Thursday, April 30, 2015

The problem with modern hipsters

Someone called the modern hipsters the “spent force” of postmodernism, but the hipsters are more like the culmination of postmodernism, Nietzsche's children who were taught by the academic world to see no real foundation for values and morality, other than a pseudo-creative and goalless will-to-power. So we have their identifying pose of irony.

Here is the problem with the hipsters: the things they champion, androgyny--the rejection of male and female ideals--, feminism, multiculturalism, and the general dismissal of cultural norms, does not harmonize or relate to real human nature---and that defines phoniness.

Actual human nature remains as it has always been, kin-centered, gender defined, age-grading, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, among other mostly traditional things, with group-selection (not hyperindivualism) as the primary unit of selection.

A fool is more comical when he does not know he is a fool. If they weren't arrogant you might feel sorry for the modern hipsters who are trying to find identity in a world that has taken away any real identity.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The difference between the Will to Power and the Spirit-Will-to-Godhood

Nietzsche's Will to Power is a primitive motive force with no real end goal other than endlessly and amorally seeking power, whereas the Spirit-Will-to-Godhood is the sacred activation of life toward evolving to the highest evolution of Godhood, which is a material/supermaterial activation. The Spirit-Will is not a primitive “Id” but is a sacred Super-Id, of which all other motives are derived.

The Spirit-Will-to-Godhood is a deeper motive than individual happiness, and even deeper than successful survival and reproduction, which are secondary results or symptoms which heed the needs and goals of the Spirit-Will. Nietzsche had it right when he said “happiness is an accompanying, not an activating factor.”

Science continues to deny a motive or internal activating force, it mainly looks at the results of forces. Living things seek to become greater and more than they are, and more than only self preservation. Adapting to the environment does bring changes to life forms but this is only one more obstacle to overcome in the sacred activation of life toward more beauty, intelligence, and power, on the path toward Godhood.

The “unaquisitive soul” of the Inward Path, seen in all traditional religions, means that the soul does not seek material things, but the reality of the Outward Path is precisely the opposite. The Spirit-Will-To-Godhood seeks Godhood by way of intelligent and guided material and supermaterial evolution. But we can conservatively retain the Inward Path as the first symbolic inward glimpse or Godhood, brought about by blocking the desires of the flesh, but then we can move on to the evolutionary Outward Path toward real Godhood.

The deepest difference between Nietzsche's Will to Power and the Spirit-Will to Godhood is that the Will to Power leads to the death of God and religion, and the Spirit-Will-to-Godhood leads to new life for religion and Godhood.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Response to the White House correspondents' dinner: the dangerous deceit of multiculturalism

While president Obama was amusing everyone with his “anger translator” at the correspondents' dinner, real anger was exploding in a West Baltimore neighborhood, with black mobs breaking windows, rioting, etc. which is lately becoming almost commonplace. Recently Somali immigrants in Minnesota (of all places) are angry and protesting against the police because the police are holding Islamic terrorist recruits from their community.

Most people know but can't say out loud that "multiculturalism" has meant open ethnic pride for minorities but not for whites. Speaking the truth openly today means hurting yourself. For example, the latest figures I know of from the New Century Foundation in 2005 (which may be changed somewhat by now) found that: “Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against other blacks. Forty-five percent of the victims of violent crime by blacks are white folks, 43 percent are black, 10 percent are Hispanic. Blacks are seven times as likely as people of other races to commit murder, eight times more likely to commit robbery and three times more likely to use a gun in a crime. Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit violent crime against a white person than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery. Black-on-white rape is 115 times more common than the reverse. (If decent black folks have trouble being racially profiled these numbers may help explain it.)”

This is not to say that there is no unfair racial bias, of course there is. But why don't blacks police themselves?

Speaking of deeper but related things, by rejecting real human nature our educational system and the media in general have doomed the nation to constant civil disturbances and even eventual civil war. Why? Human nature remains as it has always been, kin-centered, ethnocentric, and even xenophobic, and no amount of forced “multiculturalism” within the same living space will lead to homogeneity and peace. That is the reality of human nature.

The separation of powers and states in the original U. S. Constitution could accommodate, if we wanted it to, a realistic ethnopluralism with separate regions and states for distinct ethnic cultures within our federation, which might then help bring whatever peace and harmony is possible for human beings. Otherwise civil war will probably create these things---The same ethnic social dynamics applies to Europe and the rest of the world...I could support only a legal movement of ethnopluralism, but I can't predict its chances of taking place very soon.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The main test of value of a political system

The main test of value of a political system is whether the political system helps the majority---and not just a minority---evolve upward toward more intelligence, beauty and good character, on the path toward Godhood.

A republican form of government can do this, but so can other forms of government. It is usually best to prefer the government you have, mainly because slower conservative change usually works better and does less harm than radical change.

We could use more scientists, and not only lawyers, in government. Once the people decide where they want to go, the direction can be enhanced by consulting with experts in the field, which is needed in our increasingly complex world, as Raymond Cattell pointed out. National research centers in sociobiology, economics etc. need to be supported by the public too. And it wouldn't bother me a bit to see more requirements and qualifications to vote, rather than fewer and fewer as we have been seeing.

Ultimately all social questions are ethical ones, and therefore religious. All long-lasting cultures and civilizations were founded in religions. After all, the sacred goal of life is to evolve toward Godhood.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Religious Transformation in the Twofold Path

Ascetic freedom from material and bodily desires which the Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and others feature, is in reality limited to the Inward Path symbolic experience of the God or Father Within, but total religion requires the Outward Path of evolution, which can channel material desires toward evolving to real Godhood, and not destroying that sacred activation.

In general, the Great Spiritual Blockade of the Inward Path of traditional religion says, in reality, as Schopenhauer said, it is better not to be born than to be. Think of that! But even so, the Twofold Path does not reject the traditional Inward Path, which was our early, inward, ascetic glimpse of Godhood, it transforms it into the Outward Path of material/supermaterial evolution to real Godhood.

This is conservative evolution rather than radical revolution. One of the basics of conservatism is that you don't abolish your culture, you change it or reconstitute it on a new basis. This is the opposite of the Marxists who openly admit that they act contrary to all historical experience.

The material world, science, culture, can legitimately re-enter religion again with the Twofold Path. Present man and present religion are only the beginning of the man and woman of the future, as we all reach toward Godhood. This means also that politically we have to find a way to keep life and the world going, which leads to the ethnopluralism written about here.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The political coalition of the future

The left and right can get together against marauding globalism, because the left hates big-corporation global capitalism, and the right hates border-marauding, sovereign-killing, so-called free-market capitalism. But I would like to see it go even deeper than this natural populism. I would like to see ethnopluralism affirmed by both the left and the right: ethnopluralism could gain from the division between the failing parties---although they have become more alike in their political correctness.
Unlike multiculturalism which causes the loss of identity by attempting to affirm everything and everyone equally, ethnopluralism affirms ethnic groups and cultures living mainly in their own regions and states, which could even be accommodated by the separation of powers and states of the original U.S. Constitution. This could appeal to the left in that it supports not one but all ethnic cultures, and to the right because it protects the traditional distinctness of existing groups. Libertarians will like the devolution of Big Government back to the regions and states.

But the great natural advantage of ethnopluralism is that it affirms real human nature, which has remained kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of selection. The refusal to acknowledge territorial ethnic differences always leads to social disruption and even to civil war.

Even democracy or a Republican form of government can fit better with ethnopluralism. Any marauding minority will have more difficulty subjecting society to their conditions because with ethnopluralism it is the group, the majority, which sets the patterns in the states and regions---protected by an overall light federalism.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Nietzsche's wild man as a misreading of nature

“Everything returns to its natural condition, man cannot denature nature.” (Nietzsche)

But man can aid in the evolution of man in nature, which means harmonizing with the deepest sacred nature. Nietzsche claims (the Will To Power) to love nature and the return to nature, but he sees the undomesticated “wild” man as a correction, a cure, a recovery for man, and he does not give much value to the group or to human altruism.

This was a misreading of human nature. In every human culture ever studied, human nature included, among other things, kin-selection preferences, incest taboos, marriage, hierarchy, division of labor, gender differentiation, religion making, localism, ethnocentrism, even xenophobic, and with group-selection as the primary unit of selection, which means altruism as well. If the culture proposes to not include these things, the culture does not last long and it always returns to these things. These values also happen to be at the core of conservatism and tradition, whereas many of these traits are missing in, say, the cultural Marxism of modern liberalism, and missing in Nietzsche-influenced post-modernism, and missing even in the hyper-individualism of modern libertarianism.

The “domestication” most vital is to aid in the inward-activated evolution of man toward Godhood, affirmed by culture, which means far more than the unleashing of the wild man, which fascinated Nietzsche. The evolution of man toward Godhood is the most sacred element in the return to real nature and it requires long-term selection as well as harmony between the individual and the group, which includes the altruism that Nietzsche finds “degenerate.” Our evolution toward Godhood is the real civilizing of the beast, the real return to nature, the real and sacred return to human nature.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Harmonizing with the activation beneath the surface of our lives

Sensations, thoughts, pleasure, pain, even our consciousness are less important than what is happening beneath the surface in our bodies. And the things beneath the surface are largely outside our consciousness. What I call the Super-Id, or the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, pursues its material/supermaterial goals, activating life inwardly as life adapts to the environment outwardly with evolution. The whole of culture, the whole of our consciousness is probably developed from this activation. We create the culture that we are.

Life ascends in evolution toward Godhood and our consciousness and our cultures are healthiest, and most real, the closer they can harmonize with this activation beneath the surface of our lives. The sexual instinct is one of the highest expressions of this activation toward Godhood, as both Nietzsche and Freud pointed toward.  (Without Nietzschean philosophy there would have been no Freudian psychology)  That is, the sexual instinct is not primarily the expression of power (Nietzsche) or the selfish libido (Freud) but is primarily the expression of the activation of life toward Godhood.
This points toward a new religious psychology grounded in theological materialism. We are not only individuals and groups, we are part of the evolution of life toward higher life and eventually to Godhood. That is good news for life and for consciousness, and good news for religion.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Advantages of Ethnopluralism

The quixotic dream of complete equality between different ethnic groups is not realistic because real human nature remains very much ethnocentric and even xenophobic, with group selection as the primary unit of selection. This is a realism that must gradually arrive in the U.S. and in Europe---it has all but happened in the breakup of the Soviet Union into ethnostates, if Putin allows it to continue. The traditionalist's who moan and just bare it believing all this is human all too human, and the modern liberals who continue their multicultural fantasies, offer no real long-term solutions.

“Multiculturalism” has brought us a serious identity crisis in that we no-longer have a clear national identity, and ethnopluralism is the realistic way out of this crisis. With ethnic cultures celebrated in different regions and states, affirmed by the separation of powers and states inherent in the original U.S. Constitution, most of the battles now and in the future coming from unmelting and unassimilating ethnic groups---African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native-Americans, Muslim-Americans and White-Americans---can be largely avoided.  Federalism, with as light a touch as possible, can protect the whole.

The retreat into narcissism, survivalism, etc., as a reaction to the loss of identity inherent in multiculturalism is not the healthy way to go. For example, ironically, it is that very ethnocentrism and xenophobia inherent in human nature---if it is acknowledged---which can help avoid such things as the constant antisemitism we see, because when ethnopluralism and ethnostates are affirmed, than chosenness, supremacism, and imperialism, which naturally create so much angry rebellion against them, recede. Islam too needs the same reformation against imperialism and the real affirmation of largely independent ethnic states and regions. Without constantly meddling in the affairs of other people, internationally and imperialistically, and with ethnopluralism affirmed, antisemitism and anti-other groups can gradually diminish.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Thoughts on the activation of life, and the sacred goal of life

Life seeks something, life does not seek nothing, and the point here is that life seeks more even than success in survival and reproduction. What is ultimate success in survival and reproduction? Virtually eternal success in survival, defined here as the zenith of beauty, truth and goodness, among other things, which is Godhood. Life itself can be defined as the activation toward this goal. To say there is no goal to life is to say there is no life, since the goal ultimately defines life itself.

Science has been mainly concerned with the events of phenomenon and not so much with deepest causes leading to those events---causes are not easy to measure. Most causes are assumed to come from the outside environment, but there is also “energy” enclosed in matter which activates matter. The form is matter and the activation is the function.

This suggest that hedonism is a sophistical argument since pain and pleasure are not end goals but means, or rewards along the way for doing the bidding of the biological and superbiological causes of life. The same can be said of Nietzsche's power for power's sake, power is only a means to an end. Passion and emotion and even the attempt to be objective tend to take a back seat to the activation of the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, which is defined as the sacred material or supermaterial activation of life.

Organic functions, material functions, are thus the forms and result of the essential activating Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, which helps explain causality for both religion and science.

Procreation can be looked at, ultimately, as the result of the desire of life to evolve successfully all the way to the zenith of success, which is Godhood. Procreation is ultimately a seeking hunger for Godhood, in which beauty, truth, power, goodness, etc. are guides along the way.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

America's future is misunderstood by Harvard academic

Joseph Nye of Harvard University, “Dean of American political scientists,” thinks that it is open immigration that has made the U. S. greater than the closed immigration of China, which will keep China from being great. “China can draw on the talent pool of 1.3 billion people, but the U.S. can draw on the world's 7 billion.” (Time, March 23, 2015) This is probably just the standard lack of knowledge of sociobiology among Western academics, or perhaps it is the refusal to accept knowledge of sociobiology.

The reality is that the melting pot of America did not melt for Latin Americans, Native Americans, African Americans, etc. and it won't melt for the millions of new immigrants---for example, Islamic Somalis are not melting, on the contrary, they are agitating against the establishment on behalf of their own people and religion, which is only natural. Human nature remains ethnocentric, even xenophobic, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of selection.

Then there are the clear IQ differences among people: Asian intelligence is the highest in the world, so China's closed pool of 1. 3 billion people will do just fine against the open immigration of the U.S.  I am not saying China doesn't have problems, but for Professor Nye to crow about U.S. future geopolitical dominance over China is at least a misunderstanding of reality.

But China is now making the same mistakes that the U.S made in becoming a global empire (and Great Britain before us), and this will be the main negative challenge for China in the future. The United States military needs to come home, and so do America's international companies, then we can begin to think again of U.S. dominance. Millions of American jobs have been lost to globalism, the middle class has been gutted, and disparities of income are ever greater, which is a sure scenario for social problems.

The U.S. can move ahead of future trends by re-embracing economic nationalism and fair trade with the world, and by largely dismantling the America empire, which has made us inferior, not superior. As to open immigration, we need to do more than stop immigration to assimilate the millions of new immigrant we now have, because they won't assimilate any better than the past immigrants---other than those who more or less came from the same countries of the nation's founders.

As a consequence of the non-assimilation of the various ethnic cultures in America, I believe we will need to boldly look at the structure of ethnopluralism, applying the Constitutional separation of powers and states and regions to ethnic cultures, virtual ethnic states, held together and protected by federalism. That is a future which can give real social and cultural hope for our long-term existence. And China would do well to apply its own form of ethnopluralism if it wants to avoid future social disruptions and decline, which may be more difficult for communist China than the United States.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Both faith and reason can distort reality

In traditional religions, faith and reason can distort or manipulate reality so as to affirm their particular worldviews. But both faith and reason are subordinate to the essential life-activation of the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood. Faith and reason can affirm or deny life's sacred activation with their particular procedures, but they are not superior to it. However, since the Spirit-Will is seen here as a material and supermaterial living substance or living object activating material life to evolve toward Godhood, it seems that reason and science can one day discover and affirm it.

The human mind can govern the passions but the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood actives both the human mind and the passions with a sacred goal, if we can see it. “Freedom from the passions”? It is more the direction of the passions, the freeing of the passions, toward evolving to Godhood, which is the sacred goal of life and religion, as described by theological materialism. Traditional religion sought to rid the body of all material desires so as to experience the God or Father Within, which can certainly be retained in the Inward Path, but that is a preliminary glimpse of the Outward Path of material/supermaterial evolution to real Godhood.

Friday, April 03, 2015

The Alternate Reality of the Western Media

The United States has two main sources of news information, the politically correct and culturally Marxist liberal media (eg. CNN), and the neoconservative media of the global empire (eg. Fox News), and both spin and manipulate public opinion, and they have a monopoly on media outlets which follow their lines of propaganda. No one in the Western media is objective or reality-based, but a few, like the tiny paleoconservatives and the foreign policy realists come closer to reality, with little influence on the public, whose feelings and emotions are widely exploited by the Big Media. Both CNN and Fox News support rampaging globalism, open immigration, multiculturalism, egalitarianism, etc. etc., and they both advocate war on behalf of huge global corporations, and especially advocate war against the enemies of Israel.

The greatest influence dealers in Washington are the Wall Street lobby, the fossil fuel lobby, and the Israeli and Saudi lobbyists, who often pay off and threaten corrupt government officials and representatives to get them to take actions that are completely against the interests of our nation. Reality-based news will require much larger news and entertainment organizations than it now has, which is no small task since these hugely wealthy influence dealers control, or own, the Media in the West---and they play dirty.  But all this has to be curbed if we are to save ourselves.

Do we try to out-spin the spinners? No, I think reality will do. This mainly requires helping the public to understand real human nature. In every human culture ever studied, human nature included kin selection-preferences, incest taboos, traditional marriage, hierarchy, division of labor, gender differentiation, localism, ethnocentrism, even xenophobia, and group-selection as the main unit of selection. If the Big Western Media proposes to not include these things, and it certainly does not, the culture will not last long---it will always return to these things, and not always peacefully.

The Big Media in America and the West is actually dangerous to your family and your life, and it will help destroy the United States if we cannot counter it.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Basic difference between the Traditionalist School and Theological Materialism

The Traditionalist School, which the New Right has become so enamored with, seeks to return to a “golden age” which it believes is vastly superior to the present age, with a “purer” teaching from a purer age, whereas the conservatism of Theological Materialism includes a place for religious change, that is, evolutionary change. A motto might be: some things need to change so that important things can remain the same.

Theological Materialism retains but transforms the preliminary experience of the Inward God, found in the Inward Path of the Traditional School, to the Outward Path of material evolution, moving toward attaining real supermaterial Godhood in the cosmos.

The God of the Traditionalist school is reached through the involution or devolution of material life to the “non-material” God Within or Father Within, preached by both Jesus Christ and Buddha, and the Hindus before them. The God Within was experienced by ridding the body of all material desires. Buddha lived much longer than Jesus and had refined this ascetic technique, which could actually be used by Christians.

Survival makes gradual change in evolution necessary, and the sacred evolution to Godhood should not be blocked by the Great Spiritual Blockade attempting to go back to a desire free body and "purer age," which is really involution or devolution. Traditionalist's often don't even believe in material evolution, or at least greatly downplay it, which is a serious religious error since it is through material evolution that we can attain real supermaterial Godhood.

Satan is not material life. The symbolic occult is a mind-game only, with power only if believed. Gnosticism is no longer necessary, there is no separation or war between the material and the spiritual, there is only the primal material evolving, or not evolving, to the supermaterial.