Saturday, May 30, 2015

Future evolutionary values

The means have been misunderstood as the object, and definitions or symbols are also misunderstood as the object. This is a problem with religion and philosophy: God or Being are not seen as real, living, material or supermaterial objects, but as non-material definitions and symbols, or blissful inward experiences, or a means only of explaining life.

We require a scale of values constructed according to an order of values representing real evolution. That is, evolution toward a physiological, material/supermaterial Godhood at the zenith of evolution. The ascent in evolution represents an increase in value, the descent a diminution or decline in value. The central dynamic is not first an increase in consciousness, pleasure, survival or power, but is the advance of evolution toward supermaterial Godhood, which contains these characteristics as secondary to the central activation of evolution.

Contrary to Nietzsche and his postmodern followers, there is a goal to power, consciousness and evolution, life is evolving toward material/supermaterial Godhood. And this need not lead to exclusivity or old imperialism since the mission of the evolutionary values defines all groups as evolving toward Godhood in their own particular ways in their own territories, helped along by international research centers, ethnopluralism and various forms of federalism.

What values are big enough for the future? We have lost the value of living objects in religion and in philosophy. Theological materialism brings Godhood back to the reality of living objects and evolution, without rejecting the old symbols, but by putting them in their secondary and reactive place in the Inward Path, and by applying the Outward Path of evolution toward Godhood.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pushing back neoconservatism and the struggle for survival

World domination for the neoconservatives? You have to admit, they have chutzpah. But the neoconservatives need to be repudiated. The problem is, Big Money/Big Business affirm the neos because the neos do not get in the way of their marauding globalism.

But if we want to live, prosper, and evolve, we have to promote the separation of powers, regions and states, as in the original U.S Constitution, and we need to support economic nationalism, and eventually an ethnopluralism of regions and states, protected by a light federalism.

Legal, economic and cultural relations arise largely from ethnic and biological ones, not the other way around---all these national foundations are disappearing in the face of multiculturalism, political correctness (cultural Marxism), and neoconservativism.

It seems that we have to admit that the West has been falling, in spite of the arrogant war-mongering of the neoconservatives. I don't see a better choice in the matter than the one mentioned above. And this kulturkampf, this struggle for culture, can be brought about through legal means. Wouldn't it be nice if the times were such that one of the presidential candidates now bloviating for the next election would take up this vital perspective? When will this happen?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What the “ecological economists” have right is the idea that nature is ultimately the source of wealth

What the “ecological economists” have right is the idea that nature is ultimately the source of wealth and if we destroy nature we destroy future wealth, along with destroying many other things. This suggests, or should suggest, that endless growth as an economic philosophy can be unhealthy.

This also relates to the unhealthy dominance of economic forces. Yes we can have market's free or fair, but we cannot be dominated by markets as we have been in the West, which has largely destroyed the cultures and the nations of the West. Yes, free enterprise has raised the standard of living higher than any time in human history, but it can become that old root of all evil when it dominates well-bonded communities, local governments, ethnic cultures, and everything else.

Can this be changed? We have no choice if we want to continue living. We will be more “free” the more we restrict the power of Big Money/Big Business which has become a marauding international global state. Big Business claimed to be against the communists but they have promoted an international “brotherhood” and a border-less world as the communist did, which is just as impossible.

I think the change can be done without radical revolution and without rejecting the vision of the Founding Fathers. Human nature remains kin-centered, ethnocentric, local, even xenophobic, and group selection is still the primary unit of selection, and this relates directly to the separation of powers and states in the U.S. Constitution.

Libertarians usually don't embrace economic nationalism, and that's a problem with them, their philosophy of hypertrophied individualism has not absorbed the importance of the primary unit of group selection in successful survival, which is deeply ingrained in human nature. This means that libertarian decentralization will not be enough, if open border, free trade globalism remains. We require tariffs on foreign products to save manufacturing, and save jobs, and save lives, and save cultures that have been destroyed by globalism. Economic nationalism is not isolationism, or anti-technology, or anti-trade, or anti-free enterprise, endless growth as an economic philosophy has been unhealthy, and we must admit this.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Why traditional Christians need not reject modern human progress

Paleoconservatives tend to look with scorn at the idea of human progress and believe history was at its zenith with the birth, life and death of Jesus and they believe humans can and should regress to that event and call that the only progress. Really?

Christian civilization grew on the misinterpretations of the ascetic religious philosophy of Jesus. Brilliant Christian philosophers adapted the completely Inward Path of Jesus to fit outward social behavior. The real Jesus simply had no time for the “city of man” other than to show people how to escape it. Jesus preached the Inward Path to the God or Father Within only, which required rejecting all material desires. The social ethics of Jesus were negatively related to that anti-materialism. That anti-materialism is what defined “progress” to Jesus.

This is where the later radical rejection of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment came from, which has been perhaps the greatest error of traditional Christianity. Why? Because science and the idea of evolutionary progress are aids in the evolution of material and supermaterial life toward real Godhood in the Outward Path, which was only symbolically experienced in the Inward Path of the traditional religions of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and others---the Inward Path is retained but transformed in the Twofold Path.

Traditional Christians need not reject modern human progress, real Godhood lies ahead at the zenith of material evolution.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Ordered evolution and the middle-class

It seems that other than the middle-class, which tends to hold on to traditions that derive from real human nature, the other classes seem revolutionary or decadent. Decadent upper classes (often neoconservative) are increasingly creating only two classes, the rich and the poor, and this is accomplished at the expense of the middle-class. The middle-class is now being destroyed by global Big Money/Big Business and by unchecked immigration. And the lower class revolutionaries (often Marxist) rise by destroying middle-class conservative order. The weakness of the middle-class is their negative reaction to all change, but this seems somewhat easier to remedy than trying to turn decadents or revolutionaries into conservatives.

I believe conservatism needs to be understood as stagnating and harming the middle-class (and all groups) if it doesn't value evolutionary change within conservatism. Evolution not revolution needs to be thought of as slow but permanent. Ordered evolution rates higher than ordered liberty, which makes people too happy with the status quo. Ordered evolution affirms conservative order along with evolutionary change. There is a “maturational lag” involved in genetic improvements which requires time and order to adapt the changes. The fast pace of artificial intelligence should also slow down for the same adaptive reasons so that AI doesn't end up controlling us.

After all, it is the sacred evolution of material and supermaterial life toward Godhood which is the religious transformation required.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It cannot be all over for the West

The West is committing suicide. Is It all over?

Virtually all the vested interests are against the things that hold a nation together: Big Business/Big Money, the political class, the national Media, the academic world, and even the general public, all support the devices with which the West is committing suicide. They support lowering all barriers to national borders and immigrants, all barriers to national government and national identities, all of them support hyper-individualism, that is, the rights of individuals over community, language, ethnic differences, and common culture.

And so the West is committing suicide. Can anything be done?

We can't just die and do nothing. We can continue to speak the truth about real human nature, in which group-selection, which leads to group-altruism, and even to ethnocentrism, remains the primary unit of human selection, even if this has been buried by the suicidal devices mentioned above. We can group ourselves in the communities of people we want to live with, with common ties. Multicultural societies drowning in hyper-individualism do not create any real uniformity of purpose in the members of a large group---they don't share many traits, culturally or genetically, and they don't coordinate much at all.

But peaceful means, which sane people advocate, may not stop future clashes and even civil wars, as real human nature reasserts itself. Perhaps then, after the clashes, a natural ethnopluralism will form out of the dying suicidal empires. We need to try to bring this about through legal, evolutionary, peaceful means. For example, the U.S. Constitution, with its separation of powers and states, could accommodate an ethnopluralism of regions and states, protected by a light federalism.

Evolution and devolution naturally take place, but sacred life is on the side of evolution, as life evolves toward Godhood. Evolution is not so much a preservation of life as it is an increase and accumulation of intelligence, beauty, complexity, and power, leading toward the zenith of material/supermaterial evolution, which defines Godhood.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Why the radical Nietzschean and neopagan paths are not necessary

Christian tradition does not condemn the desire to affirm ones country and ones ethnic culture. Even St. Thomas Aquinas said we are to honor our kin and country, only in second place to God.

It is understandable that the neopagans and Nietzschean racialists see modern Christians as culturally Marxist modern liberals who have, along with postmodernism (and even neoconservatives), welcomed the destruction of national borders and ethnic identities.

The religious problem comes when only the Inward Path experience of the God or Father Within is affirmed, because the Inward Path requires rejecting and virtually abandoning the natural laws of material desire, which Jesus centrally advocated (and Buddha too). Universalism and equality are easier to swallow when you care little or nothing for the material desires of natural law and human nature, which is the necessary ascetic path to symbolically experience the Inward God.

The religious and political solution here comes when the Father Within of the Inward Path is seen as only the first glimpse, the symbolic experience of real Godhood which is reached in the Outward Path of material and supermaterial evolution. Material desires refined by conscious evolution are in fact necessary to reach Godhood in the Outward Path. But both Paths are retained in the Twofold Path of theological materialism. Conservatism can remain a viable philosophy.
This is why we do not require the radical Nietzschean or the neopagan path to restore natural law and real human nature. Real human nature remains as it has always been, ethnocentric and group-selecting, among other traditional things, and this naturally, and rationally, leads to a political ethnopluralism, which can counter the modern liberal version of Christianity and cultural Marxism, which have nearly destroyed the West.

One thing that can be done: the U. S. Constitution with its separation of powers and states and protecting federalism could accommodate ethnopluralism. Then with ethnopluralism affirmed culturally and territorially we can get on with the most sacred mission of conscious evolution toward real material/supermaterial Godhood for all ethnic cultures and groups, which is a legitimate universalism.

This is how we conserve our nations and identities, and restore and evolve Christianity, natural law, human nature and science, without radical Nietzschean goalless power drives, or neopagan reversals.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The attempt to detach biology from culture

The political correctness of cultural Marxism now prevalent in the West attempts to detach biology from culture.

This can't be done, it's a lie, a non-reality, and it leads to nihilism and anarchy. So much for postmodernism.

When you try to leave nature and biology out of culture you get such abnormal monstrosities as the attempts at gender sameness, universal equality, multiculturalism, and gay marriage.

For one example: although men and women do share many of the same qualities, women have a more natural capacity for nurturing and compassion, men are more territorial and protective, and these differences balance relationships within society. Without this balancing, national borders can become unprotected, the state can grow in power, children don't know who or what they are, and this all leads to decadence.

Political correctness and cultural Marxism are full of empty words with no substance, but they have been exploited, ironically, for biological purposes, the will to power of those who promote it, unconsciously or consciously.

To save ourselves we need to move past political correctness and cultural Marxism, and we need to consciously re-attach biology to culture.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Making the world a monastery?

"Making the world a monastery" is the foundation of Christianity. (For a different view see Chronicles, January 2015). Living the ascetic life was the main theme and meaning of the Sermon on the Mount and this was the root of the social (really antisocial) values of Jesus Christ. Poverty, celibacy, obedience was (and is) necessary in the Inward Path to experience the symbolic God or Father Within. Not unlike Gautama Buddha, Jesus did not care for material life. Practical life had nothing to do with the ascetic life of Jesus.

It was the later reasoning of Catholic philosophers who adapted the ascetic values of Jesus, probably to accommodate the real necessities of human life and Church growth---Saint Thomas Aquinas was brilliant in doing this. Even though the reasoning of the philosophers kept the monastic system for the true followers of Christ, the Christian philosophers actually rejected more than transformed the ascetic life, in the the spirit of Saint Paul who told the Corinthians that it's better to marry than to burn with lust---a reluctant affirmation at best. This forever altered the traditional inward philosophy of Jesus.

But the way to deal with the delegitimizing of life and living in the ascetic Inward Path is not to reject the Inward Path but transform it in the Outward Path. The Twofold Path described in the theological materialism of the Theoevolutionary Church does not reject Christ's inward teaching. The Father Within is seen as the first symbolic inward glimpse of Godhood which can be reached in the Outward Path of material and supermaterial evolution. We do not turn away from the normal discontents of the real instincts of life, indeed, evolving material life is the only vehicle by which we can evolve toward real supermaterial Godhood.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Real human nature separates and even discriminates

Conservative's (The American Conservative, Chronicles) speak truth to neoconservatives, but ethnopluralist's need to speak truth to conservatives. James O. Tate suggested that it is segregationist to demand that in black neighborhoods the police must be black. But real human nature remains kin-centered, ethnocentric and even xenophobic, and human nature helps define why white police don't get along all that well in black neighborhoods.

The answer to this increasing problem is not more multiculturalism, where no real identity is projected, but ethnopluralism, where real identity is allowed. Regions and states need to move in the direction of affirming ethnic localities, which the separation of powers and states in the U. S. Constitution could accommodate and protect.

The same principal applies to immigration. America is not merely an idea or an ideology, as both political parties now preach, distinct people create distinct cultures, not the other way around. Aaron Wolf said if you recognize that immigrants are different in any way (except “better”) you are called a racist. The reality is, you are not evil because you recognize and admit that people are different, or that the territories which people live in should reflect and even champion those differences. Any long-term peace and harmony possible between people will come from this.

Friday, May 08, 2015

How Nietzsche's foundation was deficient

I think that Nietzsche's will to accumulate force (the will to power), which he placed first in the phenomenon of life, in reality comes third behind survival and reproductive success, and the material activating Spirit-Will-To-Godhood within life comes first. This is where Nietzsche's philosophy is deficient at its activating foundation.

This does not take away form Nietzsche's great courage in philosophy and psychology and the brilliant patterns he saw in life and culture. But Nietzsche and his postmodern disciples were off in their philosophical foundation leading to the amorality and nihilism we see today.

The sacred aim of life is not merely self-preservation or the accumulation of strength but is the material and supermaterial evolution toward Godhood. “Decadence” is the opposite of evolution. Even “happiness” is basically related to always striving to evolve toward Godhood.

Religion, philosophy, science and art continue in this way, with the Inward Path to the symbolic Father Within retained but transformed in the Outward Path of material evolution to real Godhood---Godhood and morality are not dead.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

The main source of power of the occult schools

Here is the main and perhaps sole source of power of the occult schools, and the arcane initiation practices such as the Hindu chart of correspondences, the Kabbalah, etc: they obtain power from their symbolic systems because they think and believe they do. Real materialism and supermaterialism, and the religious philosophy of theological materialism replaces magic devices. Godhood is evolved to in the material and supermaterial world---compared to this real and future evolution, symbolic games have limited utility.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Ethnopluralism Not Imperialism

The basic and powerful principle of self-determinism of individuals and groups rooted in biology makes the various forms of imperialism and colonialism always decline and fall. And so empires tend to be tyrannical.

We need to work with, not against, the self-determinism of different ethnic cultures and not try to force them into one motley multicultural cauldron of trouble, as we are now seeing in 2015 America.

The global business elite have been trying to destroy differences across the globe and trying to herd all groups into one lower class, while destroying the middle class, which has usually been the class to conservatively hold on to the best of the past.

Then increased numbers in the lower class tend to become more angry, and the upper class tends to become decadent, often leading to radical revolution, the opposite of the order needed for successful survival and evolution.

I like the term “ordered evolution” better than the term “ordered liberty” preferred by the conservative middle-class. It is not enough to go back, reclaim, conserve, important as that is, we need to also evolve. That requres the deepest conservatism.

We want to improve ethnic groups and ethnic cultures by way of culture and genetics, not destroy them. This is how ethnopluralism rises affirming ethnic territories or ethnostates, and protected by some sort of federalism with shared sovereignty---with respect for ethnic differences. For example, I see no good reason why the separation of powers and states in the original U.S. Constitution could not eventually accommodate ethnic territories.

Given human nature which remains kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of selection, ethnopluralism is our best chance for ordered liberty and ordered evolution.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Colonel John Boyd and the ancient tripartite structure

Another way to look at the value of Colonel John Boyd's ideas on the different levels of war is to see them corresponding to the hypothesis of the ancient, tripartite, Proto-Indo-European (PIE), class structure: Boyd's physical, weakest level (PIE commoners, economic), the mental, middle level (PIE military, strategy, ) and the moral level of war, the most powerful (PIE the sacral, priests). Boyd's ideas on military strategy seem to have hooked into (probably unconsciously) a very old system, one that eventually conquered the ancient world.

Monday, May 04, 2015

God and Real Godhood

God is not an abstract definition of harmony in the cosmos, not the abstract laws of the cosmos, not the highest mathematical equations, and not high abstract unity, as some scientists (Einstein, Newton, Darwin) seemed to have almost reluctantly believed. What is missing is the literally living, highest evolved material or supermaterial being or beings in the cosmos specified as Godhood.

For what it's worth versions of this view are also seen in the philosophy of nominalism or conceptualism. The God of the scientists mentioned above defines “universals” and not real living highest evolved beings. Their God exists only in the material mind and has no material/supermaterial extra-mental existence. This view of real Godhood also tends to degrade traditionalist “mystery schools” of “initiation," freemasonry etc., whose God usually resembles various forms of abstract, non-existent universals.

Then also the God or Father Within of the ascetic Inward Path of most religions is not real Godhood but is a symbolic glimpse of Godhood experienced in the material mind and arrived at only after the ascetic discipline of ridding the the body of material desires. Although the Inward Path is or can be retained in the Twofold Path, it is not real Godhood which is arrived at in the Outward Path of material/supermaterial evolution.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

How Wendell Berry Avoids Deep-Conservatism

He may be a Jeffersonian liberal or he may be a Burkean conservative, either way Wendell Berry is a national treasure. That said, I find his view of human nature incomplete.

Localism, which Wendell Berry rightly affirms, rises naturally out of the altruism of group-selection, and group-selection naturally leads to ethnic cultures and to ethnocentrism, and even to xenophobia. Ethnocentrism evolved as a basic part of human nature due to the advantages it brought to survival success and social harmony---call it deep-conservatism.

If localism is to be successful it needs to include an affirmation of ethnic cultures, with ethnic territories, and in a multi-ethnic nation this suggests ethnopluralism. American federalism could then protect the different regions, states, localities, and ethnic cultures, which could be affirmed by the separation of powers and states in the original U.S. Constitution. Whatever human peace is possible needs to include this deep-conservatism.

Although Berry is not the typical Christian, like most Christians he misses the central motive behind the ascetic sermons of Jesus. Jesus rejected all material desires, as Buddha also did, so as to experience the God or Father Within, which could only be fully experienced by ridding the body of material desires. One could love ones enemies and be peaceful and forgiving mainly because one was not concerned primarily with the material desires or outward actions of the flesh. This was not really a social or political philosophy.

Real human nature remains kin-centered, ethnocentric and even xenophobic, with group-selection as the primary unit of selection. Jesus, Buddha, and the Hindus before them would probably agree with this definition of human nature (they might even occasionally call it evil), as their ascetic philosophy ran contrary to it. We can retain the inward ascetic experience of the Father Within as the first symbolic glimpse of real Godhood, which is reached not by blocking human nature but by the guided outward evolution of material and supermaterial life toward real Godhood.

Long-term conscious evolution requires peace and order, and peace and order require local, ethnic cultures and ethnocentrism. Contrary to political correctness (cultural Marxism), we would probably not have the territorial racial battles we see happening today in West Baltimore if a protected ethnopluralism had been affirmed and established.