Thursday, December 31, 2009

On Alfred Adler

(Toward Evolutionary Therapy—see below *)

“The striving for significance, this sense of yearning, always points out to us that all psychological phenomena contain a movement that starts from a feeling of inferiority and reach upward. The theory of Individual Psychology of psychological compensation states that the stronger the feeling of inferiority, the higher the goal for personal power.” (Alfred Adler)

This is not only an interesting quote, but Adler was and is an interesting psychologist. Adler (who acknowledged Nietzsche) postulated a single drive, which we would transpose in the Theoevolutionary Church (TC) as the Spirit-Will, or the Will to Godhood, the activating force behind evolution and the Kosmos, but also, as Adler suggests, the most important force in individual psychology. This “striving for perfection” in TC is the Will to Godhood in evolution.

Rather than the “will to meaning” of Dr Viktor Frankl, or the “will to pleasure” (pleasure principle) of Freud, or the “will to power” of Nietzsche and Adlerian psychology, we say that the primary motivational force in man is the Will to Godhood, or the Spirit-Will.

The interesting psychology comes in relating this primary drive socially as well as individually. All men, all groups have this drive to perfection, and how do we integrate them? Our answer, unlike Adler's socialism, is the Ordered Evolution and Revitalized Conservatism of the Theoevolutionary Church.

Here is another Adler quote: “God who is eternally complete, who directs the stars, who is the master of fates, who elevates man from his lowliness to Himself, who speaks from the cosmos to every single human soul, is the most brilliant manifestation of the goal of perfection.”

*(From my essay) Theoevolutionary Church And Jungian Psychology

Evolutionary Therapy

...The Priest's role in the Theoevolutionary Church, especially in the Outward Path is to understand the intentionality of the Spirit-Will, which the person is often unable to clearly comprehend, whereas in Jungian psychology, the therapist's role is to represent the intentions of the psyche and to see or understand the “Self”. The Priest needs to take the side of the Spirit-Will, whereas the psychoanalyst takes the side of the Unconscious.

In “Evolutionary Therapy,” the Priest would need to mediate a deal or balance between the Spirit-Will and the soul which the parishioner can live with. “Befriending” the spirit-will may be a task which could involve politically incorrect insights. Egotistical human life and modern values may seem limited in the face of the long evolution of the spirit to Godhood, beyond man, beyond superman, beyond angels and gods, all the way to Godhood.

When the spirit is blocked, It turns away from its central path. The Priest's “art” in TC is to help “release” the spirit into the energy of the person and society, making the energy of the spirit available for the individual and for society---like the martial arts, we can learn to use or turn the powerful force of the spirit away from hurting ourselves into helping ourselves, and helping our societies evolve.

Meanwhile the soul, which is the Zenith of the Mind and the ego, must maintain its task to intelligently help guide or “ride the tiger” of the spirit, even as the Soul needs to stop blocking the spirit. This is the desired balance. We need to befriend, not only the unconscious, but the spirit which activates the unconscious, and we need to correctly define the spirit and its direction.

We are not merely looking for the opposite of the ego, the contrary elements of our psyche, because androgynous balance is not the goal. The great goal of the Spirit-Will is the goal, which lies beyond us, beyond the human unconscious, at the Zenith of Evolution to Godhood. Whatever parts of our psyche seem opposed to the direction of the spirit-will need to be synthesized and balanced...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Objective Reality

I can more or less affirm Objectivism's axioms of existence, in the sense of “that which has no attributes does not and cannot exist. Hence, the axiom of identity: a thing is what it is.” I can agree too that the mind cannot create reality, but rather, it is a means of discovering reality. And I think I can affirm "the primacy of existence", in opposition to the theory of "the primacy of consciousness.” But I do affirm the primacy of the activating Spirit Within, or the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood. The Evolutionary Christian Church can reject belief in every power alleged to transcend existence. But we hold that God is at the Zenith of Existence, and as natural objects in nature we can evolve to become Godhood. This is the theological materialism of future religion.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How yogic renunciation can be suicidal

Using Evolian and other interpretations of the Hindu theory, which say that every desire or craving found in people is caused by deprivation—the craving or passion to obtain something on which they eventually become dependent, they feel deprived and need something. This is then solved by renunciation, by ridding themselves of the desire for the object. This is not easy to do and very few people succeed in it.

We believe this is a suicidal approach to life and religion. It sets up the Great Spiritual Blockade against evolving to Godhood. Desires need to be sublimated, not extirpated or murdered, desires need to be placed on the sacred path of evolution to Godhood. Even the Tantric attempt to use the passions while not being dependent on them is only a variation of this desire to destroy desires.

Even so, in spite of this Great Error, the Evolutionary Christian Church has a place for this renunciation in the Involutionary Inward Path, which leads to the Soul Within, but not to Godhood. We can gain deep insights about God in the Inward Path to the Soul, but we need to see that the Spirit-Will is activating life to evolve to Godhood in material evolution through the Evolutionary Outward Path. This is the Twofold Path to Godhood.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Guenon's negative theology

We do not share the perspective of Rene Guenon, who Eliade called “the foremost representative of modern esotericism.” Guenon astutely examines the decadence of the present world but he less astutely declares the end of the world.

We disagree with the central idea of Geunon, which he derived from the East, that personal and kosmic renovation is not possible and that the West is irremediably lost in decadence and that only after the destruction of the present “kali-yuga” age can we begin a new cycle. This radical—not conservative-- perspective is grounded in the exclusively Involutionary Inward Path, which defines only the nonmaterial inward enlightenment. This is also the base of the Revealed Religions, East and West.

The God of the Inward Path is experienced after much disciplining of the passions and turning away from the world. This view ultimately rejects the material world and defines God as beyond the natural world. We consider this exoteric (formerly esoteric) Inward Path only one of the Twofold Path to Godhood. The Inward Path is the Second Force which arrives at the Spark of God within but does not reach the Supreme God of the Evolutionary Outward Path.

To attain Godhood we must evolve in the material world through the Evolutionary Outward Path, the First Force, which has been utterly rejected by Guenon and the Revealed Religions who follow only the Inward Path. We do not affirm the pessimistic view of Guenon. Out theology is positive theology, representing the evolutionary Will to Godhood of the Spirit.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

We identify with the mind instead of the Spirit

Do we seek a balance between the Spirit, the Will of Heaven, and the Soul, the Will of Earth? It is a monarchian balance, with the Spirit activating, and the Soul helping to guide, as an engine with a sacred goal, plus a driver.

Our most essential nature is the positive Will to Godhood, or Spirit. We forget the Spirit and imagine the body, or the mind, or the Soul (Zenith of the Mind) to be the center, rather than the Spirit. This wrong identity gives rise to the misery of devolution and entropy.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Free Will And Determinism

The Spirit-Will, or Will to Godhood, is pure power, but It is not chaotic or Dionysian. The Spirit-Will has a sacred goal, it is a determinism that is like a basic blueprint, not as precise in execution, given the vicissitudes of natural evolution.

To adapt E. O. Wilson's image, the determinism of the Spirit-Will is like a stone rolling down a mountain with the path not certain although the stone is certainly moving down the mountain. Or to adapt Evola's image, it is like having the freedom to eat food that is bad for your health.

Contrary to most religious traditions we cannot go beyond or “escape” determinism, dharma, or karma, because determinism applies all the way to Godhood in evolution. We don't escape matter when matter is the vehicle by which we evolve to God.

The central goal is to awaken the Spirit-Will in oneself, the Will to Godhood, and then to understand where It is going in evolution.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Infinite Is Within The Kosmos

We don't ascend beyond the Kosmos to the Divine, the Divine is in the Kosmos, at the highest evolution of the Kosmos. God or the Supreme Object exists within the spatio-temporal sense. Time is without end in God but time still exists in God.

Finite life dies, infinite life does not die, but this does not automatically mean that the infinite does not exist in the world. The infinite is the Supreme Evolutionary Goal of finite life, and not merely a principle of infinity.

Life and being are not principles, principles can define life and being, but these are not Supreme Objects. We don't have to contrast life versus being, or Spirit versus God. Spirit is part of being, as the seed is part of the tree. Duality is not necessary here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Literalist Ontology

A “principle” may exist in the human mind, and the Supreme Principles may exist in the Mind of God, but these principles do not exist outside the material object and have no potency in themselves outside the actual object. Definitions require the defining physical mind.

The world is therefore not Maya (illusion, see Vedanta) and not irrational power (see Nietzsche), the world is the Will to Godhood, the Spirit-Will, working within the living objects of the cosmos, which seek to evolve to Godhood.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Why The Twofold Path Is Needed

In the Bhagavad-Gita the God Krishna teaches Arjuna that its okay to go to war, even against friends and relatives, as long as the actions are done in an undetached way, which would then not generate karma (action). This is how the precept of nonviolence (animsa) was dealt with.

This relates somewhat to St. Paul's reluctant sanction of marriage, telling the unmarried widows (Corinthians vii 8-9) it is good for them if they abide even as he did, as a celibate, but it is better to marry than to burn.  St. Paul would have wanted the widows to be detached from the whole event, even beyond passions, as they nevertheless indulged.

The goal of Krishna and St. Paul was not to empower human nature, as a Nietzschian might do, but to block and stop human nature altogether so that the God-Within could be experienced.

This is the Way of the Inward Path, which taken alone as the sole religious discipline can lead to the death, or virtual death, of materialism. This is why the Twofold Path is needed. Taken alone the Inward Path becomes a Great Spiritual Blockade against our evolution to Godhood, which is the goal of the Outward Path in the Evolutionary Christian Church. The Inward God is an incomplete God, and not really a God but is the Soul Within or the virtual experience of God.

The Outward Path has the principle of not destroying life and passion, as the Inward Path does, but of directing life and passions toward evolving to Godhood. Reproduction has the ultimate sacred goal of evolving life to Godhood. It so happens that the Inward Traditional Christian and Outward Beyondist morals, ethics, values and virtues provide for Ordered Evolution, in a Revitalized Conservatism, for all people, races, states and religions.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New And Old Mythos

The Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) demythologizes the Involutionary Inward Path of Tradition in that the God Within is an intimation of (not illusion of ) the actual Supreme Object God, the Zenith of evolution in the cosmos.

Yet ECC adds its own mythos, the evolution of life to Godhood. There is nothing within material life to be saved from, other than material devolution, which takes us away from the goal of the Evolutionary Outward Path, the goal of the Spirit, that is, Godhood.

But the old mythos of the Involutionary Inward Path is not rejected in ECC, it is affirmed in the Twofold Path, the Inward and Outward Paths. The Inward Path gives us the God Within, the Great Intimation of God, the Outward Path gives us the Supreme God at the Zenith of Evolution.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Is God Beyond Good And Evil?

In response to the general Tantric outlook, Supreme Godhood is beyond all opposites, but not beyond good and evil, since God is defined as the Highest Good. “Evil” happens in God's creations in the Kosmos, but evil is always essentially related to the unevolved, and since God is the Supremely Evolved, God therefore contains no unevolved evil.

If you ask how can the Supremely Good create evil, the answer is the same, evil is on the continuum of not being God, not having evolved to Godhood. The usual religious or mystical problem in defining evil in relation to God derives from the Great Error and Great Spiritual Blockade of defining material life as essentially evil.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Sphinx

Some have said that the Sphinx of ancient Egypt represented the Soul (head) trying to escape the body (animal), but I would transpose this and say that the Sphinx can be a symbol of Civilizing the Beast, man evolving from animal to God, activated by the Spirit. "Escape" is not the interpretation here, evolution is. The evolving body is the vehicle for the Spirit all the way to Godhood.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Yogin Are Dulled To Godhood

According to Evola, some radical Buddhists and Hindu's say that even the Gods are enemies of the yogin, because as powers presiding over the natural order they attempt to block the path of those who want to become free and dominate it.

There is also a Buddha saying that the Gods may not experience liberation because they are “dulled” by heavenly pleasures. Brahma is even subordinate to Buddha in this regard.

While this is stunningly courageous thinking, our stunningly courageous answer to the yogin is that this is a Great Error, or the Great Spiritual Blockade. The truth is that it is the yogin who are dulled by the heavenly pleasures of their inward “liberation,” or moksha. Moksha, and their version of liberation, is not Godhood, which is the Real Liberation, it is, however, the goal of the Inward Path.

What keeps this Great Error from being defined as diabolical is that the goal they seek--moksha-- is affirmed as the Soul-Goal of the Involutionary Inward Path in the Evolutionary Christian Church. But we can only become truly liberated by attaining the Absolute Supreme Godhood through bio-spiritual evolution to the Supreme Object at the Zenith of Evolution. This is defined as the True Liberation which is attained through the Evolutionary Outward Path. This means that unevolved humanity, including the yogins, who are human, are not able to experience Godhood or True Liberation. And the yogin are thereby dulled to Godhood. The Twofold Path is needed, the Inward and Outward, not only the Inward Path.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Soul and Spirit

The Involutionary Inward Path, the Second Path, has the Soul-Goal, whereby we can see the God-Within. The Evolutionary Outward Path, the First Path, has the Spirit-Goal, whereby we materially-spiritually evolve to God, the God first seen in the Inward Path. The Mind is the Zenith of the Body, the Soul is the Zenith of the Mind, the Spirit is the Zenith of the Soul.

The Kosmic activating force of the Spirit, or Will to Godhood, seems to be “contained” in the “unconscious,” but is not trapped there like a prisoner, as the Gnostics believe. Hating the material world, the exclusively involutionary mystics do not see the material world for what it is, or for what it can be, as the material vehicle required for evolution to Godhood, activated by the Spirit.

Someone called the Spirit “life's life.” The Upanishads talked of the Spirit as the “breathing spirit,” or prana, the universal life force. But these involutionary mystics certainly would not muddy their definition of the spirit with any kind of materialism. We would.

We think that the Spirit will one day be discovered by science as an activating material-spiritual force or element or substance. Meanwhile, the intuitive intellect helps define the Soul and Spirit, and the evolution of life to God.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Technology and Evolution

Technology need not move ahead faster than our ability to monitor it. As we have written before, science and technology are in fact subordinate to the activating needs of the Will to Godhood, or Spirit.

No doubt technological development will create problems in the future, creative engineers will demand total freedom to develop, with no moral constraints. But like artists, the total freedom of creative engineers should come only during the creative process and later their creations need to be judged as either evolutionary or devolutionary.

“Postbiological” superintelligence through technological devices will be used to counter politically incorrect developments, such as genetic engineering, (the earlier dreaded word was eugenics.). We must advance essentially through biological evolution and not merely, for example, with technical devices attached to our human bodies.

We would have technology move forward in accord with the purpose of the Kosmos, which is bio-spiritual evolution to Godhood, by applying the Ordered Evolution and Revitalized Conservatism of the Theoevolutionary Church, that is, according to the Traditional religious and Beyondist virtues of theTheoevolutionary Church.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

When the cultural leash in America snaps back to human nature

Is the Media in America powerful enough to actually create the post-moral America it has been for so many years promoting? What the media has wanted is one, big, immoral, politically correct, conglomerate America. This powerful agenda does appear to be working, the person of morals is now almost always the bad guy, or often just the loser to an immoral hero, and there are fewer and fewer people of morals in America.

The one “religion” allowed and promoted by the media---especially in American colleges and universities--- is Political Correctness, which is a form of cultural Marxism, the fervent belief in the absolute equality of all people, places and things, and the desire to enforce equality throughout the land.

So are we in fact headed toward that big, immoral, politically correct, conglomerate America? Here is the problem with that nefarious dream.

Culture simply cannot move too far away from human nature, there are genetic constraints on where culture can go, nurture really has to conform or harmonize with nature, and the immoral media and political correctness have moved too far away from human nature. Human nature has time and again formed cultures of more or less traditional morality as the best means to survive and reproduce successfully over the long term.

Let us hope and work to see that true American federalism can contain the splitting of America when the cultural lease in America snaps back to human nature.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ignorance, sin and evolution

Ideas or principles alone, no matter how elevated, are not enough to achieve the highest “purity,” “sin” is not purified by wisdom alone, unless sin is considered only ignorance, which is how Gnostic oriented religions tend to see it. The material world evolves to Godhood, the highest "purity," therefore sin can be seen as devolutionary (and not only seen as ignorance) where material life itself moves toward lower consciousness and less complexity. But we may not want to get caught up using the word sin.

God does contain Absolute Wisdom yet even this is an idea in the Mind of God, which is the Father aspect of the Trinity. God is the Supreme Material-Supermaterial Object and not an idea alone. Gnostic hopes of Godly wisdom for human beings will not be attained by human beings. We can at best claim to reach the God Within, the through the various involutionary paths of the revealed religions.

Philosophy alone cannot "restore the Spirit-Will to glory," only evolution can, with glory defined not only as supreme wisdom but as attaining the Supreme Object Godhood in the cosmos, the goal of the activating Spirit-Will within evolving life.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Karma As Evolution

“Karma” is more or less the eastern word for evolution, the laws of cause and effect and natural development.

We can suffer for the evolutionary mistakes of others who chose profane or devolutionary reproductive and survival actions.

Living well personally is important but this does not alone describe the laws of karma or evolution. We have not only many earth lives to pass through, we have many lives beyond the earth, beyond the human, to pass through before we finally evolve to Godhood.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

On The Direction of the Spirit-Will or the Will To Godhood

Philosophy and religion should come under the direction of the Will To Godhood, or the Spirit-Will, which is a supreme substance and not merely a principle. This Spirit can be defined and seen with intellectual intuition, which is really superreason, or transrational, so far, science later, one hopes.

The Will to Godhood can be harmonized into what we think and know, and not the other way around which often forces the highest ideals of the Spirit-Will to conform to the fallible human mind. But this is not affirming irrationality, or power, since the Will to Godhood or Spirit-Will is superrational with the definite purpose and goal of evolving to Godhood.

Our freedom consists in harmonizing with the Spirit-Will or the Will to Godhood, which can follow the dialectical-like paths of evolution. There are many paths to Godhood, and most importantly the highest evolved can arrive at Godhood in the cosmos.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Philosophical Realism-plus

Perceptions are created by real objects (philosophical realism). But human perceptions are limited in what they can see or understand of real material objects beyond normal human perceptions.

Tradition has mistaken the Spirit for God. The Inward Spirit is difficult to see but it is very highly refined materiality. Science has yet to discover Spirit.

The Spirit is small though powerful, God is large and supremely powerful, as symbolically the seed is small, the body large. Spirit proceeds from the Supreme Object God and then evolves in the Kosmos along with the bodies It activates up from the simple to the complex, and toward higher and higher consciousness.

We also have trouble perceiving God, the Supreme Object, and we will continue to have problems perceiving God, as well as the Spirit, until we evolve higher, along with our perceptions, to higher beings.

Symbolically it is as if matter consumes the flame rather than the other way around of Tradition, which affirms the flame until it is a formless nothing, and then calls that God.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

“Mere” Enlightenment

Human beings cannot create God in themselves by uniting Spirit (Shakti) and matter (Shiva) contrary to most mystics, only evolving to Godhood creates God. One can attain the God Within by uniting spirit and matter in the human, through the Involutionary Inward Path, but that is not God, that is “mere” Enlightenment with the Spirit Within.

When Spirit activates Its own matter to Godhood then Godhood is attained, and not before. This is the true union desired, beyond dualism.

Evola talked about the two points in time, the previous one, and the next following one which yearns unconsciously for the Absolute. We would say that “yearning unconsciously” defines the Spirit, or the Will to Godhood, which activates life in the Kosmos.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Comparison of the Theoevolutionary Church and Church Theology

If we examine some of the synchronic Councils, the theology and hermeneutics of the Church and compare them to our theology, in general we arrive at the following:

Jesus Christ was both divine and human, divine in having the Spirit of God Within (as we all do) and human in body. There is a difference between Jesus the Nazarene mystic and Christ or Christos, which means enlightenment. The name Gautama Buddha defined the same difference between Gautama the prince of northern India, and the Buddha, the enlightened. These terms are reserved for those who have realized Christ or Buddha within themselves. This same enlightenment is the goal of one of the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church (TC), that is, the Involutionary Inward Path. This goal gives a strong affirmation to ecumenism since all the involutionary religions have this same goal.

Regarding the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit do not share the same substance or energy since the Father “only” defines the Supreme Object God and is therefore Absolute Truth abstractly, and is not substance or energy. The Son represents the Supreme Body of God, and the Holy Spirit represents the Will or Seed Of God.

The Spirit is preexistent coming from God. The Soul is the Zenith of the material mind in life. The Spirit on the other hand is created through God and is passed on with the material reproduction of the parents—this is how we would interpret metensomatosis, or reincarnation.

In regarding “free will,” original sin would be the departure from the Will to Godhood or the Spirit Within, which activates life to evolve to God. “Good” conforms to the Divine Will to Godhood, “evil” does not. “Grace” can be helpful but not always necessary on the Path to Godhood.

The Theoevolutionary Church has joined (called the Twofold Path) the Evolutionary Outward Path to the Traditional Involutionary Inward Path of all the revealed religions. The God seen from Within by Plato, Christ, Buddha and others is the God we must evolve to, beginning with material evolution on up to attaining Godhood in the Kosmos. The Inward Path leads to ecumenical bonding, and the Outward Path allows the variety and separation necessary for evolution of all the people to Godhood. This can be enhanced through Federalism and Revitalized Conservatism.

God cannot be conceived by human beings or fully conceived until Godhood Itself is reached. Only the Mind of God knows Itself fully, no one else does.

God is the Object, the goal, the desire or attainment of all things.

All things have their origin in God and are connected to God by the Spirit Within which is the Seed, Spark or Will of God.

Contrary to Tradition it is not the First Thing born of God but the Last Thing Evolved toward Godhood that is the most like God.

We venerate God by evolving to God, it is a necessarily secondary thing to “understand” the Spirit of God Within, and therefore understanding alone is not the sole purpose of religion.

The whole world cannot be described as a divine object, the world contains objects trying to evolve to the Divine Object God with varying degrees of success.

The Soul is part of nature, as, for example, the Soul is the Zenith of the human mind. It is the Spirit that is suspended between nature and spirit, the Spirit is both immanent and transcendent. But the Spirit is not seeking to “escape” the body since it is the body that supplies the vehicle for the Spirit to evolve to Godhood. The Spirit is not “fallen,” the Spirit is not in exile.

The Spirit in man contains much knowledge but does not contain all knowledge, only God from whence the Spirit came contains all knowledge.

God is a Supreme Object first and Absolute Knowledge second since evolution of the object comes before knowledge of the object.

Everything in the world is not suffering although there is suffering in the world. Affirmation of the Spirit or Will to Godhood leads to the sacred desire behind evolution and the fulfillment of desire, not the suppression of desire. Profane desire is devolutionary and entropic.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Defining the Divine

There is no real power in definitions alone, the elements of an object do not derive from its definition, the definition derives from the elements and from the object.

Tradition has made a God of definition rather than making a God of the object, and what wrong paths this has taken.

The Spirit is first the Supreme Substance and second the Supreme Principle, which activates material life to evolve to Godhood.

We are, again, speaking of objects here, with evolution moving toward the Supreme Object God, we are not mainly talking about ideas, principles or even non-material wisdom.

The wisdom of Godhood may be beyond our comprehension at this time but it exists in the highest natural order and not outside the natural order.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Religion exists beyond the human mind

According to Eliade all religious systems map the human mind, which he says explains their similarities (I think Jung would agree). But religions are more than the human mind.

The Soul is the zenith of the human mind, and it is true that religions become systems here in the mind. But the Spirit Within transcends the Soul-Mind even as it is always immanent in the human body activating the body to evolve to Godhood.

Therefore, the religion of the Evolutionary Christian Church includes the structure of the human mind in regard to the Soul Mind, but the human body also contains the mysterious Spirit which activates the Soul Mind and body to evolve through material evolution to God.

This is how religion does more than map the human mind.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thinking alone will not bring us to God

It is not attachment to qualities of life that “defiles” the Spirit, it is the human attachment to only to the Soul (the Inward Path) which damages the activation of life to Godhood by the Spirit-Will. This is a transvaluation of Tradition.  This was a Great Spiritual Blockade.

Thinking or meditating in the Involutionary Inward Path can bring deep knowledge of the Soul and Spirit Within, which are closest to Godhood, but this knowledge, or Enlightenment, is not God.

The world of God and man are separated by evolution first and knowledge second. Thinking alone will not bring us to God, material-spiritual evolution in the Evolutionary Outward Path will bring us to Godhood.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

One with the Spirit

If we are one with the Spirit, the Will to Godhood, then everything will automatically, or mysteriously, or rationally turn out right. The question is how does one become one with the Spirit?

Courageously discovering how evolution works is one of the best ways to see how the life-activating Spirit works. Then we harmonize with evolution as best our knowledge can discover. We can also seek contact with the Spirit and the Soul within to see what wisdom they can bring of Godhood.

We can coordinate involution and evolution.