Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Vested interests had fattened upon free trade"

..."The clarity of British thinking was not helped by the fact that certain vested interests had fattened upon free trade and established a grip upon the levers of power that was hard to break. The British establishment, seduced by the City of London’s financiers, turned towards wealth manipulation rather than wealth creation, a story familiar to us on Wall Street today..."

from "America Aping Britain's Decline Through Free Trade"

Only The Zenith Of Evolution Is True

Only the total, the whole, is true---or Absolute Truth---and this is the Supreme Object, or Objects Godhood, not the definition, principal, or Logos of Godhood, but the Supremely Evolved Object. Therefore, every other life, species, being, etc. leading up to Godhood is partially true or partly true.

This resembles Hegel's dialectical logic, but it is not the same as the dialectic, which as Idealism, deals with changing concepts more than actual objects.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"How does the interdependence of nations in a global economy look now"

“ does the Milton Friedmanite free-trade ideology of the Republican Party, which fed Beijing $2 trillion in trade surpluses at America's expense over two decades, look now?

How do all those lockstep Republican votes for Most Favored Nation status for Beijing, ushering her into the World Trade Organization and looking the other way as China dumped into our markets, thieved our technology and carted off our factories look today?

The self-sufficient republic that could stand alone in the world is more dependent than Japan on China for rare-earth elements vital to our industries, for the necessities of our daily life, and for the loans to finance our massive trade and budget deficits.

How does the interdependence of nations in a global economy look now, compared to the independence American patriots from Alexander Hamilton to Calvin Coolidge guaranteed to us, that enabled us to win World War II in Europe and the Pacific in less than four years?...”

from Buchanan's latest

No Duality

The question of how we passover from unreality to reality is illegitimate. All is reality, and we evolve from lower reality to higher reality, from the material to the supermaterial. There is no duality. There is no passing from darkness to light, no passing from death to life. There is evolving from lower life to higher life, and eventually to eternal representation. This is the positive theology of Evolutionary Christianity.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Nature and the awareness of nature

A monk asks: "Is there anything more miraculous than the wonders of nature?" The master answers: "Yes, your awareness of the wonders of nature." A Buddhist saying.

I disagree. The wonders of nature create the awareness of nature. The object of nature comes before the thought of the object. Nature is more miraculous than the awareness of nature.

Absolute materialism leads to theological materialism

The difficulties in knowing how we know (epistemology) disappear for me when I take the position of absolute materialism, and not by taking the position of Hegel's absolute idealism, where only thought is thought to exist. The object exists before the thought of the object. I exist therefore I think.

This ends for me the postmodern idea (begun by Nietzsche) that truth is only based on the system of ruling ideas of the time. Truth is based on objects no matter what system of ideas exist to try to explain objects. The object creates the description, not the other way around where the description creates the object.

But affirming absolute materialism does not trap me in some sort of truncated scientism or Marxism. In Evolutionary Christianity absolute materialism is only the beginning stage of materialism which leads to theological materialism: the material world evolves to the supermaterial world of Godhood.

The “contradictory” thing here is that absolute materialism and theological materialism are “idealism” in the sense of being thoughts about objects, and by not having yet been proven as real by mankind. These things have been proven through intellectual intuition, faith, or even by revelation. I simply don't have a problem believing these things while waiting for science to prove these things, which I expect science will one day do.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Agreeing and disagreeing with Alain de Benoist

Generally speaking, I think Alain de Benoist is the best of the “New Right” thinkers.

I believe he was right in his attack on globalism, liberalism, the melting-pot, and he was right in his support of ecology, and right in supporting federalism, with his belief in a Europe of specific peoples each with their own identity, with a kind of universal ethnostatism, defending the right of all peoples to their own “distinctness.” I would say it another way, as being against racial supremacism and imperialism, where one race is seen as noble or chosen and all others are not. The right of all races to live and evolve with variety needs to be affirmed.

I think Benoist was wrong in his criticism of capitalism in the United States, which has brought the highest standard of living to the world in human history, and in the shortest time. The problem comes when capitalism is the sole cultural interest without religion or art, and when capitalism steps beyond its natural bounds of economic nationalism, intruding on the independence of other nations.

I think Benoist made the mistake of radicalism when he rejected Christianity outright, the religion of the West, preferring to go back to Indo-European paganism.  It is better to affirm the Revealed Religions as well as the natural world of the evolution of life to Godhood, in the Twofold Path of Evolutionary Christianity, which takes science into account as well. Revitalized Conservatism takes the middle way, altering the new to the old, and the old to the new, and  promotes all races and cultures, living in small states, connected by a light federalism, evolving all the way to Godhood, affirmed by a revitalized religion.

Redeeming the world of nature and the evolution to Godhood

Upsetting the devolutionary programming

The one force that can, over time, upset our unconscious ignorance, or the programs of any cryptocracy (esoteric manipulation of the minds of man ), is the Will to Godhood, the Spirit-Will within, which climbs always toward Godhood in the material and supermaterial world. The Theoevolutionary Church appeals to this force, this Will, this Spirit.

The Truth is both of the Soul (Zenith of the Body and Mind) and of the Spirit (Zenith of the Soul), but it can be misunderstood, or biased and manipulated. The cryptocracy, like Tradition, ultimately attends only the Involutionary Soul Within, the Zenith of the Mind, not the Zenith of the Soul, the Spirit, and it therefore blocks the Evolutionary Outward Path of the Spirit.

But the Theoevolutionary Church does not reject or extirpate this Inward Path, as one might expect, it is the ancient path of Traditional Religions. We synthesize the Inward Path with the Outward Path in the Twofold Path, thereby avoiding a direct war of duality, occult or otherwise. However, the devastating traditional power of defining the other as heretical or even satanic remains against us.

The world is overcome with the darkness of the blocked and enslaved Spirit-Will-To-Godhood. With Tradition we can affirm the Soul and see the God Within of the Inward Path, but we must then go deeper into the Soul and find the Spirit and Will to Godhood of the Outward Path, which can redeem the world of nature, and the evolution of life to Godhood.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Logic As The Spirit Within

Adapting Hegel's dialectical thinking, my “logic” is in the Spirit Within or the Will To Godhood, reaching its Zenith when Godhood is evolved to, where Absolute Truth is then also finally attained, but not Absolute Truth alone as a bodi-less head or Logos, but Absolute Truth in the Mind Of God in the Body of God, the Supreme Object, not the Supreme Nothingness of only principle and definition.  Emerging from Godhood it is Spirit, the Will to Godhood, which does the activating of life and evolution, then returning to Godhood. Godhood is the “totality,” the Whole, and life is partial and partly untrue until life evolves to Godhood.

In the science of evolution the sequence of categories” evolves from the simple to the complex, from lower to higher consciousness, lower to higher intelligence, from less to more beautiful, from truth to Absolute Truth, and so on, with backward goings and stops along the way, from being to becoming to being to becoming.  But this is all activated by the Spirit Within.  Evolution is amoral from without.

At the Zenith of Evolution the “opposite” of Being is not “Nothingness” as in Hegel, whose “contradiction” I symbolize as Male/Female, not as opposing pairs, but as the Union of The Gods giving birth to the Holy Spirit. I think in terms of Father/Mother/Offspring rather than thesis, antithesis and synthesis. The offspring Holy Spirit then transforms into the Kosmos and the Evolution. The inner life force of evolution is not “Negation” but the Spirit or the Will to Godhood. It is the Spirit that seeks to find himself, not God, Spirit evolves to Godhood.

Evolution never transcends the phenomenal world but evolves to the epiphenomenal world, so there need not be two kinds of logic, as Kant preferred, one for the sense world and one for the spirit world. There is no duality.

God-consciousness is not merely the end-point of thinking alone, It is the end-point of thinking objects at the Zenith of phenomena and epiphenomena. God-consciousness, or Absolute Knowledge is in the Mind of God in the Body of God.

As Hegel implied, this comprehensive system resembles turning spirals of evolution, as perhaps the triskelion symbol seen above.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Re-enchanting Both Religion and Science

Science tends to say "no" to such questions as, is there more to sex than biology? Science doesn't like to describe meaning, only sensory experience. Yet I say, there is an ultimate goal to sex and biology, and this statement or goal need not be outside of either science or religion.

Instincts and impulses are not unmoral, we are evolving to Godhood helped along by our impulses and instincts, which are activated by the Will To Godhood, or the Holy Spirit. “Devolution” can this way be termed “immoral” because our freedom gives us a limited choice of paths to take, even though the goal of Godhood is the determined reason for life, sex, biology and the Kosmos.

Appearances are therefore mostly real, what we see in the world is what is. The apotheosis of appearances is the world we see evolving to Godhood. The question, why are we here? is not a hopeless question to answer, as Kant and others suggested. Science is moving toward answering questions of meaning, which were first seen or hypothesized with intellectual intuition, and, yes, faith.

I see evolution moving inevitably in a pattern, even though it has its random elements, and the pattern has a discernible direction, in spite of instances of stagnation and retreat, toward “higher and higher more effective living forms,” as Cattell put it. The goal of evolving to Godhood need not deprive us of either science or religion. This end goal is still viewed as a fiction by science, but such scientists as Francis Heylighen are beginning to show how evolution tends to produce more complex systems, gradually adding more levels to the hierarchy.

This is our time to “re-enchant” and reconnect the two worlds of religion and science, and Evolutionary Christianity is doing this.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Social Message

In Evolutionary Christianity the Will To Godhood or the Holy Spirit is seen as the dominant force in human nature and behavior, and the differences between people are less powerful. Idealists and and existentialists and their postmodern offspring, as well as racial supremacists, have exaggerated the differences between people, and worldviews, emphasizing how each person looks at the world from their own individual eyes.

The real differences between people are related to evolution, which is activated not only by reproduction and natural selection but is activated by the Will To Godhood, and here the natural separations of kinships, groups and races are relevant. But since all groups are vitally activated by the Will to Godhood, or the Holy Spirit, and since evolution takes place most essentially at the group level, the natural social and political philosophy is to affirm small states, regions, etc, where each group can evolve in variety toward Godhood.

The social message of Jesus can thus resonate in Evolutionary Christianity toward helping all people, all groups, all races. All people, all small states are encouraged to evolve in their own way, all people being equally motivated by the same powerful Holy Spirit or Will to Godhood. Not one people is noble or chosen, all people are evolving to Godhood and should be helped and encouraged to do so, even with "cooperative competition," which is Civilizing the Beast.

The Will To Godhood or the Holy Spirit, which activates life and evolution is the Ultimate Law, but does It therefore go before any government rules and regulations? No. As in the United States Constitution, there is a separation between church and state, and Evolutionary Christianity maintains this separation. This leaves room for a variety of paths for religion and people to evolve to Godhood. The goal is determined but the path is undetermined.

Monday, September 20, 2010

How I disagree with the esoteric traditionalists

I disagree with esoteric traditionalists who reject forming an alliance with the Vatican. I see these as forces of ecumenism gradually realizing the sameness between all the Revealed Religions, both esoteric and exoteric. What they are missing is the Evolutionary Outward Path of the evolution of life to Godhood.

The true separation is not between the Revealed Religions, all of which affirm the Involutionary Inward Path to the God Within, the separation is between the Inward Religions who have put up a Great Spiritual Blockade against the material-supermaterial evolution to Godhood of the Twofold Path, which affirms both the Inward and Outward Paths of the Evolutionary Christian Church.

The Western Neoplatonic view also connects to the Eastern view of religion and philosophy, as in Hinduism, and this should point the way to ecumenism between the East and the West. This is ecumenism is objected to by the esoteric traditionalists, who in doing so affirm supremacism, which is contrary to the variety needed in evolution. The Outward Path can realize and affirm separation and variety in the evolution to Godhood, it is the Inward Path which allows the real ecumenism which exists between the religions.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Old In The New

Gail Leggio (American Arts) reminds us that we need to "engage with" tradition and history, we don't need to imitate old models. The new needs to keep the old fresh. But moving forward within a tradition is a tricky proposition.

T. S. Eliot, both a high modernist and classicist, said that we know more than those who came before us because they are what we know.

Revitalizing religion is even trickier than reviving art because religious revelation is usually set in dogmatic stone, protected by declarations of heresy. I think it is a mistake to declare that the “ leaps of being” (Kirk) at the roots of order are finished. Such great leaps can be revelations by any other name.

The Twofold Path in Evolutionary Christianity is such a leap, affirming the Outward Path of evolution to Godhood, while including the tradition of the Inward Path to the God Within. This is the way I cope with religion and philosophy dying in the West, while holding on to tradition.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Seeing the Whole Pattern

Differences With Hegel

Evolution Is The True Dialectic.

Scientists arrived on the scene when they could see evolution moving from the simple to the complex, among other things, but they missed the period when evolution will or had attained its highest complexity, its highest consciousness and truth: which is Godhood. Life was born “simple” moving again toward the complex and finally to Godhood. To see the whole pattern requires more than science strictly allows. Intellectual imagination or intellectual intuition comes before science, science can then map the pattern found. Seeing patterns, simple or beautiful or complex patterns, before mathematics enters to put numbers on the patterns, is what creates beautiful mathematics. The pattern comes first. But, lest we worship the pattern, even before the pattern was or is the Object, simple or complex, and finally the Supreme Object Godhood.

Moral imagination traces the patterns or affirms the patterns. I agree with Hegel that only the whole—which I define as Godhood--- is true, and all the stages and beings and becomings of evolution are only partially true. We cannot know Absolute Truth until we evolve to Godhood. We do not know the Absolute Truth from the Involutionary Inward Path to the Soul and Spirit Within, as the Revealed Religions have too often claimed. We can only know the Absolute Truth when we evolve to Godhood in the Evolutionary Outward Path (The Twofold Path). This will define “Totality.”

It is evolution that preserves what it descended from, yet goes beyond. Evolution is the true “dialectic.” Truth defines the object of truth, truth does not, or should not stand alone outside the object of truth. This means truth should be seen as an organic object rather than only as mathematics.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Protectionism, the real American Way

..."In the end, America only seriously turned away from protectionism as a Cold War gambit to prop up capitalist economies abroad and tie them to the U.S. Geopolitics trumped domestic economics..."

"America Was Founded as a Protectionist Nation" by Ian Fletcher.

Spiritual evolution is form-evolution

When people like Sri Aurobindo (and Ken Wilber) tell us that a theory of "spiritual evolution" is not identical with form-evolution and physical evolution, this plays into the Great Spiritual Blockade against true evolution to Godhood.

The Soul is defined as the Zenith of the Mind, which is the Zenith of the Body. Form-evolution happens with the Body, which is activated and receives information from the Spirit-Will within the Body (the Zenith of the Soul, the Will to Godhood, the Seed of God), working along with the forces of nature, shaped by evolution. The evolution of the Spirit-Within travels along with and activates the evolution of the Body to Godhood.

We reach the Soul-Within through involution not evolution.  The Soul is not the Spirit-Will.  The Soul is the seat of involutionary Enlightenment and the Father Within.

We evolve first materially and later supermaterially in the sense of an advancement toward higher forms of evolution.

Scientific theory in the future can be concerned with both the Inward Soul and the Outward goal of the Spirit-Will, which is the Evolution to Godhood. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How much freedom do we have?

We seem to be free to decide between some of the various causes of our bodies and the environment. This is what consciousness does, it can reflect on decisions we make, the less consciousness the less reflection. This is a kind of freedom but since our bodies and the environment are determined causes of this freedom it seems to be a limited freedom.

So the choices seem to be to choose wisely between mainly determined paths. When we are conscious of evolution then we may see the choice between evolution and devolution. We are born with both devolutionary and evolutionary attributes, as Tomotom Siftung pointed out, and the environment can reinforce either of these. The Evolutionary Christian Church says we need to reinforce the evolutionary attributes because this is the Path to Godhood. The goal is determined but the paths to the goal are mainly undetermined.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hegel's Truncated God

Hegel's Absolute Knowledge seems to me to be a truncated version of Godhood. God is not “philosophy as such,” God is not merely the highest Mind (Giest) or Spirit, Godhood is an epiphenomenal, supermaterial Supreme Object, or objects, Godhood can be described by the old alchemical statement, as above so below, but in the material sense.. That is, contrary to Hegel, Absolute Knowledge cannot be accomplished by philosophy or science alone, it requires the evolution of biological and supermaterial life itself. “Logic” may be evolution, or evolution may be logic, which is a form of the “dialectic,” but what is vital is the evolution of body, mind and spirit together, reproducing with other bodies, and evolving ever upward in a spiral until Godhood is evolved to.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pop Culture Is Destroyed: Reaction to the MTV Video Music Awards 2010

Affirm Your Own Culture

The destructive-controlled media has finally destroyed pop culture, which it has been trying to do since at least the 1950's. MTV has managed to turn pop culture into criminal-class rap and rock culture. Taylor Swift should take her skinny blond self back to Country Music, although Nashville too is being destroyed. What is to be done?

Black culture is doing fine now, with a strong will to power, helped along by the controlled media. It is the young Whites and Latinos who are trying to copy Black culture that I am worried about. Young Whites and Hispanics need to find and affirm their own cultures. These various groups, these races, these cultures, are different and they need to affirm their differences. Let all races have a will to power, let us allow one another our own cultures. This is human nature, this harmonizes with the natural world.

Can this be done? Will there be another Civil War in America? Should we head for the hills? One way or another the United States needs to return to the Constitution and give the power back to the States. We need separation and variety. We need a far lighter federal government. We need economic nationalism protecting manufacturing in the States. And we need new nondestructive-uncontrolled media.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beyond Evolutionary Epistemology

I would say that the epistemology of theological materialism is based in evolutionary epistemology, that is, with a basis in the natural selection of things, including the mind itself, which are relevant for successful survival and reproduction. But I take this further by adding the Will To Godhood, or the  Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, as the original monistic activator of the material-supermaterial world, which pushes life and evolution ever upward.

This means we are propelled by more than survival for survival sake, or reproduction for reproduction sake. We are evolving all the way to Godhood, the Absolute Thing-In-Itself, or Things, which is a supermaterial and epiphenomenal Supreme Object. This Will or Spirit therefore also influences evolution, working along with natural selection which shapes from the outside.

Epistemologically we see or know what we need to know for successful survival, even if what we know may not be Kant's thing-in-itself. We see as much “truth” as has been successful for survival, this is how evolution has shaped our minds. Yet there is a deeper thing than the Soul-Within that the mystics have not seen and this is the Spirit-Will-to Godhood, or the Spirit-Will.

This Spirit or Will, which is material or supermaterial, gives the whole evolutionary system a greater purpose than pure blind survival. We are seeing at least partially the Real Thing In Itself when we see the Spirit-Will or the Spirit's destination, which is Godhood. And seeing Godhood has also been good for evolution, survival and reproduction. Sociobiology has recently shown how valuable religion has been for bonding people to help them survive, while neglecting any Will or Spirit present in this.

When we see the Spirit-Will, or when we discern Godhood, we are not seeing the Whole Supreme Godhood, just as we are not seeing the thing-in-itself when we see the world but only part of the world, as Kant taught. But this seeing is enough to help guide us to Godhood, where we will see much more.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Great Evolutionary Historical Narrative

Materializing Spirituality

I think, roughly speaking, the evolutionary, historical and self-consciousness narrative moves in stages from narrow unconscious-self-interest (primitive man) to kin-interest and group interest (paganism) to the rejection of self-interest (traditional religion) to supremacist self-interest (racial nationalism) to inter-group self-interest (variety in ethnostates ) and to the evolution toward Godhood of all ethnostates (Evolutionary Christianity). The narrative or evolution ends at Godhood.

Various groups and nations are at various stages in this evolutionary narrative, but the direction is upward in this way, but can decline of course. Consciousness and knowledge advanced this way. Godhood or the Absolute is not crucified, as in Hegel's narrative, or sacrificed, as in paganism , but is transformed in evolution. This is theological materialism.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Nietzsche and Wagner Were Both Wrong About Racism

Nietzsche hurt Wagner by more or less calling him a conman, and Wagner hurt Nietzsche by spreading gossip that Nietzsche was an onanist, or even a homosexual.

In my opinion, both Nietzsche and Wagner were wrong in the following way: Wagner was wrong in being an imperial or supremacist racist, therefore not seeing the natural drive of every race, including the Jews who he despised, to live and advance in evolution. And Nietzsche was wrong in centering on the individual genius, the individual superman over the group upon whom the superman depends (which reversed his earlier position). I think in this Nietzsche was at least to some degree overreacting to his bitter feud with Wagner.

The way this battle will be resolved is to affirm the deep human nature (all humans) of kin-centeredness and group selection, even xenophobia or racism, rather than repressing or denying it, which doesn't make it go away. The problem is not racism, the problem is selfish, imperial, supremacist racism, in which a noble Aryan or chosen Jew (and now Black and Hispanic) claim exclusive right to live and evolve. Sociobiology has been the latest science to show that human nature is deeply kin-centered and group-centered and xenophobic. To try to outlaw this is absurd.

This position will be smeared as being supremacist racist, mostly by supremacist racists, but this is the real courageous way to deal with racism; one can move backward or forward no further than this. All races seek to live and advance and evolve and should be allowed to do so in small, virtually independent states, protected by a light federalism. In the United States I do not see this conflicting with the Constitution.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Guiding Biogenetics

According to New Scientists (Aug 28 2010) China is investing in biogenetics in a massive way. Supposedly a document from the Chinese Academy of Sciences says that the goal of their biogenetic research is to enable large-scale medical procedures which will "rectify the physical and physiological weaknesses of the Chinese people." Meanwhile in the West we debate whether to use stem cells to prevent disease.

Will the Chinese seek merely better workers? That is not nearly enough. There is a place for philosophy and religion in science but not to stop research in biogenetics. It is to help guide biogenetics toward the evolution of life to Godhood. We need to evolve higher intelligences, higher consciousness and refined complexity, evolving to the Absolute of these things, which is Godhood.

This is the biogenetics of the Evolutionary Outward Path, affirmed in the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC). The Involutionary Inward Path of traditional religion is the Path of blocking the material world, including evolution, so that we may better see the God Within. This is affirmed too in EC, but it is time for the next stage of religion, where theological materialism takes man to Godhood in the Kosmos, whom we first encountered in the Inward Path.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Group rights versus government coercion

Ayn Randians and the libertarians have been incensed with the smears against capitalism and individual rights, but then they smeared altruism and group rights by equating them with senseless state and government coercion, to the point of calling altruism “evil.” But sociobiology has affirmed that Rand was simply wrong about altruism. Rand thought that altruism was total self-sacrifice with no benefit to the individual. But selection takes place at the group level first and at the individual level second. The individual is, among other things, served through altruism toward his kin and group by advancing similar genes successfully into the future. Group rights affirm this basic bio-social fact. The individual will not survive without the group.

I affirm the freedom of group life, group liberty, group happiness. Individual rights are important but they follow within group rights. If one upholds group rights then one upholds a political system of localism, small states, and light federalism protecting these rights. This finds accord with the United States Constitution. No revolution is necessary, but a Revitalized Conservatism is called for. Each group, each state has the right to exist and evolve with variety and in separation, and in cooperative competition with other states. This is freedom within the laws of nature.

The group ethos helps explain how the fair trade of economic nationalism can be affirmed over Rand's individualism, which results in the free-wheeling globalism and the unfair trade of the military-industrial-complex. No doubt the fair trade economic system of the United States, with tariffs on foreign imports, achieved in one century more freedom and prosperity than all other economic systems in human history, and I affirm this system, yet even so, each state within the federal system has the right to decide its own way within the system, as long as it does not try to impose itself on other states.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

The False Separation Between Religion and Science

To adapt a phrase of Indian mystic, Sister Vandana, Godhood is experienceable but not expressible. This to me means that the denotations and formulations of religion and science do not cover the existential experience of Godhood. Here is where religion moves out of the realm of science. This does not mean that science should be thrown out, as many religious people think, but it also does not mean that science should throw out religion. Both struggle to define the world and should be jointly used. Religion is not the “heart” and science the “head,” both religion and science are in the head, as the Soul is the Zenith of the Mind and the Spirit is the Zenith of the Soul.

I think that one day science and religion will become one field, as the spiritual qualities are seen as supermaterial. The Logos and the Word are a mirror of the Supreme Object and not the other way around. We do not pass from unreality to reality, or from darkness to light as we evolve to Godhood, we pass from lower reality to superreality. The error comes from separating spirit from matter, which is the base of the false separation between religion and science.

Friday, September 03, 2010

I like Spinoza but...

I like Spinoza's monism but I do not define Godhood as the universe. Godhood is the Zenith of the evolution of all things, but not the cosmos itself. I agree with Spinoza that mind, matter, and everything spiritual, or intellectual, and all things material are of the same basic substance.

I think that we have access to the truth through reason, but also through religious techniques. We can access timeless truths through both science and religion, but not the whole truth. Only Half-Truth of Godhood resides in the Spirit-Will or the Will to Godhood, which activates us to Godhood as it's central mission.

I agree with Hegel that truth is more historical, but I use the term evolutionary. I work with Theological Materialism, not a dialectical or historical materialism. Spinoza (and Plato) seems to have thought we could access the whole truth through reason, perhaps through mathematics-like forms, but I think we need to evolve materially and supermaterially to see higher truths, and we need to evolve all the way to Godhood before we can know (or be) Absolute Truth.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Positive and Negative Theology

The social concerns of the Revealed Religions derive from a negative theology, which says that since material things do not, or should not matter, one should therefore not be greedy, warlike etc., what really matters are the unseen things that can only be reached by blocking out the material world and all its concerns. This is in fact seeking freedom from personal bondage, and the social concerns of Negative Theology are directly related to this way of defining bondage. This is Negative Theology.

The Positive Theology of the Evolutionary Christian Church admits the Negative Theology of the Revealed Religions, in the Involutionary Inward Path, as being the Path to the Kingdom of God Within, which indeed can be arrived at only by blocking out material life. But in the Twofold Path, the material and supermaterial Path of evolution to Godhood is accomplished through the Evolutionary Outward Path. The Kingdom of God Within of the Inward Path is seeing or experiencing the Soul or Spirit Within, which is only Half-Knowing God. The Outward Path relates to living in the world of pains and joys, and this Path evolves life to the Real Supreme Object Godhood, at the Zenith of Evolution in the Kosmos. This is Positive Theology.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The New Goal of Theology

The goal of theology is not only to come closer to God so we are one with Him, this was/is the goal only of the Involutionary Inward Path, seeking the Soul, the Kingdom of God Within, which is not Godhood. The new goal of theology requires the Twofold Path, that is, to find the long path to attaining Godhood through evolution in the cosmos, all the way to the real supermaterial epiphenomenal Godhood.

Theology is cerebral and academic, but also of the heart not the head, yet it now must include real biological and supermaterial evolution, or theological materialism, which is why such fields as sociobiology and futurism are included in the thinking of the theology of the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC).

Godhood remains beyond total conceptualization at this time, but as we evolve, Godhood becomes clearer. The big change in the theology of ECC is the transference of the Kingdom of God from the Inward Path of the Soul, to the Outward Path of evolution to Godhood, while still retaining the Inward Path. I believe this is a theology comprehensible to our age. That is what theology is supposed to be.