Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Harmonizing The Revolution

The reality is that the Theoevolutionary Church points toward the most radical social change or revolution since the beginning of the Revealed Religions. But unlike most “radicalism,” the Theoevolutionary Church is harmonized and tempered with Conservatism, the inclusion of Tradition in the Twofold Path. Ordered Evolution and Revitalized Conservatism synthesize the radicalism of the mission.

Our mission is to help all people, all races, all cultures evolve beyond the human species upward in consciousness, intelligence, beauty and goodness all the way to Godhood in the distant future.  The affirmation of material life evolving to supermaterial life and on to Godhood, is the foundation of the social revolution, brought about by the addition of the sacred Evolutionary Outward Path to the Traditional Involutionary Inward Path.

In seeking to evolve to Godhood, the Theoevolutionary Church developed not to destroy Christian Tradition, or the Tradition of the East, but to fulfill these Traditions.

There needs to be a constant effort to raise all people, all races, all states in evolution, but inequality needs to be seen as natural and normal. The primary mission of the Theoevolutionary Church is to help all groups rise according to their own cultural procedures and abilities. The love of ones own people needs to be seen as healthy, this is the way bonding takes place in maintaining as well as advancing evolution. We champion small states, with a light federalism protecting their independence, as the best long term way to maintain and advance human life.

Imperialism and racial supremacy of any one kind, noble, chosen, or elite,  is not affirmed in the Theoevolutionary Church. Such supremacy can stop variety and innovation and can create deep and often violent resentment of one group by another, eventually damaging both groups. The world, the Kosmos, is evolving to Godhood, and not just one people, and the Church and the Twofold Path will help guide this evolution.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Contra Vedanta

I don't see Being “polarizing” Itself into something else while still remaining Itself united. Being becomes Being preceded by the uniting of formerly polarized life.

Only if an abstract principle or an idea is defined as God can God be thought of as distinct from a concrete object. Godhood is not an abstract conception but a Supreme Concrete Object.

A Third Force is present in all this, the Spirit-Will that activates from within all life to evolve to Godhood, which is then shaped from without by evolution. Even at the Great Union of Godhood it is the fully realized Spirit-Will which helps to Transform supermaterialism into the next cosmic Godhood, which then contains the distinctive qualities of the arrived Godhood.

Old cosmos containing the properties of past transformed Godhood continue to seek Godhood, following black holes, big bangs and other actions in the cosmos. This suggests a multiverse rather than a universe.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Adding Real Purpose To Nietzsche

It could be said that the Evolutionary Church adds direction and a goal to Nietzsche's anti-teleological will-to-power, and redefines the will-to-power as the will-to-Godhood, or the Spirit-Will, which seeks not amoral, undirectional power only, but seeks to activate life to Godhood from within, while being shaped from without by evolution.

Nietzsche thought that humanity “as a species is not progressing and does not represent any progress compared with any other animal,” ("Nihilism's Conscience,” Ronald Osborn, Modern Age, Fall 2010). For Nietzsche, life seeks power, goalless power, amorally or immorally if need be, or creates its own morality. Theology and metaphysics are spent forces for Nietzsche mainly because Nietzsche dismisses direction and purpose in power and in evolution.

But when Godhood is seen as a naturalistic and theological goal, the goal of evolution, then biology and theology need not settle for the empty spiritualism that Nietzsche detested. Nature and philosophy evolve to Godhood.

Nietzsche mainly wanted philosophy to ally itself with natural science, with what would now be called sociobiology, and Nietzsche thought this would finally do away with God and religion. But with sociobiology, the altruism which Nietzsche saw only weakness in, is seen as advancing the power of group survival and reproductive success, with religion helping to bond that altruism. I see no reason to reject these values as weakness in the will-to-power.

When sociobiology is seen teleologically then religion re-enters the world. The vitalism and teleology of the Spirit-Will (will-to-Godhood) saves God and religion while affirming the naturalization of philosophy which Nietzsche championed.

Nietzsche remains a nihilist, and his preference for naturalism in philosophy doesn't change his nihilism because Nietzsche saw no direction, no order, no goal to evolution, other than amoral, directionless power. This purposelessness seems to be another fiction to replace the old fiction of a material-free, evolution-free spiritualism.

All theology depends on joining with a new natural philosophy which sees direction and purpose in evolution. Godhood becomes the goal of evolution. Nihilism can only be overcome this way. At this point it is the “faith” that there is no purpose to the will-to-power in evolution, against the faith that there is purpose in evolution. I believe the science which Nietzsche truly preferred will one day affirm purpose, direction and the goal of Godhood in evolution. This will then give us the best of both faith and reason.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Grounding Being

It seems to me that both St. Thomas and Heidegger could not give Being a ground ( "Heidegger and Aquinas," Caputo). Being was left groundless.

I see it as a device, an abandonment, to say, as Heidegger said, that Being is "time," or more precisely, that Being gives Itself to man in the form of time, because our senses operate within the horizon of time. This way one doesn't define the ground of Being.

The way to ground Being is to secure Being in materialism-supermaterialism, to define the Spirit-Will as Material Essence, which is also supermaterial. One then can define Existence as a material-supermaterial Body, activated by the Spirit-Will, and shaped from without by evolution.

Godhood is this way grounded in Its own Essence and Existence, as all other causal life is, only Godhood or Being has evolved to the Zenith of the material-supermaterial world.

The problem seems to stem from the old duality of material/spiritual and the inability to see God as material-supermaterial, along with the insistence on a wholly spiritual God with no “confinement” in anything material or supermaterial.

Creation is “mutatio,” nothing can be created out of nothing. This is causal thinking, this is theological materialism. It is time to end the battle between spirit and matter, religion and science. At this time, reason and science can take us to the gate, and intellectual intuition and religion can pass us through the gate, until reason catches up.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nothingness Is Not The Ground Of Being

When I define the “ground of Being” I see the material/supermaterial Spirit-Will as this ground, this Essence. But this is not the ground of Being claimed by most religious mystics over the centuries. They saw, and see, the experience of the ground of Being as the end of the path, they describe it as like a time before the beginning, they see “nothingness,” with no desire to do anything in the ground of Being. This leaves the question why and how did something come from nothing?

The great mystical error, which is also stunningly arrogant, is confounding the empty yet still physical and blissful Soul-State with the ground of Being. Indeed after much discipline and meditation designed to block or stop all material desires of the flesh, one can attain the empty blissful Soul-State. But this is not the ground of Being, this is not God.

The Soul-State of the Revealed Religions can tell us what it may be like when we finally attain the fulfillment of the evolution of the material-supermaterial world, which is not the same as the abandonment of the material-supermaterial world.

It is through the Spirit-Will, the Essence, not the Soul, that one can see the purpose of Existence as the endless evolution of life to Godhood, activated by the Spirit-Will.

Again, this means that something does not come from nothing. Godhood is not nothing, and the Soul-State of attaining nothingness does not define the ground of Being or Godhood.

The Soul-State and the Spirit-Will are goals of the Twofold Path. The Soul-State is involutionary, the Spirit-Will is evolutionary. But the Involutionary Inward Path to the Soul is no longer the central and only goal of religion, it is subsumed in the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood.

Think of this anti-life quote : "I made a pillow of my mother's bones and remained in an undistracted state of tranquility."(Milarepa).  The arrived mystic with no desire to do anything, and no impetus whatever, can be released from this Great Spiritual Blockade.  Life needs to be allowed to evolve to Godhood in the cosmos.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Body and Spirit Unseparated

Without the Spirit-Will the Body-Mind is unactivated to Godhood, and without the psychosomatic Body-Mind the Spirit-Will is impotent.

We do not separate the Spirit-Will from the Body-Mind as the Revealed Religions do thereby damaging and degrading or even killing the material-supermaterial vehicle of the Spirit-Will to Godhood.

The Traditional Religions have taken man out of the world, Evolutionary Christianity brings them back showing the Real Path to Godhood by way of material-supermaterial evolution.

The Soul is the Zenith of the Body, but the Spirit-Will is the Zenith of the Soul, it is the Soul that has been confounded for God.

Attaining the material-free Soul-State in the Inward Path can be a blissful reminder, a virtual experience of what fulfilled Godhood will be like in the Outward Path, but it is not Godhood.

The Evolutionary Outward Path unblocks the Involutionary Inward Path, while retaining both Paths in the Twofold Path.

Light and Dark can end their mystical war in Evolutionary Christianity. The Darkness leads to Light, and the Light creates Darkness.

Flesh is not in opposition to the Spirit, flesh is the vehicle of the Spirit-Will. There are sacred evolutionary and profane devolutionary uses of the flesh, but the flesh itself cannot be seen as evil.

A proper and just social order cannot be established by those who hate the world and the flesh. The Inward Path needs to be balanced with the Outward Path, with Ordered Evolution and Revitalized Conservatism.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How paleoconservatism can be the way out

Basically, the neoconservatives, like the libertarians, put the economy first, and the paleoconservatives put the community first, and this makes all the difference in the world. The neoconservatives are the group that led to the downfall of the American economy, for example, by investing globally and thereby destroying American manufacturing, and by supporting their investments with military interventions around the world. Paleoconservatives were outfoxed by neoconservatives who found ways to appeal to the media and to evangelical Christians.

But as the nation becomes more politically, economically and racially fractured, the Paleos could be seen as the way out, separating the fighting sides by way of promoting the independence of the nation and the independence of the states. Economic-military globalism will fade in any case as America will be too broke to proceed globally. Then the Neos may be seen as elitist enemies of the people.

The Blacks and Hispanics, and increasingly poor whites and the middleclass, will see the Neos as exporting all their jobs and keeping all the wealth for themselves. Perhaps then their will be a contest between the Paleos and Liberals as to who best can help the people, with the Liberals advocating big government—taxing the wealthy---and the Paleos seeking economic nationalism, small government, and the independence of the states. Both will stand against the power of the global Neos. But the liberals may affirm global business if they think they can tax it, which could put them in league with socialist or fascist elements.

Paleoconservatism is distinctively American, which can be a big appeal to Americans, but Liberals will probably have most of the media, and the Academy, as they do now, so the Paleos will need to gain more media and academic power to continue their superior appeal.

All the contenders for the Presidency in 2012 are directly or indirectly supporters of globalism and therefore the neoconservatives, with the possible exception of Ron Paul. But as a libertarian Paul at bottom values the free economy ahead of the community, which is why so many neoconservatives promote him. We need an economic nationalist (fair trade rather than free trade), someone like Pat Buchanan, but he isn't running, and there seems to be none else like him on the stage. But such people will inevitably rise.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Being Within Time

Being-Godhood operates within the horizon of time, as other life, with the same general causes and senses, only Godhood has attained the Zenith of Causes and Senses by way of evolving to the final goal of evolution.

Defining a Being beyond time can be only as a non-concrete concept within the mind of whoever is doing the conceiving. Eternity is related to existence within time, or to concrete objects within time, which continue through reproduction or transformation.

God is considered “confined” to time and concrete things only by way of abstract conceptions. Man's arrogant own conceptions or abstract fantasies of “eternity” are not greater than concrete existence, which seems to have no beginning and no end.

As to the origin of Being Itself, men have often leaped to create an idea of a non-concrete origin, and then worshipped that non-concrete origin. There seems to have been no origin, no beginning and no end. It is not the concept of life but life which seems to have been eternally represented.

Creation of the cosmos and all life is a “mutatio” or transforming, rather than a creating out of nothing.

This leads some to worship “time” as the one eternal thing. But time exists only in relation to concrete objects moving through time, time is not a concrete living object.

The theological materialism of the Evolutionary Church could be seen as nominalist conceptualist, in that only concrete things are seen to exist, and abstract entities do not exist other than in the mind of concrete objects with conceptual minds.  Plato's influential claim that Ideas create form and shape was in error.

Absolute Truth exists only in the Absolute Mind of Godhood, the Supreme Concrete Object or Objects at the Zenith of Evolution in the cosmos, who then continue to transform.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Socio-political reality and human destiny

We strive for human excellence socio-politically, and in evolution, keeping in mind that we cannot expect perfection from human beings. Central to Edmund Burke's conservatism was “prudence” rather than strict ideology.

Godhood is attained at the end of a long chain of evolution, reasoning and culture and metabiolgy move upward in starts and stops and backward going.

In the end, Godhood is not merely found in the head or the heart but in the Supreme Supermaterial Body, the Supreme Object. The Supreme Object is better than love, intelligence, theology or philosophy.

All humanity is activated to evolve to Godhood, therefore, supremacy and imperialism lead inevitably to endless conflict which threatens the whole.

A way has to be found that allows for our evolutionary destiny while taking into account our imperfections.

Human nature is kin-centered, ethnocentric, patriotic, pair-bonding, traditional, therefore, political philosophy cannot ignore this for long without being reminded of it when society snaps back, often violently, from ideologies with little relation to human nature.

The realities of human nature, and our evolutionary destiny, suggest that mankind requires a variety of small virtually independent states, protected with a light federalism, and guided voluntary by the Church in upward evolution to Godhood.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Folk Religions and Philosophical Religions

"Philosophical religions” believe in a Principle of existence, or supreme wisdom, and do not always believe in actual Gods, as “folk religion” does, says Alexander Bard, who affirms the philosophical principles of Zarathustra.

The condescension of religious philosophers toward folk religion is ill founded. Gods do exist, they are evolved to in material and supermaterial evolution, and any philosophy describing them is secondary. The living object and Supreme Object come before any principle explaining them.

The ancient primordial folk religions, at least in this basic ontology, were more right then the later philosophical religions who look down on them.

The Great Religious Error

When the Bhagavad Gita (15:1-3) uses the metaphor of the cosmic tree with its roots above the ground and its branches below, it is a clear, unintended, picture of the great religious error.

The roots of materialism are rejected, trans-valued, into the roots receiving sustenance from nothing, from spiritual thin air. Materialism is thus utterly rejected in defining God and spiritual things.

For many centuries a single-minded conflict between nature and spirit has been set up that has utterly wasted much of the energy of evolution which seeks to evolve to true Godhood.

It is enormously arrogant to think that man can be God without first evolving far beyond the human species. This is the great religious error of confounding the God-Within, the Father-Within, with Real Godhood.

Yes, we must also affirm Christ, the Father Within (Atman, Brahman), which is experienced at the deepest part of the Soul. This virtual experience of God can strongly remind us of the evolutionary cosmic goal of Real Godhood. But we cannot remain blocked there in the bliss of virtual Godhood.

We must move forward in the Evolutionary Outward Path, which leads material life in evolution to supermaterial Godhood.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Redefining The Devil

Traditionally the following clarification would be cryptic, hidden in esoteric initiation, perhaps dollars would be exchanged, power attained. A step by step approach might be less volatile, less controversial, but we have a long way to glory, a very extended path to Godhood, and for this the Gordian Knot needs to be cut, not tediously unraveled. Knowledge is power, but we have a very long way to Absolute Truth. The mystery needs to be illuminated so that we can proceed in evolution.

Religious tradition says that the Devil guards the gate to heaven and that we cannot come to God without first coming to the Devil. This concept is directly related to materialism versus spiritualism, with the Devil standing for materialism. The Traditional approach of the Involutionary Inward Path defines the Devil as materially obstucting the Path to the spiritual Inward God, the Father Within, the virtual God of the Soul.

The God of the Soul can be attained only through blocking all the material desires of the Devil, by applying the various religious, inward, disciplines, depending on the culture. Attaining the Father Within is a virtual, blissful, reminder of what existence will be like when we finally attain Godhood through the Evolutionary Outward Path. The Inward Path is retained in the Twofold Path of Evolutionary Christianity, but it is united with the Evolutionary Outward Path.

Evolutionary Christianity redefines spiritualism as supermaterialism, we civilize the beast of materialism in the evolution to Godhood. This is how we pass through the gate to heaven, by synthesizing and subsuming the material dynamics of the Devil into the Evolutionary Outward Path, from the material to the supermaterial and on to Godhood.

Redefining, synthesizing and subsuming the Devil this way finally brings all together into a sublime Kosmic unity--- religion and science, the spiritual and material, the sacred and profane, God and the Devil---so that we may pass through the gate to heaven and evolve to Godhood.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How the future can determine present events

Chance and natural selection do take place, of course, said Teilhard De Chardin, but there is a guided force in the selection process. I agree.

The Spirit-Will within activates life to evolve to Godhood, working along with chance and natural selection. This is how the future can determine present events, just as the past can determine the present.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grounding the Ground of Being

Causal ontology

Being is confined to concrete things, but concrete things range from the simple material to the complex supermaterial. Godhood or Being is the highest evolution of supermateriality.

Being's “essence” is the same Spirit-Will essence as that which activates the simple material, only with Being, the Spirit-Will has reached the goal for which It activates all life to attain.

This grounds the "groundless" ground of Being of Heidegger and St. Thomas. Causality does attain Being Itself. It does not “limit” Being to be linked to causality.

Why does it limit Being to “simply” be the Being of beings? This seems to be seen as a limitation only if one prefers nonmateriality, mathematics, language, etc, to a grounded, concrete materiality-supermateriality.

Being Itself will not disappear, as it is feared, if Being is “confined” to the concrete. This fear seems to be based on a dislike of or escape from the grounding in materiality. Being does not disappear but is transformed into cosmic Godhood by way of evolution, which is certainly not a disappearing. This superconcrete transformation is the real “transcendence.”

Man does not make his way to an existing Being in time, man evolves to the Zenith of material-supermaterial evolution, which is the real Being or Godhood in time.

Man does not merely gain access to the “meaning” of Being, man can become Being, man becomes Godhood by way of evolution.

It is the Spirit-Will within, which is material or supermaterial ,that bestows Itself on man, not Being. Being needs to be evolved to. The Spirit-Will is not Being.

The Great Spiritual Blockade of materiality-supermateriality by theology and philosophy needs to be unblocked so that life will not be trapped in groundlessness, and so that life can be allowed to evolve to Godhood.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Reality and the Pattern of Ecumenism/Synthesis

Science and reason should not alone perceive Reality. Intellectual intuition and faith are also vital in perceiving reality. But those who apply reason/science and those who apply intellectual intuition/faith often reject one another.

The problem is that there seems to be a dominance of wealth over both science and faith, and they are made to submit to wealth. Even power tends to submit to wealth.

There is something deeper than science, wealth and power dominating these drives and that is the sociobiological drive to survival and reproductive success. Human beings, as other animals, have not always been conscious of their sociobiological imperatives.

Yet there is something even deeper then wealth, science, power and sociobiological drives, and that is the activation of all life to evolve to Godhood. Here, finally, we can have the ecumenism/syntheses.

This seems to mean that intellectual intuition/faith lead the way in perceiving reality, followed by wealth, power, science and sociobiology drives, not necessary in that order.

I believe that both science and religion will one day affirm supermateriality and Godhood.

The principle pattern of materialism evolving to supermaterialism and then on to supermaterial Godhood reconciles the warring camps. This takes all life outside the confines of wealth, science, power and sociobiology. Great civilizations have always been grounded in the sacred.  This offers life a  real divine imperative. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Joining of the Inward And Outward God

“ If the Evil Spirit himself could come into obedience, he would become an angel of light again, and all his sin and wickedness would be healed and blotted out and forgiven at once.” (“Theologia Germanica”)

The phrase, “the Kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21) speaks to the Involutionary Inward Path, not directly to the Evolutionary Outward Path. The central mission of the the Theoevolutionary Church (TC) is to unite the Inward Path with the Outward Path in the Twofold Path.

Jesus speaks always from the perspective of the Inward Christ, the Inward Father, the God-Within. Jesus is the Western spokesman for the God-Within, Jesus is a great mouthpiece for the Christ Within.

The Revealed Religions West and East center on the Involutionary Inward Path, the same God-Within, the same Christ, but they use different symbols and meanings from different cultures. As Ravi Ravindra says, Christ is the way but Jesus is a way. This is the center for a religious ecumenism. 

With the the Theoevolutionary Church (TC) comes recognition of the Evolutionary Outward Path, which is synthesized into the Involutionary Inward Path. The Outward Path leads life to Godhood in material-supermaterial evolution. This is not the God-Within which gives a blissful reference to Godhood, or gives an identification with Godhood. This is the Supreme Supermaterial Object Godhood at the Zenith of Evolution in the cosmos.

True Godhood can be blocked by centering exclusively on the Inward Path. The right flow of energies from outside in (Inward Path), and from inside out (Outward Path) needs to be balanced. There is interplay between these energies relating to Ordered Evolution and Revitalized Conservatism.  The Twofold Path is the great joining of the Old and the New, the Beast and God, the Pagan and Christian.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An undivided, optimistic view of man and the cosmos

Man should not be seen as the apex of all evolution. We are evolving to Godhood and this means evolving far beyond man.

We need more than the micro history of man, we need the macro history of the cosmos. To do this we need to apply scientific empiricism, intellectual intuition and religion.

History and nature are related, and Godhood and man are related. The material-natural or the supermaterial-supernatural are all on a continuum of evolution, the difference is in higher and lower evolution.

We attain Real Godhood through evolution from the natural to the supernatural, the material to the supermaterial.

Traditional religion gives us a glimpse, a virtual reference, a blissful reminder of Godhood through the Involutionary Inward Path, but Real Godhood is reached in evolution through the Evolutionary Outward Path.

This is essentially an undivided, optimistic view of  man and the cosmos.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Theological materialism is not a Godless materialism

Theological materialism does not describe man's fate without God, as in standard materialism. Theological materialism is not man-alone without God but man activated by the Spirit-Will to evolve to Godhood.

The materialism of science, Marxism, liberal humanism, etc., does not allow Godhood or the Spirit-Will. These materialisms usually therefore acquiesce to an elite of scientists, technicians, politicians etc, with little or no religious grounding.

Man-centered philosophy tends to lead to dictatorial elites. Theological materialism is not man-centered, the Spirit-Will within material/supermaterial life activates life to evolve to Godhood, shaped by evolution from without. Intellectual intuition and faith play as big a part in theological materialism as they do in traditional religious spiritualism.

Theological materialism does not lead to Big Brother Materialism any more than religious spiritualism leads to Big Brother Spiritualism. Theological materialism does not call for a dictatorial class of priests or scientists. Priests guide the church in upward evolution to Godhood, aided by science and the humanities, and with the voluntary affirmation of the people.

Godhood is the sacred goal in theological materialism, this is not a horizontal end. Evolution moves from lower consciousness to higher consciousness, from materialism to supermaterialism.  This can suggest light federalism, small independent states, representative government, which best allows the variety of life to evolve to Godhood, with Ordered Evolution, and with the Revitalized Conservatism of the Twofold Path, not revolution.

Friday, August 05, 2011

How to save the American economy with a value-added tax

"... In the U.S. we tax our own citizens and then ask foreign countries to loan us the difference. Everywhere else in the world they tax their own citizens and then charge foreign corporations for entry access to their market.
U.S. companies annually pay an accumulative average of more than $550 billion to these foreign VAT systems.This money goes into the coffers of foreign governments; it pays for their bullet trains, alternative energy plants, universal health care, and free/subsidized access to a university education. Every year we in America continue to ignore our own needs in these areas due to lack of funding.
If the United States had a value-added tax, we would first need to lower income taxes and corporate taxes, leaving more money in the pockets of companies and individuals who can then go out and buy things in the economy. You then replace those lost taxes with a national consumption tax and build revenue on the things that people buy. In 2009 the United States imported $1.9 trillion worth of goods and products. If we had in place just a 10 percent VAT we could have raised $190 billion from those imports..."   ( essay here, from "Economy In Crisis")

Repairing The Great Theological and Philosophical Error

Assigning the Spirit to “elsewhere,” not connected to worldly causes, or natural causes, was the Great Theological and Philosophical Error. The material and supermaterial world was blocked, disparaged, hated by the mystics, even if they tried to concede to the less enlightened of the world in various ways, (eg, it is better to marry than burn, etc) This in effect meant blocking and disparaging Godhood, because Godhood is attained through material/supermaterial evolution.

What the traditional mystics were speaking of was the goal of the Involutionary Inward Path to the Father-Within, or the God-Within, which is not Godhood, the God-Within is the Offspring of Godhood. In the Twofold Path of Evolutionary Christianity it is acceptable and enlightening to attain the Father Within in the Involutionary Inward Path, but it not acceptable to stop there in the desire-free bliss of identification with Godhood, Real Godhood must be evolved to in the Evolutionary Outward Path.

Materialism and spiritualism need to be synthesized into supermaterialism, the left and right hand need to join. To civilize the "beast” of materialism is to evolve from materialism to supermaterialism and on to Godhood. The devil is said to guard the gate to heaven, and this is usually interpreted in terms of blocking the material desires of the devil, to pass through the spiritual gate to heaven by way of the Involutionary Inward Path. But this can also be interpreted as attaining supermaterial Godhood by way of material evolution to Godhood---no devil, no Godhood, no materialism, no supermaterialism.

Self-abnegation leading to the Father-Within of the Involutionary Inward Path is only half of religion. Self-fulfillment leading to Godhood of the Evolutionary Outward Path completes religion. This is the major theme of the Twofold Path in Evolutionary Christianity. This is the way to repairing The Great Theological and Philosophical Error.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Evolution and Purpose

Science has described evolution as random change without purposive direction and without inner direction. I think there is also a guiding force in the selection process.

Science and the synthesis of evolutionary biology with genetics have said that inward genetic mutations create the genetic diversity which supplies the raw material for natural selection to act upon. Perhaps it is here that direction and purpose also help influence mutations, along with the other causes of mutations. Both intuition and empiricism can be applied in studying this subject.

I am speaking of the Spirit-Will as that influence in activating life to evolve to Godhood, shaped by evolution. Entropy can influence but not kill this drive, it always rises with life, seeking to activate life to Godhood.

I have used the awkward word “outvolution” to distinguish this purpose from the rigid random chance applied to the word evolution. In any case, direction and purpose need to be included in evolution.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Overcoming The Oblivion Of Being

How can we overcome what Heidegger called “the oblivion of Being?” I redefine what has been defined as a subsistent ever-present Being and instead speak of a Supermaterial Transforming Being, or an evolving and reproducing Being.

This means that a subsistent ever-present Being in the old metaphysical sense does not exist and that Being exits in the elements of being-offspring, much as our ancestors exits in our genome. The Spirt-Will is this ongoing material activator within life which moves forward always and only through material evolution.

Meanwhile old cosmo's offer continual chances for life to evolve to Godhood, overcoming entropy, time and again, or beginning again after collapse.

Being/Godhood is “oblivious” to us for the reasons that St. Thomas Aquinas gave: our understanding remains concealed due to the infirmity of our minds, which I explain as lower and higher levels of evolutionary development, and not to spiritual enlightenment. Being itself does not “withdraw” as Heidegger suggests. The only “withdrawal” is not a withdrawal but a transforming reproduction.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Equal in Spirit-Will, Unlike in Group

All people, all groups, all races are equal in one respect: the Spirit-Will within is the same within all living things activating life to evolve to Godhood. But this does not mean all men are the same, this simple means that we are activated by the same Spirit-Will, which is the most important part of life, since it is the purpose of life in the Kosmos to evolve to Godhood.

Evolution prefers variety and divergence as much or more than it likes convergence, so the activating Spirit-Will within, shaped by evolution from without, creates variety, different people, different races and cultures, evolving in their own way to Godhood.

These differences and variety can to be applauded by advancing the practical application of many small states within a light federalism, which makes possible the advancement of the Spirit-Will in all people, and not just one people. Small independent states also can allow the time for beneficial mutations to take hold as evolution pushes us forward. This is not a radical political change, for example, the original United States Constitution already affirms small independent states within a light federalism.

Human beings are capable of cooperative competition, indeed, we must be if we are not to deny human nature, and evolve. We need to find relative harmony among human beings, while protecting our differences and our evolution to Godhood. No matter how much we love ourselves now, eventually we will evolve beyond the human species, to higher species, and continue on to Godhood, if we can work with our differences.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Godhood As The End Of Metaphor

The true name of Godhood is known only by Godhood, It cannot be a “forbidden word” for human beings to utter because it is not possible for human beings to know this word. We may have a mistaken word for God, or a word for a God that is not really God, but it is highly arrogant to claim that we can or do know the Word for Godhood, secret or not.

The same applies to the definition of Godhood, which is not possible for humans. We can use symbols and metaphors, we can stretch beyond our knowledge to define Godhood with metaphysics, metabiology or poetry, but it requires Absolute Knowledge and Absolute Truth to correctly define Godhood, and only Godhood contains these Absolutes. It is not that we do not wish to define Godhood, we cannot define Godhood.

Yet even Godhood Itself has to use symbols, or Absolute Symbols, to define Itself. Godhood Itself is not an Absolute Word, Idea or Principle. Absolute Symbol's remain symbols uttered by Godhood Itself, while Godhood is a Supreme Supermaterial Living Object or objects. Because we have no choice but to stretch for symbols to define ascending levels of Godhood, it does not follow that Godhood must be an immaterial symbol. Godhood is not immaterial but supermaterial. Here is where ontological errors creep into theology, metaphysics and philosophy.

When Godhood Itself does utter the Word or Definition of Itself, this becomes finally the end of metaphor. The word metaphor means meta (beyond) and pherein (to carry), to carry beyond, as Frederic Turner pointed out in his excellent essay on symbols in the American Arts quarterly. Godhood is the the final goal of “going beyond” as metaphor does, and as evolution does. With Godhood attained at the Zenith of Evolution we have reached the Zenith of going beyond. But even then there may be continuing ascending levels of Godhoods.

We do need a grounding for our metaphors, a foundation for our biology, otherwise we can become lost out in the stars. Tradition and Conservatism are the ground for our metaphorical and real-life evolutionary advances. We must not be lost to the world since it is the world that needs to evolve to Godhood. This illustrates the concept of Ordered Evolution in the Theoevolutionary Church (TC). We require both the order of tradition and the change of evolution. This is foundation of the Twofold Path, with the Involutionary Inward Path leading to the Father-Within, and the Evolutionary Outward Path leading evolution to real Godhood.