Saturday, November 26, 2016

"The Crown" on Netflix

This is the new "biographical story" of the beginning reign of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, and it is no Downton Abbey. Rather than being saccharine as Abbey was this one has a sinister tone. In one scene the dying king, father of Elizabeth, sings a sacred Christmas song among "the people" while wearing a big clownish paper crown made by a child, skewing both Christmas and royalty. In another scene the constantly smirking Prince Philip is hunting ducks with the king in a deep fog on the water, with shotguns breaking the eerie silence like an assassination attempt. I guess hunting is as evil as royalty...We see what to expect from this production.

But this sort of Media attack on Europeans and European tradition, which has been increasing since the 1960's, seems to have caused the Donald Trumps, Marine Le Pens, and even the Nigel Farage's of merry old England to rise up against them, so maybe a more even-handed entertainment is coming.

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