Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Great Blockade

The Great Spiritual Blockade is the idea that the Timeless can never be reached through evolution in the world of objects or biology, which is preached by everyone from Buddha to Ken Wilber. The Great Blockade seems to suffer from enlightenment addiction, which means swimming in the bliss of Virtual Godhood, reached through the Soul within, while apparently unaware or blocking the Greater Goal of Godhood Itself, reached only at the Great End of material-supermaterial evolution. In the “spectrum of consciousness” of the Great Blockade, defined as total, the outer half appears to be missing.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Fallacy Of The Pre/Trans Fallacy

Ken Wilber defines the “pre/trans fallacy” as mistaking the experience of “pre-rational bliss” with “trans-rational bliss.” Wilber suggests that these are not the same. The first, Wilber says, is really the Romantic bliss of ignorance in early man, the second is the true bliss of God-consciousness which has been attained only after evolution. This way it seems that Wilber can include evolution and progress for man without getting trapped by a Romantic view of a past Golden Age, as the myths portray.

One benefit of here exposing this non-fallacy is that if pre and trans are essentially the same then Tradition can be affirmed, eg., Perennial Tradition, because the Golden Age bliss is not really different from the New Age trans-rational bliss. The same virtual God was and is experienced, and evolution can be validated, without degrading the Golden Age experience. We have not evolved far from early man.

The problem with Wilber---who has many admirable qualities---and the problem with many mystics, is that they tend to stop their search at God-consciousness rather than at Godhood Itself, or they stop with the Awareness of Nonduality rather than Nonduality Itself.

Nonduality and God-consciousness are possessed only by God, not by animal, man or superman. We can sometimes catch a virtual glimpse of God-consciousness by experiencing the seed or soul of God that dwells within us. This is the Involutionary Way, which is usually accomplished by blocking out the Evolutionary Way.

Evolution is related to the Transcendence of God without and Involution is related to the Immanence of God Within. Immanent Involution leads to the attainment of the virtual experience of the God Within.or the Soul , whereas Evolution leads to the Transcendent of the God Without.

A virtual experience of God, great as that may be, is not enough. The Dual Aspect of the Soul and Spirit must be seen. Both the Immanent and Transcendent Aspects of the Soul and Spirit can be affirmed, and together, with great time and effort, we can bio-spiritually evolve all the way to Godhood, where the Immanent and Transcendent truly become One, Nonduality, or God.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nonduality Itself

Saints, sages, and mystics have experienced Godly Nondual Awareness. The goal of the Evolutionary Christian Church is not “merely” Nondual Awareness, glorious as that is, the goal is to biologically-spiritually attain Nonduality Itself, at the culmination of biological-spiritual evolution.

This path avoids the artificial split between matter (immanence) and spirit (transcendence) because the Janus-face of Immanence-Transcendence must together evolve all the way to Nondual Godhood.

This way avoids the tragic religious demeaning of the material world and evolution.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Christianity Plus Classicism

Understanding The Superman

Theological materialism and the Evolutionary Christian Church found its way through the long history of duality between Christianity, which gives God ultimate power, and Classicism, which gives man ultimate power, not by demeaning the superman and extolling the man who “sticks to God,” but by affirming the idea that moving toward the superman is evolving toward God.

The reverse also follows that we do not demean the principle of sticking to God by extolling the classical superman without God. And this is not suggested as merely a practical solution to an old duality, it derives from a higher conviction and definition of the goal of evolution remaining beyond the human and beyond the superman, with Godhood at the Zenith of Evolution.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Realization Of Evolution

The impulse of evolution is not only toward greater depth and expanding consciousness, which we call involutionary, great as that is, the central impulse of evolution is to evolve materially-supermaterially to Godhood, which we call evolutionary.

The great sages were mainly concerned with involutionary God-Realization. We are concerned with the realization-of-evolution, although included is involutionary God-Realization.

Traditional Christanity is our involutionary way, being from the West, material-supermaterial evolution is our evolutionary way. Both combine in leading us to Godhood.

With this religious insight we upgrade and make real Ken Wilber’s phrase: “Transcend-yet-include.”

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Balance

In the Revealed Religions the balance between exoteric material evolution and esoteric spiritual involution is weighted heavily on the side of esoteric involution. In the Evolutionary Christian Church the balance is weighted more evenly, but it seems that the esoteric difficulties may be reversed.

The balance indicates that the God within and the God beyond are the same God, yet the open-ended upper half of the cross---X---suggests evolution leads toward the zenith of Godhood.  

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another Dimension Of Holy Silence

TheTheoevolutionary Church does not split a Gordian Knot regarding the spiritual state of Holy Silence (Christianity), Nirvana (Hinduism and Buddhism), and fana (Sufism ), rather, we bring or see another dimension, from a different vantage point.

The spiritual state of Holy Silence in the Revealed Religions is seen as a direct uniting with the Divinity, the finite is reintegrated with the Infinite, everything pertaining to the creature is seen as detached, and this is seen as the highest spiritual goal of man.

This spiritual condition is defined in theTheoevolutionary Church as the Sacred Inward State, the God seen and known inwardly is a version of the same God as the God evolved to. The True Reintegration of the finite with the Infinite takes place in reality only after great cosmic periods of bio-spiritual evolution.

For us this does not diminish the Involutionary Devotions of the Church to the spiritual goal of Holy Silence, this helps us understand Great Evolutionary Godhood; we are seeing the next dimension of this spiritual state in a new religious theology.