Thursday, December 15, 2016

Who Is Destroying the West, And Why?

It is stunning to see Europe destroying itself and America following the same course. Who is allowing millions of Africans and Islamic immigrants into Europe?!  The immigrants are doing such things as raping hundreds of white girls in the north of England and forcing them into prostitution! Haven't we had enough of that kind of thing in the ghettos of our cities for years?

This suicide does not seem to bother the Big Media or the Wall Street degenerates who actually push  suicide for the purpose of advancing the power of a small number of people and groups. What a razor's edge immoral power game they play! The neoconservatives define this suicide as "creative destruction!."

If President elect Trump cannot stop these criminals from destroying the West, then the survival instincts of Americans (and Europeans) will sooner or later be spray-painting slogans on walls such as, "Stalin was Right," or even "Hitler was Right," and they will then bury democracy, Christianity, and morality in a desperate attempt to save America and the West.

So get to it Donald Trump! Build the wall. End immigration. Lower taxes. Put up tariffs. Create jobs. Back the police. Withdraw from NATO. And most importantly, devolve the power of the Big Media and Wall Street. I know we are asking for alot, but we are counting on you and your new Cabinet to do what you said you were going to do.  We want to live, not die.

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