Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Transforming the Long-Lasting Great Spiritual Blockade

The independent rebel thinker Schopenhauer nevertheless was not so independent in believing that we need to be liberated from ordinary material life and material suffering by a higher reality beyond the material world, which he called the Will, even though he was an atheist. Later Nietzsche's Will to Power  took on the same non-material goalless tone.

This follows the same line of thinking as most religious founders and most of the philosophers from Plato to Heidegger, which has been a long-lasting Great Spiritual Blockade against human culture and against real material evolution to supermaterial Godhood. This has greatly downgraded life and existence including human existence and it is overdo time to unblock this great spiritual blockade.

There is a "will'' in the philosophy of theological materialism which is presented in this blog, but it is a material will, and it activates life to evolve within the material world toward real supermaterial Godhood, which is the highest evolved object, or objects, in the real world, or supermaterial world. I call it the Spirit-Will or Will-Spirit simply to tie the real material will in with the unreal non-material spiritual will of religion and philosophy so that the transformation can be a conservative transformation. The Twofold Path defines this transformation from the inward to the outward path, retaining both.

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