Thursday, May 31, 2012

Saving Art With Transvalued Religion

Plato and the religious sages before him started this revolt against the object, which over time led to non-sacred modern art objects in themselves, with no reference to ideals or faith or even representation, as a revolt against Plato's objectless world. What a revolt!

This began with the idea that sense experience cannot be real because the real is nonperishable and unchanging, which was the audacious claim that set mankind on a path away from real objects and real sense experience, which was a Great Spiritual Blockade against the world.

Science more or less trans-valued this blockade against the material world, and Nietzsche utterly rejected it. But the way to keep ideals in religion and in art, and to revive real representation, is to understand that Godhood is the sacred goal of material and supermaterial evolution. Evolutionary Realism can then be confirmed, not unrecognizable objects as an extreme revolt against the Platonic world free of real material objects. The path of sacred art, evolution and religion is Godhood.

We can and do keep the Platonic world of the great religions in the Involutionary Inward Path to the God Within, but this object-less world is transvalued from Plato and the founding religious sages and seen as the useful mirror of real Godhood reached in the Evolutionary Outward Path.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The future leads the past

The great religions, the perennial philosophy, the myths, and Jungian psychology all look mainly to the primordial past for final truths, or inwardly to the Soul. For this reason they all tend to be anti-modern, nonscientific and anti-evolutionary.

While we see and decry the decadence and decline in the modern world, the philosophy of the the Theoevolutionary Church believes that the final truths are in the distant future as we evolve to Godhood. We can learn form the past, and from the virtual God Within, but the future leads the past.

Raymond Cattell is preferred to Carl Jung, the Outward Path of evolution to Godhood leads the Inward Path to the Soul. Neotraditionalism has taken a mythical ax to the modern world when a technical scalpel was needed. These two poles are synthesized in the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Calculating Loyalties

Raymond Cattell said that a group is the means to the satisfaction of individuals and it will be cohesive only as long as it provides those satisfactions. Wilson has recently reaffirmed group selection.

An individual has a sum total of energy, love and ethical obligations such that a greater investment in one cause means less in another. Cattell even set up a loyalties calculator to help map out a realistic way to examine the love for an individual who is not in his community.

Cattell's calculus is more related to actual human nature than Ken Wilber's version of “nests” of more “primitive” loyalists and more “advanced” non-materialists. “Love of mankind” does not mean that we are all the same. Human nature loving its own group first is like the bricks forming an international building, you need the bricks first to build the building.

Love of mankind is justified by all of us cooperating in our evolution to Godhood. It is hard for humans to grasp that hate is not concomitant with competition, in honoring your foe. Competition is good for progress in evolution.

Altruism (Agape) needs to be controlled as much as lust (Eros).

Monday, May 28, 2012

Reality as an object

The "permanent" and "unchanging" are impressive, assuming they, or it, are really permanent and unchanging, but it is the object that is real, and describing a thing as permanent or unchanging is an unreal secondary trait of the object, however important the trait.

If the “real” or “truth” does not describe an object it is describing a future object yet to be discovered, or it is only a game of words and numbers.

Plato's reality describes or defines what is real as the permanent and unchanging, supposedly beyond sense experience, but it is not reality if it is not an object, or more specifically, a living object--- whether that object is permanent or unchanging is secondary to the object.

Our religion's live in a desert of words with little connection to reality.  Godhood is not a definition or math equation or word, Godhood is a Supreme Object evolved to from the material-supermaterial world. Godhood is not beyond sense experience although Godhood may contain super-senses beyond total or complete description by human sense experience.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The religious rehabilitation of the material world

Freeing the material world re-enchants the world. The sin was turning exclusively inward, not in turning outward. This transvalues the Revealed Religions and the pagan Platonic perspective. Material life was denied, Eve was merely a temptress, Satan was material desires.

In the Evolutionary Outward Path material life is rehabilitated, this includes but supersedes the Involutionary Inward Path. We evolve to Godhood via material and supermaterial evolution, therefore the material world cannot be evil. But we do not degenerate by rejecting the Father-Within and accepting only the self or the ego as our ideal, as the non-religious world has often done.

Evolution is sacred, devolution is profane, Godhood is the goal of evolution, entropy and collapse is devolution. Yes we can and will go inward in the Involutionary Inward Path, which means blocking material desires in order to see the Father Within, but the God-Within is only a mirror, a virtual and blissful glimpse of real Godhood evolved to in the Outward Path.

The austere reality is that we may receive no aid in evolution from a higher being, but we get aid from the higher Spirit-Will within which activates life to evolve to a higher being, the goal of material life and the goal of the Spirit-Will. This is the healthier sacred path of a life-affirming, mankind.  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Power of the Spirit-Will

The edifice of the the Theoevolutionary Church is constructed largely on the power of the Spirit-Will- To-Godhood in activating life to evolve to Godhood. This is the dynamic behind philosophy and religion, most interpretation grows out of this activation.

The Spirit-Will To Godhood is beneath the Eros of psychology, defining the purpose of Eros, even suggesting a new “evolutionary therapy.” The Spirit-Will is a sacred language and myth for artists. Art fuses religion and Eros in the evolution to Godhood. Godhood is a supreme expression of ideal beauty, an expression of the Absolute.

Culture follows after the activating dynamic of the Spirit-Will, consciously or unconsciously, we seek to make it conscious, working in harmony with human nature and evolution.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Civilizing the Beast of Materialism

The Theoevolutionary Church sees the sacred in the secular, or the material, but we don't destroy the “spiritual” in the process, we include the spiritual and material in the Twofold Path.

The material is not considered satanic, not profane, on the contrary, the material is the Outward Path of evolution to Godhood, from the material to the supermaterial, a civilizing of the beast of materialism.

This religious philosophy did not come out of the occult world, the religious establishment, or the academic world, but we learned from them. This is the way to recharge the world, or “repair the world” (Tikkun Olam). The universe is perfected in the evolution to Godhood. The Twofold Path is the real “chemical wedding” of the two wings, the spiritual and material, dark and light on the path of evolution to Godhood.

This religious philosophy is not anti-modern, or anti rational, it is both rational and romantic, scientific and existential. The religious instinct is not only as strong as the sexual instinct, as Jung and others suggested, the religious instinct is the activator of the sexual instinct in the quest of the material world to evolve to Godhood.

A primal integration with the modern world is possible when the material world is understood as activated by the Spirit-Will To Godhood. This recovers the primordial myth, this opens the Great Spiritual Blockade with a revitalized religion.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Unconcealedness As An Object

A key idea for me is to define “truth” as “unconcealedness,” as the Greeks supposedly did, and as Heidegger did after them, but then go on from there and define unconcealedness as an object, not an idea or math symbol.

This grounds theological materialism, for example, in defining Supreme Truth as the Supreme Object or Objects which is/are Godhood. Truth this way is seen as secondary to the object, truth only defines or denotates the object. Why worship the definition of the object and not the object? Or why worship a half evolved object for that matter?

The statement “a circle is round” is a class of truth but it should not be made a God. First is the object, not the sound or word that regards the object, or comes from the object.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Sacred Reconnecting of the Archaic and the Modern

Theological Materialism and the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Churchcan accomplish what  Carl Jung and Mircea Eliade tried to do, bring the primal into the modern world, but without the revolt against the Enlightenment, and without being against rationalism and the modern world, as with Rene Guenon, Julius Evola and the Traditionalist School, and without the revolutionary ethos of Marxism, or fascism.

In our religious philosophy, the Spirit-Will within life activates life, and life is then shaped by evolution. This brings us in touch with the “archetypal” powers beneath the rational surface, while evolutionary materialism keeps us connected to reason and modern science. The modern world is integrated with the primal world without rejecting the modern world. One foot is in materialism and the other in a spiritualism which is now defined as super-materialism.

The evolution to Godhood calls for heroes once again (Outward Path), as well as saints (Inward Path), which can light up the gray world of post-modernism. We can reconnect to the cosmos in a sacred and religious way with our feet still on the ground of material-supermaterial evolution.

The Twofold Path connects the Revealed Religions with the material-supermaterial evolution to Godhood, which leads to Revitalized Conservatism rather than radical fascism or communism. 

Human nature is defined by empirical sociobiology as formed in a multilevel selection process of individual, kin and group selection, and this view of human nature connects us to a political philosophy of many small states or ethnostates, protected by a light federalism, with all people evolving toward the goal of Godhood in the cosmos.  This is the sacred reconnecting of the archaic and the modern.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Multilevel human selection pressures

In Wilson's new book (“The Social Conquest of Earth”) he affirms two levels of selection, group selection and individual selection, but he now virtually leaves out kin-selection. I haven't seen the math that brought Wilson to this conclusion, but I believe all three apply in a multilevel natural selection. Groups competing with groups favor the ethics of social behavior, individuals competing with individuals favor self-serving behavior, and kin-selection favors relatives over non-relatives.

It does seem true that group selection is the highest or central level of selection, with group cohesion creating the traditional ethics of mankind. Wilson says group selection is the driving force behind where we have been and where we are going. Group selection is the process responsible for social behavior and explains why humans are so tribalistic.

The multilevel selection of group, individual and kin selection explains why human beings are always so conflicted in their decisions and motivations, why we are both saints and sinners. But knowing the central place of group selection helps organize out values in a healthier way in relation to true human nature. Political correctness, which is really cultural Marxism, lags behind this knowledge and continues to damage mankind.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stages in the Twofold Path

What is the Spirit-Will? What is the Soul?

Our individual Spirit-Will is the supermaterial body of "light" that animates and activates life, and carries forward with life in survival and reproduction, until the highest evolution is attained and Godhood is reached.

The Spirit-Will, which activates life, seems to be like the completed Spirit-Will within Godhood but it is more immature, it lacks a God's Body. Beginning in the Primal Material, the Spirit-Will activates the lower evolved material to the highest evolved supermaterial, shaped by evolution. Godhood is the perfection of the Spirit-Will within the supermaterial body of Godhood, where the Spirit-Will of full evolution can reside. The Evolutionary Outward Path is the Path to Godhood.

In comparison, the Soul exists at the zenith of the mind as a state which is materially-free of desires, a blissful emptiness brought about by individual ascetic discipline. The Soul is the "I Am-ness" that mystics speak of but it is not bodiless or objectless---the Soul is the state of mind made free of desires, while it is still dependent on the highest mind in the body. The Soul gives a glimpse of, or is a mirror of Godhood, or a glimpse of some of what the God-mind may be when evolution reaches Godhood. The Soul is not Godhood anymore than the Spirit-Will is Godhood. The Involutionary Inward Path is the Path to the Soul, or the Father Within.

The Revealed Religions tend to stop development at identifying the Soul Within, but this is only the goal of the Inward Path. It is not enough to identify with either the Soul or the Spirit-Will Within. The Soul is the zenith of the human mind where one can identify with Godhood, but this is not Godhood. Neither the Spirit-Will nor the Soul is identical with Godhood because they lack the fully evolved Body and Mind of Godhood, which the Soul and Spirit-Will must evolve to within the vehicle of the body in material and supermaterial evolution in the Outward Path.

The Twofold Path leads to the Inward Soul and then to Outward Godhood.

Stages in the Twofold Path

In the Twofold Path, the path of  the Involutionary Inward Path can involve stages, which can move from service, to devotion, to self-realization of the God Within, or Father Within. Most religions stop here.

The Theoevolutionary Church moves from the Involutionary Inward Path to the Evolutionary Outward Path of evolution, to real material and supermaterial Godhood in the cosmos, with many stages of evolution, moving toward increasingly evolved complexity, beauty, truth and goodness, as an evolving living object.  Beauty is defined as the way the object looks, truth is the way the object is defined or denotated, and goodness is the actions of the object.  This isa trinity in the Outward Path.
Religion needs now to enter the Evolutionary Outward Path stage, while retaining the Inward Path knowledge.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Truth, Errors and the Whole

It is thought to be foolish in today's vast world of specialties to seek a whole philosophy, but some people seem to have an instinctive need to put it all together.

In building a philosophy there will be errors, but the truth seems to come out of seeing the whole system, as Walter Kaufmann said.

I know there are errors in various propositions in the philosophy of theological materialism and the Evolutionary Church but the overall thrust is toward overall truth which encompasses many fields. People can pick apart the trees and not see the woods, but I hope people will see the woods.

To trust the truths presented, look to see if the truths are consistent with other things you know, even things known intuitively. Does it all cohere?, because truth involves correspondences.

Finally, truth is an object, inseparable from the object, the truth is not merely a proposition defining truth. When pragmatism says “truth is what works,” the work is dependent on being produced by an object. The Supreme Truth is the Supreme Object or Objects of Godhood, which the material world evolves to from lesser objects. Take that as the whole, as the woods, and then the trees in the woods make sense. Don't worship only the idea of the woods without the trees, as religion and philosophy too often do.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Saving Democracy With Economic Nationalism

Democracy lets its leaders know what it thinks, and this is good, even if it is somewhat manipulated by the media, however, democracy also tends to prefer easy solutions and spendthrift overindulgence. But are the global power masters of our world being only “realistic” when they call for strict austerity in government programs to pay for the overdo bills of the people?

The people seem to know that something is not fair, and they are right. The people are being asked to accept deep cuts in their social programs while globalism continues to run unchecked over the world sucking up all the money and profits and making the wealthy even wealthier. The Republican (neoconservative) politicians now demanding austerity are the very same people who want to continue the very same globalism that destroyed the nation's economy.

So what is the realistic solution? The solution is not to destroy the free enterprise system, which has given us the highest standard of living in history, but to bring the free enterprise system back in accord with economic nationalism, which made our nation great in the first place. Economic nationalism protects the jobs and life-style of the nation with such things as putting up tariffs against globalist intrusions into the nation's manufacturing and business life. This is not unfair government interference, this is rationally protecting the life of the nation.

Without the calming solution of economic nationalism the mob tendencies and anger of the democracies could bring communism or fascism, which have been known to grossly manipulate or even take away freedom and democracy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Aspirations to non-objects and objects in seeking the truth

The aspiration for truth is the aspiration for a higher object-being, and only secondarily an idea or mathematical number. Supreme Truth is a Supreme Object, or Godhood. Godhood is not merely a sacred word or non-object.

The same goes for beauty and goodness which are to be seen as objects and only secondarily as abstract denotations. Supreme Beauty and Goodness are also defined in Godhood the Supreme Object.

Problems come when religion as well as science go beyond objects and make idols of abstract definitions and denotations. Truth releases the concealed from the unconcealed, which is how the ancient Greeks, as well as Heidegger, defined truth. And truth is objects released from non-object denotations and seen as objects.

Monday, May 14, 2012

What is the most just social structure?

Applying Plato's definition, a just world is each performing his proper function. Defining human nature correctly and then finding a social structure which best allows the performance of real human nature is the task.

Human nature is a multi-level selection process between individual, kin and group selection, which helps explain the conflicted nature of human beings. Group selection sets the ethics in competition with other groups and their ethics, with the best bonded groups having the advantage over the less bonded people.

A world of thousands of small states or ethnostates, protected by a light federalism, seems to be the most just social structure because it allows each to perform his proper function in harmony with human nature. Perhaps Plato would agree.

If we then expand Plato's definition and say a just world is each performing his proper function with the sacred function defined as our evolution to Godhood, a world of many small states also harmonizes with this sacred religious function, since this sort of variety and, ideally, ordered-evolution, best enhances evolution.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Miracle Metaphors

Miracles are a way of metaphorically speaking about great transformations in the Scriptures, making the imperceptible perceptible. Often even the disciples of Jesus did not understand the teachings. Jesus needs to be understood internally rather than externally.

Great spiritual transformations from the old self to the new self are seen in the metaphor of Lazarus rising from the dead, water changing into wine, spiritual blindness healed. The bread Jesus fed to the masses was his own teachings, his own self. Original sin is the human ignorance of the Father Within. Jesus as the Son of God relates to the God of the Spirit. As Ravi Ravinda points out in his excellent book on the Gospel of John, when Jesus said he and the Father were one he could have said “ The Father and you are one.”

The cross is the symbol of dying to oneself so that one can follow the Inward Path to the Father Within. The old self is crucified. Ravindra said Jesus was a crucifier of his materialistic self before his own actual crucifixion.

The way of Christ, like the way of the Hindus, the Buddhist and other Revealed Religions, is the way to the God Within, the Father Within. As Ravindra said, Christ is the way but Jesus is a way. This is the ancient way of the Involutionary Inward Path. The Inward Path gives an undeniable ecumenical connection to the Revealed Religions even if they apply different methods to the same goal.

The Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church moves beyond the Involutionary Inward Path to the Evolutionary Outward Path, while still including the Inward Path. The Father Within of the Inward Path seen in the Soul is a mirror of Godhood, a metaphor, for the Godhood reached in the Outward Path of evolution. In the Evolutionary Outward Path, the Spirit-Will activates material and supermaterial life, later shaped by evolution, to evolve to Real Godhood in cosmos.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Decadent Art and Evolutionary Realism

Decadent art can be defined as having no open relevance to survival, reproduction and evolution. Anthropologists have said that this tends to happen because art, music, etc. flourish when the physical basis of life and survival is assured and the eye can be taken off the more vital survival concerns.

What I have defined as Evolutionary Realism in art and religion can retain and affirm the values of human survival, reproduction and evolution in art--but not with a didactically clumsy art. Healthy conservatism does absorb the new without being overwhelmed by it, and without forgetting the most vital things in life and evolution. 

The greatest art in history can be defined as an affirmation of the sacred, which modern art ignores, or ironically twists with no replacement.  But the sacred can also have little relevance to real life, survival and reproduction when it concentrates exclusively on the Inward Path to the Father Within, which must be reached by blocking all material desires.  Religion as well as art need the Outward Path of evolution to Godhood to retain relevance. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Combining the religious and secular perspectives on Godhood

In Wilson's new book (The Social Conquest of Earth) he asks the old question, was man made in the image of God, or was God made in the image of man? Wilson points out that this shows the difference between religion and science-based secularism.

But the answer is: neither. Godhood is made by the evolution of man to Godhood. This combines the religious and secular perspectives. Godhood is possible but we must evolve to Godhood in the material and supermaterial world.

Answering the other old question as to why the universe was created can also combine the religious and secular perspectives: the universe is designed for evolving Gods, beginning in the Primal Material and evolving all the way to Godhood, for some, and beginning again in the Primal Material for others.

Religion and science can then both affirm adherence to the common good of evolution to Godhood, which harmonizes sociobiology and religion, because religion is seen by science as an expression that helps bond tribalism, but it can also be seen religiously as the naturalistic sacred path to Godhood, for all groups, in a competitive but reasonably Ordered Evolution.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Releasing the Unconcealed

If Heidegger was right that the Greek word for “truth” means “unconcealment,” then I project truth as a material or supermaterial object released from the concealment of nonmaterial, traditional metaphysics, and mathematics.

Beauty is truth and truth is good, and the zenith of truth and goodness is the Supreme Object or Objects of Godhood, evolved to in the natural, material and supermaterial world. There need be no conflict between art, philosophy, science and religion.  That is unconcealment.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Healthier cultural sublimations

What do we do with the natural instincts of basic human nature, the genetic propensities for food, sex, raising young, defense, order, etc? How do we structure them, how do we culturally sublimate them?

When we more accurately answer the question, who are we?, then we can answer the questions of what we ought to be.  If we wrongly define what we are then we will have misdirection in what we ought to be.

We need now to take more social advice from sociobiology than political journalism. For example, if human beings and human nature is group-selecting in the origin of their basic ethics (as E. O. Wilson has recently reiterated) then we need cultural ways to provide or sublimate these natural instincts of human nature.

The ethics of group-selection lead most naturally to small, distinct states, or even ethnostates, but they also naturally become competitive and need the cultural sublimation of at least a light federalism to protect their independence. We need the perspective that Raymond Cattell called “controlled competitive competition” between groups, as the sublimation of aggression through sports does, along with the sublimating affirmations of the arts.

This would return us to the realities of natural instinctive human nature with healthier cultural sublimations.

Religion can ground this human nature and this social structure in the sacred ethics of long-term evolution to Godhood in the cosmos for all groups, as the Theoevolutionary Church does.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

The central concept of ecumenism

The Father Within is the central concept of ecumenism not only for all Christian Churches but Eastern Religions as well, all contain this knowledge of the Father Within, or God Within, given in various ways. This concept of the Father Within brings religions together in the world.  As Ravi Ravinda said,  "Christ is the way, but Jesus is a way." 

Then Godhood-Without, the Godhood of evolution, forms the natural separations that evolution and human nature do best with, and prefer. Small states, or ethnostates, with the lightest possible federalism, with each state affirming the Inward Path to the Father Within of all religions, and each affirming the Outward Path of evolution to Godhood, as in the Theoevolutionary Church. This Twofold Path, chosen voluntarily and freely, allows for a more harmonious world, with a sacred goal worthy of the evolutionary cosmos.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Toward a more natural sacred sublimation of the instincts

Social psychologist Raymond Cattell (and Freud before him) pointed out that the frustrations of the natural instincts (ergs, genetic propensities) to attain food, sex, raising young, defense, order, etc can bring about both aggression and creativity. The enforced blocking of the natural instincts brings forth the sublimations of pugnacity and aggression, or such creative sublimations as art and religion.

Learning usually begins with failure of an existing approach, and the Revealed Religions, as well as secular philosophy, are failing to save the earth, or save mankind, even having the ideals to do so. Thus we see militancy in religion and politics, but not much creativity. My religious-philosophical worldview seeks to bring religion and culture more in line with the natural instincts in creative rather than aggressive sublimation.

The material world needs to be released form the unnatural bondage of the Great Spiritual Blockade against evolving to Godhood in the cosmos. Seeking only the God-Within was not enough and has frustrated the natural and sacred instinct to evolve to Godhood. We need the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Metaphysical gender duality is not metaphorically necessary

Metaphysical gender duality is not metaphorically necessary, as with Prakriti and Perusha in Hinduism, or Shechinah and El-Shaddai in Judaism, because gender differentiation happens long after the Primary Material creation of life from atoms to metabolism to genes to gender, and so on.

It is true that in the Revealed Religions most dualities end in the One, like Brahma or Ain-Soph, and the One then "emanates" everything from It and back to It, but in the philosophy and cosmogony of the Theoevolutionary Church Godhood is arrived at through ages-long evolution, and life is created in the Primary Material, not unlike science has suggested, then life evolves to the complex world, ending in the zenith of Godhood, which science has not yet suggested.

This also avoids the awkward notions of an “androgynous” God developed it seems to resolve the metaphysical male-female and spiritual-material dualism. The Spirit-Will within matter which activates life need not be considered “male,” and matter need not be “female.” The Spirit-Will activates within all matter, just as the heart is not separate from the body.  Evolution then shapes life, with some life attaining Godhood, and some life starting over again in the Primal Material, activated by the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood. 

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

On the Origin and Direction of Life

Biologist Harold Morowitz describes “metabolism” as the chemical reaction that allows cells to turn energy and atoms into molecules. The molecules then play a role in other chemical reactions that lead to bio-molecules, like amino acids, and eventually to genetic molecules such as RNA. That is, metabolism comes first before cells or replication, before life as we know it. There could even be a kind of molecular natural selection in geochemistry, with some molecular chains out-competing others for the planet's resources.

Ken Wilber says, with some courage, that these molecular mutations are not at all random. Wilber sees a force pushing randomness in a driven evolutionary process. He also speaks of Eros-love as the drive of upward evolution, and Agape-love as embracing downward or involutionary love.

I can affirm much of this using the terminology of the Theoevolutionary Churchh. The Involutionary Inward Path is of Agape, Christian love of the Father-Within, and the Evolutionary Outward Path is Eros, reproduction, evolutionary love, leading to Godhood in the cosmos. We can think of heroism as a the virtue of the Outward Path, and saintliness as a virtue of the Inward Path. The Twofold Path then affirms both Paths, but gives precedence to the evolutionary Outward Path to real Godhood.

I see no duality between the noumenal and phenomenal world of Agape and Eros, I see the so-called non-material as supermaterial.  Natural forces make up the world, concrete things exist, abstract names or the numbers of things do not.

The Primal Material gives birth to the world through such things as geochemical metabolism and mutating biological molecules, but there is more to this birth than environmental events. The Spirit-Will, or Super-Id within life, at the zenith of the instincts, activates life toward Godhood, which is then shaped by evolution. This is the basis of theological materialism.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Spirit-Will: Exhuming the Super-Id

The neo-cortex of the human brain doesn't really rule the older parts of the brain, or the instincts (the genetic propensity to do one thing rather than another), the cortex finds the means to the goals of the instincts. The Spirit-Will, which I have called the Super-Id, can be defined as the zenith of the instincts, and its goal is to evolve to Godhood by way of the vehicle of material and supermaterial evolution.

Understanding the activation of the Spirit-Will, or Super-Id, in psychological and biological terms, allows us to see through or bypass many of the sublimation's of the instincts in our culture, which evolved when the instincts to food, sex, etc. were frustrated. The Involutionary Inward Path of the Revealed Religions required the blocking of the “desires of the flesh” to reach the Father Within, which was a strong frustration of the instincts for a great goal of the neocortex.

While still retaining the Inward Path to the Father-Within in the Twofold Path, the Evolutionary Outward Path of the Theoevolutionary Church is the way through the indirect frustration's of the Inward Path, as the Outward Path is directed by the powerful, natural, activation of the zenith of the instincts, the Spirit-Will, which can then get on with activating life to real Godhood, shaped by evolution. This religion suggests a new “evolutionary therapy” for the biological and psychological goals and frustrations of  life, more in line with nature, and human nature.