Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where Are The Western Leaders?

Religions or political philosophies which claim to be more noble (Aryan) or chosen (Jewish) must be condemned as damaging to human harmony and the survival of variety.

Hierarchy is natural within groups or nations, as it is in the animal world, but hierarchy is not helpful or successful between races and nations. Imperialism is a negative development of racial supremacy and hierarchy between states. Each race should naturally have its own state, or ethnostate, and each state should be respected in a balance of power among states. There is also a solid basis for harmony among Christians, Jews and Muslims since they all worship the same God of the Inward Path.

Powerful negative forces keep the Western leaders from speaking out and demanding a cease fire between Israel and Palestine, and a two state solution.

Half The Great Truth

The Great Spiritual Blockade

The noble figures of Christ and Buddha in art are said to show us “that which is” and that which “should be” or that which we “are,” (Frithjof Schuon) but these sacred works are only half the picture. These are the noble symbols of the Involutionary Inward Path, the icons of the Soul Within. Yet here is where the tragic error takes place.

Settling for half the great truth has led to the debasement of the entire material world, but more tragically, it has been blocking our evolution to God with a Great Spiritual Blockade.

The “holy sleep” reverently displayed in the images of the Buddha are indeed sleep, and are truly what Shankara called “ the stilling of mental agitation and the supreme appeasement.” Here is a quote from Sri Ramakrishna: "The world is impermanent. One should constantly remember death."

The Inward Path of Christ, Buddha and the Primordial Tradition, needs to be fulfilled in the Outward Path that leads evolution to Godhood. Together both paths, the Twofold Path, define the religious order of the Theoevolutionary Church, which is a remanifestation of manifested religions.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Diverting consciousness is not raising consciousness

Consciousness is not “raised” when concentrating on God with single-pointedness, consciousness is diverted from the things of this world, and these are two different things. When one force is blocked another tends to move with more force. The mind does not really rise above the sensory level when experiencing the Soul-Within, we experience God while in our bodies. The Spirit lies within the body but the Zenith of the body is defined as essentially the Soul. When in one-pointedness and when we experience the Soul Within we are experiencing the Soul within the Mind-Soul-Body. The Soul Within wishes to evolve to God and does so through the activation of the Spirit-Within, which primarily wishes to evolve to God.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

NAFTA Gone Wrong

"NAFTA: An Unprecedented Experiment Gone Wrong"

"NAFTA has made American manufacturing uncompetitive and has caused a large amount of our production facilities to move out of the country. We were promised widespread job creation, it never materialized.

NAFTA's 900 page agreement was a radical experiment that had never before been undertaken. In essence, NAFTA granted foreign investors a new set of privileges allowing them to promote manufacturing to take advantage of Mexico's lower wages, and lower cost of doing business. We loaned Mexico $20 billion to build their nation up, so we would have a country to export our goods to.

Americans were told the Mexican economy would be transformed from the ranks of a developing nation into an economic powerhouse. The growing Mexican economy was supposed to prop up the U.S. by increasing our trade surplus and creating hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

Fourteen years later, NAFTA's idealistic promises have yet to come to fruition. Instead, thousands of our factories have closed up and moved to Mexico to take advantage of their slave labor wages destroying our manufacturing base and slashing American jobs. Since 1993, manufacturing employment in the U.S. has decreased from 16.8 million to 13.9 million. NAFTA has clearly not delivered on the promise of widespread job creation.

Similarly, Mexico did not become a world player buying up American exports. Instead our trade surplus with Mexico deteriorated into a 91 billion deficit and the combined deficit with Canada and Mexico has increased to $190 billion.

NAFTA proponents blindly led the American public into a disastrous experiment that has clearly gone awry. If NATFA is not changed or canceled quickly the only place your children will find a job will be working for a foreign owned company, as all of our companies are moving out of the country.

While campaigning President-elect Barack Obama clamored for "fair trade" over "free trade." Americans need to hold him accountable to his campaign rhetoric by signing the renegotiate NAFTA petition, which urges President-elect Obama to begin renegotiating NAFTA immediately after taking office..."

Click here to Economy In Crisis to read the full article.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Ongoing Establishment

It seems that President Bush began with good instincts, (or he was a better actor than we gave him credit for) with a tendency toward rejecting the Liberal Internationalism of the Establishment, which is the ongoing almost amorphous process of using anything that arises to help the drift toward the goal of world governance. But Bush was fairly easily co opted by Neoconservatives, who are really promoting another version of liberal internationalism. Nixon had fought against this same liberal internationalism of the east coast (by promoting a balance of powers) and was probably brought down as a consequence of his courage.

Democrats generally aid this process, but Republicans are often co opted, as happened with President Bush, and perhaps Reagan to a lesser extent. Now President Elect Obama fits right into the slot preferred by the Liberal International Establishment, and we can expect the Establishment to have an easy time with him, aided by the U.N., the Council On Foreign Relations, etc.

Some of the forces fighting against the Establishment at this time, with varying degrees of success, are the Paleoconservatives, libertarians, the New Right in Europe, Eurasianism, and some versions of Islam.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Mystery Appears Twofold But Is One

The Mystery in the Evolutionary Christian Church is Twofold, founded in God becoming man, through the Traditional Inward Path of attaining the Kingdom of God Within, but also in the Mystery of man becoming God through the Outward Path of material evolution to God. Since the God Within is the seed or mind of the God Without, the Mystery is really One.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Paganism, Monotheism, and the Theoevolutionary Church

Bringing ancient power back to religion

In very basic terms, Paganism gave power to the tribe, that is, successful survival and reproduction, eros, sacred power acquired for the tribe from objects, trees, etc. via shaministic actions. This was one of the first developments of religion.

When paganism discovered conscious ethical behavior it was also applied to the advancing tribe, and sometimes applied to all tribes. Monotheism developed, synthesizing the One power into paganism, the power of individual trees etc. as the same One power in all things, which was now seen as demanding certain ethical behavior to be in harmony with that One power.

But over time monotheism became ethical rationalism and far removed from the spirit within the trees, and religion lost much of its power. Western science grew out of this rationalism, and eventually science developed the theory of evolution.

The New Age movement can be seen as an attempt to bring back the ancient power of the spirit of the trees, however a mistake was often made by rejecting or leaving out monotheist ethics and applying only eros, the spirit of the trees.

The Theoevolutionary Church brings religion up to the next level in synthesizing science and evolution while also bringing religion back to the ancient spirit within the trees and within man. We see the One spirit activating life to evolve to Godhood. The evolutionary science of Beyondism is applied to monotheism, bringing ethics back to the spirit. In order to successfully survive and evolve to God certain ethical behavior is required which need not conflict with monotheism.

Paganism saw the spirit within various objects. Old monotheism saw the One Inward God within all things and taught us how to know that God. The Theoevolutionary Church affirms the Outward God attained through evolution as well as the Inward God of Traditional Christianity. We bring the spirit of God and nature back together in religion.

This describes our conservative, or reformconservative approach, including the past while advancing the future, not rejecting the past as revolutionaries do, and not rejecting the future as traditionalist do.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Seeing the material in the spiritual

The great error was in defining “purity” as without materiality. What has not been seen has been defined as unpure or even evil. “Spiritual atoms” are like unseen material atoms.

The God-Within is not all of God, as has been universally reported. The God-Within is only an aspect of the seed or mind of God.

God is not only Supreme Consciousness, God is Supreme Materiality as well.

The Inward God evolves to the Outward God.

It has been said that we must “overcome” the “limitations” of our bodies to see God but this is because we do not yet have the body of God, which we must evolve to.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Suggested Solutions to America's Economic Problems

from Economy In Crisis

The following suggestions should be considered as part of a new plan to recover American industry and economic health:

• Appoint an economic minister, a major cabinet post, to develop an industrial policy that would:
1. Create conditions to make manufacturing competitive and profitable through tax changes and subsidies where needed

2. Protect our economy from foreign predatory practices

3. Create an industrial research and development division similar to government sponsored National Institute of Health (NIH) in medicine or the Apollo project.

Or, copy Japan's very successful system conducted by their Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI) that focuses on needs and development procedures for their new and existing industries.

• Change the tax structure for select industries that are vital to strategic American interests - steel, transportation, cement and others.

• Amend or get out of our agreement with the WTO. It places our domestic trade laws in the hands of an undemocratic organization whose decisions have been consistently and unfairly adjudicated.

• Eliminate the out dated Value Added Tax (VAT) agreement. It unjustifiably subsidizes foreign exports to us, while simultaneously penalizing our exports to them.

• Amend or get out of NAFTA. It incentivizes our companies to move productive facilities out of our country.

• We must analyze every international trade deal by considering if it benefits America; currently most deals do not.

• Use tariffs selectively to prevent the loss of strategic and endangered industries.

• Curtail subsidies foreign owned companies receive from state governments and discourage technology transfer and outsourcing manufacturing that results in the loss of industries.

• Prevent the sale of strategic companies or institutions to foreign ownership.

• Faster depreciation on capital equipment investment - it will lessen the need to outsource manufacturing.

• Control the balance of trade deficit. This is the means through which foreign companies are able to accumulate funds to purchase our best companies.

Free trade has been a disaster. It must be replaced with intelligent trade that prevents foreign predatory practices and better serves U.S. interests.


• We must strive to become competitive; otherwise America must exist on imports with more debt,

• American owned companies have lost their edge and, on balance, are not as productive or as protective as many other foreign companies. This must be corrected.

• It must be profitable to manufacture in America otherwise domestic companies will outsource their manufacturing.

• America is losing a major economics war by relinquishing management and control of the economy through effects of our balance of trade deficit, outsourcing, subsidized insourcing and foreign tax benefits.

• Consider the consequences of losing whole industries such as publishing, autos, movies, steel, electronics, clothing and how it impacts national security and living standards.

• We need to analyze and correct:
1. Negative effects of WTO rules and decisions regarding their impact on our economy.

2. Violations of WTO rules practiced by other countries to our detriment

3. Restrictions imposed by foreign governments on American exporting companies.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

USA Loses In An Economics War

"USA Loses In An Economics War And Is Now A Defeated and Conquered Nation

with a destroyed industrial infrastructure, forced to live on imports and on credit from anyone who will offer it. Here is how it happened:

Americans have been defeated in an economics war with consequences as meaningful and damaging as if having lost a military war. Strangely, the citizens do not feel the pain and economic destruction to the same extent as a perilous military defeat. Americans are oblivious to how this defeat happened and how it is affecting them, going about their merry way, living well in passive and painless submission, on borrowed money and cheap imports from China and Japan.

China and Japan each operate their economies as one huge business that is done first-and-foremost for the best interest of their countries. Functioning with a unique, effective and a most-creative system of guided and managed capitalism, their economies are set up to destroy any competitive economy that stands in their way.

Each nation may have a handful of rich entrepreneurs, but no one makes money at the expense or the well-being of their country. The economies of China and Japan are planned, guided and nurtured where necessary, with defined goals – for the benefit of their countries.

Witness Japan. From the ashes of the bombings in 1945, to today, after 63 years, Japan is now one of the world’s most productive nations. The country has accomplished this feat with only 4 percent of America’s land mass, 40 percent of America’s total population and no natural resources. With far less people, land and resources, Japan has an $80 billion yearly balance-of-trade surplus with the U.S. It has the second largest current account surplus next to China and has accumulated $1.2 trillion during the last 20 years while currently lending America $517.2 billion. Per capita, Japan now outproduces all other nations while paying the world’s highest wages.

Americans should take note of Japan’s ability to rise from a tattered-and-torn nation, with a third-world country status, to one of the world’s most powerful countries. China and Japan operate their economies in a war-like fashion to destroy their competitors, strategically backing Americans into an increasingly impossible corner. These countries have now become America’s foremost bankers, which gives them leveraged advantage as our fiercest competitors. The U.S. cannot compete with these two global competitors, China and Japan.

It is impossible for Americans to compete with next-to-nothing Chinese wage rates, coupled with China's excellent technology. Japan demonstrates unparalleled strength through its superior capital and knowledge intensive manufacturing sector. Both nations have completely knocked the U.S. out of many of the industries the U.S. originally founded.

America’s TV manufacturing industry is 100 percent foreign owned, the sound recording industry is 97 percent foreign owned, and the motion picture industry is 75 percent foreign owned, with Japan controlling many of these individual companies. Foreigners own 79 percent of the commodity, contracts, dealings and brokerage business.

Nations that finance our foreign debt and export numerous products to the U.S. are building large currency reserves from their balance of trade surpluses: Arab countries have $3 trillion, China has $1.8 trillion and Japan has amassed $1 trillion. These currency reserves are economic bullets poised to strike and take out any American company.

All U.S. companies are for sale on the open stock market. We could not, in our "free trade" economy, prevent the takeover of U.S. companies. Having so many "economic bullets," foreign entities came in and obliterated American ownership of our companies. These were the companies (16,613 of them sold to foreign interests in the last 30 years) that formerly generated wealth and strength for our country; the means by which we became the world’s richest and strongest country with the highest standard of living.

Chinese and Japanese companies are not for sale. They understand their companies are the wealth generators, representing the best interests of the entire nation. American industries no longer benefit the people; they benefit a select few billionaires, millionaires and stock holders. These individuals are not concerned about the welfare of the country, only their own, often to the detriment of the country.

It is from the Chinese and Japanese business models that America must mold itself. Companies should not benefit a select few, but should enrich and empower the country as a whole. When America realizes this, businesses will not be bought-up, but industry primarily will remain domestic. This must occur to stop dependence on foreign capital and imports. We must modify our system to prevent takeover and predatory practices by foreign competitors, putting protective measures in place as most other countries have done. This will protect us and allow us to become productive, competitive and economically independent. If this is not immediately implemented, we must resign ourselves as a defeated and conquered nation. Living as a foreign owned colony, controlled and managed by foreign interests for their benefit, and we as their subjects."

from Economy In Crisis

Traditional Law and Evolutionary Law

In the Evolutionary Christian Church the Inward Path follows the Traditional Law (TL) of involutionary Christianity, and has changed little. The Outward Path follows Evolutionary Law (EL). TL attempts to understand God's laws from within, EL attempts to understand God's laws from without. The material evolves to the spiritual, but first it involves to the spiritual within. Science tends to help us discern EL, and religion tends to help us discern TL, although both work together.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Two Necessary Paths To See And Attain Godhood

“Truthfulness is from God” (Mundakopanishad 2.1.7.)

“Thou shalt not bear false witness” (Matt. 19.18)

The Inward Path to God is extremely difficult to attain, which helps explain why so few people attain the Supreme Spiritual State. In Traditional religions the Inward Path excludes the Evolutionary Outward Path to God. Material life is rejected, or at least regarded with complete disinterest in attaining the Supreme State.

In his book “Jesus Christ and Yoga,” S. S. Goswami describes how all the great yogins attained the Supreme Spirit inwardly through spiritual knowledge combined with sexual continence. Jesus Christ taught that worldly persons marry but those living a spiritual life, that is, those who spiritualize their minds, desires and thoughts are without sexual desire. “...There be eunuchs which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.” (Matt. 19. 9-12) And in Luke 20, 34-6, Jesus promised those who did so, “Neither can they die any more, for they are equal unto angels; and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection.”

The Theoevolutionary Church teaches that it is vital not to stop the Path to Godhood with the realization of the Inward Soul or Father Within, blissful and true as it is, because this leads to The Great Spiritual Blockade of the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood, which requires sacred, evolutionary, survival and reproduction. The material world has been grossly neglected and sinned against. Unlike the exclusively inward teachers, we do not reject the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood, but we also uniquely do not reject the Involutionary Inward Path to the Soul Within. Both Paths, the Involutionary Inward and the Evolutionary Outward are necessary, first to see the Soul within, and then to outwardly evolve to Godhood, activated by the Spirit-Will.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Every truth

"Every truth – no matter who speaks it – is from the Holy Spirit."
(omne verum a quocumque dicatur a Spiritu Sancto est) (St Thomas Aquinas)

"Accept the truth, whatever its sources."
Moses Maimonides

The "Holy Spirit" is in theological materialism the material/supermaterial Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, which activates life to evolve toward Godhood.