Monday, October 31, 2016

Who are the criminals, who are the morons?

The political elite, the New World Order Financial System, opened up our national borders to allow free immigration to change the demographics of the country for voting purposes, and to lower the cost of labor, while destroying the middle class. And the Big Media championed this great scam against the people.

The "educated classes" believed the lies and propaganda of the political elite and the Big Media, but the "uneducated" classes did not believe the lies and propaganda. Talk about a transvaluation of values! Who are the criminals, who are the morons?

The academic world is corrupted from kindergarten to graduate school. Will we have to start all over again to fix our educational system? We can probably retain the traditional Great Books of the Western world which existed before cultural Marxism corrupted and conquered our humanities departments.

Oddly it is the so-called educated elites who cannot listen to reason because they have corrupted reasoning itself with postmodern philosophy. "The people" now reason better than the elites...Well, the elites had better hope the people are reasonable in their revenge....Donald Trump with all his earthiness may be better than they deserve.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Humans really are the lying species rather than the wise species

Which liar do we prefer in the presidential race? Who lies less?

Lies are either meant to deceive others or are lies we tell to ourselves. Either way a good case could be made for calling humans the lying species rather than the wise species, or homo sapiens. Humans are very adept liars. Professorial actors are very good liars, as Marlon Brando once said.

One could reason that humans have survived because they are good liars and trickster. Elites have always been able to play more roles or tell more lies than non-elites who are often considered fools because they tell the truth, or are very bad liars, or can only play one dumb role.

Religions have been the means to bond groups together for more successful material survival and reproduction than groups that don't bond with religions. There exists a material will to power behind the "non-material" will-to-power-denying religions. The big lie of religion is the de-natured belief in a non-material God rather than a supermaterial Godhood. That is the big lie for which only theological materialism can save religion.

The lies go deep into religion, philosophy, politics. There are the lies against ethnocentrism promoted by ethnocentric groups. Lies against the military ethos promoted by groups that are protected by the military. Lies about universalism and equality promoted by fierce hierarchies. In philosophy the lie is the belief in abstractions over real objects.

Humans really are the lying species rather than the wise species.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

"With whom does the left not sympathize, besides American citizens?"

The quote above (Aaron D. Wolf, "Chronicles" Nov. 2016) indicates a serious philosophical and political illness on the left. It really is difficult to believe that humans could be so suicidal and gullible, but the quote is true. How could such a transvaluation of healthy values be possible?

Other than a few paleoconservatives and ethnic realists the only citizens who have escaped this illness are poor dispossessed white citizens who were not included in the academic world, at least not beyond high school. They also somehow managed not to be brainwashed by the Big Media which is controlled by the left.

So the future health of the country now depends on the voting actions of poor dispossessed white citizens who have been left out of the culture of the country. Many of them don't bother to vote... Will they vote this time? Donald Trump at least says many of the words they want to hear, which is more than Hillary does.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The primary social force that cannot be mentioned

You can't explain social mobility only in terms of class, education or government regulations, social mobility needs to be examined in terms of IQ and personality differences, and yes, ethnic differences.

The ethnic identity and ethnocentrism of various elites should not be buried, it explains much about their behavior and the actions of politics and culture.

There is nothing wrong with ethnocentrism unless human nature is defined as wrong. What is wrong is a mono-ethnic or one-race ethnocentrism which blocks other ethnic groups from rising in the world---that is what is usually thought of as "racism."

The constitutional separations of powers and states which already exists, at least on paper, needs to add the natural separations of ethnic cultures, or an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, before we can be open about affirming real human nature and reach the moral high-ground.

Otherwise the civil disruptions we are increasingly seeing, due mainly to ethno/cultural competitions, will only increase and eventually erupt into civil war. 

Mentioning ethnocentrism is not defined as wrong because ethnocentrism is actually wrong, mentioning ethnocentrism it is considered wrong because it reveals truths about human social mobility and human sociobiology which the elites don't want revealed.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Let me map a framework for a manifesto of ethnopluralism

Like many intellectuals Karl Marx twisted the truth just a enough to fit his agenda: the history of existing societies is not the story of class struggles but is the story of ethnic struggles.

History does not move from feudalism to communism but moves from ethnic group to ethnic group applying whatever political philosophy they think best enhances their group.

Social forces relate to real human nature which remains today as it has always been, with group selection as the primary unit of successful survival and reproduction.

As large empires fall, feudalism, capitalism, communism, fascism, and globalism all yield back to an ethnopluralism of ethnostates.

Real materialism leads to theological materialism and not to the dialectical idealism of Hegel or the dialectic materialism of Marx.

Theological materialism does not lead to atheism or toward non-material idealism because natural material evolution moves toward supermaterial Godhood.

The simplest rules of evolution suggest that positive genetic and cultural mutations take place best in smaller ethnostates where separation gives positive mutations the best chance to appear and prosper.

Federalism can protect ethnostates from seriously quarreling among themselves, as all states evolve toward Godhood, perhaps helped along by objective international research centers.

Revolution is not necessary where a constitutional separation of powers and states exist, as in the United States, only a few amendments may be called for, and so legal conservatism remains viable.

Theological materialism and ethnopluralism are not more ideology manufacturing more non-material definitions and abstractions, this is real life, real human nature, and real evolution.

We have nothing to lose but philosophical and political flimflam and decline, and we have Godhood to gain.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Is it foolish to insist on human differences?

The power needs to be given back to the regions and states

Even asking the question in the title shows the stupidity of modern liberalism. We cannot let those who have brainwashed us destroy us.

If we are to have whatever peace and harmony is possible between discordantly different groups we require different territorial places for them to live. This is simple basic common sense.

Human nature remains as it has always been: kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of selection.

The Big Media and the academic world have been the most effective at brainwashing and indoctrinating the people by insisting that there are no human differences and we must all melt together and get along even when we do not melt together or get along. It is they who have to be stripped of their monopolies and their power. The same devolution applies to Globalism in general which also pushes the same lies as a means to exploit the world.

The power needs to be given back to the regions and states. Political structures need to again reflect a separation of powers and states transformed or upgraded toward being an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, which reflect real human nature.

If we cannot do this then there may soon be no America, no Western people, and no Western world.  If we cannot do this legally, which is the sane and moral way to do it, then a people pushed to the edge of extinction will find another Lenin or Hitler to try to save them---and the Big Media and the academic world wouldn't enjoy that development.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

How far will the counterbalancing toward populism and nationalism go?

This movement has been happening all over the Western world. The corrupt Big Media, the democrats and the neocons, including the Republican Party, are very much against this realignment taking place.

If the populists and nationalists are snuffed out this election season does that mean its all over for America and the West? Will it mean the continuing corruption and decline of America, resembling the slow fall of the Roman Empire?

Or could there eventually be some kind of nationalist military/police coup, or a military coup to establish order on the side of the Democrats and neocons? Could it mean violent radical revolution followed by street gangs picking up the pieces, until some sort of totalitarianism, right or left, is established? Or would traditional small and highly protected ethnostates be rehabilitated like outposts in the chaos?

Who can we blame for this great social and political mess? I suppose it is the will to power of greedy and short-term thinking human beings...Is that not how it has always been?...Is there any room for optimism within this balancing and counterbalancing?

Conservatives like Russell Kirk have convinced me that "men cannot improve a society by setting it on fire: they must seek out its old virtues and bring them back into the light." Radical revolution is not advocated for this counterbalancing. What is advocated is the legal transformation of the constitutional separation of powers and states, which already exist, toward an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, finally in harmony with real human nature. In every human culture ever studied human nature has included, kin-selection preferences, localism, and above all ethnocentrism.

But the deepest reason for optimism is the activating will within life to evolve toward Godhood in the material and supermaterial world, which now and always has been stronger than any other drive in the cosmos. Evolving life survives.

Friday, October 21, 2016

The conservative change-process of utilizing democracy to attain an ethnopluralism of ethnostates

The process of utilizing democracy to attain an ethnopluralism of ethnostates is in line with real human nature---which remains ethnocentric---and is far better than radical revolution or civil war. This is not "using" democracy, it is conforming to the natural elements of human nature and change.

Modern liberal versions of equality, universalism, and multiculturalism came about through "using" democracy in a way that went directly against real human nature.

This does not call for a totalitarian democracy, this means bringing natural social structures back in line with the natural ethnocentric structure of human nature.

Real conservatism allows changes as the way to conserve the things that are changeless, such as the evolution of life in the material world toward Godhood.

Democratic republics can formally contain an ethnopluralism of ethnostates rather than the informal ethnic regions we have today. And the constitutional separation of powers and states, at least within America, can accommodate these changes, perhaps with only a few amendments.

Establishing or reestablishing a natural ethnopluralism of ethnostates can halt the steady degeneration of human life now taking place. This can also stop or control the war between ethnic groups, as well as stop or control the war between religion, science and political philosophy. And this can be done conservatively within democratic republics, without radical revolution, which do far more harm than good.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Releasing the Unconcealed (reblog from May 09, 2012)

If Heidegger was right that the Greek word for “truth” means “unconcealment,” then I suggest that truth as a material or supermaterial object is released from the concealment of nonmaterial, traditional metaphysics, and mathematics.

Beauty is truth and truth is good, and the zenith of truth and goodness is the Supreme Object or Objects of Godhood, evolved to in the natural, material and supermaterial world. There need be no conflict between art, philosophy, science and religion in this ideal.  That is unconcealment.

Language barriers were not overcome in the debate last night

Antonio Gramsci's long march through the institutions in America established the new language of cultural Marxism (political correctness) in our colleges and universities, and Hillary became fluid in this language, along with her followers. Donald and his followers are not fluid in this language. Trump speaks more the language of business, Hillary does not. Trump has been learning the language of paleoconservatism but he is not yet as fluent in this language as Pat Buchanan---although Donald seems to be a quick learner. Hillary has no understanding at all of the language of paleoconservatism, although she can speak neoconservatism quite well. And these language barriers were not overcome in the debate last night.

How can we have a useful debate between candidates who speak two different languages? Maybe there should have been an interpreter at the debate who understands both languages? But that is easier said than done because we have mostly biased interpreters of these languages. There is a deep cultural divide between these candidates, their followers, and the language they speak, which will not improve, whoever wins. The Big Media speaks the language of political correctness and supports Hillary, the Little Media is not fluid in that language and supports Trump. Donald may pause the decline of America a bit so that other real solutions can rise (see the ethnopluralism hypothesis). Hillary will speed up the decline...These are the choices we have.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Some thoughts on genius

I've always mistrusted complexity as being unfinished work. Academics seem unable not be labyrinthine, and they often seem to miss the kind of human empathy required to communicate clearly. But mostly they miss the almost blind courage of real genius.

Raymond Cattell spent a career developing and affirming psychometrics as the way, for example, to find good research talent, which took a lot of courage in a world where equality is God. But real genius often falls through the cracks.

Nietzsche was originally an academic golden boy, and that should have kept him solidly in the academic world, but he fell through the cracks due to the odd quirks and personal idiosyncrasies which are so hard to predict in a genius. Overcompensation, a big chip on his shoulder, a fierce will to power (a simple idea enlarged in his philosophy), and high intelligence, probably made Nietzsche one of the most intellectually courageous humans who ever lived, even if he became too radical.

In writing about music, James Tate said that the usual sign that something is dead is when it becomes academic. The best academics, like, say, Edward O. Wilson, have rare courage. For example, he eventually changed his mind about the dominance of individualism and kin-selection over group-selection, knowing he would be called a racist for saying it, which remains the kiss of death.

I really would tell Martin Heidegger to courageously put his philosophy on one index card. That is a reductive risk to the truth, but complexity, or over-complexity, is more of a risk to the truth than reduction.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Is the future foreseeable?

Yes the future is foreseeable if we include real human nature in the prediction, many conservatives and most modern liberals do not. This is why both parties now look much the same in advocating globalism, open borders, and equality, which have little connection to real human nature.

What works for kin and ethnic groups does not work beyond them. Altruism, the behavior that benefits another supposedly at ones own expense, really advances those who are genetically related to the altruist, with the world far down on the preference list.

Religion attempted to expand this natural altruism beyond kin and ethnic group by denying real human nature and hypertrophying altruism to include the whole world, which did not work in stopping wars or halting group competition because it denied or covered up real human nature. Nietzsche thought this was the will to power of the priests.

This does not mean an end to traditional religion but it does mean a transformation of religion, as seen in theological materialism. And this does not mean an end to the constitutional separation of powers and states but does mean a transformation, as seen in an ethnopluralism of ethnostates.

If we look for social and political structures which harmonize with real altruism and real human nature then an ethnopluralism of ethnostates rises to reality. Empires have always broken back down into natural ethnopluralism, often after doing much damage to human beings and the earth.

As the world gradually returns to an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, protected by some kind of federalism (not fascist feudalism), we will have to be vigilant because individual kin and ethnic groups will seek to dominate even ethnopluralism, because that is what human nature does.

If you want realist policy, this is realism.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

What is divine in man?

To the religious gurus I ask, do not gaze down at man, head tilted with condescending patience and disappointment at man seeking to live, survive, reproduce and evolve. Do not smile with presumptuous compassion. Most religious and philosophical ideals have no existence apart from definition. There is little behind the religious and philosophical veil but words.

The hatred of materialism by the gurus has been mainly motivated by the goal of experiencing the God or Father Within, which required a blocking or cessation of material desires. That alone is a hedonistic goal and not enough. Real evolving life seeks real Godhood by way of the very drives that the gurus hate. The Twofold Path in theological materialism conservatively retains that first hedonistic glimpse of God but transforms it in the Outward Path of evolution toward real Godhood.

The fundamental and sacred orientation of life is activated from within material life toward evolving to Godhood in the material world, working along with whatever outside environment that evolution brings in the selection process.

What is divine in man is the activating Will or Spirit-Will, which is material, and activates material life toward evolving toward supermaterial Godhood. This is what drives life toward real truth, beauty, and goodness and not merely a non-material definition of these things or merely a blissful inward experience of the God Within. Life seeks to become these things as living objects with Godhood as the zenith of evolution.

Just because materialism has little direction today by man does not mean that materialism is evil and needs to be blocked in a Great Spiritual Blockade. Materialism can be aligned toward evolving to Godhood. This is what can revive religion, philosophy and science, and the cultures and civilizations that rise from these things.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Can Ethnostates Be "Good"?

The fact that most conservatives do not consider ethnostates "good" seems to stem from their belief in a universal spiritualism and a non-material definition of Godhood. This is what seems to unmoor conservatives from accepting who they really are---and also holds liberals back, whose "spiritualism" is in their universal secular ideology.

But there is a real universalism inherent in real human nature which leads clear thinking people to affirm an ethnopluralism of ethnostates. Real human nature continues to be kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection, followed by individual selection. This leads instinctively and logically to ethnostates.

Religion need not be lost. Life evolves to Godhood in the material world. Real Godhood is supermaterial not spiritual. And evolution in general works best in social and political configurations where distinct differences in ethnic cultures don't clash, as they naturally do in unmelting multicultural states, whether those states are based in a spiritual or secular universalism.

Nationalism and internationalism could than be seen as protective aids for all ethnostates, as well as  research guides for ongoing evolution on earth and out into the cosmos.

I consider myself a conservative and I say that if conservatives (and liberals) do not come to realize that ethnostates, or an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, are "good" they will lose everything they hold dear.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Some dirty cyber group may be laughing at the fools

When I see the headline "CIA Prepping for Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia" (Drudge) it sounds very much like the "lets you and him fight" cyber tricks of a non-Russian source in retaliation for the alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election. "Who benefits" from stopping the potential better relationship between Putin (Russia) and Trump (U.S.)? Who plays these kind of evil games on the razor edge of nuclear war?

The Shadows of Objects (reblog from Oct 31 2011)

We never, in reality, move beyond the object. Religion and philosophy think that they can move beyond the material or supermaterial object, but they are creating false, non-object absolutes. They create Gods of non-objects and definitions, which are not Gods.

Absolutizing of rational categories (as Hegel did) and absolutizing of objects leads to the same thing: not non-material higher definitions, but supermaterial objects, with the Supreme Object or Being as the Supreme Absolute Object in all categories.

Rational and religious categories can define objects but the definitions will always be the shadows of objects. This means that Plato needs to be trans-valued: it is the mystical definitions that are the shadows, and it is the objects that are reality.

The consummation of intelligence is not the beatific vision All by itself outside a material body, it lives in the mind of the object having the vision. Godhood is the Absolute Mind in the Absolute Body and not merely a Mind. Godhood is not beyond form and structure, Godhood is Absolute Supermaterial Form and Structure. There is no need to put up a Great Spiritual Blockade against the material world if Godhood is seen as the Supermateriality that we evolve to from the material world.

Thought and being belong together, as St. Thomas seems to be saying, but the Being of St. Thomas is nevertheless the same non-material, non-object being as before, and the God of St. Thomas is not a Supreme Supermaterial Object. We are not able to fully conceptualize Godhood at this stage in our evolving intelligence but this does not mean that Godhood is therefore non-conceptualizable. It takes a God to accurately conceptualize a God, and when this is done it is a Mind conceptualizing within a Body, not a non-material body-less mind.

We need to abide strictly within material and supermaterial objects. This is the base of theological materialism.  The great allure of seeing or experiencing the virtual God Within of the Involutionary Inward Path---which we do affirm in the Twofold Path---must not put up a Great Spiritual Blockade against evolving to Real Godhood in the Evolutionary Outward Path of material/supermaterial evolution.

Conservatives need to address sociobiological issues if they want to save the West

Even the paleoconservatives, the more realistic conservatives, are too fond of witty or scathing put-downs of modern liberalism, but they say and do virtually nothing else regarding the deepest reason for the decline of America and the West: neglect of the biological origin of social behavior. This subject has been declared politically incorrect and even taboo. The increasing social disruptions caused from the natural inability of distinctively different and therefore competing ethnic groups to"all get along" is not mentioned, yet alone a solution to the problem.

Conservatism gives a realistic account of human nature but falls down in not emphasizing the ethnocentric and even xenophobic nature of human beings, with group-selection having been the primary unit of successful selection since humans became human, followed by individual selection. It's time for conservatives to openly affirm and apply sociobiology.

The death of the West and Western people is not acceptable. That should be clear enough. If the Christian tradition is also involved in burying the subject of sociobiology due to a universal view of human equality, then it too needs an upgrade (see theological materialism). Conservatives (or liberals) in America need not worry about radical revolution in affirming a sociobiological understanding of human nature. The constitutional separation of powers and states can accommodate real human nature within an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, perhaps with only a few amendments.

I think this will naturally happen given human nature, eventually, but it would be better to do it before complete collapse.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Michelle should save her finger-waving for Black Hip-Hop culture which makes Trump's locker room look nerdy

Not all adult men allow women to tell them how to behave in the locker room, in society, or anywhere, other than perhaps the nursery. Michelle Obama's diatribe against Trump in New Hampshire today is the kind of thing that takes place in the traditional matriarchies of black culture, but not in the white patriarchies which created all the major civilizations. Michelle should save her finger-waving for Black Hip-Hop culture which makes Trump's locker room look nerdy.

Next will be a Noble Prize for the obscene nursery rhymes of a drug-addled rap star

There has never has been a bigger phony than Bob Dylan, who began by imitating Woody Guthrie and ends imitating an old black blues man with a substance-destroyed voice.

Nothing is as stupid as Dylan's 1960's hippie marijuana Marxism.

Yet the Nobel Prize in literature is going to American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan?

What can we expect from Sweden which is committing immigration suicide?

And so Western civilization sinks back into that starless night.

The emperor of abstract definition has no clothes (reblog from Sept 27 2011)

I could agree with Heidegger's idea that the history of metaphysics is the history of the “oblivion of Being,” but I would put it another way: the history of religion and philosophy is the history of the oblivion of the real object.  Given the oblivion of the real object it is no wonder that materialism rejected religion and much of philosophy. In rejecting religion, materialism and philosophy ended up with empty materialism.

Now, in the theological materialism of theTheoevolutionary Church, the real object of materialism is seen as hypertrophied into the Supermaterial Supreme Object, or Godhood, attained through evolution. This retrieves religion and philosophy and even science from the empty oblivion of Being.

The real object has been lost in almost diabolical abstractions, which means that Real Being is lost in abstractions. Yes, we must use mathematics to technically run the world, but mathematics does not replace real objects and does not replace the Supreme Object of Real Godhood.

We know that living objects exist in the world from the simple to the complex, and it is realistic to say, without abstraction, that a hierarchy of such living objects exist in the cosmos, and this evolution would follow up to the Supremely Complex, with a highest level of evolution, where Godhood would dwell.

A child knows that what he sees is real, without abstractions, even if he does not know that he will see more of the object as his senses and consciousness and intelligence advance. This is basically all that needs to be said regarding how we regard the real world. The emperor of abstract definition has no clothes.

It's more the murder of the West than the suicide

The murderers were---and continue to be---the small elite who brainwashed the modern liberals and many conservatives into the political correctness of what William Lind called cultural Marxism.

The murderers include the Frankfurt School and the postmodern philosophers, that is, people like Wilhelm Reich, Ernst Bloch, Herbert Marcuse, and postmodernists like Foucault, Laclau, and Badiou who strongly influenced the academic world, which then brainwashed the larger college and university "educated." The Big Media did the rest of the brainwashing.

The murdering ideas included the rejection of real human nature, which led to the rejection of traditional morality, and rejection of conservative social philosophy.

Real human nature includes being kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection, followed by individual selection.

Now the the greatest influence dealers in Washington, who take advantage of the weakened and brainwashed West, are the Wall Street lobby, the fossil fuel lobby, and the Israeli and Saudi lobbyists, who often pay off and threaten corrupt government officials and representatives to get them to take actions that are completely against the interests of our nation and the West.

All this has to be curbed if we are to save ourselves. If it is impossible to un-brainwash the West then we will have to wait for future generations to return to the reality of human nature.

Real human nature instinctively and logically leads to the social and political philosophy of ethnopluralism. That is, an ethnopluralism of ethnostates protected by some kind of federalism. This is what will lead the West back to health, and this also applies to the rest of the world, since human nature is universal. 

I believe an ethnopluralism of states and regions can be established legally in the United States due to our constitutional separation of powers and states. It may require a few constitutional amendments to legally give more power to the states.

This doesn't have to be done with radical revolution. As Russell Kirk said, "Men cannot improve a society by setting it to fire: they must seek out its old virtues and bring them back into the light."

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Being Or Godhood As Supremely Evolved Object or Objects (reblog from Sept. 2011)

Transcendence is another word for evolution

I do not think we should feature the “principle” of substance, called “form” by Aristotle, who thought form was the highest principle of substance. This is how religion and philosophy veer off beyond reality, beyond the object, beyond the truth of the object. Truth is an object first, a principle second.

Godhood or Being should not be envisioned as form or principle or abstraction but as a Supreme Object or Objects, a Supermaterial Object of substance, or super-substance.

The Spirit-Will is the acting animator of being, all the way to Godhood, whereupon Godhood is transformed into the next cosmic Godhood containing the animating Spirit-Will within each being.

For St. Thomas, Being is act, not substance, which would be like saying God is Spirit-Will (although the Spirit-Will is an acting substance). The Spirit-Will is not Being or Godhood, the action of the Spirit-Will is part of Godhood, Being is a Supreme Acting Object.

To Heidegger, Being is also not causality or actuality but the radiance of what shows itself to us (Caputo, “Heidegger and St. Thomas"). But Being is the Zenith of Causality and Action, more than “mere” radiance which is “only” a property of the Object Supreme Being.

Truth is found in objects, in things, which are then seen and described by minds. Minds require bodies, just as the Soul and Spirit-Will require bodies. A Divine Mind exits in the Divine Body of Being.

Transcendence is another word for evolution, the transcendence of being to Godhood is evolutionary, and the transcendence or transformation of Godhood is evolutionary.

As to proof, describing this ontology and metaphysics corresponds to Heidegger's preference for the poet's way of naming Being, as poets and thinkers who have been touched by It (in older words, faith and intellectual intuition). I am waiting for more concrete “scientific” proof, for example, proof of the Supreme Substance of Being and proof of the evolution of beings to Being or Godhood, which will come in the future.

When science joins religion

How much of the will of nature can we discern?

By using the term "will" of nature I have already lost the empirical scientists who see only randomness and goalless survival and reproduction, or a goalless will to power.

Science has to keep looking to satisfy Einstein's intuition about there being a lower level of structure in matter that causes the indeterminate quantum effects, which are not "spiritual."

I do not think the will, which I define as the Will-Spirit-To-Godhood is spiritual, so I think philosophical naturalism can be enlarged to include religion. The Will or Will-Spirit is a material or supermaterial activation within life, which defines the essence of life.

One celled things evolve to complex human beings, but life can continue evolving to more complex beings, all the way to Godhood, but a Godhood which is also material or supermaterial.

The activating Will-Spirit within life is not God, it activates life to evolve to Godhood. Science should be looking to discern this physical material force, then science can join religion.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Grounding the Ground of Being (a re-blog from Aug 16 2011)

Causal ontology

Being is confined to concrete things, but concrete things range from the simple material to the complex supermaterial. Godhood or Being is the highest evolution of supermateriality.

Being's “essence” is the same Spirit-Will essence as that which activates the simple material, only with Being, the Spirit-Will has reached the goal for which It activates all life to attain.

This grounds the "groundless" ground of Being of Heidegger and St. Thomas. Causality does attain Being Itself. It does not “limit” Being to be linked to causality.

Why does it limit Being to “simply” be the Being of beings? This seems to be seen as a limitation only if one prefers nonmateriality, mathematics, language, etc, to a grounded, concrete materiality-supermateriality.

Being Itself will not disappear, as it is feared, if Being is “confined” to the concrete. This fear seems to be based on a dislike of or escape from the grounding in materiality. Being does not disappear but is transformed into cosmic Godhood by way of evolution, which is certainly not a disappearing. This superconcrete transformation is the real “transcendence.”

Man does not make his way to an existing Being in time, man evolves to the Zenith of material-supermaterial evolution, which is the real Being or Godhood in time.

Man does not merely gain access to the “meaning” of Being, man can become Being, man becomes Godhood by way of evolution.

It is the Spirit-Will within, which is material or supermaterial, that bestows Itself on man, not Being. Being needs to be evolved to. The Spirit-Will is not Being.

The Great Spiritual Blockade of materiality-supermateriality by theology and philosophy needs to be unblocked so that life will not be trapped in groundlessness, and so that life can be allowed to evolve to Godhood.

The world is more like Trump's locker room than Hillary's feminist book club

I don't trust a man who can't talk locker room talk, but I also don't trust a man who talks locker room talk outside the locker room. With Trump we get what we get.

Hillary has probably never been in a locker room, and that's one of her problems. The real world is more like Trump's locker room than Hillary's feminist book club.

Modern liberals don't feel comfortable with locker room talk any more than they feel comfortable with the non-liberal classes. They live in a Utopian dream with no resemblance to reality, other than their greedy will to power.

If Trump can even partly fix America than he can occasionally talk locker room talk. To hell with Hillary and her many corrupt connections. They are brainwashed beyond changing.

But this means that all those who have stopped voting because the system is corrupt need to vote this time...for Trump.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

The next meaning of life, religion, and science

There can still be design and teleology without spiritualism, and there can still be Godhood and religion without spiritualism. I do not agree with Edward O. Wilson, one of my favorite scientists, when he says that religion and science should no longer try to overlap and only science is required to explain the meaning of life. ("The meaning of Life," Wilson).

Life has within it an activation which really best defines "life," an activating force (material or supermaterial) activating life always to live, survive, and reproduce---within an outside environment of selection in the world---but also always seeking to live and evolve toward ultimate success, which supposedly will bring virtually eternal success and virtually eternal representation for life, defined as Godhood. This is the real goal and meaning of life.

As to how it all began, how the cosmos began "in the first place," I see no reason to believe, no proof, that there ever was a beginning or end. Beginnings and ends are the product (or wish) of human understanding. I assume there was no beginning and will be no ending to life and evolution.

I see the rise of cyborgs and trans-humanism as somewhat of a suicidal movement preferring artificial life to real life, probably brought about by the loss of meaning and direction, due to the loss of religion. There is also the natural wills to power of the technoids who develop these things. This is not the future I see, although artificial intelligence can be an aid in the evolution of life. But the answer to this great downgrading of real evolving life is not to bring back the same religious, non-material, spiritual, explanations of life, meaning and direction. Men remain afraid of real biology, genetics and human evolution.
We can retain the Enlightenment unification of science and religion, while transforming both.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Defining deep conservatism

My idea of deep conservatism does not rule out a Jeffersonian/Jacksonian rebellion of the Donald Trump kind, back to the will of the people against the corrupt establishment. As Jefferson said, a little rebellion now and again can be a good thing. The excellent Clyde Wilson recently wrote that Jefferson was not speaking as a radical but as a reactionary.

To me moving back to the founding constitutional separation of powers and states could accommodate ethnopluralism, regions and states as ethnostates, within a protecting federalism, even if a few amendments were necessary.

No other social or political structure better harmonizes with real human nature, which remains as it has always been, very much kin-centered and group-centered, or ethnocentric in selection preferences, even if the political correctness of cultural Marxism has made the truth taboo.

This is the natural way to deal with unworkable and unassimilating multiculturalism, which attempts to jam different groups together in one spot where they then only compete and fight, often leading to civil disruptions and even civil war.

This defines deep conservatism.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Stopping the present movement toward human extinction

Both libertarian capitalism and the more ascetic versions of religion have led to the blocking of the human reproductive instinct. The dominance of capitalism and its gradual fall has led to falling birthrates as children have become too expensive to raise and educate. And the celibacy of the seriously religious---the preferred behavior of both Christ and Buddha---also blocked the reproductive drive by theologically undervaluing reproduction. As a result, by 2050 old people are expected be about 20 percent of the population in the West, and small children will be 4 to 7 percent of the population. (statistics from Allan Carlson, Rockford Institute) This points toward human extinction in the West.

The natural direction and purpose of life, teleology, has also been diverted or blocked by feminism which has denied the importance of reproduction, as well as the modern trends of birth control, open love, hyper-individualism, divorce, pornography, gay rights, etc.,etc.. And the movement to replace humans with artificial intelligent machines points toward another dead end for human reproduction.

Social fundamentalist versions of religion, and traditionalism in general, continue to have babies above replacement levels, as well as various forms of nativism, nationalism, and fascism which also encourage reproductive health. If human extinction trends continue it is they who will inherit the world due to demographics. This would include the radical version of Islam (some say real Islam) now terrorizing the West.

The way I choose to affirm a real future for humanity is to affirm ethnopluralism and theological materialism, which best unblock all the elements of real human nature now diverted or blocked. This includes affirming being kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection, followed by individual selection.

Ethnopluralism, with ethnic groups affirming their own territorial ethnostates, with each protected by some version of federalism, along with the philosophy of theological materialism, with its deeper understanding of the material evolution of life to real supermaterial Godhood, can bring back the importance of real material life and join religion and science in stopping the present movement toward human extinction.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Modern liberals are largely responsible for the political crudeness of Donald Trump

Modern liberals are largely responsible for the political crudeness of Donald Trump because their political correctness has blocked every other way of speaking about such things as obesity, illegal immigration, etc., even though obesity and illegal immigration are ruining Americans. The same thing happened with "bullying" in our schools which increased when poor blacks were bused to rich white schools, or vice versa. Rather than telling black kids to stop taking the lunch money of white kids, all kids and their parents were equally and endlessly brainwashed about bullying.

Nurturing is killing us. There is supposed to be a balance between the inherent nurturing of women and the territoriality of men. But the political correctness of cultural Marxism which now rules America says that nurturing really is better than territoriality, and women really are better than men. What is so hypocritical and irritating about this propaganda scam is that modern liberals preach complete equality to the proles but then rule most unequally.

Trump could be our next president---crudeness and all---because people are tired of these propaganda scams.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The burying of real human identity

"Class" does not supersede racial and ethnic identity as a social bond, human nature remains primarily kin-centered and group or ethnic-centered. There is a biological origin to basic social behavior, which originally created most of the laws of identity and social behavior.

In any case, classes are often ethnically defined. We know modern liberals won't admit any distinctions between human beings of any kind, be they class or ethnic distinctions. But why is this so hard to admit even for conservatives? (for example, see "Class and Identity" Chronicles, Oct. 2016)

I suppose it's that old conception of spiritualism in religion, like the ideologies of liberals that conservatives hate, which pulls conservatives away from a material explanation of human nature and human goals.

Theological materialism resolves this problem both in social philosophy and religion. We evolve in the material world to supermaterial Godhood, and our evolution requires knowing real human nature, which always moves toward the natural separations of ethnopluralism and ethnostates, after periods of the various types of imperialism, as history shows.

This is the way we exhume real human nature and real human identity, which modern liberalism and to a lesser extent modern conservatism continue to move away from or bury. This defines deep-conservatism.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Why conservatives can believe in mankind and the world

Men are capable of self-creation and self-perfection, or at least evolving in that direction. This view is generally missing in conservatism, mainly due to the traditional belief in a non-material spiritual God who orders the universe. Modern liberalism rejects this perspective and rejects religion largely for this reason. It need not be so.

I believe that life evolves in the material world to supermaterial Godhood. This requires a belief in the material world as the means to attain Godhood. This expression of  theological materialism can bring religion and man back into the world. Conservatives and traditionalists secede from reality when they replace materialism with spiritualism, which leads to other secessions from reality.

To experience the God or Father first seen inwardly required blocking all material desires, or blocking out the world, as advocated by Christ, Buddha and other great sages. But real Godhood is reached outwardly by way of material and supermaterial evolution in the world. This religious perspective conservatively retains the inward path but transform it in the outward path.

Bringing conservatism back into the world also means, for example, that conservatives should own the environmental movement which is now owned by modern liberalism. The land continues on even as people and governments change, and so supporting and caring for the land defines real tradition and should be a basic concern and cause.

Men are capable of self-creation, self-perfection, and men are capable of protecting the environment on earth and in the cosmos, or at least evolving in that direction. This worldview can save the earth, save people, and also save religion.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Recovering religion, art, and even politics, within the laws of nature

I prefer the term “the laws of nature” to the term “natural law,” because traditional natural law has made fuzzy definitions of such things as freedom, equality, and goodness.

This relates to the general non-material spiritualism of religious definitions of reality within the Inward Paths of most religions, which I believe were only a first preliminary experience of the real Godhood reached through material and supermaterial evolution in the Outward Path, as defined in theological materialism.

This brings natural law closer to the real laws of nature. The Twofold Path can conservatively retain the traditional Inward Path but it is transformed in the Outward Path of material evolution to real Godhood.

This is the way to recover religion, art and even politics, defined within the laws of nature. To recover religion is to recover art, both of which have died and been replaced with non-art and atheism, initiated by the philosophical rejection any kind of order in nature.

Any kind of order in human nature has also been rejected by modern culture, which admits no inherent human nature but admits only the cultural creation of human nature. The science of sociobiology has begun to recover real human nature, which is in harmony with the laws of nature as described in theological materialism.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Why radical revolution is not necessary

I believe an ethnopluralism of states and regions can be established legally in the United States due to our constitutional separation of powers and states. This is the best way to deal with real human nature, which remains as it has always been, kin-centered and primarily group-selecting.

It may require a few constitutional amendments to legally give more power to the states to move toward an ethnopluralism of ethnostates. This will not be easy, but it is far preferable to radically destructive civil disruptions, or even civil war, which naturally are now increasing due to competition between ethnic groups within multi-ethnic societies.

Everyone thinks they know what is best, few people think of themselves and their ideas a evil. The perennial problem has been whether to establish ideas of good through leadership force or through the democratic will of the people.

Changing society the legal way---which in this case means unblocking real human nature---means we need to begin to change the will of the people toward securing ethnostates, even though virtually all media power is now in the hands of people who are strongly against even admitting ethnic differences, and who want to make it illegal to even mention the advantages of ethnopluralism. At least real human nature is on our side... I see no better way to proceed.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Adapting Clausewitz to defeat modern liberal cultural Marxism

I'm not talking here about defeating them with military weapons and death, as in real war---with enough cultural will these things can be accomplished without radical measures.

If conservatives could adapt the three Clausewitzian principles of all wars to overcome modern liberal cultural Marxism, and the Big Media which now promotes it, first we need to identity them as the enemy, then we have to actively take their power away from them, and finally we need to morally and intellectually use all cultural resources to destroy them permanently.

None of this is being done today, although Trump has, more or less, identified the enemy. That's not enough. Western civilization is over if we cannot overcome modern liberal cultural Marxism and the Big Media which promotes it...