Sunday, July 31, 2016

The populist/nationalist movement cares more about preservation than about money or paper ideas

Honest and courageous sociobiology (not the biased versions) shows that we are all inherently, biologically, self-preserving and self-protecting, which leads us to even deeper group-preserving and group-protecting. This is true of the right, the left, and in-between, whether we are conscious of our actions or not. This means that we are all inherently, biologically, conservative, whether we know it or not (modern liberals and neoconservatives don't appear to know it).

The Establishment, the Big Media, Big Government, and Big Academia all tell us that this view of real human nature is isolationist, populist, nativist, nationalist, and racist, and therefore it is evil. They tell us that it is only the uneducated, the poor, and the rural who believe these things. But this is a movement of real biology sanctioned by the science of sociobiology, as well as being a true reading of the history of humanity.

This populist/nationalist movement is showing that it cares more about preservation than about money or paper ideas, which the establishment is too corrupt or too brainwashed to care about. Isn't it ironic that a money-man like Trump leads this populist movement in America, assuming he is the real thing? He says he knows the corruption best because he played the game for so long. Well, anyway, he is who we have at this time.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Natural rights and human rights need to be tied to real human nature

If we want to talk “natural rights,” “human rights,” or “human nature” we better get them right because much depends on how we define these things. Misunderstandings concerning the concepts of the “universal” and “equality” have been seen even in religion as well as in government, leading to many social problems. Both universalism and equality meant that the natural will to live of all people should be treated equally by the laws of government and the laws of nature (or God). They did not mean that people are or should be physically and mentally the same.

Politics, culture and art are best when they reflect the real truths of human nature, and according to ancient and recent knowledge, human nature is fundamentally kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection. This applies in general to all cultures in the world.

Natural rights and human rights need to be tied to real human nature. The cultural Marxism of the modern Western world, preached with great energy by the Big Media and Big Government, does not reflect real human nature at all. But what government does directly reflect real human nature so that it can therefore best define natural rights and human rights?

Our Constitution was more than hinting at real human nature when its founders developed the constitutional separation of powers and states, but they did also get caught up in those definitions of the universal and equality. Real natural rights, human rights, and human nature clearly call for the natural separations of ethnopluralism, that is, separate regions for distinctively different ethnic cultures so that they can live with the deepest possible natural rights in accord with real human nature. America can go this natural direction with fewer problems, even protected by federalism, due to our Constitution, and solve many of our past and future problems by doing so.

This sort of devolution of empires, which we are now seeing again in the world, has happened time and again in human history, because it best relates to real human nature .

Friday, July 29, 2016

The emotional delusions of the DNC convention

The emotional delusions of the DNC convention are over now. It's scary to realize that millions of Americans actually believe the delusions of the democratic party and Hillary. If you want to be real, find out what the liberal democrats believe and then go in the opposite direction.

Hillary and the democrats are of course pushing cultural Marxism hidden behind simple slogans like “we are stronger together” or “It's your time,” and Trump is telling us that cultural Marxism is destroying America and the West. The college educated are indoctrinated with cultural Marxism and they support Hillary, Americans who are not college educated support Trump. What a mess. Both candidates are flawed but the choice is between the delusions of Hillary and the realism of Trump.

But speaking of realism, let's not delude ourselves, a Trump presidency will only prolong the inevitable decline of America, because the demographics of the country favoring minorities will soon overtake conservative and Republican voters and bring us even more Big Government Socialism. A Hillary presidency will speed up the decline sooner rather than later so that the real solution of ethnopluralism, separate regions and states for distinctly different ethnic cultures, can finally bring us the long term solution to our decline. Does that mean we win either way? I supposes that stretches optimism too much.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

When the people change the culture changes

Conservatives will acknowledged that America is not merely an idea but a place, which is more than liberalism will acknowledge, but conservatives will not take the next step and acknowledge that America is based in the ethos, the character, tone and guiding beliefs of Northern Europeans. Even the Ancient Greeks and Romans were founded by Indo-European migrants from the Northeast. Some scholars think that Christianity was influenced by Northeastern non-materialism and altruism (think of Vedism) which then became opposed to the materialism of the money-changers in the middle-east.

The main reason conservatives will not take the next step and acknowledge this biological origin of social behavior seems to be the fear of being called racist, which has been exploited by the left---an exploitation that has increased since World War Two.

The weakness or flaw in Northern European people is based in the very thing that saved them in the cold survival conditions of the North: namely altruism. It was not a universal altruism at all, it was altruism based in the group-selection of their own ethnic culture, and it became a genetic trait over time. Northasians evolved this same trait even more so than Northern Europeans due to even more severe survival conditions.

Universal altruism has been exploited by the left by promoting the impossible and unnatural universal altruism of cultural Marxism. The universalism of Christianity also played into his exploitation by stretching group-selection beyond real human nature. It is ironic and frustrating to find that the exploiters of altruism and universalism are usually motivated (sometimes unconsciously) by the ethnic preferences and will to power of their own people.

So this brings us to the title of this piece: when the people change the culture changes. Open borders and open immigration come from this exploitation of altruism. Readers of this blog know that the only way I see to make peace out of this disharmony is through ethnopluralism, that is, regions and states set aside for distinctly different ethnic cultures and then protected by some sort of federalism, not unlike the U. S. constitutional separation of powers and states. It is long beyond the time when one noble or chosen ethnic culture can claim imperial dominance over all others---the world gangs up on such foolishness and destroys it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The DNC spectacle of the miseducated and brainwashed

Last night shifty Bill Clinton attempted to claim that Hillary is more “real” than Trump, which showed us what he is really worried about. But Clinton believes that stuff!

It is really astounding to realize that millions of Americans have been miseducated and brainwashed in college. Almost any American who has not been taught cultural Marxism in college is politically wiser than college educated modern liberals.

And minority groups should be too hip to have been conned by the liberals into believing that the liberals have the best solutions to their problems. 

Then there are the show-business fools at the convention who prove that acting talent has little to do with political talent. People are actually charmed and influenced by actors like, say, Johnny Depp, who has never been seen not stoned.

The big question is, will the populists have enough votes to elect Donald Trump. It may be their last chance.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Democratic convention notes: why do liars rule with Utopian strategies?

As I watched the democratic convention last night I kept wondering why Utopian objectives are so hard to understand yet alone stop? I think human nature is open to the exploitation of very fuzzy “universal love” because it is an exaggeration of kin and group love. Sad to say, both religion and politics have exploited this weakness.

It is not only the strategic doctrines of globalism and imperialism that are mistaken, it is the mistaken view of human nature telling us that we are all universally the same, equal, and able to love one another as brothers, if only evil nationalism was curbed.

Utopian ideals are exploited now by elites who in fact benefit unequally and gain power at the expense of everyone else. Liars rule with these Utopian strategies.

This does not mean that realism is unemotional, as is often thought. Romantic nationalism in music is very emotional---think of Chopin, Wagner, Rachmaninoff---reflecting real human nature in being kin, group, and nationally centered. Folk music, country music, and even some rock music also often reflect romantic nationalism---certainly black rap does---although in the 1960's folk music was corrupted by modern liberalism.

Donald Trump, like Pat Buchanan before him, is trying to bring a pause in the utopianism of globalism, which is being exploited by selfish elites and is destroying us internally and externally. Trump wants to bring back realism in foreign and domestic policy. Nothing less than the survival of the Western world depends on this change being made.

Am I also being Utopian in hoping for economic nationalism, the return of the constitutional separation of powers and states, and a New Romanticism in the arts? I believe I am being starkly realistic. These things reflect real human nature and are not utopian ideals.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Why the far right, far left, and conservatives need to embrace ethnopluralism

Imperialism, totalitarianism, radical civil war, fascism, all are linked to the far right and far left because nothing short of force can make distinctively different racial groups live together peacefully, or accept one group lording it over all the others. It is not in basic human nature to do so. Stalin, Hitler, Mao were short lived. So the political schemes of the far right and far left don't work, at least not for long.

The moral high ground goes to ethnopluralism, that is, territories of ethnostates for different ethnic cultures, protected internally and externally by some sort of federalism. Ethnopluralism can even appeal to modern liberals once they move out from under the political correctness of “multiculturalism,” which moronically tries to jam distinctly different people together in one space and then is surprised when they don't all get along.

Then there can be the accommodation of traditionalists, conservatives, and patriots with the U.S. constitutional separation of powers and states, which could legally and even peacefully accommodate the slow move toward regional ethnostates.

Ethnopluralism could even prove Oswald Spengler wrong in his civilizations of seasons, because imperialism always breaks back down into ethnostates which are about as permanent and natural as any civilization can be if we can maintain them, because they relate so well to real human nature which remains kin-centered, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, with group-selection as the primary unit of selection.

So how long will it take for ethnopluralism to rise in popularity? To answer with an answer: how soon can the power of the Big Banks and the Big Media be weakened?

Russian hacking into the DNC servers is probably a concocted story within a story

The story of Russian hacking into the DNC is probably a story within a story concocted by intelligence services in league with both the neoconservatives and Hillary. But if it is true, the neoconservatives brought it on themselves by continually harassing Putin, and pushing NATO up to his borders. Trump can get along with Putin, but he need not warmly applaud Putin, because Putin is likely another Russian totalitarian imperialist masquerading as an ethnopluralist, as Dugin his intellectual also masquerades.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Who really prefers garbage for art? Who prefers decay for a nation?

People say Frederic Chopin is too familiar, too much played, too popular, so why don't new composers create new works with the same romantic ethos?

One of the main reason is because composers don't have the inspiration of nationalism anymore, that is, a religious or nationalist political vision (but not uncreative propaganda like socialist realism), as Poland was to Chopin or Germany to Wagner. Since nationalism has been lost we have had rubbish for art.

With the inherent nationalism of ethnopluralism established in America or Europe, with a thousand ethnic cultures living in ethnic states and regions and protected by a light federalism, we would have a variety of potentially great art inspired by the natural ethnocentrism inherent in real human nature.

Why fight against human nature in art philosophy when it creates the greatest art as well as the most well loved nations? Who really prefers garbage for art? Who prefers decay for a nation? Fire them, as Donald Trump might say, the sooner the better.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Conservatism needs to be transformed into a movement that makes sociobiological sense

Like the tiny world of modern poetry, intellectual conservatives write for each other. They enjoy each others wit and sarcasm, but they don't speak to the larger nation.

Not intellectual conservatives or cultural Marxists will speak of that which cannot be spoken, namely, in accord with real human nature ethnic and racial differences do not assimilate, no matter what the ideology of the nation might be. Populist Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen have been at least hinting at this.

I won't abandon conservatism, at least not paleoconservatism, I like the U.S. Constitution with its separation of powers and states, but conservatism needs to be transformed into a movement that makes sociobiological sense.

If conservatism cannot be transformed in this way then the West as we have known it is over.

Can conservatism change? It had better change intellectually and peacefully or it will change with civil war. That is easy to predict.

I suppose we should cheer up, things are already changing as ethnostates are increasingly being declared across the West (and soon the East?), against the wishes of the establishment.

Friday, July 22, 2016

It's called “ethnopluralism” and it is the compassionate thing to do

How did this hating of human nature begin? Human nature remains kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection.

We jam blacks into awful inner cities where they try to raise their children, and we force whites to pay trillions of dollars in taxes to end poverty. We tell people not to love their own kind, their own race, their own ethnic cultures, even though they naturally do, because we say it is racist to do so, and this upside down perspective has only made things worse between the races. 

You want real compassion? Real compassion would allow distinctly different people, different races, different ethnic groups, to live in their own regions and states, where they may celebrate their own cultures, without trying to break them down and herd them into one motley world controlled by huge governments---that is not at all compassionate.
It is an unhealthy trans-valuation of healthy values to call this evil. 

The constitutional separation of powers and states could even accommodate this legally in the U.S. without revolution. It's called “ethnopluralism” and it is the compassionate thing to do.

Does Donald Trump see the inconsistency of supporting gays and transgenders?

I doubt if Donald Trump saw the inconsistency of supporting gays and transgenders in his nomination acceptance speech last night for president, which goes against real human nature as affirmed by both social conservatism and sociobiological studies. You can't go against human nature with social programs without also becoming forceful and fascistic, and that goes against small government and the separation of powers of conservatism. Real human nature across the world is gender-defined and heterosexual marriage-making, among other socially conservative things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection.

So when we think of the external and internal wars we are always fighting, this requires if anything an exaggeration of gender differences, with men being strongly protective and women strongly nurturing. Otherwise we lose to stronger men and women. Gays and transgenders blur these differences and therefore weaken them, and this weakens society in the long run...Then there is the  cultural decadence of the gay life style, which is now a fashionable trend with young people.

Well, I suppose it's also unreal to expect perfection in a presidential candidate. Even Pat Buchanan, who was a better candidate than Trump, absurdly did not believe in evolution.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Why Ted Cruz cannot forgive and forget

I don't think Ted Cruz can help it that he was not magnanimous in refusing to endorse Donald Trump last night at the Republican convention. Cruz cannot forgive and forget.

I know it is politically incorrect to say so, but the qualities of being a magnanimous gentleman derive from both nature and nurture and were especially strong in traditional Northern European and North Asian cultures. This behavior was evolved in difficult cold conditions, which were not the same in southern climates, such as the Cuban background of Cruz. No one is right or wrong in these different social attitudes, they are just differences.

(This is another reason why an ethnopluralism of separate ethnic regions and states is more harmonious with human nature than trying to jam distinctly different ethnic cultures together into the same space and expect them to get along well.)

Add to this non-magnanimous behavior the highly irritating self-satisfied preacher-man cadences of Cruz, which seem phony probably because he is trying to emulate his preacher-man father.

Then there is the deeper and perhaps more serious Christian ideology of Cruz, which in this case trumps the reality of successful survival in the world. I'm not against Christianity but against the Cruz version of it. If followed, Cruz, and his neoconservative buddies---who also never forgive or forget---would allow the West to continue its decline.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Endless evolution of life for theology

It would seem natural to create a beginning (arche) and end (telos) in religious philosophy when following the trajectory of an end and beginning to human life, but that is not seeing the whole trajectory of human life, at least healthy life, which continues on after the death of the parents through the successful survival and reproduction of the descendants. No-death for humans and for life was claimed by creating an unreal non-material spiritualism to fit the desire. Reproduction is a better non-death and it has the benefit of being real.

Occam's razor, or the principle that the hypothesis with the fewest and simplest assumptions can be selected, suggests that a non-material spiritual end to life is harder to prove a reality than the endless evolution of material life toward supermaterial Godhood.

The Inward Path of traditional religion to the God Within was the beginning of the spiritualism that led away from life so as to experience the God within, which was a symbolic interpretation of the feelings derived from the ascetic discipline of stopping material desires.

Following naturalistic teleology we end up with the endless evolution of life from materialism to supermaterialism and Godhood, which is not an end but a constantly perfecting supermaterialism. This is the transformation of religion seen in theological materialism, which can revive dying religion and dying high culture in the age of science.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Deceit or ignorance in global economics?

Are human beings more deceitful than ignorant, or more ignorant than deceitful?

In global economics deceit seems to derive from ignorance. Individual selfishness, which often includes deceit, seems to come from ignorance of the reality that individual selflessness can win within groups, but altruism within groups wins between groups. Research in sociobiology shows this to be true. Ayn Rand, the goddess of libertarianism, was also ignorant of sociobiology.

Global economics has destroyed first jobs and then towns across the Flyover States in America, as jobs moved out of the country for cheap labor. Where are the American people supposed to go to raise their families? To degenerate and dangerous cities? Are people supposed to work for firms with virtually no concern for social or cultural conditions while merely concentrating on “efficiency” and “progress.”?

As Steve Berg wrote (Chronicles, July, 2016), efficiency means doing the thing right, while effectiveness is doing the right thing. In global capitalism “progress” and “efficiency” are the only economic values, the only “morality,” which brings wealth to a tiny, ignorant, selfish elite.

Economic nationalism is not against free enterprise but is against so-called global “free trade” which destroys whole nations.

Donald Trump is at least pointing in this economic nationalist direction, and Hillary Clinton certainly is not.  Even though Hillary claims to be for "the people" she supports and is sponsored by global capitalism. Like many holdovers from the 1960's, the Clinton's are deceitful because they are ignorant. I may be too cynical in hoping that Trump will not replace one tiny capitalist elite with another.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The invention of free will: real human nature is politically incorrect

People often say that there is no accounting for free will. First of all, there is no free will, there are only choices within determined causes.

This means that human nature is more predicable than those who have a problem with real human nature say it is. Thinkers and writers past and present have been corrupted by mistaken education.

Real human nature is politically incorrect, for example, real human nature does not harmonize with or approve of the cultural Marxism which rules modern culture.

Human nature has always first preferred kin and related group and this preference was successful in survival and reproduction, so it was instinctively, genetically, retained within basic human nature.

Other inborn preferences within human nature include being gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection.

The blocking of human nature runs very long within human history going way back to the founders of religion whose God could only be ascetically experienced by blocking basic human nature.

This does not mean that we must reject Godhood, it means Godhood needs to be seen as the zenith of the material evolution of human nature, and not defined as being found by blocking material evolution and human nature.

The invention of free will was necessary to advocate cultural behavior that went against real human nature, consciously or unconsciously, for short term and unhealthy gains.

For what it's worth, bringing this perspective to politics today, Donald Trump and the paleoconservatives represent more of the reality of real human nature, and Hillary Clinton and the liberal democrats do not represent the reality of human nature.

This doesn't guarantee Trump will win, but it will at least determine once again how corrupted or uncorrupted modern culture is.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Even in a democracy people vote as a conflict between distinct groups, not individualistically

To expand and deepen a study by Achen and Bartels on the way people vote (as reported in Chronicles, July 2016) by applying the sociobiological studies of Edward Wilson and others, it is true that in democracies people do not first vote by individual rational judgment as we are told, they vote by racial, ethnic, class and religious group. But it is not usually reported that group voting is first based in the group-selection of related genes, that is, in the kin and racial preferences of basic human nature, which has always been the most successful means of survival and reproduction, even for individuals, over the long history of human beings.

So it is a “sentimental falsehood” that individualism ensures the will of the majority, people don't vote that way. Democracy cannot really be “cured” by more democracy. Conflict between groups is what really drives even individualistic democracies. That is how people really vote in a democracy.

This affirms the perspective of ethnopluralism, protected by federalism, at least in the U. S., where the constitutional separation of powers and states could be applied to regions and states designed for racial and ethnic cultures. Most importantly this social behavior is in line with real human nature, which suggests that better social harmony is built around protected ethnostates.

As people have said, this means that Trump will take the white vote and Hillary will take the non-white vote, and the religious and class vote will be split between them. But what is not said is that this voting is based on competing ethnic groups and cultures.

Demographics defined this way really is destiny. And how are things going based on breeding and immigration patterns today?

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Separating the temporal from the spiritual was a great theological and philosophical error

The transformation of religion does involve renewal of tradition, as said by conservatives, but Godhood need not be lost when scientific naturalism and philosophical naturalism enter the picture.

And “picture” is the word here. The ancient mysteries as well as the esoteric in established religions purposely designed God and the Absolute to be pure imagination, symbol, idea, or form with no material elements and therefore not really definable. They did not want a God that is definable.

This does not mean that Godhood does not exist, but it does mean that the God of established religion does not exist other than in symbol or in peak yet still material experiences brought about by ascetic disciplines that block all material desires in order to have the experience. No wonder material definitions of God are excluded, God is defined in symbols before God is even found.

There does exist Godhood, but in strictly material, supermaterial and evolutionary terms. That is the transformation we require of religion, as is done in theological materialism. Life evolves to Godhood, non-life and symbols evolve no where.

Separating the temporal from the spiritual was a great theological and philosophical error. We need to unblock the Great Spiritual Blockade against evolution to real Godhood in the material world, the Godhood which was only hinted at or symbolized in traditional religion.

It is said by modern philosophers that existence preceded essence, but essence is existence, and if an essence must be defined it is better defined as the activating dynamism or Spirit Will within life, which is material or supermaterial, and activates life to evolve toward Godhood working in conjunction with outside evolution and selection.

Friday, July 15, 2016

How to stop terrorism in the West

The Western establishment may be horrified by the latest terrorist attack in France but they are indirectly responsible due to their constant meddling in the Middle-east.

Real courage would admit our mistake and remove us from the Middle-east (note to Trump: that includes not supporting Israel). False courage would refuse to “run away.”

Let the Middle-east fight it out among themselves. We can buy oil from the shifting victors.

Members of the West who would continue to meddle in the Middle-east would be defined almost as traitorous, or dual loyalists.

Any terrorist who would continue to attack the the West would be swiftly tried and executed.

This may not be the world we want, but this is the world we have.

Writers and artists: this is the new heroism you need to develop.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ghoulishly benefiting from false cures for the social cancer that is killing us

The cliche of social cancer still applies. Human history, general science, and common sense tell us that human nature cannot be ignored when we look for cures for the social cancer of oligarchic globalism, modern liberalism, and cultural Marxism which is killing us. Surgery attempts to cut out the cancer, drugs try to eliminate cancer with both pharmaceuticals or natural foods, and doing nothing usually kills the patient. There are also things that can be done to prevent cancer from happening in the first place related to health care, diet, exercise, and life style.

We can arrive at the cure and preventive for our social cancer by first looking at real human nature and then finding the best way to fight the social cancer in harmony with are own bodies and who we are as human beings. Honest knowledge tells us that we are kin-centered, gender defined, age-grading, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection.

With human history, general science, and common sense applied we arrive at the cure of "ethnopluralism," that is, legally separating distinctly different ethnic cultures into ethnic regions and states where human nature is allowed to thrive and evolve, protected externally and internally by federalism. It need not go against the constitutional separation of powers and states.

This could actually rid us of our social cancer. So why are not social philosophers and politicians advocating this cure? Is it ignorance, fear, or could it be that present social philosophers and politicians, and their oligarchic bosses, are ghoulishly benefiting from false cures for the social cancer that is killing us?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Whose life matters?

Indulgent police allow the black-lives-matter people to stop traffic for whites going to work, while the government has collected over $16 trillion in tax money from hard working whites for poverty programs over the past 50 years designed mainly for blacks. Stopping traffic won't make whites sympathetic to blacks, it will make whites stop committing suicide... How stupid it all is.

The almost impossible personality of the brave outsider

It seems true that fortune favors the brave, but not always within the lifetime of the brave. That is where the big challenge comes, the brave must often continue in the face of outsiderhood for a lifetime.

For the outsider, belief in self can become nearly megalomaniacal, which presents another challenge of requiring the brave to also be prudent. Not many men or women can do this well. Some become overwhelmed by frustration or anger, some go mad, some become drunks, or obese.

And then actual intelligence or wisdom must also be present, people can have courage and yet be unintelligent. And good health and just plain luck in traits of personality are involved---"normal" genetic traits and upbringing tend to produce normal people and not outsiders, good or bad.

And finally, in this almost impossible personality mix of the outsider, when the outsider also believes in traditional human nature and group-morality he or she will nevertheless have to deal with being judged a radical individual outside the group.

We need to be able to tell the difference between social and anti-social outsiders---there are even psychometric tests that can help with this, because outsiders can be good mimics.

Nevertheless, it does seem true that the courage and prudence of the brave sometimes prevails.

But non-outsiders also need to have some courage and prudence in religion, philosophy, art, and politics, and this helps define the personalities we look for at the present time in politics, and in culture.

Good hunting.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The bad consequences of the Great Liberal Blockade of human nature

It is still is not understood that ethnic groups are not superior or inferior to one another, they are different from one another, and this is largely do to genetic differences evolved or selected in the different climates and environments in which they evolved. The question is never asked whether we should even try to change ethnic differences, as religions and political liberalism has been trying to do for many centuries.

Almost as old as the Great Spiritual Blockade of material life in evolving toward Godhood is the Great Liberal Blockade of human nature toward territorial harmony between different ethnic groups and cultures. The second blockade seems to stem from the first blockade, that is, they are spiritual and ideological dreams unconnected to the reality of real human nature, or to nature itself. Yes, these spiritual and ideological dreams were often related to attempts to bond people together to survive better, but the bonds do not work well and fall apart in the long term because they do not harmonize with real human nature.

Racial disruptions remain and even increase today. For example, blacks are six times more likely than non-blacks to commit murder---if New York were all white the murder rate would drop by 91 percent. And this condition has not been changed by the billions of dollar spent on poverty programs and educational programs, which have not led to equality among the ethnic groups.

I believe it is time to allow ethnic groups to be as they are and allow them natural territories with which to live as harmoniously and homogeneously as is possible for them to live, given real human nature. And what is real human nature? As I repeat here often, human nature remains kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection.

This is why I advocate ethnopluralism, which could be accommodated by the legal constitutional separation of powers and states in the United States, with regions or states devoted to distinctly different ethnic groups, and well protected by federalism. It is a change that will not be easy, but it will give us the only realistic chance we have for long-term harmony between naturally competing people. The historical fact is, this will happen anyway as empires always break back down into ethnostates, but that often comes after greatly damaging civil war, which is to be avoided.

Monday, July 11, 2016

How absurd to say that life is an illusion and non-life is real

Religion, not material life, has been the “great sea of shadows,” but it need not be when real Godhood is seen as supermaterial and evolved to in the material world.

Religion has been the real “Maya” of illusions, not material life.

There is only evolution toward perfect Being and that seems to be an endless evolution. An Absolute Perfect Ending cannot be proven any more than Endless Evolution can be proven, but endless evolution at least reflects what we know of real life.

Mystics say involution is evolution and evolution is involution. This is another false turning of reality on its head.

Why would we even want to try to define “Inscrutable Nothing?” What's wrong with scrutable something? The spiritual empty space with nothing in it which mystics call the spirit and which they say is full of “potential” is no state at all and has no existence at all.

How absurd to say that life is an illusion and non-life is real.

Evolution is the motion activated by the material Spirit-Will-To-Godhood within life working in conjunction with natural evolution and selection, and this is not a motion away from material life but a motion of material life toward supermaterial Godhood.

(to be continued)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Patience in the face of the radical temptation

Those of us who want more permanent solutions to the bankster scams and the political brainwashing of our citizens might have to first see short-term solutions, such as radical socialism/communism or fascism, because it seems to many people that only force can counter force. Young people are especially vulnerable to the charge of lacking courage or honesty and so they tend to want immediate solutions to very big problems.

Radical revolution, which has been called the “totalitarian temptation,” is an historical and short-term mistake, it kills the good with the bad and it is ultimately unnecessary, because totalitarianism and imperialism always, historically, break back down into the natural separations of ethnic regions and states. The Soviet Union is the most recent example of this.

That being the reality I believe we need to support the legal, constitutional, decentralizing, separation of powers and states into the natural ethnopluralism of ethnic regions and states. When we allow real human nature to come forward, which is group or ethnic centered, we naturally decentralize big government and we decentralize big oligarchic control of business, the media, and the academic world.

Regions and states can then have natural control over how they educate their children and what kind of culture they wish to emphasize, based on the people, the ethnic group, who inhabit the region, with all regions and states protected by a federal contract. And let no inward or outward power attack the whole.

This will come, so we need patience in avoiding the short-term big government totalitarian solutions, which nevertheless could come first and damage the natural process.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

We have no instinctive or rational choice but to try to build a healthy culture out of the ruins

Common sense tells us that life is competitive. Even life-styles that lead toward the death of civilizations in the long term compete to live. Life seems to have no choice in this drive to live.

So today we have political systems in the West run by a political elite openly representing a few thousand oligarchs, militarists, and a few dozen Zionist organizations, who are in control of the Big Media, Big Government, Big Business, and the academic world. That about covers it doesn't it?

At least some of the elite are aware that they consciously promote programs purposely designed to destroy Western culture so that they may pick up the fallen power. This is mainly why we now have sex and violence in the entertainment industry, homosexuality and transgenderism, gay marriage, one bathroom for both genders, feminism thought to do anything a man can do only better (Islamic terrorists realize this will weaken the defense of the West), whites considered responsible for black crime, and so on, and so on. It is all lies. And then we come to the natural racial or ethnic competition, recently gone quite bad, which naturally goes on because group-selection preferences are the primary unit of selection within basic human nature.

Can this cultural mess and decline be turned around and life made healthy again? I am not sure that it can, but I am sure that life with all its conscious and unconscious dynamism demands life, not death. We have no rational or instinctive choice but to try to stop the decadence and build a healthy culture out of the ruins.

As I said yesterday, this being the reality I do not believe we will have relative peace and harmony until we separate the competing ethnic groups and cultures into separate regions and states, which is here defined as ethnopluralism, protected by federalism, in accord with real human nature---and this can even be done in accord with the constitutional separation of powers and states.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Modern liberalism and neoconservatism ignorantly encourage racial wars

For thousands of years the schemes of ascetics and political philosophers have not brought peace and harmony to the world, accept in select places like monasteries and small villages, which were homogeneous in the first place. Endlessly telling us all to get along has not worked religiously, politically, or culturally.

These schemes have not worked because they misunderstood human nature, which has remained kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection.

This being the reality we will not have relative peace and harmony until we separate the competing ethnic groups into separate regions and states, which is here defined as ethnopluralism, protected by federalism, in accord with real human nature.

The political correctness of cultural Marxism, and neoconservative imperialism, which now control the Western world, need to return to the intellectual hell they came from.

Ethnopluralism can be done without radical revolution in the U.S. if we follow and transform the constitutional separation of powers and states. 

Now that is a philosophy in accord with real human nature.

Even religion need not be lost if the non-material God is transformed into the real Godhood reached through material evolution.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Not excusing the wrongful shootings of innocent blacks, but explaining the problem, and the solution

As long as blacks commit six times more murder and are 12 times more likely to murder someone of another race than to be murdered by someone of another race, (The Color of Crime, 2016 revised edition) they will be profiled legally or illegally by police, because it makes common sense. This does not excuse wrongful shootings of innocent blacks but it helps explain the problem.

At least since the time of Karl Marx up to Hitler, Stalin, and modern liberalism, the solution to this problem has been Big Government force applied to leveling all wealth and income, as well as force applied to all social disruptions. These communist and fascist solutions did not work because they did not address the ethnocentric nature of real human nature, which force does not get rid of.

Group-selection preferences, or ethnocentrism, is found within basic human nature because it was the most successful social strategy in survival and reproduction over many thousands of years, and this trait is still strong within human nature today, causing most of these social disruptions between different ethnic cultures.

What has not been tried is ethnopluralism, the conscious and legal separation of distinctive ethnic cultures into ethnic regions and states, protected by some sort of federalism, which need not be much different from the constitutional separation of powers and states seen in the U.S. Constitution. This is the practical and moral thing to do so that we may attain whatever long term social stability is possible for humans. I believe this will eventually happen in the U.S. and in the rest of then world, if humans are to survive.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Real and unreal idealism and total civilization

The real living objects of real life, or even dead objects, can be masked or obscured by the human mind, leading to both disastrous and golden results for humans.

Some of this is due to our evolutionary development, we can only perceive what we are able to perceive at this stage of our evolution---a frog will perceive less than we perceive, but a god will perceive more.

The golden symbols and imagery are the ones that do not use minds to mask or obscure real objects, the disastrous symbols and imagery are the ones that do use minds to mask and obscure and even reject real objects. Call this real and unreal idealism.

God, the Absolute, Being, are virtually always defined in the disastrous-unreal-idealism category with symbols and imagery used by minds to mask and obscure and even reject real objects. They really are airy nothings.

The real Godhood defined in real idealism uses golden symbols and imagery that do not use the mind to mask or obscure real objects, but accepts and transforms them, as is done in real material evolution. Godhood is or can be a real supermaterial object, or objects, evolved to in the material world. Truths and Absolutes may follow and reflect these real material or supermaterial objects.

This understanding can not only bring a uniting of religion, philosophy, science, politics and the arts, it can bring a total civilization that can unite both high and low culture. It is basically the return to real human nature reflected in a conservatively evolving civilization.

We are grown ups now, we can create ideals based on reality. As we evolve more we will be able to create even better ideals.

Can the eradication of the Western identity be turned around?

What we have now in the Western world is a rootless individualism (see “An Essay on the State of France”, by Claude Polin, Chronicles, June 2016). Local traditions, territories, religions and cultures have been uprooted, there has been a reshaping of mankind in ways that do not reflect real human nature.

The Western Academic World, the Big Media, Big Government, Big Business, and the Special Interest Lobbies all have approved of and continue to promote this reshaping of the Western world and the eradication of the Western identity.

Small attempts have been made from time to time to return to the roots of human nature, there are still a few conservatives who try, but the cultural Marxism of political correctness has conquered.

Individuals now live as they please, supposedly, but it is a hedonistic individualism.

Can the eradication of the Western identity be turned around?

I suppose Donald Trump has a better chance than Hillary Clinton of at least beginning a political turn around, but whether the West can or cannot be turned around, healthy people do not commit suicide, they live and work and fight for life.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

What is a nation?

This question is rarely asked: can there be a nation not rooted in ethnic identity? This is considered a politically incorrect question, but it should not be.

It is nor merely the land/soil, or the culture/religion, it is ethnic identity that leads to the other bonding elements of a nation.

There has always been the tension in basic human nature between the individual and the group, as Edward Wilson has brilliantly pointed out, but the group is ultimately the main unit of successful selection because the individual alone has little power.

If “kindness” is the most important virtue, as some have suggested, we have to take into account the original relationship to “kin” in this word, which should bring a check on the unchecked virtue of universalism. In real human nature altruism has this real connection to kinship.

David Sloan Wilson said, "selfishness beats altruism within groups. But altruistic groups beat selfish
groups." (my italics)

It seems to me that the strongest and longest lasting nations managed to unite land/soil, culture/religion, and ethnic identity. But of these it is the ethnic identity that most deeply bonds a nation and culture. For many centuries it was the ethnic identity of the Jews which held then together when they had no land, and their religion was grounded in the ethnic identity of the “chosen,” which was a strong marriage preference.

Globalism in the name of unfettered individualism has only really advanced capitalist or communist individuals bonded in small groups.

I believe this view of human nature suggests that ethnopluralism is the most harmonious political structure in our crowded world of competing ethnic nations and cultures. Ethnostates and ethnic regions can be united and protected by a federating principle. It was the King who was the uniting and federating principle in the past, now it can be democratic republicanism. This is the political future.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

An addition to the “Permanent Things”

Regionalism and localism have existed within the Western conservative movement, but they have contended with the universalism of Christianity. This tension has been a problem. Granted, a few of the more courageous conservatives have spoken of the importance of ethnic cultures and territories---I think of Pat Buchanan---but then they often reject the whole idea of the natural evolution of the world. This has been a serious error with serious consequences.

Conservatives have therefore not emphasized nearly enough the interactions and competitions between ethnic cultures as an existing selection process of the most basic human nature. If conservatives had affirmed this they would have seen the importance of ethnopluralism in political philosophy, and the real need for permanent regional and local territories set aside for distinct ethnic cultures, with the tensions between them controlled or at least protected by federalism. The historical fact that empires fall back into ethnostates---the Soviet Union is a recent example---is grounded in the basic ethnocentric nature of human nature, which was successful in survival and reproduction in ongoing evolution.

The “Permanent Things” as defined by conservatives have not included a downgrading (but not rejection) of universalism and the uprising of ethnocentrism, and so the same mistaken universalism of modern liberalism has virtually conquered, at least with the less courageous conservatives. I believe that the universal biological origin of much of social behavior needs to be included in the Permanent Things. The U. S. constitutional separation of powers and states could even accommodate  ethnopluralism---I'm not talking about revolution.

This addition to the Permanent Things happens in the philosophy of theological materialism where the non-material nature of the universal is transformed into the material evolution to supermaterial Godhood in the Twofold Path. The symbolic inward God is then seen as the real outward Godhood reached by material evolution. Universalism can be included but transformed, and ethnopluralism can affirm the deepest universal element of the Permanent Things, namely the evolutionary rise toward Godhood.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Can there be poetry again?

Yes there can, but no more poetry of only beautiful words with little substance. Personally I have no time for beautiful lines or hedonistic feelings when the Western world is falling apart. And this goes for art in general, which is now shallow junk created by dangerous fools who reflect our dangerously foolish politicians.

Can such a stark poetry and art be created? I should better call it simplicity, restraint and proportion, which defined classical art. But an art that does not ponderously teach even as it still teaches.

Begin with the affirmation of the sacred and take it from there to the affirmation of a people, an ethnic culture and a place, which can apply to both high and low art. Cut it all back to real life living and evolving in the material world toward supermaterial Godhood.

Art can be is simplified, restrained and proportioned, down to earth, yet still dream and imagine a greater future attained in this world as we all evolve toward Godhood.

I don't know exactly what this healthy art will look like, but I think we will know it when we see it. It will probably look more like the great art of  past, which still lives on, in spite of post-modern attempts to kill it.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Courage and the refusal to put up with academic jargon

I probably didn't get trapped in academic jargon because I decided early on that the humanities departments of our colleges and universities were dominated by the fundamental errors of modern liberalism, now called cultural Marxism. But I didn't always feel confidant in this position because my refusal to put up academic jargon no matter how systematic left me open to gaps in knowledge. I always had to respect a thinker, at least somewhat, before I would struggle through the pain of their academic jargon, and this rarely happened.

In spite of the academic ideal of objectivity, the character of a writer and thinker is much involved in the way they think and write. I believe plain old courage is required in a great thinker whether they write well or not, and too often academics were the wimps of the playground and they carried that wimpiness into academia. I also think that if writers don't write clearly and even simply, even with difficult subjects, they usually don't understand their subject deeply enough.

Friedrich Nietzsche, who was originally a top academic, was a truly courageous thinker, yet even he did not appear to have the courage it would have required to see that his jealously of Wagner effected his philosophy of hyper-individualism, and this, perhaps coupled with a fear of authority, probably turned him away---although brilliantly away---from group-oriented nationalism, and religion.

In the same way the late actor Marlon Brando with great courage snubbed academic acting and fundamentally simplified and changed acting, but Brando was also a rebellious hyper-individualist probably due to a great hatred of authority, which he did not overcome, and this effected his political positions.

Human beings rarely if ever achieve perfection.