Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The conspiracy nuts were right about the bankers

When you blame the bankers you look like a conspiracy nut, but the conspiracy nuts were right. An excellent essay by Anne Williamson ("Wreckers and Builders," Chronicles, Nov. 2016) makes this most clear.

I describe the world since WWII as "Germany lost, bankers won" (Williamson uses the term fascism rather than bankers). Big government and globalism grew huge due to the central bankers who have profited greatly from the now $20 trillion dollar national debt owed to the bankers, with much help from the Big Media and the academic world who brainwashed the public with socialism and cultural Marxism.

The next move for the bankers, following now charging depositors even to hold their deposits, is for bankers to dispense with cash entirely making all transaction go through the banks, who of course earn money for the privilege, and which also allows the tracking of every transaction for the taxman. This brings a government tyranny like never before.

The Russians did not fall for the Western banking conspiracy, although they did at first. Since Putin they have resisted the money lenders, buying gold instead---although they do seem to be wanting to set up their own imperialism, if you listen to their intellectual Alexander Dugin.

When president elect Donald Trump calls for making America great again by rebuilding the military and saving the nation's infrastructure will he once again fall for the scams of the bankers to lend him the money even though we are $20 trillion in debt? Or will he be only a front for the next stage of banker fascism?

Those who have attempted to dislodge the corrupt bankers have always lost, even if they were very popular in the short term...If the earth and people on earth are going to survive and evolve the big bankers have to lose.

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