Friday, April 30, 2010

Life and Death in the Twofold Path

It is overdo time to speak plainly of these things. The state of Nirvana, the Kingdom of Heaven within, is, in subjective terms, the closest one can come to death. This is the goal of the Inward Path, which is seen in all the Revealed Religions, probably stemming from a Primordial Tradition.

Evola tells of the yogin virtually killing himself since the process subjectively leads to asphyxiation. The state of sushumna “lights the fires of death.” (The "Yoga of Power") To arrive at this state one has, among other things, transformed the power of sexual abstinence. This is the relatively short-term but difficult path to experiencing the Virtual Union of Godhood in the Inward Path.

Life is sought in the Outward Path. Here sexual reproduction of life, not abstinence, is followed, although sacred evolution and not profane evolution is sought. This is the long-term evolutionary path to the bliss of attaining Godhood at the zenith of evolution.

The Inward Path leads to Virtual Godhood, which is helpful in the Outward Path to Actual Godhood. This, in short, defines the Twofold Path in the Evolutionary Christian Church. Here the order of conservatism meets the evolution of change, the spiritual meets the material, religion meets science, the old meets the new.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The mistake in disuniting religion and science

It is a renouncing of truth-seeking to argue that religion and science are only harmonious when it is understood that they are “different ways of knowing.” For example, when it is said that religion deals with a relationship with God, moral values, etc., while science deals with the definition of matter, evolution etc..

Religion and science are the same way of knowing. Godhood is epiphenomenal, we evolve to Godhood in material evolution. It remains for science to understand the epiphenomenon of Godhood and the Spirit, and it remains for religion to understand the material-epiphenomenal basis of Godhood.

We do not need to separate God from the cruelty and misery of the world when evolution shows the ups and downs and cycles of the material world seeking to evolve to Godhood. Religion and science need to expand to one another---this is not a reduction.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It is important to know, but more important to be

When philosophers East and West say that nothing is as noble as the Truth, I reply that the Object defined by the truth is more noble than the truth. Ultimately Godhood the Supreme Object---not the Logos which defines Godhood in the Mind of God---is more noble than truth. The Body of God is the Truth of God, as the body of man is his truth, although man is still an evolving body not yet having attained perfection in evolution.

It is not the “invisible” truth but the tangible body that changes the truth as the body and mind evolve. The material Spirit Within is the closest thing we can know to the truth about Godhood, because it knows its destination, but even the Spirit is the Will to Godhood, therefore not having attained its destination. Wrestling with truth, although important, is like wrestling with shadows. It is important to know, but more important to be.

We will find the “real” not in truth but in the Object defined by the truth.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Virtual and Real Godhood—the Transvaluation

Soul-death and Spirit-life

The plain fact is that attaining Enlightenment, Nirvana, or the Kingdom of Heaven through the Inward Path requires the slow death of the body, or as close to death as is possible. Asceticism in the West and Yoga in the East essentially teach this technique. One learns to stop all the senses, even eventually stop breathing, to attain this rare state.

This is the opposite of the life of the Spirit in the Outward Path, which requires evolution of the material world to higher and higher being until Godhood is attained at the epiphenomenal zenith of evolution in the Kosmos.

The Inward Path of the Revealed Religions can lead to revealing the Soul Within, which is this experience of emptying the mind and the senses. When attained this state offers the blissful experience of Nirvana, however, contrary to Tradition, it is a high immanent, not a transcendent state.

Experiencing Nirvana gives a blissful, virtual experience of the power of Godhood, or the power inherent in Godhood, but it is vital to see this as virtual Godhood, not real Godhood. True Godhood must be evolved to in the Outward Path, in the phenomenal and epiphenomenal world.

At the deepest aspect of the Soul, or at the Zenith of the Soul, exists the Spirit, and here we find both immanent and transcendent qualities. The Spirit is the activator of life, working in conjunction with evolution, and It derives from Godhood at the beginning of the Kosmos. We might venture to say that, at least symbolically, the Soul is cerebral, and the Spirit is reproductive, which is a transvaluation.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Inward and Outward Path Sanctification

It is not the Godhood of the Kosmos that the traditional Inward Path sanctifies, it is the God in the Soul-Within. The theology of the Inward Path is therefore introverted and based on the suppression of the senses so as to see the God Within.

It is the Outward Path that sanctifies the Godhood of the Kosmos, which we phenomenally and epiphenomenally evolve to. Here develops positive theology, a “Thou Shalt” more than a “Thou Shalt Not,” since it is through the upward evolution of material life that we attain Godhood.

The Outward Path is active, the Inward Path is inactive. This brings the West and East together, as it brings science and religion together, at last. This is the Twofold Path.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Radical Traditionalism in contrast to the Supreme Principle of evolution

I think I would agree with Radical Traditionalism on man's devolution, at least physically. It does seem that we have declined physically from the Cro Magnons, who I suggest were probably the original Hyperborians of myth. Later when the Cro Magnons met modern man, for example, in the steppes of Russia, or modern day Uzbekistan and southern Kazakhstan, the Kurgan culture developed, and after that came the great Indo-European migrations West and South, which began modern civilization.

But unlike Radical Traditionalism I affirm the Supreme Principle of evolution in the Kosmos, ultimately evolution to Godhood. So although there can be devolution and cycles of evolution and devolution, man has evolved from simple creatures to complex man. The way forward is not a revolt against the modern world and a return to the Cro Magnon religion, as best we can discern it, the way forward is to restart evolution on its trajectory to Godhood, and not just for one noble or chosen race but for all people, all races. We all carry the Spirit Within which affirms the Supreme Principle of evolution to Godhood in the Kosmos.

On the Polytheists and the Logos

Traditionalists believe that all bodies and forces in the cosmos are ultimately ordered by the Logos. This then becomes idolatry of denotation or definition. There are real gods with bodies leading up to the zenith of Godhood in evolution. In this area some pagan polytheists were more correct than some monotheists who claim that the Logos is the highest “God.” But the object comes before the Logos definition of the object. The definition of the Absolute which is only in the Mind of Godhood at the zenith of evolution is not as great as the Whole Object Body of God.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Answer To The Idealist Philosophers

Man’s life is a Becoming, and activated by the Spirit Within, or the Will To Godhood. Man does grow under the direction and control of the Spirit-Will, but it is resistible through religious and cultural blockage and ignorance. The force that shapes man is certainly more than his own mind, or his own mind's version of the Will. Human life, culture and religion is an effort to harmonize with real human nature, which includes the Will To Godhood as central. Man is at bottom both Body and Spirit-Will---the Spirit-Will is both immanent and transcendent---but it is an epiphenomenal, supermaterial-Spirit at the zenith of Materialism. So man must evolve toward Godhood, materially and supermaterially, or he can become diabolical, or devolutionary. Knowledge of Godhood is vital but actual physical evolution in the cosmos is more vital; it is the Object not the definition or principle of the object that is most important. The closest we can now come to defining the infinite is to define the Spirit-Will-Within, the Spirit-Will seems to carry on through endless cycles in the cosmos.

Friday, April 23, 2010

On Change

From “Ten Conservative Principles” by Russell Kirk

“...Tenth, the thinking conservative understands that permanence and change must be recognized and reconciled in a vigorous society. The conservative is not opposed to social improvement, although he doubts whether there is any such force as a mystical Progress, with a Roman P, at work in the world. When a society is progressing in some respects, usually it is declining in other respects. The conservative knows that any healthy society is influenced by two forces, which Samuel Taylor Coleridge called its Permanence and its Progression. The Permanence of a society is formed by those enduring interests and convictions that gives us stability and continuity; without that Permanence, the fountains of the great deep are broken up, society slipping into anarchy. The Progression in a society is that spirit and that body of talents which urge us on to prudent reform and improvement; without that Progression, a people stagnate.

Therefore the intelligent conservative endeavors to reconcile the claims of Permanence and the claims of Progression. He thinks that the liberal and the radical, blind to the just claims of Permanence, would endanger the heritage bequeathed to us, in an endeavor to hurry us into some dubious Terrestrial Paradise. The conservative, in short, favors reasoned and temperate progress; he is opposed to the cult of Progress, whose votaries believe that everything new necessarily is superior to everything old.

Change is essential to the body social, the conservative reasons, just as it is essential to the human body. A body that has ceased to renew itself has begun to die. But if that body is to be vigorous, the change must occur in a regular manner, harmonizing with the form and nature of that body; otherwise change produces a monstrous growth, a cancer, which devours its host. The conservative takes care that nothing in a society should ever be wholly old, and that nothing should ever be wholly new. This is the means of the conservation of a nation, quite as it is the means of conservation of a living organism. Just how much change a society requires, and what sort of change, depend upon the circumstances of an age and a nation...”

Comment on the above:

Understanding the pace of change

It would be prudent to keep these wise words of Kirk in mind. However, we do believe in “mystical Progress,” evolution is a Supreme Principle in the Theoevolutionary Church, we evolve to Godhood. As to the two forces influencing society, we tend to use the terms "ordered" for permanence and “evolution” for progress. The great heritage of Catholicism is affirmed in the Twofold Path, and since we believe we must evolve to Godhood, the God seen in the Inward Path of Catholicism (and other religions), change is therefore essential. But “reasoned and temperate progress “ is the wise way to evolve. The stability of conservatism in general helps maintain evolutionary new mutations which would perish without that stability. And indeed, how much evolution, the timing of evolution, depends always on the circumstances of the nation, the small states, or ethnostates, within the nation and the world. Cattell's Beyondism began the scientific study of the regulation of the pace of evolution, which we would extend in conjunction with conservative Catholicism.

I understand the reality that the pace of change in religion will be and should be even slower than political change. Truth often limits power, and power limits truth. We need both. And public acceptance is required. The Theoevolutionary Church absolutely needs to be lawful with the splendid Constitution of the United States behind it. We will be implemented only by legal consent. A long period of consideration and change will take place. Ultimately, the Theoevolutionary Church is a global project. Finally, I understand that although our goal is epiphenomenal it is beyond this world.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The drive to live in small states

"...Ethnonationalism — the recognition of an embryonic people that they are different from their neighbors, and the concomitant drive to live apart — is, as Arthur Schlesinger Jr. wrote 20 years ago, a more powerful force than any ideology, be it communism, fascism or democracy..." Pat Buchanan Essay here.

Comparing Religions In Empires

Religious fervor increased during the imperial period in Rome, and it has increased during the American imperial period. According to Eliade, as the traditional Roman religion ended, exotic religions expanded, such as the Hellenistic-Roman synthesis. Perhaps we could compare the neoconservatives to the imperial cult that put up temples to emperors.

The Pagan writers used Plato to try to bolster their ancient religion as Christianity was greatly expanding. The Christian “totalitarian” worldview was opposed by pluralistic religious proposals. The Roman elite could chose from a large synthesis of paganism. Until the empire fell.

As secularism has greatly expanded in the West (along with the polarity of fundamentalist religion) it is the Christians who are now presenting the array of a Christian synthesis, using science and secularism to bolster religion.

Speaking historically, Christianity triumphed over the Roman empire but it did so by including pagan thinkers, Plato, Aristotle etc. Secularism could triumph over religion by including religion as well. In the Evolutionary Christian Church we continue to synthesize religion and science, Christianity and the primordial tradition, in the Twofold Path. This bodes well for us in the future.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On Creation

I transvalue the view of creation of Basilides, the Gnostic, and Hierocles of Alexander, which became dominant in Christianity. It is not that the Logos should not have as a counterpart an equally eternal matter, it is that matter should not have an equally eternal Logos. Why should the definition, the mathematics, the Principle, take precedence over the highest evolved matter, the Object God?

The Eastern view is a bit closer to my view with the idea that the world has been produced many times in cycles, but I do not see the world absorbed back into Brahman. Brahman is not “playing” when He creates the world. The world emerges from the Primal Material and the activating Spirit-Will, which are never separate.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Transforming The Tiger

The Holy Spirit, which activates the material world in conjunction with evolution, wants the entire world to evolve to Godhood (the Spirit is the Will to Godhood after all ) but this does not always happen at the same time. The force of devolution (the force of Satan ) pulls the material world toward the Great Kosmic Center of a given universe ( in a multiverse of universes it now seems) and it is this devolutionary force that the Spirit “combats” against.

Evola used the term "riding the tiger" in suggesting how Traditionalists might deal with the decadent modern world, meaning a way to transform destructive processes into inner liberation. This is the Involutionary Inward Path to the Soul Within, but this is not how I apply the term tiger. I affirm the Twofold Path.

The Spirit affirms the Evolutionary Outward Path of material evolution, which is the vehicle required to reach Godhood. The Spirit does not so much ride the tiger as help transform the tiger from devolution to evolution. The danger in defining liberation as only inner liberation, the goal of the Inward Path, is that it blocks the evolution of the material world to Godhood in what we call the Great Spiritual Blockade.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Evolutionary dynamics of religion

The evolutionary dynamics of religion emerge from Godhood to the Holy Spirit to energy to light to matter to the Kosmos to life to man to superman to Gods to Godhood, more or less in that order, and then the cycle begins again. The Holy Spirit runs through it all activating the Kosmos in conjunction with evolution and using the vehicle of material evolution to attain Godhood. And I don't think that we are alone in the Kosmos, we are not the only minds that can see the Kosmos, there is other evolved life in the Kosmos who may see as much and far more than we.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Evolution of the body to Godhood is a natural law

Traditional Catholicism believes in a rational universe with a rational Creator. The clerics opposed things that they deemed not rational, such as some aspects of paganism. It is said that this was the influence in the origin of modern Western science.

The natural law of Church tradition says that truth exists in the human heart, that is, in the human body, and we can discover theses truths through reasoned examination.

The Evolutionary Christian Church suggests that the evolution of the body to Godhood is a natural law that can be discovered through reason “nourished by the transcendent,” that is, nourished by the Soul, at the zenith of the mind, and the Spirit, at the zenith of the Soul, with intellectual intuition.  This remains to be affirmed by the Traditional Church.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ron Paul Can Be President

"... Voter sentiment is now completely reversed: today, he's in a dead heat with a sitting President. No matter how hard you try to minimize that, it's an astonishing fact..."

Essay here

Can There Be Godhood Without A First Cause?

I see no reason why changing objects cannot be infinitely changing objects.

The first (and best) argument for God of Aquinas is stated:

(1) Everything that is changing is being changed by something else;
(2) But the series of changers and things changing cannot be infinitely
long; therefore
(3) There must be a first cause of all change, which we call God.

I say there need be only “change” and not a “first” change. I see an unending cycle of evolution from the simple to the complex to Godhood then back to the simple, etc. I see no reason why change cannot be infinitely long. Our minds do seem to demand a first cause but our minds can demand unreal things.

The idea that the first cause disappears when the second cause comes, is essentially real. The idea that the first cause is still operating after the second cause is set in motion is wishful thinking when related to evolution and Godhood. But the “second cause” can be defined or seen in the “offspring” of Godhood, the Holy Spirit, which carries the Sacred Parent forward in evolution, just as human children carry their parent's genes forward, even if the parents don't really exist anymore.

Yet, could there be a very first cause of all this? There would always be another cause before it, so the “first cause” concept seems to takes place not in reality but in a wishful definition of reality. Need we “define” this unendingness and infinity as “God?” A definition is only a definition, I affirm the real object, and I see an unending cycle of real objects.

Therefore, the First Cause argument of Aquinas is only a definition, a denoting, a name, and not a real Object God. The Real God, or Godhood, does exist in a cycle of Object Godhoods.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Teleological Evolutionary Epistemology

The term Teleological Evolutionary Epistemology could apply the concepts of biological evolution to the growth of human knowledge. It would argue, like “Evolutionary epistemology”, “that the mind is in part genetically determined and that its structure and function reflect adaptation...” But unlike Evolutionary Epistemology, Teleological Evolutionary Epistemology suggests a teleological process of interaction between the organism, its environment, and the activating Spirit-Will within, which activates material life to evolve to Godhood. We would agree that “a cognitive trait tending to increase inclusive fitness in a given population should therefore grow more common over time, and a trait tending to prevent its carriers from passing on their genes should show up less and less frequently,” but the Godhood-directed Spirit-Will also has to be figured in this dynamic. Minds  thus evolve from man-minds to the highest minds possible, and eventually evolve to the Absolute Truths in the mind or minds of real Godhood. I believe that evolution evolves from man to superman to Gods to Godhood, whereupon the cycle often begins again, although each cosmos is somewhat different than the one it evolves from, due to the ongoing evolutionary process.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Great Intimation

Rather than extirpate the Inward Path, as secularism does, we affirm it as the Great Intimation of true Godhood. “Transcendence” is attained in the Inward Path, as the body shuts down the senses until “active death “ is attained, which is blissful, even compared to orgasm. However it is imperative that this active death does not become a Great Spiritual Blockade against material evolution to Godhood. It must be seen as the Great Intimation of Godhood, but not Godhood.

The transcendent process actually transforms sexual reproduction---which when refined is is the way of the Outward Path---into the active death state of transcendence, the way of the Inward Path. This is how it can become a Great Spiritual Blockade against material-spiritual evolution to Godhood. It is hedonistic to affirm only the bliss of the Inward Path without including the path to Godhood of the Outward Path. We affirm both Paths, which means that we affirm both progressive and orthodox worldviews.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

After Empire Back To The Constitution

We are a Republic now only pro forma, not unlike the time of Augustas in the Roman Empire, which kept only the form of the Republic. The original Constitution of the United States is still here as something we can go back to, now that the American Empire is falling.

The Roman Empire first split into Western and Eastern zones. The Eastern zone was conquered by Islam in 1453 but it had already shrunk to one city, Byzantium. And the Western zone was conquered by Germans. So how will our empire devolve? Will we first split into larger zones of a Latino Southwest, White Middle West, etc.

Ongoing studies of human nature and political philosophy affirm that we all can live, and evolve, best in small virtually independent states, with a light federalism protecting our freedoms. This is what we always go back to after every empire. The Constitution of the United States fits well with what we have learned of human nature and history.

We seem to require the strength of a light national structure to protect against external and internal squabbles. But can this light federalism be compared to the Holy Roman Empire? The present Pope seems to like the American Constitution, however, our separation of church and state does not lead to a President who is also pontifex maximus.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Twofold Path and the Great Intimation

Perennial Tradition defines the body as the “prison” of the Spirit. But the real way out of the prison is not through the transcendence of the body but through evolutionary procreation and reproduction. The physical body is the vehicle by which the Spirit evolves to Godhood.

In the Evolutionary Outward Path of the Evolutionary Christian Church the material world is God's estate. People are the caretakers of their material bodies. Priests of the Outward Path can help guide evolution in the material world to Godhood.

The Outward Path can balance with the Traditional priests of the Involutionary Inward Path who are the attendants of the world within, leading to the Soul and transcendence, which is the Great Intimation of true Godhood in evolution. This is the Twofold Path.

Monday, April 12, 2010

In the world and of the world

The material, physical world is the Great Vehicle of the Spirit. Evolution is the test of the material, physical world, and those who cannot advance in evolution or pass the tests of evolution will not evolve to Godhood. This is why we have to be both in the world and of the world.

The multiple evolution of people in the world is the orientation we take on natural competition in evolution, which doesn't sound as naive and idealistic if enhanced by a philosophy of small, virtually independent states, with light federalism insuring freedom and independence overall.

To drop out of the world and concentrate only on the Involutionary Inward Path to the Soul Within is usually done at the expense of the Evolutionary Outward Path of material, physical evolution to Godhood, activated by the Spirit. Both Paths can be applied.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Technology and Religion

It is interesting to look at changing religions in relation to changing technology, although of course this method does not give much credit to the truths of religion.

For example, in the Paleolithic, sky-centered hunting was the technology, and male-oriented, nomadic cults imitated predators as hunters and warriors. The Neolithic brought agriculture with stable, earth-centered, female goddesses. The Iron Age brought alchemy, the seeding and “gestation” of metals in the earth. Involutionary Religion began around Vedic times, centering on the Soul within man, which eventually led to the Revealed Religions. The Megalithic monument builders seem to have been a combination of earth and sky centered religions. More recently the Scientific Revolution made a god of reason and empirical knowledge---and involutionary religion began to decline. Then the Theory of Evolution arose and became another history changer.

But science has not seemed sufficient to the deep human need for holistic religion, so now we have a “revolution” bringing evolution into religion. This seems to be as big a change as the change from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic. And this revolution brings us to the Evolutionary Christian Church, which is the religious synthesis of the involuntary Revealed Religions and the evolutionary worldview.

Friday, April 09, 2010

The Austere and Less Austere Twofold Path

It may seem odd to define the Involuntary Inward Path of the ascetic as less austere than the mission of the Evolutionary Outward Path, since the Inward Path has always been thought of as austere (even though in essence it is a path toward bliss not pain). Both Paths are affirmed in the Twofold Path of the Evolutionary Christian Church.

The Outward Path has a very austere and long term goal in evolving to Godhood. The Inward Path is difficult but it is at least possible to be attained by humans. The goal of the Inward Path is union with the Soul Within, which can be achieved with various religious disciplines. The goal of the Outward Path is Godhood, activated by the Spirit Will To Godhood, and this eventually requires epiphenomenal knowledge of evolution, and at least a biospiritual trust, or faith, in the evolutionary goal Godhood, which is far more austere.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

On The Buddha

I watched the PBS documentary “The Buddha” last evening, and while I understand television can't go in depth, I felt that many things said about the Buddha were inaccurate or wrong.

The Hindus and the Vedic sages had arrived at the state of Nirvana long before Buddha, but this was not said, apparently in an attempt to elevate Buddhism.

The goal of Nirvana is essentially the goal of other religions, only different terminology and somewhat different paths are taken. Terms like Heaven and the Father are used, and different methods of ridding the body of desire are applied in all religions.

Mara, desire, is not done away with by the Buddha, Mara is blocked in what we call The Great Spiritual Blockade against material evolution to Godhood.

Buddha did not “transcend” the world, he blocked the world, he was not bothered by the world because in his successful attempt to end suffering he had blocked all desires of the world.

Indeed ones mind can be freed with Nirvana achieved, but it is freed at the expense of not evolving to Godhood.

As to Mara or desire, they are not evil. Rather than killing all desire, we must pursue sacred desire, evolutionary desire, not profane devolutionary desire. The origin of desire is in the Spirit which exists at the Zenith of the Soul. Nirvana and Enlightenment exist in the immanent Soul of man. The Soul is the Zenith of the Mind, but the Spirit is the Zenith of the Soul, and the Spirit has both immanent and transcendent qualities. As Buddha was a dweller in bliss in the Soul he was blocking out the activation of the Spirit's Will to Godhood.

A pampered prince sought the supreme pleasure and absence of pain of Nirvana first, and this way Buddha sought to end suffering. He did not concern himself much with religious and philosophical problems or the origin of the Kosmos, castes etc, all he cared about was ridding the body of suffering by ridding the body of desire so that he, and we, could dwell in bliss. We don't attain Godhood that way.

To truly reach the goal of all life in the Kosmos, while not just transcending human desires, we must evolve materially in the Kosmos far beyond man to Superman, Gods and Godhood. This is the Evolutionary Outward Path, which is our Twofold Path addition to the Involutionary Inward Path of Nirvana, or Heaven, which is sought by Buddhism, and other Revealed Religions. We set the spinning of the wheel of material evolution to Godhood, and not just to the Involutionary human world of Nirvana, although we affirm this too in the Inward Path.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Forms of Government, Evolution and the Church

If we take Plato at his word that it is not the form of government---Monarchy, Aristocracy or Democracy, it is that each form is “justly” administrated. But how do you define “justly administrated,” what is “exploitation” by the rulers, what defines the “common good,” what is “selfishness?”

The Theoevolutionary Church believes that we are most importantly alive to evolve to Godhood. In this sense the common good is served when the government affirms or allows the evolution to Godhood of all people, all states, at varying rates of evolution. Monarchy, Aristocracy, Democracy, all can affirm the evolution of the citizenry to Godhood.

We like the Constitution of the United States, before it was selfishly exploited by rulers and lobbies, because it separates powers and gives as much freedom as possible to evolution, while retaining a light federalism for overall defense of freedom. But the Church, as defined by the Theoevolutionary Church, has its own leadership, chosen by merit, to help guide our evolution to Godhood, no matter what form of government it finds itself dwelling in.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ecumenism, Vatican II, and Separation

The exclusively Involutionary Inward Path of Christianity is shared by all the Revealed Religions, therefore this indicates an ecumenism between the religions of the world. All seek the same Soul Within. Vatican II aims, among other things, at the reconciliation of the worlds religions, although not exactly in the way we have just described it, yet it aims in this direction.

The Evolutionary Christian Church adds the Evolutionary Outward Path to the Involutionary Inward Path (the Twofold Path) and it is the Outward Path that allows the natural separation and variety between religions, which are otherwise deeply connected and ecumenical through the Inward Path. Each religion, each people, each state, must be allowed to evolve on the Path to Godhood at its own pace, with an equality of opportunity although not and equality of results, guided by the priests united in both Christianity and Beyondism. Thus evolution proceeds. We evolve materially to the Godhood first seen in the Inward Path by all the worlds religions.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Micro and Macro, Man and Godhood

All the elements in the Kosmos appear to be in the human body in microcosm, it has been said. When Godhood is attained in evolution, Godhood is the macrocosmic zenith of the elements seen in the human body. This would mean that Godhood has a Soul, Spirit and Body as we do, but these would be at their highest possible evolution. The problem with this symbolism comes when, as in many religions and ancient philosophies, it is thought that wisdom can be found within the human body to make one “omniscient.” This goal of the Involuntary Inward Path is confounded with Godhood.

We can contact the Soul in the Inward Path but this must not be mistaken for Godhood, no matter how blissful it is. We are required to evolve in the Outward Path to Godhood in material-spiritual evolution, and it is then that the Soul, Spirit and Body of Godhood is attained, which is vastly more advanced, and is omniscient, unlike the Soul and body of man.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The capacity to accept differentiated groups in a global world

We will need to develop the capacity to accept differentiated groups and small states in a global world. This is the new global worldview. Universalists and liberals tend to leap from global connectedness to individualism, skipping group selection in between. They tend to pay attention to differences by affirming individualism within globalism. But we are not all One, and we are not all individuals, we are differentiated groups, ethnic groups, small states living in a global world.

The original Federalism of the United States Constitution was and is an example of how multiplicity within one can be organized, so revolution is not really necessary. The capacity to accept differentiated groups and states needs to be redeveloped, with perhaps even more separation, and on a larger scale.

This balances human nature rather than fighting against what we are. Variety, biodiversity, makes for the healthiest possible evolving world for all.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

How To Save the Catholic Church

Catholicism is now receiving a very serious blow regarding the sexual perversion of a few too many of its priests, and although its enemies wish it death, the seeds, as it were, of this destruction existed within the church from the beginning. The exclusive concentration on the Soul, the Zenith of the Mind, and the bliss of experiencing the Soul, led to the affirmation of celibacy and the denigration of material life, even though there were valiant intellectual attempts to affirm material life.

The Theoevolutionary Church defines this as the Great Spiritual Blockade against the activation by the Spirit Within of material evolution to Godhood. Celibacy is highly unnatural and even though it is an indication of serious dedication to the Soul Within, it is a secondary goal, and it is overwhelmed by the primary goal of evolutionary reproduction leading to the evolution to Godhood. Jesus Christ was martyred and died defending the Father he saw in the Soul Within. No wonder some priests have problems with celibacy.

The Evolutionary Outward Path in the Theoevolutionary Church is the path of material evolution to Godhood, activated by the Spirit Within, and here celibacy has less value. We need to distinguish between divine and profane reproduction based on evolutionary values. Upward evolution to Godhood is the direction of the Evolutionary Outward Path, just as involution to the Soul Within is the direction of the Involutionary Inward Path, which led to celibacy.

We accept both paths in the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church.  Arrogant as it may sound, this is the way to save the Catholic Church---and for that matter, all the Revealed Religions.

Friday, April 02, 2010

The Bogus Structure of Consciousness In Involutionary Spirituality

The “structure of consciousness” as defined by Jean Gebser, and later, Ken Wilber, is bogus. What they are doing is retreating, not evolving into “wholeness,” they are sinking into the deeper recesses of the Soul-Mind, which is strictly immanent in humans.

The structures of consciousness they present, for example, archaic, magical, mythic, mental-rational and integral, while they may be a poetic and clever way to look at history, they are essentially missing the real evolutionary perspective, even though they attempt to call their structure “evolutionary.” What they are doing is involutionary not evolutionary.

For example, they can nicely be rid of the pesky and politically incorrect idea of group selection in evolution by defining it as an outdated “magical” structure of consciousness, rather than seeing it as a still vital element in human behavior. The problem they have with this stems from their general avoidance of biological evolution in theology, and their presumption that only consciousness needs to “evolve.” What they are really describing is a reductive involution of consciousness to the Soul-Mind within man.

With a little imagination and some courage, rather than trying to destroy essential elements of human nature, they could view the evolution of individuals within bonded groups and small states as an affirmation of variety, as an evolutionary commitment to all people, all ethnic groups, to evolve beyond man to Godhood. And this need not be a radical idea, for example, the original United States Constitution remains workable as a lightly organized separation of powers, which is ideal for evolution.

When material evolution is seen as the path to Godhood, when Godhood is not seen merely as an involution of consciousness in man, then these clever rationalizations can be seen for what they are. Even so, the Theoevolutionary Church allows for these involutionary structures of consciousness in what we define as the Involutionary Inward Path. But we do not define the results or the goal of this involution as evolution, or as Godhood, as the Revealed Religions and modern “evolutionary spiritualists” are prone to do.

We affirm a Twofold Path. To reach Godhood the Evolutionary Outward Path is required, and here the various structures of consciousness of man are seen as just that, of man, not of Godhood. Indeed, the Soul can be reached in the Involutionary Inward Path, but this is immanent and at the Zenith of the human mind. The Outward Path serves the Spirit, not merely the human Soul. It is the Spirit, which is both immanent and transcendent, that activates life to evolve to Godhood.

Godhood is attained by advancing material evolution all the way to Godhood, which is the material-spiritual Zenith of Evolution in the Kosmos, and this is far beyond the archaic, mental or integral involutions of human beings.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Classical World of Physics and Theology Was Not Overthrown

Classical physics was not overthrown by Planck's Quantum Physics, the materialistic, epiphenomenal base of the “ground of being” exists but has not been found. That is, the “superposition” is not non material, it is on the level of material epiphenomena which has only seemed non material because it is so many levels below even the size of an atom. Classical physics can therefore continue. If Einstein gave up on finding a unification between the small quantum world and the large world of classical physics he should not have; it is a materialistic, electrical?, epiphenomenal world.

The good news is that this materialistic, epiphenomenal world still has God in it. The Evolutionary Christian Church believes that we evolve to Godhood, materially, Godhood is the Zenith of material evolution. We do not need to lose theology.

And we don't need to give up the Soul or the Spirit. The Soul is the immanent Zenith of the Mind, and the Spirit is the immanent and transcendent Zenith of the Soul. The transcendence of the Spirit is directly related to the activation of successful survival and reproduction in the world, on the Twofold Path of evolution to Godhood.