Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Notes comparing Hegel and beyond (reblog from Oct 2013)

History essentially relates to evolution and evolution relates to evolutionary religion. An  ethnopluralism of ethnostates seems to be an improved version of Hegel's state---smaller, local, closer to human nature. The material Spirit-Will, not God, drives life from within toward Godhood, and evolution shapes life from without. Evolution and the Spirit-Will are not God, they help develop Godhood through evolution. Evolution replaces Hegel's dialectic, which may not work as smoothly as thesis, antithesis and synthesis, although it more or less works that way. Devolution is not part of a duality, it is simply backward going, non-development, or development away from complexity.

Absolute Truth is obtained only in evolving to the zenith of evolution, beyond humans, absolute truth is not an abstract spiritual concept or idea, it is an ideal object evolved to. Evolution itself is not seen as the drive to truth, but the Spirit-Will, which activates life and evolution from within can be seen as the drive toward absolute truth and Godhood---here we can also think in terms the greatest success in survival and reproduction.  Life rises from simple consciousness to absolute consciousness contained in species beyond the human species. The God Within or Father Within is not absolute consciousness, it is a symbolic-experience of real Godhood which can possess absolute consciousness. Everything is subject to more evolution.

The limitation of reason lies in the limitation of the object who is reasoning. Reason can never be greater than the evolutionary level of the reasoning object. This means the goal is not first absolute reason, the goal is Godhood which does absolute reasoning. The object who is reasoning comes before the reasoned definitions of things. Does this lead us only to supercomputers? We need to think in terms of naturalizing technology, turning technology toward our divine evolutionary goals, that is, biological and superbiological goals, aided by artificial technology, not artificial technology as the goal of evolution, not cyborgs as the goal.

Religion and culture should not hobble the Faustian spirit, we seem destined to be galaxy travelers, and beyond. The earth needs to be saved, but it is ultimately a launching pad out into the cosmos toward Godhood.,..If there is a better religious philosophy I'd like to hear it.

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