Saturday, December 24, 2016

The sacred sufficient reason and purpose of life

Everything represents perceptive things in time and space and can be empirically understood, but for some things to be understood, sense experience and intelligence need to further evolve. Causal explanation can explain the world but there appears to be no beginning and end to the world and so further knowledge of this will also have to await further material evolution. Material things can exist without the human mind perceiving them, which is just common sense, but this is also related to the level of evolution of the perceiving mind.

Prior to the operation of the the intellect is the operation of the senses, but prior to the senses is the general activation of life itself which takes place within material life and is never separate from life. This is the first cause of life, which I call the Will-Spirit or Spirit Will---I include the word "spirit" simply to show the connection to traditional religion, which is included but transformed---the spiritual is really supermaterial.

Concepts and definitions are secondary to the the objects defined, the living object comes before its definition. Truth is a reference to material or supermaterial objects and does not stand alone without materiality. Truth is grounded in objects outside of itself. The sacred sufficient reason and purpose of material life is to evolve toward supermaterial Godhood. Again, this knowledge, this ontology and epistemology of theological materialism---which has been argued about for 2000 years usually in obscure ways---does not destroy traditional religion or philosophy, it includes and transforms them.

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