only as mind-Spirit. Being is known by the mind within the body and not known outside of the body. But only the Supreme Object, or Objects, which define Godhood can Fully Know Its Own Being. Less evolved bodies can only know partial definitions of Being. Being is known or seen as best it can be known and seen by the Mind within the body-being at any stage of evolution.

This seems to indicate that there is a natural "bias" derived from the Spirit-Within, or the Activating Dynamis, or Will to Godhood. We see things the way they are, as the realists suggest, yet with an unconscious or conscious bias toward how things may help us advance in life and evolution.  So the Spirit-Will presupposes meaning in this sense.  But since this is all natural it is not really a "bias," it looks more biased when we think there is a non-material spirit opposed to materialism, which there is not. This helps describe the term Idealistic Realism, where idealism never exists outside the physical or superphysical object. The idealism refers to the Spirit-Will within the body and the realism refers to the body which the Spirit dwells within.  The "Thing" is the Spirit-Mind and the "In-Itself" is the Body, never separate.


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

We are not ontologically or metaphysically neutral

Science and much of philosophy tends to be, or tries to be, ontologically neutral with no idealism. I am not ontologically neutral and I do not avoid metaphysical (supermaterial) constructions, as phenomenology, originally, sought to do in explaining the world.

Evolutionary Christianity espouses Godhood as the Supreme-Thing-In-Itself. I do not abandon the object, I see Godhood as “Spirit-Mind-Thing” living within “In-Itself,” which is the Supermaterial-Body. This suggest the term “I am therefore I think” opposite the Cartesian term.

Full Objectivity would this way only come when Godhood is evolved to in the cosmos, because the “thing” or spirit-mind, always resides in the “in-itself “of the body of whomever is being objective, and Godhood is the Supreme-Thing-In-Itself.

Materialism is not abandoned, materialism evolves to supermaterialism. I believe that one day science will empirically define the supermateriality of the Spirit-Will and Godhood.

This means that Evolutionary Christianity contains presuppositions and dogmatisms suggesting idealistic realism (or theological materialism), if the idealism is seen as supermaterial and not non-material.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

We Will Not Bore You

The thing about socialists and liberals is they are boring. Things have happened, things happened way back in the 1970's, when sociobiology came on the scene, which socialists and liberals still aren't hip to. It's just boring. Most conservatives are boring too but at least their core beliefs don't run out of synch with biological human nature.

We can no longer look at life with such saccharine concepts as, “we are all the same,” this simply doesn't apply, it never has. Sociobiology should have entered the humanities in our colleges and universities years ago, but it has not.  It must have threatened the Marxian fiefdoms.

Even deconstruction and postmodernism carry the same boring socialist mentality, paying virtually no attention to more deterministic biology. All is culture with them, all is nurture. Nature is ignored.

You won't be bored here at Civilizing The Beast. We will speak of nature, of biology, and of religion which is not insulted by biology.

The West , the world, can only rise when we ground ourselves in biology, in evolving biology, in biology evolving to superbiology, in superbiology evolving to Godhood. This is not boring.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Is The West Over?

Modern people often don't find a pattern to their lives, but there is one, deep within their biology. People also don't find meaning in life, a meaning for events. Yet it is all there, deeper in our biology, deep within the Soul where the Spirit or Will to Godhood resides and activates life to evolve to Godhood.

At times, when no pattern is seen and when only death is seen, the natural reaction seems to be wild reproduction, sexuality, new life, waywardly, in a Dionysian frenzy, much like the 1960's in the West.

Those who seek to tightly control the whole world tend to be criminals. Let us have our variety or we will endlessly fight wars of supremacy, which destroy the earth.

Nature has other planets in other galaxies where other life seeks to evolve to Godhood. We will evolve to Godhood or we will fall into a hellish entropy.

To save America and the world we must see that there is room on this earth for thousands of small ethnostates. There seems no other way to accommodate true human nature, with the Will to Godhood residing in all nature and all men. The Constitution of the United States already affirms these small states, and they need to be given more power and implemented.  And the New Right in Europe affirmed thousands of ethnostates.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Toward A Basic Ontology, Epistemology and Theology of Evolutionary Christianity

The Meaning of Being

The meaning of Being is found in the Mind of Being, which is not separate from the Body of Being. There is no bridge between them other than the transmitting apparatus of the Mind-Body.

Mathematical and logical meaning exist in material and supermaterial objects with minds and not outside the minds. Mathematics is in the Mind and the Mind (the Thing) exists within the “Itself” of the Body.

Full Consciousness of Supreme Being (the Supreme Thing-In-Itself) requires the Supreme Mind that exists within the Supreme Body of the Supreme Being. This Full Consciousness or Absolute Consciousness needs to be evolved to in the cosmos.

We humans can only know as much of Full Consciousness as we have been evolved to be able to know. Different evolutionary levels explain different levels or categories of Reality seen or known by different beings. Yet all are attempting to see or know the same Reality, which can be only Fully Known when we evolve to Godhood,.

This is why the real and the ideal are not opposites. As the mind and transmitting apparatus evolves to higher forms it can define more of Reality. The intellect gives meaning to the body.

The Thing and the In-Itself

The Absolute Thing-In-Itself is Godhood, where the Godhood is the Absolute “Thing” and the Body of Godhood is the Absolute “In-Itself.”

The Soul is the Zenith of the Mind, and can see deeper into the Will-Spirit, which is the Zenith of the Soul. This is how we apprehend the “In-Itself.”

This can be called Idealistic Realism. Until Godhood is attained the Soul or Mind sees only part of the body “in itself.” The Soul intuits the Godhood goal of the activating Will-Spirit, and the Spirit is the “Thing” within the “In-Itself.” This Thing called Spirit is a thing of substance, that is, it is a supermaterial substance, and the Spirit is thus part of the material body, part of the “in-itself” body.

Again, this means that the Thing is the Spirit and the In-Itself” is the Body. We rise in evolution until the thing-in-itself (small letters) evolves to the Thing-In-Itself (big letters) which is Godhood. It is only here with Godhood evolved to that Full Consciousness or Absolute Consciousness of the Thing-In-Itself occurs, and not until then. Here Godhood knows Itself or Itself knows Godhood.

Any difficulty in comparing the “thing-itself” and our thought of the thing is the same difficulty we have comparing the mind and the body. Being is allied with meaning because they are one thing-in-itself.

Categories of Being

Categories of Being are evolutionary stages of Real Objects with Minds and Bodies. Objects without minds are probably objects trapped in the entropy and devolution of the cosmos. There is not a real category of being as mind-only, Being (Body) is always connected to its own Mind.

This is why meaning can never be divorced from existence. There is not an essence outside of existence. They are the same, the Thing (Spirit as essence) and the In-Itself (Being in existence).

Early Heidegger asked (“Heidegger and Aquinas” by Caputo), if the “real” is “Being” then what is “validity?” I answer that validity is the “Thing” and the “Real” is the “Itself.” The thing-in-itself is the mind (thing) contemplating the body (itself). There is only one Reality.

When life finally evolves to Godhood then life becomes the Supreme Thing-In-Itself where the Mind of God knows the Body of God as a Real Object attained at the Zenith of Evolution in the cosmos.

Being takes place in time, not out of time.

Logical Judgment

Logical judgment is affected by the circumstances of the mind making the judgment. The more advanced the mind and consciousness the more can be known of logic and truth.

We lesser-evolved beings can know only partial truths about Being on a scale of evolution.

The center of the realm of logical truth is in the Spirit or Thing, and Spirit is the offspring of Godhood and not Godhood, so Spirit cannot know Absolute Truth until it evolves within the vehicle of material-supermaterial bodies to Godhood. Even so, the Spirit-Will contains more knowledge of God than any other thing in the cosmos other than Godhood Itself. The Spirit seeks Godhood and attains Godhood by activating material bodies to evolve to Godhood.

This is how religion and philosophy tap into the Spirit-Will as best they can to understand what Absolute Truth may be.