Monday, July 31, 2006

The Problem With "Progress"

The problem I have with “progress” and “evolution” is not with science, which can be sound. The problem comes when material theories allow for nothing else, when they emphatically deny anything in the realm of immutable and eternal principles. The developments and inventions of science and technology are its main superiority, but when it is claimed that these things are all there is, it can lead to decline, unhappiness and chaos.

Monday, July 17, 2006

On the blog: Family, God, Nation

An interesting blog called Family, God, Nation . This site shows, indirectly, how the findings of sociobiology regarding human nature can work harmoniously with traditional conservatism. It’s all here: rejection of narrow left and right political labels, defense of Christendom against all its ideological enemies, the validity of ethnic and national identities, along with supporting patriotic/nationalist aspirations of Christian peoples, defending the heritage of Europe, decentralization of government control, in accordance with the Catholic principle of subsidiarity, “Small is Beautiful,” defending the family, a just economic system based on wide ownership of property, small business, including the agrarian way of life, society built on communitarian values and a foreign policy of armed neutrality. There are links to many other traditional sites. This blog was linked through Jim Kalb's excellent site Turnabout.