Thursday, December 01, 2016

The rulers of these cunning and dangerous games of ideology

Yes, "ideas have consequences" but it is the people and groups who use ideas to ride to power which need to be named. The conspiracy mongers are sometimes right about hidden power, but we do know where much of the big power resides and we need to name the people and groups behind Global Business, the Big Media, and the Academic World who have been using both cultural Marxism and its opposite libertarianism as their means to power.

These people promote such things as an increase in the commitment to diversity in the U. S. by accepting millions of refugees coming from very different countries than the U. S., including countries of Islamic terrorism such as Syria, and this adds to the modern liberal commitment to diversity in big government domesticate programs. But since ethnocentrism remains the central unit in the human selection process these ideologies and programs go directly against real human nature and ultimately do not work.

So the rulers of these cunning and dangerous games of ideology trade the security of our country for personal wealth and power.  It is cynical to say these things but this is the real condition of America which Donald Trump will now try to keep from completely falling apart. Economic nationalism is only the beginning of real justice in America. It is a task for heroes, a "yuge" task.

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