Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A few personal thoughts on the reception of theological materialism

Theological materialism is a coherent unified meta-material world view, without descending, as Hegel and Heidegger did, and Plato long before them, into defining a non-material spiritual idea of God, or Being (Plato and neoplatonism claimed to turn reality down-side up while actually turning reality upside-down). I have been accused of being Lucifer, a Nazi, etc., and ignored by the left, the right, the Alt Right, by conservatives, and of course by religionists. But my work has mainly been ignored.

Some of this has to do with my blunt and simplified style of writing, some has to do with my somewhat defensive personality---I am also Swedish and German and blunt honesty combined with altruism is sort of an ethnic trait---and some has to do with having no institutional or commercial backing.  But these traits also seem to be what helps sustain me as a complete outsider. I thank fate for the Internet and for PDF technology.

I think I will continue to work energetically because the work is not only in my mind but in the heart and bones of my personality. And I do see slow-moving positive signs.

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