Friday, March 31, 2017

The Forms As Supermaterial (reblog from September, 2014)

We think in language, but then we literally make a God out of language.

Augustine said the changeless Forms were in the mind of God, but those Forms are language definitions, abstractions, which do not define material or supermaterial real objects, since God and the Forms are defined by Augustine as non-material and spiritual.

Naturalism, materialism, science are religiously thought of as leading to dead ends by traditional religion who see God as transcending nature and human beings.

But when Godhood is seen as material, or more precisely as supermaterial, then the Forms take on a different perspective.

The “ego” is not Being or God either, as Nietzsche and his postmodern followers tend to think. And the Inward God or the Father Within is also not God, it is the symbolic experience of God, experienced when all the material desires are blocked or unattached from.

Real Godhood is reached at the zenith of material/supermaterial evolution, which is also the zenith of success in survival and reproduction. Godhood is what we evolve to, we evolve from the Primal Material.

We need to bring our language and Forms and Gods back (if they ever were here) to real objects evolved in the world from the material to the supermaterial. This is the sacred goal to ground our groundless modern world.  We can, and should, with the Twofold Path, retain the old Gods, which were mainly the symbolic Inward God, and our first glimpse or impression of real supermaterial Godhood reached by evolution.

Where optimism exists

It was not "creative destruction" it was just destruction of one very old social force by a newer force. A relativity of values replaced morality---largely Christian morality. Even science continued to try to be value-free and refused to look seriously at the natural morality affirmed by evolutionary sciences such as sociobiology.

Who benefited from this revolution, who benefited from this destruction of morality? The vulgar materialism of globalism and the propaganda of cultural Marxism benefited, and the people who pushed these things benefited. At least in the short term.

Is any optimism possible?

If we don't blow ourselves up, biological selection will continue---it remains deeply within nature and within human nature and will always be renewed. But the identities of those who replace the relativity of values is not yet clear.

You know who I want to be a contender: I want to see the forces of decentralization create an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, in line with real human nature. This can even be done conservatively, at least in the U. S., by affirming the constitutional separation of powers and states, possibly with a few amendments, and protected by federalism.

And more deeply I want to see the philosophy of theological materialism affirm the long-term material evolution of life toward supermaterial Godhood.

For me this is where optimism exists. Is it realistic? It probably requires various kinds of heroes to get it functioning---but it has reality on its side.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The deep-conservative way to save America as the people change

To me the following points are barely even debatable, although they could be nuanced a bit. For example, when it is said that as the people change the culture changes that is obvious reality, although it could be nuanced by saying it does not mean that culture doesn't also change people.

The workings of democracy depend on who the people are who vote, which explains why democracy doesn't work the same in all parts of the world. North America was founded mainly by Northern European people and the Founders virtually took that for granted---a rather big mistake. Later the people of America changed due to immigration and the culture accordingly changed. For example, in California the old majority of Northern Europeans has become a minority, and the culture has changed from traditional conservatism to a sort of hedonistic version of cultural Marxism.

Gradually across America the founding culture is becoming a minority culture do to immigration and low birth rates. Social disorder is increasing. The central government has grown huge and has become that hedonistic version of cultural Marxism. We often look like we are headed for civil war between distinctly different ethnic groups who naturally want different kinds of cultures and governments.

As said here often, human nature remains kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection, followed by individual selection.

Given human nature, the only way I can see to keep America one great country and to bring long-term social harmony to our increasingly disorderly multiculturalism, is to affirm and deepen the constitutional separation of powers and states set down by our Founders, and make our regions and states an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, protected by federalism. This is the conservative way to save America as the people change. To me this is barely even debatable, although it is called the ethnopluralism hypothesis. But even paleoconservatives, the real conservatives, won't even mention this deep-conservatism.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Epistemology and ontology reformed

The spiritual has been debunked at least since the Enlightenment, but religion should not have been debunked. Religion and philosophy have hated and mistaken the material world for too long. I think reviving religion depends on seeing or understanding that what was formerly known as spiritual is material---and that includes Godhood.

God has been misrepresented as a spiritual "I" within with no real material connections to the material body. God has been thought of/experienced as an inward, non-material, spiritual consciousness by the esoteric gurus, and more as a non-material outward God by exoteric followers. But materiality is the foundation of real godliness.

Here is the contrary religious/philosophical position: The material activation of life from within seeks material/supermaterial Godhood and works along with whatever outside environment life finds itself living within---this is natural selection, and yes, with a teleological goal.

All knowledge, perception, and reasoning stem from this material, physical, biological, evolutionary functioning. All idealism is grounded in the material or supermaterial, or it is illusion. Religion and morality are also grounded in this material, evolutionary reality---as is Godhood.

Religion and science could join in this worldview if they wanted to, and both could help each other in developing a long-term sacred civilization that seeks real Godhood by way of material/supermaterial evolution. Then we would really be sparkling, whether we are alone in the cosmos or not...I suppose there could be various levels of materially evolved Gods out there.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The outsider: fool, genius, or anti-social?

I sympathize with outsiders for obvious reasons. Outsiders never know if their work will be buried with them or not. Outsiders often create their own reality which they usually believe comes closer to reality than traditional thinking. Yet because they move alone outside of the world, the outsider has moments when they wonder if they are a fool, a genius, or just antisocial. They have high moments of happiness, or at least moments of satisfaction in their work. But in the end it is the evolutionary truth that matters more than happiness. History will be the judge.

It might be helpful if future outsiders could ask themselves if they could live without respect in the academic world? Can they write to illuminate rather than impress? Can they live with the consequences of appearing less comprehensive regarding the past, present and future, which makes philosophy so dull? Can they write knowing that even ancient grammar obfuscates the truth?

That being said, with empathy for outsiders, the bottom line for me regarding outsiders, fools and geniuses was examined by the courageous psychologist Raymond Cattell, who believed that the key was for society to have a way to understand the difference between the social and anti-social outsider, because outsiders can be virtually criminals in rejecting laws. This harmonizes well with the understanding that group-selection is the primary unit of selection and individual selection only follows after. Cattell's field was in comprehensive psychometric testing (he invented many of the tests) and the tests work quite well in telling much about people, as long as there is room for outsiders to fall through the cracks, which being outsiders they often do.

The bottom line is, let outsiders freely create with no strings attached, philosophers, artists, engineers, or whoever, but in the end the judgment on the work of outsiders has to come down to choosing socially responsible work and not antisocial work, and based also on sound sociobiologically knowledge of the biological origin of much of social behavior. Outsiders, and insiders, need to live with that  judgment.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Bringing theology and philosophy back to real life

Mind, intellect, soul are all material and were developed within material evolution to serve or subserve the "will." Here with theological materialism the will is called the activating Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, the sacred goal of life. Mind, intellect, soul were developed within material life as an aid in the evolution of material life to supermaterial Godhood. Using the term spirit for something that is material or supermaterial may be confusing but we need to make the connection to past religious definitions of God, soul, and spirit to harmonize with the conservative nature of change in human nature, as religion is transformed.

Godhood is the zenith of the material evolution of life. But as far as we know, evolution never stops and never starts. It was all too human of us to narrowly think that since we and the life around us start and stop, God and the cosmos must not start or stop but go on forever, as we wish we could.

Nietzsche and his postmodern followers saw this disconnect with the real material world and chose to kill God, which was too extreme, using the hammer when the scalpel was required.  (Incidentally, Schopenhauer's view of art and aesthetics required this same blocking of the will, and Freud followed him down that same rabbit hole.)

This was a tragic mistake in metaphysics, because it has slowed down or stopped our evolution to real Godhood. The ascetic way of traditional religion blocks the activating material spirit-will, and attempts to block time, place, cause, and effect in order to see or experience only the symbolic inward God, mistaken as non-material. Stopping all desires (no easy task) to see the inward God can bring hedonistic bliss, but it is not Godhood.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Defining real conservatism and ethnopluralism

I prefer to think of the official American hierarchy as a pyramid with the federal government on the bottom and the local states on the top, which seems to be what the Founders had in mind. Then the state hierarchies would have the state government on the bottom and the local towns and cities on the top. That is a federalism and subsidiarity that can work well with real human nature which remains primarily kin and group-centered. From there I see, perhaps with a few amendments, the gradual move toward making the states ethnostates, which many of them are, more or less, which again harmonizes with real human nature. The whole can be protected strongly, while not being isolated and trading with the world, and also protected with economic nationalism.

This is not "evil racism" it is recognizing the flat reality of human nature, which remains as it has always been, kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection, followed by individual selection. This worldview has the benefit of fitting in with traditional and renewed conservatism, and avoiding unworkable radicalism. What is evil are those who block this reality for selfish purposes.

Most importantly, this worldview also offers a good chance of real material evolution toward real Godhood, with real variety (see theological materialism). The old religion is included but transformed as the spiritual God is now seen as a super-material Godhood evolved to in the material and super-material world.

Friday, March 24, 2017

This is what democracy has become, it's all manipulation of popular sentiment by the Big Media

Donald Trump winning the presidency showed the loss of power of the Big Media to manipulate popular sentiment in favor of cultural Marxism, and showed the new media of the internet, Twitter, ect, gaining power in support of populist nationalism (and perhaps Fox News, although it is also infected with neoconservative globalism). So now the Big Media is trying to gain control of the internet so it can again manipulate in favor of cultural Marxism against populist nationalism.

Popular sentiment and populist nationalism often reflect real human nature, which remains kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection, followed by individual selection. But modern intellectuals do not like these ideas and prefer the ideas of cultural Marxism, which only slightly reflect human nature and popular sentiments.

So in addition to trashing and libeling populist nationalism in any way they can, modern liberals and the Big Media look for any popular sentiments within cultural Marxism which they can exploit, such as universal equality, or fomenting battles between the gender differences of nurturing femininity and territorial masculinity, because they know and fear the power of populist nationalism (they see Hitler, who was very popular with his people, behind every populist corner).

This is what democracy has become, it's all manipulation of popular sentiment by the Big Media. The power of the modern media is now as strong or stronger than government. This is why populist nationalism needs to not only greatly increase its media power but needs to take some of the power away from the culturally Marxist Big Media monopolies---President Trump and his team at least for a time seemed to be doing that.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

An ethnopluralism of ethnostates developed within America, in accord with the constitution (with perhaps a few amendments) is the sane, humane and courageous way to save America and the West

From pre-K to college our children are taught the left-wing "social justice" of cultural Marxism, along with learning how to read and write, at a cost of $80 billion per year! How the hell did this happen?

It was the result of a very cunning "march through the institutions," rather than a military coup, by a small minority of cultural Marxists, who gained control of the Media and the academic world in America (read the facts in William Lind's excellent essay on political correctness ).

So what can be done about the virtual destruction of conservative American culture? For a time it looked like our new president Trump would do something about this great decay, but now...who knows? Conservative reform seems to depend on white folks who are dying faster than being born.

Some people will therefore be seduced by the "totalitarian temptation" of left or right fascism, the short-term brutal way, the hammer rather than the scalpel, taking away our freedom in the process.

But longer term conservative reform will need to do more than call for a return to the traditions of the Republican party. Even the wiser paleoconservatism of Russel Kirk and Pat Buchanan is not enough to save America and the West, the demographics have changed too much.

I believe we will need to upgrade the fulfillment of the constitutional separation of powers and states to include an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, protected in their virtual independence by federalism and subsidiarity. Only this, which harmonizes with the real ethnocentric human nature, has a chance of calming the battling between different ethnic groups in America, which is tearing us apart. (see the great scientist E.O.Wilson on group-selection in human nature).

We want no Lenin or Hitler, and no amoral libertarianism which in reality leads to social and moral chaos. An ethnopluralism of ethnostates developed within America, in accord with the constitution (with perhaps a few amendments) is the sane, humane and courageous way to save America and the West.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Truth is in the object (reblog from August 28, 2014)

Our senses were not designed to find the truth, they were designed to select perceptions that help us survive and prosper, which is how the senses became what they are. We became conscious because it was useful to our success in survival, and super-consciousness will develop for the same purpose.

Nietzsche pointed out that we perceive images first, then words applied to the images, and then concepts. But I add that what came first was the object of the images. Why should concepts be put first as they often are in metaphysics, religion, philosophy and even science? We need to put the object first, that is where the truth exists in this dynamic.

The activating Super-Id or Spirit-Will within life seems to see everything as adapting to its desire to activate life to evolve to Godhood, while being shaped by outside evolution and selection. This creates/evolves both a course and refined view of things. Where is the truth in this process? The truth is in the object which the activating Spirit-Will and evolution have evolved.

Ideas, definitions even reason are effects of the object, not the cause. Even Godhood is a supremely evolved object, and ideas and conceptions of God are the effects of the object God, not the cause, as so much of metaphysics tells us leaving out the whole material world and real life in the process.

We aren't “biased” because we are designed to define truth as what is useful to the survival of the object, the object of survival is the truth. Godhood becomes the highest truth because Godhood is the highest evolved material/supermaterial object, or objects, and not because Godhood fits with a abstract version of metaphysics which is merely definition.

How we can rationally and emotionally actually fix immigration and post-traditional culture

In modern multicultural America ethnocentrism is not allowed, at least not officially allowed, so the people are patrons of, as Greg Kaza pointed out, taking selfies and getting tattoos. But multiculturalism has also brought the racial divisions and civil disorder we have today. This was only natural because people are ethnocentric and as the people change the culture changes. We have gotten the culture, or non-culture, that reflects the multiculturalism foisted upon the people.

"Culture" does not give rise to man's conception of himself, mans conceptions of himself, which varies with distinctly different people, gives rise to culture. Inferiority or superiority does not enter into this definition. The honest fact is the American melting pot didn't melt much beyond Northern Europeans, and so the definition was changed to multiculturalism.

It is out of this reality that the hypothesis of an ethnopluralism of ethnostates is presented. This sociobiological structure harmonizes with the group-selection and basic ethnocentrism of real human nature. The racial and ethnic divisions which is in the process of tearing us apart can bring us back together again with in ethnopluralism of ethnostates, which can even be accommodated by our already existing constitutional separation of powers and states.

That is how we can rationally and emotionally actually fix immigration and post-traditional culture, even though it is considered politically incorrect to mention it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A war between intelligence agencies? Is any side on the side of populist-nationalism and America?

It would take a grand political master---like a grand chess master---to figure out what is going on between what looks like a war between intelligence agencies. If President Trump isn't completely brought down, he may be weakened to the point that he won't threaten anybody for four years. This would block the populist-nationalist agenda, which could be the point of it all. But it really is difficult to see what is going on.

If President Trump has knowledge of being "wiretapped" from some other intelligence source, which the F.B.I. and the NSA doesn't know about, then they would be inept in their fields, or they would be lying. And in this underground battle there are other intelligence agencies from other countries, like Russia and Israel---whose side are they on? Why wouldn't Trump reveal his sources, if he has them, to save himself and his administration? If Trump thinks he would lose his personal wealth and power if he revealed his sources, and if he would rather sink the country than lose his wealth---then he would be some sort of megalomaniacal egoist. Or is President Trump really a populist-nationalist simply being destroyed by the global elite---whoever they are---whose power he very much threatens? And how about a war between various global elites, with Trump in the middle? Can any power block the power of the global elite?

In any case, the Big Media, the Democrats, the F.B.I., etc etc, seem to be in the process of bringing President Trump down... Is any side, including the President, on the side of  populist-nationalism and America?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Religion and art need to celebrate the will, not block it

Contrary to Schopenhauer and any like-minded aesthetes and ascetics who went before him, religion and art need to celebrate the will, not block it.

I don't think Schopenhauer's "freedom" from the will is healthy (and likewise not Buddha long before him)---it is not really even possible in aesthetics or ascetics. That so-called freedom from the will is not objective either, it is more an illusion or delusion. It is more like murder.

The activating will or material Spirit-Will within life is not the enemy of art and religion, it is what leads toward the zenith of time, place, cause and effect, and leads toward the zenith of art and religion, which is material or supermaterial Godhood.

This is a Godhood that is not only not free from the material and material evolution but is the zenith of material evolution and the purpose and goal of the will or Spirit-Will-To-Godhood.

Was Nietzsche pointing toward this material understanding of the will, or was his will to power only another illusory spiritual power like his mentor Schopenhauer?

In any case religion need not be rejected as Nietzsche rejected it, but reformed...the spiritual God needs to be seen and understood as the material goal of material evolution.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Race For Reason

Separating the spiritual from the material was the tragic error of religion and philosophy affecting many areas of human life. The most essential error was the great spiritual blockade which blocked the evolutionary material path to actually Godhood---material evolution is the very vehicle needed to evolve to supermaterial Godhood.

From this metaphysical error came the error of defining racial and ethnic differences between humans as "accidental" and not "essential," an error which both Socrates and Thomas Aquinas made. Those differences evolved for positive evolutionary and human reasons, to aid in successful survival and reproduction while living in different climates of the world which required different survival traits.

To try to jam distinctly different people together in one space and then tell them, religiously or politically, that there differences are only accidental is not only impractical but is immoral.

These differences are at least half biologically and genetically derived, and therefore essential parts of being human, and not much changed by cultural conditioning. When this is seen and understood it can lead to more humane ways to deal with ethnic differences, which are tearing us apart. 

These racial differences should not be defined as accidental but as essential. For example, being a civilized human is affected by intelligence, which is simply not the same in all people or all ethnic groups---think of the low IQ's of many criminals, which is at least half derived from unchangeable genetics and helps to cause inhuman and even animalistic behavior.

Developing an ethnopluralism of ethnostates as a consequence of the essential differences between races and ethnic groups is the most humane and practical way to deal with those differences---which in spite of religion and politics have been tearing us apart. This is also the more important religious and moral path, since material evolution, which evolved human differences on the evolutionary path to Godhood, is the very vehicle needed to evolve to supermaterial Godhood, as described in theological materialism.

This is why separating the spiritual from the material was the tragic error of religion and philosophy affecting many areas of human life. Real humanness would set up international research centers to aid all nations, all ethnostates, in evolving toward Godhood in their own ways, and in accord with real human nature. That is our best chance of attaining long-term peace, and religious and political harmony.

(A response to "Race Against Reason" by Joseph Pearce, Chronicles, March 20127)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hidden biological ambitions in religion and politics

Yes, it is men who choose ideas, and it is men who do more to ideas than ideas do to men, as historian John Lukacs has said, but beneath ideas and beneath the religions and politics of men are the far stronger and often hidden biological ambitions of survival and reproductive success.

Individual success is not the central unit of successful selection, group-selection or ethnocentrism is, and so all people and all nations tend think of themselves as chosen people and choose ideas according to that value system.

Big problems come internally and externally when one people define themselves as the only chosen in the face of all people thinking of themselves that way. So we must find a way to harmonize naturally all these people thinking of themselves as chosen.

The idea of "divinity" is real but not the one you may think of as divinity: divinity is the sacred material activation within all life to evolve in the material world toward material (or supermaterial) Godhood.

The almost obvious answer to the hidden biological ambitions in religion and politics is an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, where there can be no good reason to hide behind hypothetical or false ideas, and where forms of federalism and subsidiarity can protect their independence.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Any diet that controls weight and keeps it off is good

I believe weight control, calorie control, is the foundation of good health and not doing so is the cause of most modern health problems: High blood pressure, Cholesterol problems, Heart trouble, Cancer, even Arthritis.

Any diet that controls weight and keeps it off is good, but some food is better than others, and so it is better to eat the better food.

I believe the best food is basically Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Nuts and Fruit---eating this ancient Paleo food prevents all kinds of health problems, BUT ONLY IF CALORIE RESTRICTIONS ARE IN PLACE.

If eating good food doesn't work to control weight with calorie restrictions, and eating less good food does better to help control weight, than it is better to eat less good food and control ones weight.

Any kind of food that can help control weight is healthier than being overweight. But in any diet, good or bad, some kind of self-discipline may not be avoided, such as not eating after dinner, or whatever.

How to unite the increasingly divided United States

"If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand" (Mark 5:25).

And the United States is increasingly divided against itself.

In the past it was suggested by a few courageous, and martyred, future-thinking historians and psychologists (eg. Wilmot Robertson, Raymond Cattell) that the very thing tearing us apart could put us back together. That is, rather than continuing the hopeless task of trying to jam distinctly different people together in one multicultural place and then telling them to all get along, those natural differences could be championed in an ethnopluralism of ethnostates within the United States.

The constitutional separation of powers and states is already legally established and could gradually accommodate regions and states set aside for distinct ethnic groups and ethnostates, and protected by federalism.

This would mean going against the prevailing cultural Marxism and amoral globalism now in place in America, and there would be more courageous martyrs, but I see no better long-term way to unite our divided nation.

The populism now in vogue at least hints at this direction.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Real conservative renewal requires an ethnopluralism of ethnostates

Western people and Western ethic groups created Western civilization, and renewing only individualism (libertarianism) or nuclear families will not alone renew the West. Empires become too big and lose the group and the bonded-culture that formed them, and this then has much to do with why empires always fall and return to an ethnopluralism of ethnostates. It's stunning to see that this common sense statement is now considered politically incorrect---although populist-nationalist trends in the world seem to be changing this.

We have to applaud Allan Carlson for his work on reviving the family---which he calls familism---but I think he and other conservatives need to go deeper into human nature than individualism or familism to affirm the central unit of group-selection and ethnocentrism as having been the central unit of successful selection for human survival. The work of the great scientist E. O. Wilson has been more or less affirming this.

In the West not only the values of families have been destroyed but all other conservative values and morals have been destroyed. We now have federal decrees mandating the radical wing of the sexual revolution, with such things as transgenderism, and we have even worse decay than the decay that destroyed Greece and Rome.

Ethnic groups really are extended families, which then leads us see that states and regions were originally formed out of ethnic, altruistic, sociobiological imperatives. This is why it makes sense to affirm small virtually independent states as mainly ethnostates, protected in their variety by some kind of federalism---the federalism of the United States could even accommodate this. This way we work in harmony with real human nature, rather than trying to set up social structures---like violent, borderless Marxism, or the more deceitful cultural Marxism of people like Hillary Clinton---which fight against basic human nature and human history.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nature has a different take on metaphysics than humans (reblog from Aug. 2014)

Nietzsche tried to show how metaphysics and logic were in service to survival, and that “truth” was not the first need in this. Logic equalized things that were not equal for its own requirements. Consciousness itself grew in relation to what was needed for security. Powerful people, lawmakers, made these things into law, and philosophers and artists created the various abstract categories---what they created was needed for their own survival even though they claimed it was for other things, usually without knowing the real source. The science of sociobiology couldn’t have said it better.

But then Nietzsche replaced the old metaphysics with a will-to-power which had no goal and no morality and no truth other than power, even immorality was accepted as a power source. But this was not a natural metaphysics, as Nietzsche thought it was, because nature has a goal, and that is to evolve life to the zenith of success in survival and reproduction, which is another clearer version of religious Godhood. This is where natural morality, or natural metaphysics needs to come from. Real “truth” this way can be harmonized with survival in a real way, which includes morality and religion. Abstractions and categories are put in their place as related or unrelated to real life, evolution, and the goals of real material evolution.

There is a kind of “faith” in the truth and in end-goals involved here, but it is a faith backed by truth more as applied in Michael Polanyi's terms, that is, something is true if it reveals deeper meaning, if it has potential for future discoveries or manifestations---and I would add if it has real long-term survival and reproductive value---and not merely because something could be true because it could be proven exactly with scientific methodology, or a logic redesigned by the biases of man, which are too limiting to be fully true. Truth has to get back to real objects and not mere definitions and abstractions. Godhood is more than the metaphysical, non-material, abstract definition of God, Godhood is a real supermaterial object, or objects, which we can evolve to become in the material world, if we follow nature's evolutionary course.

I agree with those who say that culture trumps politics

We now have two separate worlds in America, the Trump populist-nationalists, and the Obama global liberal-socialists. Now what? Civil war?

I agree with those who have said that culture trumps politics. Andrew Breitbart, a populist-nationalist, said, "Politics is downstream from culture...The left wins because it controls the narrative. The narrative is controlled by the media." (Outside in) And Breitbart was at war to gain control of the America narrative.......The academic world is the other very nasty cultural control center which needs to be countered if we are ever to save America.

The small media, the world-wide internet, cell phones, etc. had much to do with the Trump narrative reaching the people and winning the presidency, and that needs to continue and grow. But we are seeing the bad guys gaining control of the internet.

Of course it won't be easy. The Big Media and the globalists have been tearing apart president Trump, or almost magically changing him into a neoconservative (the really bad guys). And they are doing it by controlling the media narrative...

Any real savior of the West needs to have brains and not just chutzpah. We better hope that our little old democratic republic is up to the task. And it will need a media and an academic world that is with them, not against them, for any long-term success.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The feminine tendency among liberal males to try to nurture problems away

I don't have a problem with women who are actually strong---most of them are skeptical of feminism and tend to be conservative, and vote conservative. But I see a feminine tendency among liberal males to try to nurture problems away, thinking that all problems and differences will go way if only we nurture them enough with nurturing social programs.

The Marxist base of most feminism plays into this gender perversity in believing that gender differences, such as female nurturing and male protectiveness/territoriality, are caused only by cultural conditioning.

Modern technology has also made it easier for women to live without male protectiveness/territoriality, although this has not changed the human nature which has existed for tens of thousands of years.

Social battles over social programs between liberals and conservatives often come down to these differences in gender values. The same thing can happen in marriages, where the best marriages find a way to harmonize these differences with a division of labor.

But feminism has balked at any division of labor, causing problems in marriages and social programs. And the relativity of values taught in the postmodern academic world has favored the Marxist/feminist approach.

Can anything be done about this? I suppose as the West continues to fall there will come a time when male protectiveness and territoriality will reappear. The  Islamic terrorists, who do not allow women to vote (and who our male special forces now fight), never abandoned medieval gender differences.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bourgeois Plus

I am glad to be an American who affirms the bourgeois values that made America and the Western world strong, and in saying that I am not saying that the religious values of theological materialism are not deeper and higher goals. I am also not saying that hierarchy's are wrong and should not exist---the bourgeoisie never said it either.
Totalitarian Marxism and totalitarian Big Government still promoted in the academic world and in the Big Media actually objects to prosperity among the masses and the freedom and dignity of the middle class brought on mainly by bourgeois economics.

It is good to hear of Deirdre McCloskey's positive thesis on this great prosperity which began in the 18th century in northwestern Europe due to the advance of the ideas and actions of "Bourgeois Equality" (Modern Age, Winter 2017). Living standards improved for ordinary citizens one hundred percent from pre-industrial society.

Bourgeois economics need not rule all values, the real bourgeois never said it should. The negative "democracy of thieves" (Helen Pinkerton) or the Marxist and Big Government totalitarian approach (right or left) still promoted in the academic world and in the Big Media have proven to be useless in raising the standard of living or in raising cultural standards for the masses.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The absence of the material evolution to Godhood sets religion down an incomplete path

It is the absence of the spiritual that Aquinas and others ascetics called evil, following Christ (also the Vedas, Buddha etc.) and this is where the religious transformation needs to take place. Theological materialism sees things the other way around, it is the absence of the material evolution to Godhood which sets religion down an incomplete path---notice I did not use the word "evil."

Why this hatred of the material? The material world is the very vehicle by which we evolve to Godhood. Isn't it a bit weird to "save" the material world by destroying it, especially when it can be reformed?

This comes from the sacred pull of a mistaken (but emotional) intuition of the real path of material evolution to Godhood. This was the great confounding, the great spiritual blockade, the ruined intellection of the path to God.

Yes, there is a negative type of joy in ascetically blocking all material desires, but that religious hedonism should not be misidentified as God: it is only the Inward Path hint (which can be retained but transformed) of the Outward Path Godhood reached through material evolution.

For those who hurl religious insults, it does not take a beast, or The Beast, to affirm the material evolution to Godhood, it takes honest and courageous men and women willing to affirm the sacred goal of civilizing the beast on the evolutionary path to Godhood. Spiritual asceticism ends in spiritual nothingness, whereas material evolution ends in supermaterial Godhood.

I don't have the chutzpah to say that a non-material Creator is an "uncreated creator," I doubt it. But I will say that the material activation within life toward Godhood is material (the material Spirit-Will) and material evolution is the means to attain real Godhood.

Friday, March 10, 2017

The biological is political and the political is biological

Here is a reductionist statement for you: the biological is political and the political is biological. This defines "deep conservatism" even as it is considered politically incorrect. If their is a "grand narrative" of civilization this it it. This is what makes men believe as they do, and create the cultures that they do.

But deep within biology is the first cause of belief. Theological materialism does not deny the "spark of the divine soul," as Marxist materialism does, but it defines the soul and spirit as material, using the words "spirit" and "soul" to show the connection with traditional metaphysics reformed.

The phrase the "Spirit-Will-To-Godhood" defines the material activation within material life toward supermaterial Godhood by way of material evolution.

In theological materialism the morality play of human life is biological and material yet is still religious, which closes off the false separations, the great spiritual blockade, between religion, science, politics and art.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

It's called protective law and order, remember that?

Telling a young child that they can't play in traffic may cause them to call their parent a dictator (if they can pronounce the word) but parents stop them from playing in traffic anyway whether the child agrees or not. Childish adults are now objecting to vetting immigrants, demanding no border controls, throwing tantrums in the street, and calling President Trump a dictator because he wishes to protect them from harm.

It's called protective law and order, remember that?

We cannot nurture the world even if women (and cuckolded liberal men) are inclined to do so. Men need to do their thing too, and that occasionally means protecting women and children even at the risk of few protests or tantrums against them. Contrast this with ancient Spartan women who told there sons to come back victorious on come back dead. That was also a form of nurturing, but with an awareness of the survival needs of the nation.

The question is, have the Big Media, pop culture, show business, feminism, the academic world, Big Nurturing Government, and indulgent childish parents corrupted and weakened the America people  beyond being saved?... I can't accept that. If we are to survive, the corrupting forces need to be faced and defeated.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Are you sick of American pop culture and show business?

All those asshole producers and raunchy screen writers, all the chutzpah, the lack of talent, the fag designers who uglify women, television and Internet porn, the glossy decayed magazines, egomaniacs who "come out" as gay because it's trendy, the anti-white vibe, the stupid political positions emotionally presented at freak-show award ceremonies...I hate it all too much to continue the list.

The dream, the fantasy, is to start all over again, new producers, new actors, new writers, new social philosophy, new cities---any place other than than garbage Los Angeles and New York City. I'll bet the real nation living in the crime-free spaces between New York and Los Angeles would welcome it... If there are any billionaires who are still culturally healthy, step up.

This reality needs to be acknowledged

Material life (A) seeks supermaterial Godhood (Z) and does so by way of material, evolutionary, survival and reproductive success (B), and social power (C).

Without social power the other goals are not fully successful, but this doesn't place power first in the hierarchy of forces and goals as modern philosophers have suggested. Like reproduction, power is a secondary to the primary material Will-Spirit-To-Godhood which activates within life in the first place.

Even happiness, the highest goal of many philosophers, is secondary to the instinctive forces that use happiness and pleasure to encourage the necessary hunger for food and sex.

Some seek wisdom and some seek social power, and some declare that power is evil---but even the power-is-evil-philosophy requires power to establish, which has led to hypocrisy in religion. Without social power even wisdom cannot rule.

Few individual men have had both wisdom and social power, which is why power was often shared between priests and kings. Ancient Indo-European history seems to have developed a tripartite sharing system between priests, warriors, and food providers.

Ancient and modern humans can be wise or can be dangerous fools---be they democrats or aristocrats---but the A, B, C, Z structure outlined above remains true.

This indicates that religious philosophy is the foundation of the other philosophies.

To establish the religious philosophy of theological materialism and the political philosophy of ethnostatism this reality needs to be acknowledged.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Illumination or Obfuscation?

Poetry in general is too concerned with show and not enough with truth. In fact modern poetry is often all show and no truth. People can be that way too.

Sometimes, sometimes, poetry can illuminate rather than only obfuscate. Does saying that mean that I put truth above beauty and goodness?

I think truth, beauty and goodness synthesize at their zenith, but different people with different talents take different paths toward the synthesis.

Many people do not believe that there is an end-goal or a syntheses to truth, beauty, and goodness, and so they and their work are all show and no truth.

The zenith of truth, beauty and goodness is Godhood, but a Godhood evolved to in the material world of real objects, and not a God of mere mental images or symbols or non-material spiritual representations.

The Vedas and Plato started, or at least deepened, this obfuscation, this great spiritual blockade, which needs to be transformed without losing religion.  That is the mission of theological materialism.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Who is bugging who?

Who was bugging Trump Towers? Obama? Israel? Russia? The Ghost of Towers Past? Did Israeli-side-coverts tell Trump about Obama-side-coverts? Are Obama-side-coverts exposing Russian-side-coverts? Who wants most to get rid of Trump? Who benefits? Is Trump becoming exhausted and paranoid? 

America is becoming exhausted and paranoid, so is this some form of destabilizing cultural terrorism?

This would be a complicated comedy if it wasn't a tragedy...Meanwhile who can say who is putting America first?

Sunday, March 05, 2017

What may follow the fall of the European Union and the American Empire?

An essay in Modern Age by Kevin McNamara, "A Europe Lost," got me thinking about what may follow the fall of the European Union and the American Empire.

The elite in both of these worlds are hostile to religion, nationalism and democracy. But who will defend the financial elite? No one likes them, including rising, not falling, Islam.

The Roman Empire was succeeded by the Holy Roman empire, which was succeeded by the empire of the Hapsburgs, which were succeeded by nationalism in 1918, which was succeeded by the American Empire and later the European Union. Both of the last mentioned are hostile to religion, nationalism and democracy.

Postmodern philosophy has only hastened the fall of the West, believing in nothing at all other than its own belief in nothing.

What is the next big movement which could bond economic, social, strategic, and cultural life? An ethnopluralism of ethnostates within nations, protected by federalism.

Ethnostates, at least in America, can be affirmed by the constitutional separation of powers and states. Democratic republics can continue.

Ethnostates provide the bonding that comes from affirming real human nature, which remains kin-centered and ethnocentric, as well as marriage-making, religion-making, group-selecting and other typically traditional things that define deep-conservatism.

As to religion, which was the deepest bond in all the empires and nations that came before us: I affirm the reform of theological materialism, which retains the old God or Father within of the Inward Path but transforms it in the Outward Path of material evolution to real supermaterial Godhood... That could bring in science, and that could last for many millenniums, and more, which is needed.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Morality and the Artist

Truth does reside in material things rather than only in the intellect, as Aristotle seems to have almost said, and so if the Gods of religious tradition exist in a non-material or spiritual realm then that view of God is only an ascetically brought-on, inward, symbolic, human experience of God or the Father, and is an incomplete view of Godhood.

Truth, beauty and goodness are convertible, differing only in levels of overall material and supermaterial evolution. All things desire the good, said Aquinas, but what he did not say is that the good, truth and beauty as well as Godhood are reached through the material and supermaterial evolution of things or objects.

Physical, material, passions seek ultimately to evolve to the zenith of these things, which is Godhood, and which is also the zenith of success in material/supermaterial evolution. This sacred goal can guide the passions but not curb them or block them---as traditional asceticism does in its quest for the inward god---because the physical, material, passions of material evolution are the means to Godhood.

That Inward Path to the symbolic inward God can be conservatively retained in the Twofold Path, but the Outward Path of material evolution to supermaterial Godhood transforms the Inward Path.

Modern art has no morality because it believes in a relativity of morals and values, as its sisters and brothers in postmodern philosophy do, where truth, beauty, and goodness follow the passions, or the minds aimless inventions, with no goal other than power.

Yes, give the artists freedom to create what they want to from their physical, material, passions, or from wherever, but then judge, define, and choose morally the art that affirms the evolution of life toward Godhood. Then the moral imagination of Burke and Kirk can advance great works of realistic and evolutionary moral art.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Pop Lesbianism

You may have noticed the epidemic of women and girls declaring themselves lesbian, especially in Hollywood, which influences pop fans. Who is next? Hermione Granger, or that other Emma of La La Land, or Swift of the legs? Most of these women probably don't study postmodern philosophy which does support them in its relativity of values, but it's more a pop cultural phenomenon.

Some of this is driven by modern technology which has made women less dependent on men. But technology has not at all changed the basic biology of gender differences which remain as they have always been, with nurturing/females and protecting-males genetically grounded. The authentic evolutionary sciences agree in this. These traits are not primarily culturally imposed, as cultural Marxism has been lying to us and the feminists.

Even though lesbians eventually do seem to have that old biologically-driven call to offspring, they use surrogate mothers and male sperm donors, which seems like an extreme dislike of males. This reminds me of that old study that showed lesbians were often molested as girls, which could lead to problems with normal gender relationships---although pop trends now make it okay for healthy girls to become lesbians (but probably soon ruins their psychological health.)

So what will happen with the lesbian trend? Breeding still matters, demographics still matter, and the Southern hemisphere is breeding way faster than the Northern hemisphere, which is not replacing itself, and the South is immigrating North in great numbers, and they don't like lesbians. Since the lesbians don't seem to value the protection of a male military, thinking they themselves can be superior warriors---which is total feminist nonsense---the pessimistic verdict on lesbianism and the West are related.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Healthy minds can see that "freedom of the press" has become license to destroy the West, but what can be done about it?

Is freedom of the press so baked into the Constitution that it can't be amended and still retained? The problem is that distinctly different people create distinctively different cultures. Freedom of the press worked fairly well when America was more homogeneous. The Northern European people who first immigrated to America shared more or less the same values and virtues.

This is no longer the case. The later American immigration melting pot of non-homogeneous ethnic groups tragically did not melt. Freedom of the press was eventually corrupted or used as the will to power of distinctly different people with distinctly different cultural needs. The advances of one people destroyed another people. Human nature remains as it has always been, kin-centered and ethnocentric.

The American constitutional separation of powers and states, protected by federalism, could accommodate an ethnopluralism of ethnostates (perhaps with a few amendments) and avoid the radical civil or ethnic wars that are coming if we do not.

So the answer to the question seems to be, no, nothing substantial can be done about the corruption of the freedom of the press to destroy the West until regions and states become ethnostates with homogeneous ethnic groups. Even then the groups that can reasonably handle freedom of the press will have it, and groups that cannot will not.

Will the corrupt power of the Big Media allow this nation-saving conservative solution? The totalitarian Soviet Union and Nazi Germany grew out of similar dilemmas.