Monday, December 12, 2016

Immanentizing the Spiritual (reblog from Dec 2013)

The primacy of culture over politics in a world that now places politics over almost everything? How about the primacy of biology over culture and politics? This takes it deeper, although culture and biology are co-evolutionary. Turning around the old conservative cleverness, we in fact want to biologize the eschaton, contrary to Voegelin, since it is biology and evolution that take us to the end-goal of Godhood, rather than burying biology in wordy asceticism, which is where the great religions in reality are most comfortable. We can have both the Inward God within as well as the Outward Path of evolution to real Godhood. Religion needs to stop looking down its thin nose at the very evolution which brings us to Godhood---the Inward Path to the Father Within has only partially seen or symbolically experienced the real supermaterial Godhood reached through evolution in the Outward Path.

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