Friday, December 09, 2016

The forgotten or blocked natural purpose of virtue (reblog from 2013)

The natural purpose of virtue is culturally blocked everywhere. Sociobiology has made inroads in bringing nature into morality but it has been generally shoved aside by the media and the academic world. Why?

It seems that natural wills to power prefer hypocrisy or lies, in what Nietzsche called a triumph of anti-naturalism. Meanwhile the voices for natural virtue are deemed politically incorrect by cultural Marxism.

Altruism and compassion are very old within human nature, going way back to pre-human group animals, where strong social connections were needed for such things as hunting success and child rearing. That is, altruism and compassion are not new rational and religious human inventions. Man is a social animal and selection still takes place at the group level with natural ethnocentrism.

Anti-naturalism assumes that distinctly different people and cultures are exactly the same, natural laws affirming realistic self-preservation for distinct people and cultures are actually denied or blocked, with disastrous results in civil disorder.

Natural virtues can be seen in the political philosophy of ethnopluralism, which harmonizes with real human nature, for all groups, with small states or ethnostates, which can be protected by a light federalism.

The more realistic hope is that we will indeed “all get along,” but with variety and with cooperative competition, applying real natural virtues, where sociobiologically engaged religious research centers (which Cattell first talked about) can be utilized by all groups, so we can all continue on with evolving in the natural path toward real Godhood.

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