Wednesday, September 30, 2009

History Repeats

We could be headed for some form of Latin American “democracy” where class fights class, race fights race, with a ruined economy and with military creating order from time to time. And democratic “Caesarism” could come with Americans giving up their freedom to a single master who can supposedly fix everything.

A better alternative would be to secure the States of America, without having to change or break down the United States Constitution, with something as natural and independent as “informal ethnostates.” This is not revolutionary change, the Constitution already gives great power to the states. This is the sort of federalism, territorial democracy and representative government that makes sense. And indeed, it reflects more what the Founders had in mind.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Object before knowledge of the object

“If there were not some first, our knowledge would never be anything more than a hypothesis...”
“This is probably the position of the naturalists and physicalists... All successful knowledge is scientific, all scientific knowledge is hypothetical, therefore etc...”
“St. Thomas and Aristotle implicitly respond to this criticism by the simplest route: they show that there is something known first...”
(From Just Thomism)

My comment: We go deeper into nature and say that before there can be something known of a subject, or known of an object, there is an object. This includes knowledge of the Supreme Object God.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Why, Who, Where?

Life is an endless evolution toward Godhood, the highest form of life in the Kosmos.

Consciousness does not evolve on its own, it evolves within the material world.

Life evolved up through species long forgotten, and is yet to evolve into species not known by man.

We are finite now, but by evolving to Godhood, and then by continuing on in the evolution of future Kosmos, we can become “infinite.”

We contain within ourselves all the evolution of the Kosmos, at least up to our species and our time. We also contain the Spirit Within, which is beyond our own time and our own species, although the Spirit is also contained within ourselves.

We are here primarily to evolve to Godhood. We primarily measure our value by how far we have advanced in consciousness and complexity toward Godhood.

On Idolatry

It is not idolatrous to see God as a Supreme Object. It is idolatrous to see God as only a Word, Logos, or Denotation. This is opposite the usual definition of idolatry.

When past men saw God as a white haired, bearded, old man sitting on a golden throne, the so-called primitives were closer to describing God then the sophisticated theologians who pictured God as a mathematical Logos.

God is not invisible. God is only very difficult to see with human abilities.

The Kosmos contains the elements of God as the “offspring” of God, and within these elements is God's Spirit, activating the elements to evolve and mature to Godhood. Godhood Itself contains the Spirit but It is Spirit evolved to Its highest form in the Mind of God within the Body of God as the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit does not exist on Its own as a Word, or Logos, or Golden Equation, the Holy Spirit exists within the Supreme Mind-Soul of God as the Spirit exists within the Mind-Soul of man. We are the image of God in this respect.

God is always tangible, an Object, although a Supreme Object.

Evolution Before Art

The activation of the Spirit Within is first and foremost designed to urge man on to evolve to Godhood. The fact that man creates beauty or engineers new objects is a secondary use of the activating Spirit, and can help in our evolution, as culture can help.

Virtue and the Fall

This has been a time of the destruction of virtue, but which virtues have been destroyed? The True Fall was the fall from the virtue of evolution.

The Involutionary Inward Path affirms the virtues of the ancients or the virtues of Traditional Religion. The Evolutionary Outward Path affirms the virtue of evolution.  The Evolutionary Christian Church and Beyondist Virtues work together enhancing the virtue of evolution.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Human Nature and Federalism

The Federalist Papers” talked about competition between States and the Federal Government “for the affections of the people” and they did not really say much about competitive business. James Madison wrote, “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the Federal Government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the state governments are numerous and indefinite.”

When I speak of the United States as becoming laboratories of evolution, I have in mind the Federalist idea of healthy competition and variety. Federalism of course also protects us from outside forces and keeps the peace between states, which is the main task of the Federal Government.

I think that the forces that are eventually tearing us apart can eventually pull us back together again. The United States and the Constitution actually accommodate human nature, and human nature prefers such things as localism, strong attachments to small states, and even ethnicity.

Thinking of Federalism this way, with the States as laboratories of evolution, requires a hospitable political climate, or perhaps more accurately, a less favorable political climate. When we are at each other's throats perhaps then we will see the sense in “devolution” and the restoration of the separate enumerated powers of the original Federalism of our Constitution. Like the Evolutionary Christian Church, the restoration of Federalism needs a supporting body of citizens.

Who might they be? Michael Greve (Real Federalism) suggests that they are a conglomeration of leave-us-alone populists, grass roots gun owners, school choice and home schooling groups, the term limits movement, property rights groups, religious advocacy organizations, tax limitation groups, small business owners, and so on. But we would also like to see the the Left, the New Right, the far right, and even the anarchist right perceive the practical sense of legal Constitutional Federalism.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Libertarian and Conservative Misapprehensions of Human Nature

Russell Kirk writes of John Stuart Mills “imperfect apprehension of human nature” leading to the libertarianism of today. But conservatives also have an imperfect apprehension of human nature.

Libertarians believe in personal liberty or freedom as the whole end of everything and they seem oblivious to the positive achievements of the use of force throughout history. Yet conservatives seem virtually oblivious to biological evolution even as they affirm the wisdom of their ancestors and Tradition.

Ultimately it is evolution which determines the tradition and wisdom of one's ancestors. It is success in survival and reproduction which sets the tradition and wisdom of one's ancestors. As it turns out, one of the best arguments for affirming conservatism is that it has been the best philosophy for long term successful survival and reproduction.

Evolution is not an affirmation of neoterism—the lust for novelty—which is the weakness of the libertarian in their completely open view of “freedom.” Long term evolution takes place best in traditional societies. During war most positive actions cease.

We are circumscribed by our sociobiological human nature as if, as suggested by E. O. Wilson, we are on a leash which allows just so much freedom. The leash of human nature, however, tends to include the traditions of conservatism, that is, pair bonding, kin centeredness, group altruism, hierarchy, even ethnocentrism.

Like conservatives, we also suggest a deeper religious source of human action and human nature in which the Spirit Within, or the Will to Godhood activates human nature. There is a dialogue between the activation of the Spirit and natural selection in evolution. Although traditional conservatives do believe in a transcendent moral order, and libertarians (or liberals) do not, we believe that we are evolving to Godhood in nature, activated by the Spirit and formed by evolution.

The Evolutionary Christian Church, of course, is not the same as Marx's dialectic materialism, which has no spiritual activation and no Godhood goal, although Hegel's view, which Marx transvalued, might have anticipated evolutionary spirituality.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ontology is not mathematics

Ontology is not mathematics (see Plato and Badiou). Ontology consists of the Real Supreme Object Godhood, as well as God's Real “Offspring” in the Kosmos.

Sacred Mathematics reflects Reality, profane mathematics does not reflect Reality. Both can be created. In this sense human philosophers, theologians and mathematicians who define God's mathematical form will likely be applying profane human mathematics since only the evolved God,or perhaps a penultimate God, knows the mathematical formula of God.

We can evolve to Godhood, activated by the Spirit, guided by the Soul-Mind, in natural evolution, where we may then know the mathematics of God. But even then, the mathematics of God will mirror the Real Supreme Object God (the Son and Holy Spirit), as the Mind-Soul of God lives within God the Real Object and not apart from God in a mathematical form or denotation, which is closer to the Real definition of the Father in the Trinity. This is a transvaluation of the usual way to define who or what mirrors who.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The United States can be laboratories of evolution. But this requires a return to the balance between states and the federal government, a revitalization of the sovereign states. This, of course, will not be easy. Nationalism, like globalism, takes away variety and competition, and hinders the distance in separation required for evolution to take place. I am not here emphasizing so much a competitive federalism, although competition is very important, I am more suggesting a return to the places of our birth, our residence, our home.

The ideologies of secession or anarchy take away the important protections of national defense, the assurance of objective justice, as well as the shielding of the manufacturing base of the states with some version of economic nationalism. These are the real tasks of the national government. Historical Conservatism teaches us that it is healthier to legally revitalize than to tear down in revolution an established government. A return to the Federalism of the Constitution therefore makes sense.

Meanwhile, religion can do its work, helping to instill virtue in individuals, which is the most important way to change the world. Which virtues? Which religion? We, of course, prefer the Evolutionary Christian Church, which synthesizes Traditional Christian and Scientific Beyondist virtues.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beyond Strauss

Leo Strauss (see this excellent article on Strauss by Claes Ryn) seems to have used sophistical analysis in defining some aspects of Conservatism. He twisted Edmund Burke's meaning of the inevitability of the power of Providence in saying that Burke gave into “the new” if the new had enough power behind it. (See Kirk's “Three Pillars of Order” in Redeeming The Time” )

Could we conclude that the reason Strauss did this was so that he could emphasize Plato's “conservatism” more or less minus Christian conservatism? Could we say that Strauss hinted that Plato's “Guardians” might be compared to modern neoconservative "guardians?"

In any case, the Evolutionary Christian Church seeks to retain the Classical-Traditional religious synthesis within our Involutionary Inward Path and add evolution to our Evolutionary Outward Path. That is, we seek ecumenism among all the world's religions because we define them all as existing within the Involutionary Inward Path to the God Within, and we add to them the natural law principles of evolution, with the goal of evolving to Godhood. This basically defines both Ordered Evolution and Revitalized Conservatism.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Where We Differ From Conservatism

Evolution and the Moral Imagination

When Burke spoke of the wisdom of the ancient structure of our civilization and the “contract of eternal society” he was not speaking of evolution, but he should have been. There is nothing older or more eternal on earth or in the Kosmos than the process of evolution. Human history and the moral order of our civilization, which Conservatives prefer to follow, as they well should, are not as ancient or eternal as evolution.

In the spirit of Conservatism we seek, with the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) to “refurbish the wardrobe of moral imagination” (Burke-Kirk), perhaps like Plato and Burke, by adapting the ancient structures of evolution to civilization and to religion. In EC the Involutionary Inward Path of Traditional Religion, which taught us primarily about the Soul and the God Within, is refurbished with the Evolutionary Outward Path of the Evolution to Godhood, the way to the Real God.

Evolutionary Sociobiology has taught us that the enduring principles, social institutions and human nature, defined by Conservatism, are grounded in the enduring principles of Evolution, which in fact, help ground the ancient religion that conservatives affirm.

Some conservatives think that “natural law” is an inadequate basis for political authority, but we would turn that around and say that the moral order without consideration of the natural law of evolution, is an inadequate basis for political authority. Indeed, ECC believes that evolution is a theological concern in essence.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Two Paths In Relation To Tradition

The Involutionary Inward Path relates to Traditional religion, revealed theology, and Traditional morality. The Evolutionary Outward Path relates to evolutionary knowledge, science, naturalism, but also revealed theology. The Inward Path shows respect for the Traditional beliefs of the people, which are interpreted as symbolic representations of the natural evolution to Godhood, seen inwardly as the Path to the Soul. Do we shield new ideas under old religious ideas? The symbols of the Inward Path simply symbolize the Outward Path.

The bottom line: we could say that the Kabbalah is a copy of the original Zoroastrian system (in turn perhaps a copy of a Sumerian system, or Sumer copied Indo-Europeans, or an earlier Western people) ), but the Kabbalah made some advances over the older system, for example, having God more involved in the world, and emphasizing less than the Zend Avesta a supreme pure abstraction beyond God. In the Theoevolutionary Church (TC), Being and Thought blend in God, which seems unlike the Zend Avesta and somewhat more like the more monotheistic Kabbalah. However, since the Kabbalah, in essence, describes God beyond “evil” matter, we cannot agree. Pure Abstraction of the Absolute exists in the Mind of God only, and is not the creator of God. Therefore, we do not need to remove God from the material world. God is the Supreme Object at the zenith of the evolution of the world.

In ECC the Involutionary Inward Path absorbs some of the views of both the Zend Avesta and the Kabbalah, but then we see these views as symbolic representation of the Evolutionary Outward Path, where nature evolves to Godhood. This is our advance over the Traditional mystical systems.

In ECC eventually the Great Kosmic Center of Satan becomes part of the Holy Spirit and God. This cosmogony does seem to tally with the oldest Zoroastrian texts and the texts of their disciple, the Kabbalah, which has the Prince of Darkness, Sama-el, becoming an angel of light at the end of his days and thus returning to Divine Grace.  All matter has the chance to evolve to Godhood in TC.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reconstructing Not Deconstructing Social Philosophy

Defining Revitalized Conservatism

It is important that the Theoevolutionary Church (TC) is understood as not a rebellion against the old moral order. Indeed, evolution for us depends upon the old moral order retaining any good evolutionary changes or mutations - - - an unstable society cannot evolve easily, during war, for example, survival and reproduction greatly decrease.

However, we do not have a dead, cliche-ridden reaction to the new, or to evolution, as many conservatives do. We are moralists, but also naturalists, evolution is central to Ordered Evolution.

We derive our politics from the ethics of both the old moral order and from evolutionary ethics, which define our Involutionary Inward and Evolutionary Outward Paths.

Our Revitalized Conservatism seeks to revitalize the old order, certainly not destroy it. We believe, like Burke and Kirk, that a “just state” contains a “tension” between authority and freedom, which we define as Ordered Evolution.

With the help of scientists such as Edward O. Wilson and Raymond Cattell, we are seeking what Louis Bredvold called “the reconstruction of social philosophy”. (Bredvold was speaking of the efforts of Plato and Burke. See “Redeeming the Time," by Russell Kirk)

We see the great wisdom inherent in evolution, wisdom that is beyond the intellectuals, wisdom relating to ancient and eternal principles which are still mysterious. It is this wisdom which we seek to synthesize with the old moral order.

We think Hegel's “March of History” is better defined by evolution than by anything else, even if we do not know all the elements of eternal evolution.

To ignore the natural laws of evolution is to ignore the Kosmos, the Spirit, and Godhood. And if we do ignore evolution, the eternal laws will operate, in any case, for good or ill, regarding human ideals.

We should act in light of the principles of evolution as well as our old moral order, the old moral order can be harmonized with evolution because the God of the old moral order, defined in the Involutionary Inward Path, is reached through evolution.

Even economics can be tied to the ancient order of both the Traditional moral order and the natural order of evolution. Economics falls apart when we believe only in commercial contracts, as we have again seen in the latest “depression.”

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is There A Way To Transform Racially Destructive Forces Into Racially Constructive Forces?

The appalling video of the white student being beaten by blacks on the school bus, for trying to sit down in the only available seat, could symbolically represent the majority in America who have learned that fighting back against egalitarian social engineering will cause more trouble (accusations of racism), than accepting the status quo.

What is to be done? Is there a way to transform racially destructive forces into racially constructive forces? We can, legally, concentrate on making the states more autonomous, more self sufficient, more independent from federal programs of social engineering, which have tried for years to deny or root out cultural, biological, and psychological differences between people or between races. The differences are at the very root of human nature and cannot be rooted out.

We must let people, and states, group together as they naturally prefer to do, and we must stop trying to assimilate everyone into one egalitarian, monoracial empire. History clearly proceeds from small virtual ethnostates, to multiracial empires, and then back again to small ethnostates. It is time to reaffirm this reality. Another Civil War might this way be avoided.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Great Spiritual Blockade against the material world

“It is not only the case that we reject the putative dualism between matter and spirit, we annul the antithesis in the synthesis of the spirit. Only the spirit exists, nothing else, not you, not this room, not the things and the objects that pass before us in the fantastic cinematography of the universe. All that exists, exists only in so far as it is thought, and only when thought, not independently of my thought.” Benito Mussolini, former leader of Italy

The above quote from Gornahoor (Evolian site) is about as clear as can be in showing how the Great Spiritual Blockade against the material world can devolve and be applied. We would emphasize the opposite, that only the material object exists in various degrees of evolution from matter to Matter-Supermatter and eventually to Godhood, the Supreme Object.

"Globalism vs. Americanism"

by Patrick J. Buchanan

..."Let us do unto our trading partners as they have done unto us.

As they rebate value-added taxes on exports to us, and impose a value-added tax on our exports to them, let us reciprocate. Impose a border tax equal to a VAT on all their goods entering the United States, and use the hundreds of billions to cut corporate taxes on all manufacturing done here in the United States..."

essay here

Monday, September 14, 2009

We can be creative within the strictures of determinism

Our Will, Our Spirit, is not free, but we can be creative within the strictures of determinism, we can create new things. So we agree with Nietzsche when he speaks about accepting our fate, but then living well, positively, within the determinism.

Ultimately, we feel best when we live in harmony with the Spirit-Will To Godhood, which is the Spirit Within that activates natural evolution to Godhood.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

God's Will, the Natural Order, and Ordered Evolution

God's Will, which includes the Spirit Within life, or the Will-To-Godhood, does have a correlation to the natural order. The conditional base of political rule is that the political rule be in harmony with God's Will, and God's Will is reflected in the natural order and specifically in natural evolution. If the political order serves the Divine Order then it is qualified to rule. If it does not, then God and nature will go against the political order.

The Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) is somewhat flexible about political philosophy because evolution can harmonize with different systems, as long as the political systems harmonize with evolution. We are here on earth, and we are living in the Kosmos, for the purpose of evolution to Godhood, and this evolution is central to God's Will and central to the Spirit Within which activates life in the Kosmos. The Revitalized Conservatism affirmed in ECC does not rule out even much-abused usury or banking if it operates in harmony with the natural evolutionary order. We are not here on earth solely to make money or gain political territory. These are only means to more important evolutionary ends.

We are partial to the American Constitution, which we support. If followed as it was originally written, the Constitution allows great freedom to the states within a light federalism, which is an ideal structure to allow the desired variety within the independent evolution of people and states. This could also apply to Eurasian politics which could provide thousands of independent, lightly federated states.

What we are seeking is Ordered Evolution which places us in the Conservative, not radical base of political philosophy. The American Constitution, when followed, is ideal for balancing order and evolution, which Russell Kirk also eloquently pointed out, although Kirk, like most conservatives, was not all that positive about evolution and he used the term 'freedom' rather than evolution.

Those who define 'heresy' by saying that God's Will has no correlation to the natural order, are in theological error, and if they do not include natural evolution in God's Will, they themselves may be accused of heresy in going against God's Will.

God does not exist outside the Kosmos, and outside the material world. God is the Zenith of Material evolution at the Zenith of the Kosmos, and as such, God's Will is central to the natural order and to evolution.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Comparing Theologies

We could agree with the Kabbalah if it did, in fact, take away the dualism between God and Nature of the Persians and Indians and make God an absolute unity of cause and substance. The God of the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) is also a unity of cause and substance, a Supreme Object in the Kosmos.

But matter still remains an evil principle in the Kabbalah, as with the Persians and Indians. The Kabbalah allows for more interaction with God but the world is still dualistic, divided between the matter of the gross world and the Spirit of God. We cannot affirm this view.

Among many other things the Kabbalah received from the Zend Avesta during the Babylonian captivity of the Jews, was the mystic geography of the world divided into sevens, seven rivers, seven parts of the earth, seven races, etc. But the Kabbalah then gives a racial and national character to the pantheistic Persians and Indians when it suggests that the sacred laws were given to only one people. On the contrary, ECC sees this mystical geography more as seven federations, seven races, and we cannot affirm making an exclusive racial or national right to the laws of God. Godhood is possible in evolution for all races and all nations.

In the Kabbalah, in a manner of speaking, God is an abstract idea with “flesh” put on that idea, but God is not of this world even though God creates this world. God is both cause and substance and not merely cause, as God is with the Persians and Indians. This is not exactly the way God is defined in ECC.

In ECC, the idea of God exists within the Mind of God. The Mind or the Word is not alone defined as God with flesh put on the Mind or Word, as it seems to be in the Kabbalah. In ECC, God is an existing Supreme Object with a Mind and a Holy Spirit. The only “Abstract Absolute” is within God's Mind defining or denotating Itself, and this is how the “Father” is defined in ECC. The Father, or God's Mind defining God, does not exist on Its Own as an Idea, or as a Supreme God, as it does in the Kabbalah, the Abstract Absolute definition of God exists in God's Mind, and God's Mind exists within the Supreme Body of God, as the human mind exists within the human body.

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Trinity in ECC, defines the Father as being Within the Mind of God, and the Son as the Body of God, and the Holy Spirit as the Spirit or Seed of God. It is this Spirit, this Seed of God, which is given to the Kosmos at the birth of the Kosmos, and this Seed is also the Will-To-Godhood in the Kosmos, activating life to evolve to Godhood. This is the Trinity in ECC.

“Dualism” in ECC relates to “Devolution” and “Evolution”. Satan is defined as the entropic Kosmic Center, and God is defined as The Great White Mountain at the Kosmic Summit. Satan, in ECC, might be compared with Ahriman and God with Ormuzd in Zoroastrianism, however, unlike the Persians, we do not define a Zervane Akerene, an Eternal timeless principle beyond God or beyond Ahriman and Ormuzd. Our God is that Eternal Timeless Object at the Kosmic Summit still existing in the world through the Spirit. Unlike the Kabbalah, and unlike the Persians and Indians, our God does not relate to matter as evil. Our God is the Zenith of Material Evolution.

Friday, September 11, 2009

"A New Model for U.S. Manufacturing"

"What would have happened to the United States of America if it wasn’t for the vision of Alexander Hamilton? Back in the latter years of the 18th century following American independence, most politicians and even Adam Smith himself advised America away from developing a manufacturing economy. According to Smith, stopping the importation of European manufacturers would have obstructed instead of promoted growth in the United States."...

continue here at Economy In Crisis, 09/10/09 by Jack Buffington.

A skull that rewrites the history of man

It has long been agreed that Africa was the sole cradle of human evolution. Then these bones were found in Georgia...

By Steve Connor, Science Editor, The Independent...Here

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meliorism Light

I affirm not only evolution but an upward pattern or direction in evolution---with stops, starts and backward-going along the way. That is, I do believe that life is ever getting better and improving in the Kosmos and that humans can aid in that betterment.

But I am also realistic. In my evolutionary world, sin is primarily entropy and Satan defines a Kosmic Center, whereas God is the Great White Mountain at the Kosmic Summit, the Zenith of Evolution in the Kosmos.

Why Is There Suffering In the World?

The Spirit Within is really born for evolution, or struggle and suffering, to combat devolution and entropy (or evil), so that the Spirit may evolve along with the body to Godhood, when the Spirit has accomplished Its task of evolution. This helps explain suffering in the world.

Nations or states also have their “spirit,” as do the variety of ethnic groups or races, which like the Spirit, must struggle and combat devolution and entropy so that they may evolve with their people to Godhood.

The Evolutionary Christian Church wishes to affirm this variety in evolution. We wish to bond with this evolution, and help this evolution to Godhood, and thus redeem the suffering in the world.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Toward Proof of God, Spirit, and Soul, in Evolution

The Universal

The Spirit Within is the “universal” element, this is the “common nature,” not the “treeness” or “humanness” of things. The cosmos is “connected” by the Spirit-Will, if you can call it connected, not by logic or the mind or the “essences” of trees or humans.

Things in the world are not merely shadowy “representations” of the Spirit, matter is far more important than that. The Spirit requires matter, the Spirit activates the material world to evolve to Godhood.

The One and the Many

The “one and the many” is the Spirit Within the cosmos and within life. Each thing is not completely individual depending on the Will of an Almighty God, unless the “Will” is defined as the Spirit, which then must be defined as the Will-To-Godhood.

A symbol of Godhood is approachable through the Soul, and Godhood can be more or less symbolically experienced via the Soul, depending on one's discipline in the Involutionary Inward Path.

Beyond Human Reason

God is at this time mainly beyond human reason and beyond human conception but we can reach greater and greater understanding of God as our consciousness and intelligence and mystical discipline evolve. We should one day have deeper empirical proof of Godhood as we examine probable supermaterial-spiritual atoms and apply vastly advanced physics. “Faith” therefore can also know God, since we are yet to evolve to fully know the Godhood we are speaking of.

The Spirit is not the “Form” behind matter; Spirit is the activator of matter. It is the Soul at the Zenith of the Mind that “sees” the Soul, and the Spirit is the Zenith of the Soul.

No Dualism

The mind is not a different substance than matter. There is no dualism here. But the Spirit-Will also is not a different substance than matter. The Spirit is the Zenith of the Soul,the Soul is the Zenith of the Mind, and the mind is the zenith of the material body.

The Continuum

The Theoevolutionary Church (TC) is a system that unifies God and the world. The cosmos is a material-spiritual continuum, from the simple to the complex, all the way to Godhood, activated by the Spirit Within, working through material evolution.

Things exist whether we can define things logically or not. But our minds, bodies, and ideas are evolving, something like Hegel's dialectical development, and this evolutionary process (more than a dialectical) moves human beings and the cosmos closer to Godhood (Hegel's Absolute).

The parts lead to Godhood, the highest evolution in the cosmos, the Cosmic Summit of Godhood, which may or may not mean that the “parts lead to the whole.”

Games of Language

Language games are language games, like mathematics. Language and math may or may not define or denote reality. Objects exist whether they are named correctly or incorrectly. As we evolve, we name and measure things closer to reality.

Ideas mirror real material things, real advanced objects, and the real idea of God is a Real Supreme Object. This is opposite the usual view in metaphysics. One day this news will please both mystic and scientist, both positivism ( because things are real and Godhood is a Real Thing), as well as fideism (having faith in God despite lack of scientific evidence may be correct after all.)

Evolutionary Realism

We are defining not so much a “metaphysical realism” as an evolutionary realism. We accept that Godhood exists and can be evolved to, but we also accept that we will eventually define the cosmos in a rational and scientific order and continuum.

The Involutionary Inward Path and Evolutionary Outward Path of TC reflect both faith and science in this way.

Evolution harmonizes with Aquinas's fourth and fifth demonstrations of God's existence: the gradations of less and more to an ultimate, and with natural things having a purposeful end or Zenith in Godhood.

Monday, September 07, 2009

On The Origin of Theological Traditions

Toward Redeeming The World

It seems clear that the Kabbalists of Judaism follow almost precisely the same theological Traditions as the Persian Zoroastrians and their Zend Avesta (see "The Ethical Conceptions of the Gatha,” by Jatindra Mohon Chatterjee, and “The Kabbalah” by Adolphe Franck.) But rather than defining this as a bad thing, I think it is very important that Judaism managed to salvage this ancient Babylonian theology, virtually alone in the West, when only the Brahmanic religions of the East managed to maintain a close cousin to the Zoroastrian theology in the Vedas and in Hinduism.

In any case, the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) sees both the Abrahamic and Brahmanic traditions stemming from an even older Hyperborean Tradition. This Tradition and its cousin branches are all defined within the Involutionary Inward Path of EC, which essentially sees the Soul and Spirit Within as God or as coming from God. These systems ultimately see matter as an evil principle.

EC has connected the Involutionary Inward Path of existing Traditions with the Evolutionary Outward Path of the evolution of the material world to Godhood, in an Ordered Evolution which retains the past with the present and future in a Revitalized Conservatism. Matter is not ultimately seen as evil in ECC, but as the substance by which the Soul and Spirit evolve to Godhood.

In this way ECC redeems the world, while at the same time prudently affirming the ancient Involutionary theological Traditions, which see the Soul Within but do not see the Spirit-Will evolving with matter to Godhood.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Evolution Without Fascism

The Evolutionary Christian Church is not fascist. Evolution certainly can be achieved without fascism. Evolution does not require slavery, top-down oppression, or the suppression of free enterprise. Ordered Evolution balances the Order of Tradition with the advance of Evolution, in a Revitalized Conservatism, which, at least in the U.S., affirms light federalism with great freedom of the states. And in Europe and Asia perhaps we can affirm something like Eurasia of thousands of independent, lightly federated states--however, Russian or Chinese imperialism could not be affirmed.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Justice and Ordered Evolution

In reality, humanity can claim no rights against nature. In the end nature is superior to the state and therefore state laws should be grounded in natural law.

Natural law is justice defined as the highest law. Problems come in defining natural law where prudence is not always followed. Politics is the art of the possible. The conservative legal proposition, borrowed from the Federalists, says there can be no order without law, no law without morality, and no morality without religion. Natural law can be taught by the Church but secured through the order of the states. Anarchy allows chaos. But what is to keep the state from becoming oppressive?

A just society has the balance of Ordered Evolution, where the advance of evolution does not suppress the unadvancing. Ordered Evolution can be defined as "just" when evolutionary advancement is free to advance, but where most people with regular unadvanced lives are protected against oppression from evolutionary advancement.

Eric Voegelin defined justice something like Ordered Evolution. But he compared “aspiring natures” with those who desire a “merely quiet life.” Voegelin, Kirk and other classical conservatives understood that inequality is the natural condition of human beings and that such virtues as charity must assist those not favored by nature. It is profoundly unjust to try to transform society into a mass of equality.

In the Theoevolutionary Church the Involutionary Inward Path is the ground of the majority of people, the Evolutionary Outward Path is the ground of evolutionary advancement. The virtues of the Involutionary Inward Path (Faith, Hope, Charity and Courage, Justice, Prudence, Temperance) are balanced with the virtues of evolution in the Evolutionary Outward Path. Evolution is grounded in the sacred and religious advance to Godhood.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ought And Is

An “ought” can be drawn from an “is,” nature is evolving to Godhood and we ought to evolve with it. This is the real consciousness of the Spirit Within.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The immanent and transcendent teleology of human natural desires

In his blog “Darwinian Conservatism” Larry Arnhart says ...“If human beings are by their natural desires directed to certain ends or purposes, then we can see those ends or purposes as intrinsic to their nature, regardless of whether these ends have any cosmic reference. Darwinian biology supports such an immanent teleology because it recognizes the goal-directed behavior characteristic of various animal species, including the human species.”

But we say that human morality depends on an immanent teleology of human natural desires, leading to a “transcendent” teleology, in the sense that nature evolves to Godhood, that is, human beings will evolve to the next and the next and next species, all the way to Godhood. We are directed to this end as the Kosmos is directed to this end.

This is the goal of the Evolutionary Outward Path first glimpsed in the Traditional Involutionary Inward Path, which sees (at least mystics see) the Soul or Spirit Within yet needs to further see the teleological direction of the Spirit Within evolving materially-spiritually to Godhood in the Kosmos.