Thursday, December 22, 2016

Transforming the principle of sufficient reason regarding a cosmos with no beginning and no end

If there is no beginning or end to the cosmos, the old principle of sufficient reason that nothing is without a cause needs to be upgraded, that is, if God is not thought to be the beginner/ender of the cosmos.

Humans live and die and so they almost naturally see all life live and die with a beginning and end, and for many centuries they have said God is the great cause of it all.

Does no beginning and no end to life and the cosmos therefore destroy God? No, but a transformation needs to take place from the spiritual to the material and supermaterial understanding of God or Godhood.

Material life endlessly evolves toward different levels of supermaterial Godhood with no beginning and no end, with starts and stops along the endless way.

The old principle of sufficient reason this way takes on the dynamic of theological materialism in explaining life and cosmos. The old conception of God is not thrown out, it is retained but transformed in the Twofold Path.

In the present world as "things fall apart" and "the centre cannot hold," it is time for this new yet old foundation.

With this worldview science can join religion, and real life can join religious life made real.

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