Thursday, June 30, 2011

Truth is the Object

Theological materialism rather than metaphysics

“...What if that which is early outdistanced everything late?...(Heidegger)

I think of “truth” in terms of objects, living objects, not in terms of light and darkness, as the Ancient Greeks, or mathematical principles, as the moderns.

Light and darkness and mathematical principles can denote and define truth but they are not truth. Truth is the object.

Objects can be supermaterial, which in the past was called “spiritual,” yet they are none-the-less objects and material.

I see gradations of the level of the evolution of objects, from simple to complex, from material to supermateral, from atom to Godhood, all as objects and superobjects.

I see no “emerging from concealment,” the highest transforms or evolves into the lowest, and the lowest evolves to the highest. I see no “oblivion of Being.” What is concealed is ignorance of the object.

I see the cause of the cosmos as the evolution of all living objects to Godhood, each object or group of objects in its own variation, with backward going and sideways going and stops along the Path.

I see this not as pre-Platonic but perhaps as pre-pre-Platonic, or when reality was objects, however unevolved or evolved they might be. This is Theological Materialism rather than metaphysics.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ending The Great Mystic War

The “I Am,” and the “I Will Become”

A central challenge and mission of the Theoevolutionary Church (TC) is to synthesize the Inward Path with the Outward Path. As the Inward Path seeks the Soul Within, the Inward Path goes against the natural, outward tendencies of nature. The Outward Path of evolution to Godhood moves away from the Involutionary Inward Path.

These paths are united in the Twofold Path,  and in the Ordered Evolution and Revitalized Conservatism of TC. TC affirms and fulfills the Inward Path with the Outward Path.  The Father seen and felt in the Soul Within of the Inward Path is a  symbol of the Godhood reached in material and supermaterial evolution in the Outward Path.

"I Am” is in the Soul and is the Father Within, “I Will Become” is in the Spirit-Will activating life to evolve to Godhood.  The “I Will Become” of the Outward Path is not the “I Am” of the Inward Path. But they are united in the Twofold Path of Evolutionary Christianity.

TC is renewing the symbols and metaphors of religion. A new religious order is developing, but it is built upon the old order. It may be one of the more volatile things said on this blog, but the Beast of the Outward Path can be civilized at last with the Father of the Inward Path, ending the Great Mystic War.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Evolution not revolution; the Christ-Center symbolizes the experience of Godhood

The goal of the Inward Path, the Christ-Center, the Father-Center, Atman, symbolizes for us now the distant goal of the Outward Path to Godhood.

The Christ-Center, which exists at the Zenith of the Soul, symbolizes the experience of what Godhood will be like when Godhood is attained in evolution through the Outward Path.

This is the bonding of Religious Tradition in the Inward Path with the Outward Path of Evolutionary Christianity. This is the base of ecumenism.

The new is synthesized with the old, Ordered Evolution proceeds, with Revitalized Conservatism, not with revolution.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bestowal of Being and beings

Contrary to Heidegger, I don't see the bestower of Being withdrawn into oblivion.

When the Spirit-Will rides the vehicle of material-supermaterial life to Godhood via evolution, Godhood is then greater than the sum of It's parts, greater than the Activating Spirit-Will.

We do not want to make the metaphysical mistake of seeing the Spirit-Will as God. The Spirit-Will seeks Godhood, and thereby activates life to Godhood.

We also don't want to make the metaphysical mistake of confounding the Soul of the Inward Path with the Spirit-Will of the Outward Path. Tradition has usually confounded God and the Spirit with the Soul.

Tradition has called the Soul the Spirit/God, when neither the nirvana of the Soul nor the Activating Spirit-Will is Godhood. We must evolve to Godhood in the Outward Path, activated by the Spirit-Will.

Which came first, Godhood or the Spirit-Will? There appears to be no beginning of the beginning, the Spirit-Will and Godhood have eternally worked together in kosmic harmony. Human beings prefer a beginning but there appears to be no beginning.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The fantasy of world unification

The fantasy of world unification has led to many attempts to create centralizing states and religions. The latest came from the imaginative Teilhard De Chardin who saw all of history moving from diversification to unification in religion.

But there are healthy limits to unification based in human nature, as sociobiology and evolutionary psychology, and conservative historians have pointed out.

A better hope is to be unified in affirming differences, which is more natural, encourages evolution, and helps avoid the aggressive imperialists and fascists and dictator's who promote unification and a centralized state, which have been shown to be a quixotic dream, causing much hardship and bloodshed.

I would rather speak of islands of evolution with light federalism which gives evolutionary freedom to small states. Even economic nationalism seems like a workable compromise between marauding global business, communism, fascism, and total anarchy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Being is not concealed but is highest evolved

The main difference between Being and being is the evolutionary level of each.  I don't see Being
"withdrawing” into any kind of “oblivion,” or immutability. Being is not “concealed,” Being is the Highest Evolved Object in the Kosmos, which does set Being apart from the rest of the Kosmos, but only in regard to the level of evolution.

Being primordially “withdraws” only as much as reproduction could be considered withdrawal when the parent transforms into the offspring, thereby, with Godhood, giving the Parent eternal representation in the primordial elements of the new kosmos, which is the Great Reward for life evolving to Godhood. The Spirit-Will reaches It's own Great Destination when material life attains supermaterial Godhood.

At this point I see no need for Heidegger's overly difficult “Ereignis,” the “event of appropriation,” the oblivion of Being, etc., in explaining the “bestowing” of Being. What bestows Being? At first glance it looks like the activating Spirit-Will, as the activating drive of evolution, bestows Being as well as bestowing beings in the cosmos. Such natural things as Big Bangs in old cosmos contain the old Spirit-Will of Godhood, which activates life to evolve to Godhood again.
The things defined as "concealed"  in the world by philosophy are often principals or definitions which philosophy supposedly unconceals, they are only non-object principals or definitions and not real living objects, they bestow nothing but the non-living principals or definitions, bestowed by the philosopher.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Everything is mutable

There is not a living object called “immutable.” There are only principles, definitions and denotations that are called immutable. Many religious or spiritual traditions define these principles and definitions as God.

This has not been done without severe consequences. The material world has been denigrated and blocked because the most sacred God has been declared non-material. This has tended to block or slow the path of evolution to Godhood.

The movement from the natural self to the spiritual self is a movement away from the material world.  This is the Inward Path to the virtual God Within, but this is not the path to real Godhood. The Outward Path is the path of evolution to Godhood.  Evolutionary Christianity works with both Paths.

Mutable is another word for evolution.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ending the Real Oblivion of Being

To adapt a term of Heidegger's, the “oblivion of Being” is for me the error of the spiritualization of Being, the escape from the Object Being, or Godhood, by the blocking of materialism and supermaterialism.

There needs to be a transvaluation of the spiritual to the supermaterial, but not the truncated version of science, which attempts to break the spell of metaphysics by leaving God and supermaterialism out of the picture.

What needs to end is the oblivion of the material in metaphysics and philosophy. Being needs to be seen as the Supreme Supermaterial Object Godhood, which we can evolve to in the cosmos.

The history of metaphysics has been the oblivion of the material in various forms, and the blocking of supermaterial Being. Evolutionary Christianity seeks to end this oblivion.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The great confounding and the radical reorientation

“Hail the much needed earth.” (Poetic Edda)

Religious Tradition has the Soul as the psyche and the Spirit as Christ, and we are supposed to leave the Soul behind to follow the Spirit.

I can agree with leaving the Soul to follow the Spirit, but it is the Soul that is Christ, the Atman, not the Spirit. The Spirit-Will is the activator of material/supermaterial evolution to Godhood.

The Soul exists at the Zenith of the Mind (psyche) but the Spirit exists at the Zenith of the Soul, although this should be seen as analogous designation more than physical location. The Spirit-Will could be defined as the combined instincts of life in the body.

This is a radical reorientation, called “metanoia” in Greek. This opens up the Great Spiritual Blockade against material life, but most importantly, it opens up the blockade against evolving to Godhood. This is liberating news for the suppressed world.

It is not the end of the journey to reach Christ in the Soul, it is the end of the journey when Godhood is attained by way of the activating Spirit-Will, and life shaped by outside evolution.

The way of the Soul is the Involutionary Inward Path to Christ (also Buddha and the Hindu Atman) and the way of the Spirit is the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood. Both paths are affirmed in the Twofold Path of Evolutionary Christianity.

Looking within can give you Christ, but looking without can give you Godhood. Ordered Evolution and Revitalized Conservatism synthesize the new into the old.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What kind of populism will rise?

The wealth divide keeps growing. Populism will rise. But what kind of populism?

Has global big business damaged the free enterprise philosophy beyond repair?

The big private sector companies, in league with big government, have created most of our present economic problems, leading to 24% youth unemployment, and half of all American's not able to come up with $2000 in 30 days without selling their possessions.

American companies have plenty of money but they have put their profits into factories and development centers in Brazil, China, India, etc, while creating virtually no jobs in America since the 1980's.

The “Tea Party” seems to be against big government, and they appeal to populist sentiment with that, but they are usually also open border libertarians supported by multinationals, who seem to be playing them for fools.

The free enterprise system needs to be rescued from the globalists who have no real allegiance to any country or any people. Economic nationalism, with fair trade, not free trade, was the golden mean which was so successful in the rise of America, it protected American companies and American jobs on American soil.

How ugly could it get? The multinational firms control government and the media. Will totalitarian dictators rise in violent frustration on the left or the right? It has happened before.

We need to choose the ordered evolution of revitalized conservatism and economic nationalism. Economic nationalism is the natural remedy standing between total isolationism and the rapacious open border globalists.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Demographics without demagoguery

Although it has not been spoken of much, or it is demogogued mostly by Democratic politicians, demographics will be a powerful long-term force in American politics.

In 1980 white voters cast 88% of the total vote, by 2008 this percentage was down to 55%, and the proportion will decline more in 2012.

Latinos are growing rapidly and the Democrats are spending millions to try to capture the Latino vote, offering big government programs which many of them know we can't afford.

The best the Republicans can do is suggest that they shed their “nativism,” which is like throwing grandma under the bus because she has problems with the new in-laws.

It is far better to acknowledge human nature. Whites and Latino and Blacks should be allowed to embrace their ethnicity, and this can best be done when we affirm the Tenth Amendment and give power back to the individual states and regions, where variety and differences can be applauded, not suppressed.

We were designed by the Founders to be a nation of regions and states protected by a light federalism. This political structure is our great advantage.  If we let our variety of states flourish with their own unique ethnic character and tone, we need not have a revolution of warring ethnic groups. This is a cause both parties can affirm.

Demographics has the power to make us or destroy us. It is futile to try to go against the pull of human nature, people will always feel more comfortable with their own people. Even the term “ethnic states” within our great union should not be thought of as evil but as realistic. Revitalization, not revolution is necessary.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Everything that rises diverges

Teilhard insists that convergent love is the primordial energy of the universe. But, speaking unromantically, love is the secondary reaction to the primary drive to evolve to Godhood, which requires reproduction and survival success, and it is this which requires love. This is an important distinction and and it separates convergence, which is Teilhard's central mantra, from divergence, which is the evolutionary drive.

Teilhard's Omega Point, or Christ, seems to come when the whole universe converges into one. The Godhood of Evolutionary Christianity comes through divergence.  The convergence of evolution is a temporary stopping point to retain positive changes acquired during divergence.

Teilhard's Omega Point has the whole universe converging at once into One in the end.  In EC there is constantly diverging evolution, with some life attaining Godhood, while other life continues the struggle to evolve to Godhood. EC's mission is to help everyone evolve to Godhood, but this is a divergent more than convergent reality, with different levels of evolutionary development at all times.

Teilhard's Christ coincides with his Omega Point in the universe, but I see Christ as involutionary not evolutionary. Christ is the Soul's identification with Godhood, but Christ is not Godhood, Godhood must be evolved to, not involved to. In EC the Inward Path is reserved for Christ and the Outward Path for Godhood.

EC does not affirm the Gnostic God of mere definition or principle, and affirms a real living object Godhood which is evolved to in the cosmos.  This suggests that when Godhood is attained in evolution it is not the same, nonmaterial God, of the definition-is-God-school.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Economic nationalism as the golden mean

Economic nationalism suggests that neither big government or big business rules, the golden mean between them rules.

That is, government protects the free enterprise system within the states of the nation, not only with protection from foreign imports, but protection from the influence and dominance of national or global business. Neither big government or global business can fairly and efficiently run the economic system.

Both the government and philanthropy get their money from the business world within the enterprise system, where else would the money come from? Government and philanthropy depend on the free economic system within the nation, which is why the economic system should be kept as free as it can be.

But the freedom is defined as a global fair trade freedom, not global free trade, where global business readily destroys the manufacturing base of a nation to enrich themselves.

We need to revitalize economic nationalism, which is how all nations originally gained power. We need to give the power back to the small states so that regionalism and localism, the most efficient level of operation, can flourish, and then we need to protect that freedom with the light federalism that the Founder's envisioned.

Evolutionary Metaphysics

In the tradition of trying to understanding Being historically comes the next stage of understanding Being in an evolutionary way, this is the “metaphysics” of Evolutionary Christianity.

But traditional metaphysics sees Being as eternal, always existing outside of history, so it is really ahistorical, not unlike much of modern philosophy, in seeing Being as withdrawn from the world.

There is a separation between what I call the idolatry of denotation and Real Godhood. The denotation and defining becomes the idol, the God, which is given eternal life outside of material and even supermaterial life.

Being does not “withdraw" that way from the historical or evolutionary “sending” (Heidegger's term) of life, time and history are only denotations, definitions of actual living and transforming Being and beings, which do all the sending and begetting---nothing outside of living objects does the sending or transforming.

There is no “oblivion of Being” (again Heidegger's term), there is only the transformation of Being and the evolution of beings.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

On the bias and arrogance of modern liberals

Modern liberals tend to see themselves as a intelligent minority living on the East and West coast surrounded by ignorant fools living between the coasts.

Liberal ignorance stems from their mistaken view of human nature. Liberals think humans are infinitely malleable, they think that nurture not nature makes us what we are. They believe humans are all the same, that differences are a fallacy and a bias, that global love is all we need, that big government should supply everything that human beings require, including values and morality, and liberals think that most traditions are mostly untruths which we have been wrongly indoctrinated into.

Liberals like to build empires which always later become so distant from real people that they break back down into small states, regionalism and patriotism, not globalism. Human traditions more or less affirm this small is beautiful ethos.

The problem with the modern liberal view of human nature is that human nature is not infinitely malleable, human nature is primarily kin-centered, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, monogamous, gender different, and we are only secondarily or lightly world-centered.

Liberals usually promote such things as the legalizing of pot, because they find it creative. But drugs bias the mind, they let you see a slanted view of the truth. Pot and other drugs (including alcohol) are as deceptive in seeing the truth as the deceptive satire liberals use against conservatives.

Liberals arrogantly believe that religion is foolish, when they have no proven scientific truths about how life began, or how the cosmos emerged, or where it is going, any more than religion does.  The only Absolute secularist's allow is their own. Even the Big Bang is being questioned now by scientists specializing in electromagnetism.

It is true that the views of traditionalists are often simple and not always creative, but small government federalism, with many small independent states, kin-centeredness, monogamy, and gender differences relate to real human nature far better than modern liberalism does, and these also tend to be the values promoted by tradition and religion.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Patience and Balance in Evolution

Evolution and realism in art in Evolutionary Realism are not contradictory. Also evolution and order in political and cultural philosophy are not contradictory. This is the root of synthesizing the new into the old of RevitalizedConservatism. Why must we always have the extremes of only the new or only the old? Balance is the key between future evolution and realism, order and evolution.

We are primordially designed to evolve in the cosmos all the way to Godhood, and this great mission and purpose of existence requires an almost superhuman patience and balance over a very long time. Perhaps we need to evolve more to be capable of this superhuman patience and balance, which is the sacred incentive for following upward evolution.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Confounding Spirit With Soul

There are several things wrong in saying that one must not judge according to the flesh but by the Spirit. A great wrong has been done by mystics in confounding the Spirit with the Soul. 

It is through the flesh, or the material/supermaterial world, that we evolve to Godhood. And the Spirit is of the flesh although a supermaterial flesh. Duality does not exist here.

When mystics wrongly tell us to leave the Soul (psyche) and follow the Spirit (Christ, Atman) they are talking about the Soul not the Spirit. The bliss they seek by blocking all material desire is of the Soul, not the Spirit.

The Spirit, or the Spirit-Will, resides at the Zenith of the Soul where the central mission is to activate the life the Spirit-Will resides within to evolve to Godhood in material/supermaterial evolution. This means ever refining material evolution, not killing material evolution.

We do not confound the Inward Path to the Soul, with the Outward Path of the Spirit, in the Twofold Path of Evolutionary Christianity.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Being, Time and the Given

John Caputo says that Time, to Heidegger, means the “constancy” of what passes away. To be constant is to be constantly present, and “presence” is Being. Heidegger wants to determine the “It” which “gives” Being and Time. Is it Time that does this? Heidegger seems to say that the It is the “event of appropriation.”

I think that nothing “gives” Time, Time is an unconscious bystander which gives nothing, it merely marks the time in which objects live and move, having no consciousness of marking anything.

The "future” can “deliver” nothing, evolution is unpredictable, and even if evolution was predictable it is the object or substance in the future that does the delivering and never the "future" and never Time, which are unconscious and “do” nothing.

As to “appropriation,” the Spirit-Will appropriates the substance or material body of beings all the way up to Being or Godhood, as a vehicle in the Spirit-Will's drive to evolve to Godhood. But this appropriation is not a “giving” or a true creative act, this appropriation takes place in ongoing reproduction and survival and is a supermaterial indwelling in substances or objects all along since the birth of the cosmos.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

If a yogi would go further

If a yogi would go further into the Soul, which is the Zenith of the Mind, to the Zenith of the Soul, which is the Spirit-Will, there, with the Spirit-Will, the yogi can touch the activator of material life and evolution, which seeks supermaterial Godhood.

The state called “I AM” is not Godhood, it is the condition of the blissfully empty Soul. The Soul, not the Spirit, is sought by emptying the mind and body of virtually all life. The yogi has managed to rid himself of all signs of life, and virtually died to the world. In return for this sacrifice he obtains the bliss of the virtual experience of Godhood, or perhaps the virtual fulfilled Mind of God, which is wrongly defined as true God, the Father.

In order to follow the sacred path we do not sacrifice ourselves, we evolve ourselves, we do not die to ourselves, we refine ourselves in upward evolution to Godhood, we do not deny life, we fulfill life. The way of the Soul in the Inward Path is symbolic death, the way of the Outward Path is life. When we are yoked to the Spirit-Will we are yoked to life, not death.

The goal of the Outward Path is to move beyond the Soul of the Inward Path, to the Spirit-Will of the Outward Path, and then to continue on to Godhood in evolution, activated by the Spirit-Will, which seeks to ride the vehicle of life in evolution to Godhood.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Is a nationalist or populist president possible?

What has happened to this country was predicted years ago by those who said the grab for total wealth by the globalists would destroy the American middle-class.

Manufacturing was moved out of this country to exploit cheap labor, which has forced the middles in America to join the lowers in wages and life style. Then the globalists invested their ill-gotten gains in real estate schemes, and so on, designed to capture any remaining wealth in America.

When their criminal activities caused economic collapse, the global bankers were bailed out with borrowed money from the government, via China, because the globalists control the government. The taxpayers will have to pay back billions and trillions of dollars, even though the taxpayers now have little money to pay for anything.

Could a nationalist or populist candidate for president rise to save the nation? With the globalists controlling both the government and the media it will be very difficult, even assassination would not be off the table if all else fails.

“Libertarian” candidates are deceptive, while they condemn massive big government, most of them support the open-bordered economic enterprises of globalism, rather than economic nationalism.

We desperately need to bring our army and our manufacturing back home to America. Power has to be given back to the States, as our Constitution intended, protected by a light federalism. If this is not possible then we are as dead as the Roman Empire, which declined for similar reasons.

Still, it can be done.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Transvaluing Morality

Nietzsche developed the idea of transvalued morality. I believe his has happened in religious tradition regarding God. The Real Godhood of material and supermaterial evolution was displaced by the “God-Within,” or the Father. The Real Godhood of the Outward Path of evolution was completely denied.

According to Bill Charlton, fundamental “evil” can be defined as wishing to usurp God and set oneself up to be worshiped instead of God. Traditional Religion has in just this way usurped the real Godhood which is only reached through the evolution of the material to the supermaterial. The Inward God, the Father, has been defined as the supreme object of worship, blocking out in a Great Spiritual Blockade the Real Godhood reached through kosmic evolution.

What could be more evil than essentially hating evolving material life when material life is the vehicle required to evolve to Godhood? One cannot reach the God-Within, or the Soul-State, without ridding the body of all material desire.  It has taken immense power to shape the world of religion exclusively to the non-material Inward Path. 

Who than is heretical? Who is usurping Godhood? A long and terrible transvaluation has taken place, mainly through ignorance, which needs to be understood. Black-robed priests indeed can seem evil in turning the world away from life and the evolution to Godhood.

But rather than casting the Inward Path into heresy and hell, both the Inward and Outward Paths can be affirmed. The Traditional Inward Father reached through the denial of the flesh and denial of material life, gives us a hint of the bliss of True Godhood reached through the affirmation and fulfillment of material and supermaterial evolution. Only when the Inward Path does not allow the Outward Path can the Inward Path be defined as evil.

Involution and Evolution, Convergence and Divergence

I would basically interpret Teilhard De Chardin as wanting the whole world to involve, not evolve, to the Soul-State, Nirvana, the Father,, the Christ-State, the Omega Point, which in Evolutionary Christianity is the goal of the Involutionary Inward Path and not the goal of the Evolutionary Outward Path. The goal of involution can become devolution if it is exclusively followed, because all the desires of the flesh and of the material world, including evolution, need to be blocked to attain the Christ-State, or Nirvana.

The main problem here stems from the ancient definition of God as non-material which makes the non-material sacred, this tends to lead to hatred of the material world. But when Godhood is seen as supermaterial, not non-material, then the Great Spiritual Blockade to Godhood can be unblocked and life can diverge and converge in evolution to Godhood.

Love is not merely the urge to converge and unite with centration, which Teilhard bases his system on, love is more essentially the urge to evolve to Godhood. Convergence secures the order, but divergence affirms ongoing evolution, in an Ordered Evolution.  It is the love of Godhood that activates love in general, which activates survival and reproduction to evolve to Godhood.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

An Imbalance of the Inward and Outward Paths

A monk asks: "Is there anything more miraculous than the wonders of nature?" The master answers: "Yes, your awareness of the wonders of nature."-(Buddhist saying)

This illustrates the imbalance of the Inward and Outward Paths in Traditional Religion, which includes Christianity. Only the desire-free Soul-State of the Inward Path is here spoken of, or defined, and real life is blocked in this Great Spiritual Blockade.

We do not reach Godhood this way, we reach Godhood by evolving in the material and supermaterial world to Godhood. Buddha's nirvana is a hint, however blissful, of desire supremely fulfilled (not denied) when Godhood is evolved to in nature. Nirvana is artificially brought about by blocking not fulfilling all desires.

To be sure, sacred rather than profane evolution has to be followed, which means refining desire, civilizing the beast, but this is not mean blocking all life and desire.

Evolutionary Realism: synthesizing the new into the old

Like Revitalized Conservatism and Ordered Evolution, Evolutionary Realism in art combines past, present and future. The challenge comes in synthesizing the new into the old.

Classicism in the arts is a widely accepted canon of ideal forms (see “Chaos In The Guggenheim,” by James Cooper) and relates to the classicism and realism of the Involutionary Inward Path in Evolutionary Christianity, whereas Evolution relates to the futurism of the Evolutionary Outward Path.

It is vital that the new is synthesized into the old, “order” is the foundation of conservatism, just as “evolution” is the foundation of futurism.

Since the Second World War modern art reflects the decline of the West, the loss of faith in the order, the loss of conservatism, and this has led to the death, or near death, of the art we see in the so-called art of today.

Art like culture in general needs both the order and calm of classical realism and the idealism of futurism. An old Icelandic idea says only love or courage can change Fate, future life depends on past and present actions.

Most importantly, the sacred base of Evolutionary Realism in art comes from the sacred goal of life evolving to Godhood, which is done through Ordered Evolution, bringing the new into the old.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Granting Being?

To answer Heidegger, “Time” is a secondary or unimportant condition which Godhood and everything else lives in---Time grants nothing. Time is not conscious, but beings can be conscious of time. Being and time do not belong together. Being is alive, time only marks the passage of beings if beings are conscious of time. Time is not “present” but Being and beings can be present in time. Time is nothing.

Godhood can utter the name of Itself as a Supreme Object, and Godhood can reproduce beings in the cosmos, and beings can then evolve as best they can to their own Godhood and Being. The event of “appropriation” or the “Ereignis”(see “Heidegger and Aquinas” by Caputo) relates to transmuting or reproducing. This is the “It” which “gives.”

Even the Spirit-Will does not grant Being when it activates both Being (Godhood) and lesser beings. The Spirit-Will has it's sacred goal of attaining Godhood by activating within the vehicle of material and supermaterial evolution toward Godhood. The Spirit-Will therefore seeks and does not grant. Godhood grants life only in the sense of some version of reproduction of beings within the cosmos.

The Spirit-Will “merely” activates beings and Being, but the Spirit-Will, which is material/supermaterial may possibly be eternal, so this is not a “merely” except in this context. Being, the Spirit-Will and beings are of the same evolving substance on a continuum of evolution, evolving through various cosmos.

This helps define Being in the Evolutionary Church when de-constructing Heidegger.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Objects and Language

The only "accurate" word for Godhood would be the word uttered by Godhood in Godhood's own language, which could be called Absolute Language. But even then, Absolute Language is not Godhood, Godhood is a Supreme Object and not merely a name, even if uttered by Godhood.

The place of language all through evolution is as a tool of expression, language is not the creator of real beings or real Being. It it true that language can express objects that do not exist but this does not mean that all objects are only language, some objects are real.

Science, at least in the past, spent time looking for real material objects and not only their names (or their mathematics). Theologies spent less time looking for the real objects. Meister Eckhart prayed to God to rid him of the “idea” of God, but did Eckhart see God as the Supreme Object Godhood? Perhaps not.

Godhood is not merely in the mind, although one can have the idea of future existing Godhood only in the mind, which should lead to ideological or theological materialism for humans, who all still need to evolve to Godhood.

There need be no warfare between conventional truth and spiritual truth when both are seen as the same substance on a continuum of evolution from the material to the supermaterial. To attain the Supreme Object Godhood we have to actually tread the path of evolution and not merely find a set of ideas, feelings or names for Godhood.

Never-the less, the Inward Path of Evolutionary Christianity allows the desire-free bliss of the Soul-State as a virtual hint of desire-fulfilled Godhood of the Outward Path. But it must be understood that the price of the Inward Path to the Soul-State is to block the activating Spirit-Will of the Outward Path that leads evolution to the Real Supreme Object Godhood.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Potentiality and Actuality

Absolute Actuality is Godhood or Being, potential actuality is the rest of the beings in the Kosmos. This is a variation on Aristotle. Potential actuality seeks to evolve to Godhood and Absolute Actuality.

This more or less affirms the inner force which has been called entelechy and orthogenesis, leading to teleology, which I define as the Spirit-Will activating life from within.

Life is activated from within to evolve to Absolute Actuality or Godhood, and life is shaped from without by natural evolution. Evolution is more like directed chance.

The more static view of creationism developed in theology with God creating the world in one non-evolving step. This creation was overshadowed by science which rejected God altogether.

Now the evolution to Godhood can be seen as both creation and evolution. When Absolute Actuality or  Godhood is attained in evolution then Godhood creates or transmutes into the potential actuality of the next Kosmos.