Monday, November 30, 2009

The Object and the Mind

The smarter you are the better you will be able to define the object, but you (your mind that is) may never quite be able to accurately define the object. You may enhance your knowledge using the involutionary a priori techniques of the traditions of religion and mysticism, but since the Spirit Within is itself incomplete---though supermaterial, even this deepest Platonic knowledge of the Spirit Within will not completely define the object. The higher you evolve the better your mind or thinking apparatus will be able to accurately define the object, and you ultimately will be able to define the Supreme Object God, when Godhood is attained. The definition mirrors the object completely and accurately only with Godhood attained.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mathematics and objects

Literalist Ontology

The cosmos does not follow the rules of mathematics, mathematics follows the rule of the Objects designated in the cosmos. Everything is not a mathematical object, mathematically described objects are everything. Reality is not rules of mathematics, mathematics only defines the reality of objects.

As we move in closer everything does not become the nothing of mathematical laws, everything becomes objects made of smaller elements or forces that may be described by mathematics. If Plato's elements are made of mathematics and not real objects described by mathematics, then Plato's elements simply do not exist as objects.

This is not to say that, for example, the mathematics that describes the highest Gods is not great mathematics, but it is saying that this mathematics, defining the Gods, probably exists only in the object-minds of the Gods, and is not otherwise existing as a viable power on its own---lesser beings do not, as yet, have the minds to create Godly math.

Mathematics evolves only as the object knowing or defining the mathematics evolves. The highest mathematics exist in the Mind of the highest evolved objects, which is the Supreme Object or Objects of Godhood..

This might be called “Literalist Ontology.”

Friday, November 27, 2009

Continue: Ontology in EC

We do not identify being with knowing we identify knowing with being. The Object knows, knowing is not the object.

We transvalue the idea of God from knowing to being, this is usually contrary to Tradition. Truth is “not I,” being is “I”, Truth can be in the mind of being, but mind is in the body, they are not separate, there is no duality here.

Not-I is never unconnected to I. Not-I does not come first before I, the object “I” comes before Not-I.

And things or objects are not merely “Power.” The material/supermaterial Spirit-Will, which is also called the Will to Godhood, could be called the Seed of Godhood, the goal of power, as well as the goal of material evolution. So we don't make a god of power or spirit either.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Evolution can be “democratizable”

Thought for Thanksgiving

Using Evola's term, can evolution be “democratizable”? In the sense that all people, all ethnic groups, all cultures are encouraged to evolve to Godhood, which is the meaning of life, we can answer in the affirmative, unlike Evola.

That there will be different levels of evolution, or hierarchies, is also true, but the Evolutionary Christian Church  (ECC) believes that all people need to be allowed or encouraged to evolve, indeed this is our unique mission, to aid all people in their desire to evolve to Godhood, which is the Ideal of the Instincts. The right to evolve can be transferred to all people, along with Beyondist knowledge on how we may evolve.

ECC will try to lesson the conflicts between people and religions with the affirmation that all men contain the Supreme Substance, the Holy Spirit, which is the Will to Godhood working through material evolution, with much variety in the Kosmos, as all life seeks to evolve to Godhood.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On Evolutionary Action

It is simply not enough to think of theory, of principle, even of human enlightenment, we are transformed this way only in the “human” soul and spirit. But that which truly transforms is the action of evolution, material evolution, this is the way we obtain the divine nature. Godhood is a Supreme Object, or Objects, evolved to, and not merely a principle of the human soul.

The limitations of the human sense knowledge, examined by Kant and others, can be surmounted somewhat by scientific instruments that extend the senses, yet only truly surmounted through the action of evolution to a more complex object and phenomena.

All is the world of phenomena, but there is a phenomena far extended beyond the senses of man with more complexity and higher consciousness attained through evolution, that is, material evolution beyond man, which is not found through mystical human attainment.

This is the sacredness of evolutionary action.

Monday, November 23, 2009

What is “Political Correctness”? by William S. Lind

"...Just what is “Political Correctness?” Political Correctness is in fact cultural Marxism – Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms. The effort to translate Marxism from economics into culture did not begin with the student rebellion of the 1960s. It goes back at least to the 1920s and the writings of the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci. In 1923, in Germany, a group of Marxists founded an institute devoted to making the transition, the Institute of Social Research (later known as the Frankfurt School). One of its founders, George Lukacs, stated its purpose as answering the question, “Who shall save us from Western Civilization?” The Frankfurt School gained profound influence in American universities after many of its leading lights fled to the United States in the 1930s to escape National Socialism in Germany..." Continue essay here

Great and Lesser Vehicles to Godhood

If we adapted the terms Great Vehicle (Mahayana) and Lesser Vehicle (Hinayana) from the branches of Buddhism---using the terms, not the principles---we could define the Twofold Path in the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC), that is, the Involutionary Inward and the Evolutionary Outward Paths, as the Lesser (Inward) and Great (Outward) Vehicles to Godhood. But we must not then have any contempt or pejorative connotation for the Lesser Vehicle—we are speaking of a Twofold Path not a one-fold path.

The Lesser Inward Path discovered the Soul Within, which was great, but it also led to the Great Spiritual Blockade of calling the Soul God. The Great Outward Vehicle declares that the Spirit-Will is the Seed or Spark Of God, not God, which activates life in the cosmos to evolve materially to Godhood, to the God first hinted at and seen in the ancient Inward Path.

We combine both Paths, both Vehicles, thereby saving both Tradition and Science, and most importantly saving Godhood.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

More epistemology

The objective concrete world and the subjective representative world do not form a duality. The subjective simply (or complex) represents, defines, or notates the objective world, whether the subjective world is able to create an accurate or truthful representation of the real objective world or not.

Human beings can represent the objective world as far as the human mind is capable of defining the objective world, but this will be an incomplete world because humans have not evolved enough to define completely the Divine supermaterial world.

Intellectual intuition seems greater than reason in reaching beyond, but both can be applied to the task of defining the real object world.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Human beings can't become God, we must evolve to God

When Nietzsche said “man is something to be overcome” I don't think that religious mystics can claim that they are doing this in their self-transformations through meditation etc. Only human evolution can transform or overcome man beyond the human, far beyond the human.

Contrary to the Hindu-Tantric and other Traditions, human beings can't become God, humans must evolve to God. What mystics and adepts are “becoming” is immersed in the Soul-Mind and the Spirit Within all life. This is not Godhood, this is the Seed or Spark of God, which is also called the Spirit or the Will To Godhood. Godhood, the Supreme Object, is only attained through material-spiritual evolution in the Kosmos and not through even high meditation alone. The laws of nature are not overcome by mystics, as they usually claim. Self-transformation requires evolution, material evolution, far from achieving only a mystical level of human understanding, no matter how blissful.

In this sense religion has atrophied or blocked the true path to Godhood. We have called this a Great Spiritual Blockade. But science too has little interest in man evolving to Godhood. Therefore we want to engage both religion and science in the Twofold Path to Godhood, the Involutionary Inward Path and the Evolutionary Outward Path, which synthesize religion and science, the spiritual and material on the Path to Godhood.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Seeing is secondary to being, action precedes thought

We need not contrast “metaphysical” knowledge with “profane nature,” which is what Traditionalism does. Why concentrate only on the nonobjective word or principle of a thing?

We want to do more than “see,” we want to “be.” Godhood is more than seeing, Godhood is being. Seeing is secondary to being. Evolution is the means by which we can "be" rather than what we can see.

Traditionalism has settled for what the priest has seen, we will settle for what the priest can be, and what evolution can become.

Evolution transforms through the actions of survival, reproduction and evolutionary advancement in consciousness and complexity.

Tradition has said that thought should precede action but it is better to harmonize ones thoughts with the activating Path of the Spirit-Will, which is the Will to Godhood. In this sense action precedes thought.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Saving Traditional Religion

The finite cannot “know” the infinite, but the finite can “become” the infinite through evolution, whereupon the finite will then know what the infinite knows, but not until that time.

Much as we would like to know the infinite, no Traditional human priest has seen the infinite because they have not evolved beyond the human to the infinite. What they have seen is the Seed of God in the Spirit-Within life, but contrary to claims, this is not God, however the blissful the state attained.

It has been the goal of religion and sometimes philosophy to have man know and be one with God, we retain and broaden this goal. Man cannot know and be one with God until man evolves to Godhood.

We combine science and religion, the material and the spiritual by affirming and not rejecting the Seed of God, or the Spirit Within, which is activating life to evolve to Godhood. Tradition must affirm the Real Supreme Object God who we can evolve to in nature. We might have rejected with derision the human claim of knowing and being God but we have not. We expect Tradition to accept the need to evolve to God. The “light of the ages” is not perfect truth, it is the Supreme Object God, who is the truth.

This is the way Traditional religion can be saved, otherwise it seems doomed, or a new religion from science will arise that rejects the God claims of Traditional religion.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is there a metaphysical?


Knowledge does not really go beyond the natural perceptions, metaphysical knowledge is highly refined, sensual, perceptive knowledge, just as God is a Supremely Refined Living Object and not beyond nature. Intellectual intuition, which can be superior to reasoning, is still grounded in a refined physical.

The limitations of knowledge to the senses, which Kant believed, seems correct, but this is “surmountable” not by going “beyond the senses” as Tradition claims, but by applying intuitional aspects of the sensual and physical world which are not yet understood as physical.

Is there a metaphysical?

If by metaphysical you mean “invisible,” nonmaterial cause, then there is no metaphysical. There is ignorance of causes but this does not mean causes are “invisible.”There can be a supermaterial however.

“Principles” do not cause the cosmos.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Defining freedom and free will

Freedom and free will: The expulsion of devolutionary profane things so that sacred evolution toward Godhood can work through real nature and real human nature, in our actions, in our cultures, and in our religions and philosophies.

What is right and what is true mirror the physical object

What is right and what is true mirror the physical object. As in, what is right in ethics and what is true in science. Ethics and truths define the physical object, which is always greater than its definition. This follows through from lower objects to the Supreme Object God.

Plato's Ideals only define objects, denotate objects, or should, and are not real in themselves, as Plato seems to think his Forms are. God exists, but not as a mathematical equation. A Supreme Mathematics or a Supreme Equation of God would still only define or describe God, and this equation would be in the Mind of God only. The Supreme Object God and the Penultimate Gods are supremely material-spiritual and they exist as supremely material-spiritual objects, and we evolve to them in the cosmos, whereas we "only" have blissful glimpses of God when we look inside to the God or FatherWithin.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We don't separate the physical world from metaphysics

Our metaphysics may seem limited to the physical world but it is a physical world not yet understood by human science. Therefore we don't need to separate the physical world from metaphysics, and we also don't have the problem therefore of reintegrating metaphysics back into the physical world. Most importantly we don't lose God by denying God in the metaphysical world, as science has done, because we have God in the superphysical world, and we evolve materially-spiritually to Godhood.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The freeing of the will

We do not separate the soul and spirit from the body, we create no dualism here.

We want to make our bodies and drives work in harmony with the Will to Godhood, or Spirit-Will. We want to fulfill our desires not get rid of them, we want to free our desires by understanding them, by understanding the direction of desires, we do not separate these things.

What stops us from fulfilling our spiritual Will to Godhood is what we need to cancel out. We want to identify with the activating Spirit-Will and the drives, not get rid of them.

This is not free will as we have heard of it, this is the freeing of the will from the ignorance and oppression that blocks it in a Great Spiritual Blockade.

Truth reflects or denotes an object and truth itself is not an object

Truth reflects or denotes an object and truth itself itself an object.
Absolute Truth then reflects or denotates an Absolute Object, which would be God (but Absolute Truth would be in the Mind of God and not an object in itself)

Now if I exchange the word “existence” for object and exchange the word “essence” for truth then I can say that “existence proceeds essence” (which I think existentialist Sartre said but may not have meant this way)

I would go further when I say that the “Spirit-Will” (Will to Godhood) is still an “object” and not an essence, because it is material/supermaterial, although it can be thought of also as the activating essence of the object body.

Finally I would say that one discovers truth by becoming truth (through evolution), literally becoming truth as an object, and not merely “knowing” the truth. It is not that we are “in the Light” when we “see” the truth, we are the object itself of light. This way we cannot merely know the truth, we have to become the truth through evolution.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On Absolute Consciousness

God can be seen to be the only One who sees objects for what they actually are because God's Mind is big enough to see all; this is the true definition of Absolute Consciousness. We cannot have God's consciousness until we evolve to Godhood, and until we have a mind like God's Mind. This means that the God seen in high meditation, which is called “absolute consciousness,” is not Absolute Consciousness, it is consciousness mainly of the Spirit or Will-to-Godhood within all life in the Kosmos, which is certainly no small consciousness, but it is not God Consciousness.

Consciousness can be described as an object. This brings down to earth the ideas of transcendence beyond time and beyond the object of traditional involutionary religion and psychology. We simply have not yet seen the deepest material-spiritual dimension of consciousness, just as we have not seen the material-spiritual dimensions of the Spirit-Within, and more importantly, we have not seen the material-spiritual dimensions of God, who is the Supreme Object. We can transcend the ego and affirm our oneness with all life, but this is not Godhood or Absolute Consciousness.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Comparing Occult Cosmogonies

We do not use the terms of the Ten Sefiroth of the Kabbalah or the Hindu Chart of Correspondences, we more or less synthesize them into the Involutionary Inward Path of the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC). We do not promote antagonism between them, we see here a basis for ecumenism and not a basis for imperialism, one over the other. Both the Kabbalah and Hindu Correspondences lack the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood of ECC. Both probably derive from Hyperborean (Cro Magnon?) sources. Studies suggest an ancient Hyperborean migration from the North founding Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt as well as points West and East.

ECC does find Two Aspects of God but not as the Sefiroth does (eg. Isaac Luria and Moses Cordovera). We don't define the external as negative and the internal as positive any more than we define the Soul representing the Body-Mind as positive, or the Spirit representing the Will to Godhood as negative. We see the “Ayn Sof” of the Sefiroth, the Infinite Himself, (which Hegel called “pure being in only the purist abstraction,” or “non-existent”) as not above the other Sefiroth symbols, as Luria does—we see this entity as not God but only a mirror or denotation of God the Supreme Object.

We cannot affirm this statement from the Zohar: “ Come and see that thought is the principle of all that is...” This places thought before object, the cart before the horse. Thought denotates the object, even Absolute Thought is the mirror denotation of of the Absolute Object, which is the Supreme Object of Godhood Attained. Knowledge of the Creator is not distinct from the created. Absolute Knowledge is defined as the Mind of God within the Object God. Gnosticism cannot legitimately rise here. Perhaps the problem comes from the need to keep God alive even as death seems to be part of the cycle of normal life.

Qualifications are said not to be possible of the “infinite himself,” but how can we therefore go on to define God's qualifications? In ECC intuition, faith, spiritual and material “reason” find that Godhood is defined or attained when the Two Paths (Inward and Outward Paths) attain their highest evolution and become One.

The Spirit contains the Seed of God and the Spirit knows its goal, which is Evolution to Godhood. The Spirit is not God, the Spirit requires Godhood to be completed, just as a child needs adulthood to be completed. Evolution works within this dynamic.

Spirit-Will and Soul-Body need not be known as negative and positive or male and female, the body is not negative as it is the vehicle by which the Spirit evolves to Godhood to complete Itself. The Tree of Life in ECC therefore is hierarchical and not really two parallel paths. Our Two Paths, the Inward and Outward, work in harmony with one another and with the evolutionary forces leading us to Godhood.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Let's not make a God of geometry

“The only science which was ever developed more or less at once and in perfect order is the one that is wholly contained within imagination- geometry.”

From Just Thomism

Comment on the above: But let's not make a God of geometry. It is not the geometry but the actual object defined (hopefully) by geometry that comes first.

Bringing back the Divine Object God

What is most divine is first the Divine Object God and second the Mind of God or the Truth. First there is nature and second the truth according to nature. Intellect understanding the material-spiritual universe is part of the material-spiritual universe. The law of God is known in the Mind of God but this law alone is not God. There is a personal connection with God via the Spirit-Within and the Soul in material life, and this Spirit is part of nature—although it is materia-spiritus. The Truth is great but is not the whole of God. We need to bring back the real Object God, the literal, great, wise, beautiful, Divine Object God. It is this Godhood we evolve to in nature.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

On the virtues

Virtue resides in the Spirit, and the Spirit is also the Will to Godhood which activates life to Godhood. The highest virtues are related to the force that leads to Godhood. This defines virtue in the older sense of “a power to accomplish the task.” St. Paul added the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity.

There are the virtues of nurture (Saints), and the virtues of nature (Heroes).

To truly revive a people the Involutionary Virtues alone will not suffice, it would be like building a structure without a foundation. We must also affirm the Evolutionary Virtues which relate to the biological origins of much of social behavior.

The Involutionary Inward Path Virtues: (eg. Catholicism) Faith, hope and charity (Christian), Prudence, justice, courage, temperance (Greek).
The Evolutionary Outward Path Virtues ( Beyondism): Evolution: higher intelligence, higher consciousness, higher beauty,

The goal of the Involutionary Virtues is to understand and see God, the goal of the Evolutionary Ethics is to evolve to God.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Knowledge, faith, and personal contact with the Soul and Spirit

In the Involutionary Inward Path contacting the Soul and Spirit Within can bring a more personal, less abstract relationship with God. The Evolutionary Christian Church emphasizes the communal nature of faith since no one evolves by themselves, even as we acknowledge a personal connection with the Spirit. Our ecumenism is based on the awareness that the Spirit exists in all people, all races, each seeking to evolve to Godhood. Here the theological virtues of faith, hope and love help, along with applying the Evolutionary Outward Path.

At this time evolution is a progression without exact maps, which is why faith can help, however, a closer and deeper study of nature and human nature grounds our faith in science and reason. We do need “faith” in the assurance that we are evolving to Godhood, and the conviction of Godhood not yet seen, but this conviction is enhanced by scientifically examining the patterns of evolution, for example, evolution has moved from the simple to the complex and toward higher and higher consciousness.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Love and power

"Where love reigns, there is no desire for power, and where power predominates, there is lack of love. One is the shadow of another."
(Carl Gustav Jung)

Comment: Both love and power are connected to the Will to Godhood, or the Spirit-Within. The duality in the above quote confuses the issue. Love leads to power in the sense that evolutionary reproduction leads to Godhood, the highest power, highest truth, highest beauty.