Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Alchemy

At the risk of further entering the world of cranks, if I affirmed the West/East occult dichotomy of “shadow”Atlantis versus “light” Shambhala, which I do not, I would be on the side of the West since I am a patriotic American. But both the Eastern and Western occult keep us blocked in the Inward Path to the God Within and it is time to break out of that Great Spiritual Blockade. Blavatsky claimed to unite the eastern and western occult traditions but she tried to unite only the Inward Paths, and that was not nearly enough... Present Russian Eurasianism can be at least tangentially connected to the traditionalist occult of Shambhala, and the West tangentially connected to the Atlantis-Kabbalah occult, but both compete for the same truncated Inward God.

The orthodox Jewish adepts of the Kabbalah are light years ahead of the other occult groups, which copied them, even if the Kabbalah may have been originally derived from Indo-European or proto-Indo-European sources. Yet even the Kabbalah joins their two paths in the Sephirot to the Unnamed Inward God, which is also not enough.

Theological materialism declares that we evolve to Godhood in the Outward Path of material and supermaterial evolution. It is that simple or that difficult. Western science, which is disparaged by many in the occult world east and west, can actually aid in our evolution to Godhood. The “new alchemy” of the Twofold Path breaks through the Great Spiritual Blockade and transforms the ancient knowledge of the God Within into our material/supermaterial evolution to Godhood in the cosmos. 

The rich versus poor world of the neoconservatives

Supporting the fairness of meritocracy, with people becoming wealthy due to their own talents, does not mean that we must approve of the lobbying success of the top one percent in using their billions to drastically reduce the incomes of the average person. You know the figures, since the 1970's income for the top one percent grew over 300 % while the average person stayed the same or fell, and manufacturing was closed down in America with the middle class disappearing. The idea is to pay people as little as you can get away with, and outsource their jobs to nations that accept slave labor, and then keep the extra money for yourself. So we have become a world of the very rich and the poor with few in between.

This rich versus poor world was created largely by the “neoconservatives” who really do not care about the herd or the cattle beneath them. Their main philosopher, Leo Strauss, dreamed about making these people the Platonic guardians ruling society, with lies permitted to keep order. Their other philosopher, Ayn Rand, approves of this scheme. And neoconservatism is not merely a national movement, it is an international movement, not unlike the Bolsheviks who took over Russia for a time with another economic scheme, creating a dictatorship over the proletariat. Some of the founders of neoconservatism were even originally international socialists before they changed their colors.

We need to restore a real meritocracy in America but one whose nefarious lobbying efforts are strictly monitored for the safety of the rest of the nation. There is not much movement in this direction. Fox News, supposedly a counter to the controlling liberal media, is in the pocket of the neoconservatives, and it has seduced many less informed conservatives. This leaves real conservatives like Pat Buchanan and journals like the American Conservative or Chronicles, and a few others who are, to say the least, marginalized. Still, there is nothing to do but fight on against the rich versus poor world of the neoconservatives.  They may self-destruct from their own cultural decadence, but then they may not without being pushed out.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On the evolutionary dynamic

Evolution has proceeded from the simple to the complex and with more and more conscious energy forms, heading for what seems like full consciousness. It took around twenty million years for mankind to evolve and we could have billions of more years to evolve. Think of what may evolve in that time and we can then see where definitions of Godhood come from.

We have an amount of freedom to make decisions but we are choosing between determined choices. This is where we can make the choice of continually evolving more intelligence, beauty and good character, and in this this way we can evolve from our unfinished amount of consciousness into full consciousness and Godhood.

An objective guide for actions can define good as whatever applies to evolution, including cosmic evolution, bad as whatever works against evolution. This seems to be in harmony with the direction of evolution all over the cosmos.

We can see where the Primal Material is unstructured and undeveloped in the beginning of a cosmos, and evolving toward Godhood from there on out, with no apparent end or beginning, with starts and stops and devolution included.  Applying intellectual intuition we can bring in the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood as activating the Primal Material from within and never separate from it.

Reason and science need to find more evidence for this evolutionary dynamic, meanwhile intellectual intuition, passion and faith need to apply.  This is a great evolutionary adventure we are on, and mankind needs a great religious adventure to help pull us out of our decline.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Joining The Paths

It may be a nice thought to think that we may merge back into the Lord forever liberated from the wheel of birth and death, providing we follow the spiritual path to Masterhood, but this is an incomplete ideal. The wheel of birth and death is turned by evolution and it does not stop turning, even if we attain Godhood by way of material and supermaterial evolution. A final end or original beginning may fit a human mathematical pattern but there seems to be no beginning and no end to the cosmos.

Evolution provides the cosmic pattern. The Inward Path in religion can lead to liberation from the pull and grip of material desires, but this is a liberation confined to the individual mind and body of the person liberated. Traditional Masters say, conveniently, that it is Satan who rules the cycle of life and death and that Satan objects to spiritual Masters who supposedly can take any soul out of the cycle of life and death. When the Inward Path is exclusively followed this can be a scare tactic damaging or blocking the evolution of life to real Godhood.

The right-hand-path and the left-hand-path are defined mainly in Eastern religions but they can be correlated or made clearer with the Inward and Outward Paths in the theological materialism of the Theoevolutionary Church (TC), although it is not a perfect fit. The Inward Path relates to the right-hand-path in seeking the Soul or Father Within where the God Within can be experienced, providing that one inactivates or ends or all the desires of the flesh and blocks the material world. The Outward Path relates to the left-hand-path of the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood which actives material life from within to evolve to Godhood, always shaped by outside evolution.

The great religions more or less followed the right-hand-path seeking to limit the influence of the material world so as to pursue the God Within, whereas the left-hand-path seeks active, conscious, upward evolution toward real Godhood in the cosmos. We can apply knowledge of the God Within from the Inward Path or right-hand-path as a metaphor or symbol-experience for real Godhood reached in the Outward Path or left-hand-path through material and supermaterial evolution.

No evil/ good, devil/saint dichotomy needs to be conjured in relation to the Twofold Path. The Inward Path of the spiritual Masters which leads to the Father Within needs to move on to the Outward Path of material and supermaterial evolution to Godhood. Satanists and spiritual Masters can join together in the Twofold Path.

Attaining the perfect state of spiritual bliss is rarely defined as hedonistic or self-indulgent because the desires of the body and the world are usually considered evil, and the state of the blissful Father Within cannot be reached without blocking these desires. But the individualistic bliss of the Inward Path can be hedonistic if it blocks the path to real Godhood reached by material and supermaterial evolution. Reaching Godhood in the cosmos involves more than swimming in the bliss of the Father Within. The Father Within is not nearly enough, it must lead to the Outward Path of evolution to Godhood in the cosmos.

This suggests that different nations, different ethnic groups have evolution to balance and contend with religiously. It is antiquated human strategy to promote the imperialism of one nation, one group, against all others as exclusively superior, even if this sociobiological tactic enhanced survival in hunter-gatherer times--- this behavior now brings the overpopulated world together to destroy the imperialist group. Cooperative competition between small states and regions, protected internally and externally by some sort of light federalism, can bring the variety and creativity that evolution prefers.

We are all evolving in our own ways within and beyond the human species to higher species, and then on to Godhood, and in this sacred adventure we need to cooperate, not destroy one another or destroy the earth. We need to apply all the science and religion we know. This is the way we Civilize the Beast.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Artists of evolutionary realism

The artists of evolutionary realism will have the story, history, philosophy, and religious structure of the evolution of life on earth to Godhood in the cosmos. This is the new iconology. Modernist art, now collapsed, and postmodern art, going nowhere, had no story, no history, nothing but the individual sensations and conceptions of individual artists who nevertheless conformed to the anarchy and nihilism of the times, while rejecting realist art and rejecting the moral imagination in art which Burke and Kirk affirmed.

There has been a beginning in the “classical realism” promoted by the American Arts quarterly, but the artists are searching for a profound subject. Great art has always been based in the affirmation of the sacred. Human history is not enough, sacredness is required. Evolution is the channel of the narration. The Ordered Evolution of life on earth to Godhood in the cosmos provides the change within conservatism. Godhood is a distant goal but it is possible to better see and affirm the distant ideal through art.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Economic freedom and economic nationalism

Economic freedom reduces poverty, it's that simple. America has lifted millions of people out of poverty at far higher rates than countries that do not have economic freedom. American incomes are six times higher than the world average. Most of the world's inventions have come from America, which has enabled entrepreneurs and small businesses to thrive.

We seem to have forgotten that our great prosperity was accomplished mostly through economic nationalism, with tariffs on foreign imports, which protected American manufacturing and allowed us to thrive as we did. Global capitalism has made a very few people very rich while in the process it has destroyed American manufacturing and lowered the income level of the majority of Americans.

Our Constitution was designed to protect the virtually independent states, internally and externally, and protect our economy with economic nationalism. To make America actually healthy again we need to bring forward more people like Pat Buchanan than people like Rand Paul or Jeb Bush, although Paul might be better than the international socialist Hillary Clinton.

Then there is the difficult matter of constitutionally thinking in terms of distinct regions and even virtual ethnostates---not secession---to realistically calm the present and future ethnic divides in America, which no politician is talking about at this point.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Future Morality

We have seen the consequences of the destruction of religion in the West, morality has little to stand on, we have hedonism or passionless, value-free science, the nerd or the sybarite. But traditional religion was too inward, too unreal, too disapproving of healthy material life, and religion has to take some of the blame for its own fall.

To live by reason alone or passion alone creates a truncated personality, balance seems best, perhaps leading with reason and filling in the gaps with passion and faith, at least until reason can give us evidence. 

Reason cannot provide certain evidence for Godhood at the zenith of evolution, so passion and faith affirm the end-goal. But reason can point the way, with such things as evolution moving from the simple to the complex. And reason can provide a natural foundation for morality and values in the sociobiology of human nature, which has sought success in survival and reproduction by forming religions.

What can life and morality be realistically based upon in our hedonistic and scientific age other than our evolution to Godhood? Without consciously setting the goal of evolving toward higher intelligence, beauty and goodness it will be far more difficult to reach these goals. No other religion or worldview is deep enough or big enough to sustain ordered life, evolution and morality, now and into the future.

The Inward Path of traditional religion, which turns away from the material world, needs to be applied but transformed into the Outward Path of evolution to the God first seen inwardly. The new is brought into the old, conservatism can be validated in Ordered Evolution. We can live in balance with nature and evolution, and we can rise in the cosmos to Godhood.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Flesh made word

It is not the “word” made flesh it is the flesh made word. The word cannot exist without the flesh. The object comes before the definition of the object. The word, or spirit, or form, or definition is not God, it can only denote God. It is the flesh, not the word, which must evolve to Godhood, which is a living supermateral object and not a mathematical formulation or non-material object. The Masters led us only to the symbolic God or Father Within, which is important but it is not Godhood, the God Within points the way to the Godhood which must be evolved to in the ever-refining and evolving flesh of the material and supermaterial world.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Faith in the material world

I think there is no denying the mystical experience of absolute oneness, or union, of religious mystics since before the time of Christ and Buddha, and into the present day, but the interpretation defining this as "God" is wrong. This profound experience of the Inward Path is usually brought about by blocking, severely, material desires and material life in general, or at least greatly devaluing material life.

The God Within or Father Within of the Inward Path has not been interpreted as a symbol or virtual experience of the power and glory of the real Godhood which is reached by the Outward Path of material and supermaterial evolution. “Faith” is still required regarding the Godhood attained by evolution in the cosmos, but this time it is a faith in the teleology of the material world, a faith supplementing the patterns found by human reason and science.  This is the next development of religion.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Reality and illusion in religion

We become whole when the soul leaves the mind.” (Maharag Charan Singh)

The above quote is typical of most religious Masters, and it is the great illusion of the Great Spiritual Blockade of the past centuries. In reality we become incomplete when we block the mind of the desires of the body, although in doing so we are then able to see the God or Father Within.

Seeing the Father Within can lead to real wholeness if we see the Father Within as a symbolic experience for helping us to see material life as the vehicle for evolving to real supermaterial Godhood in the cosmos.

The mind and body do not need to be blocked, they need to be refined and improved in evolution toward Godhood, where real wholeness in intelligence, beauty and goodness can be attained.

Although there have been seemingly impossible psychosomatic cures, most of the miracles of the Masters were not so much illusions as literal misunderstandings of religious parables. For example, curing the deaf, blind and lame really means bringing them to the Inward Path of the Lord to gain the light within, which the blind cannot see. Everlasting life means living always with the experience of the Father Within. Raising the dead from the graves defines the physical body as the grave from which we can be released by realizing the Father Within.

Upside-down or transvalued religious values need to be turned around. Were the Masters so greedy for members that they let the people believe in illusory things, or are the misunderstandings considered the beginning of initiation into the real truths of the Masters? Either way, upside-down or transvalued religious values need to be turned around, illusions have damaged religious credibility over the years, and more importantly they have blocked our progress in evolution toward Godhood. The Inward Path to the Father Within can be retained but needs to be seen as a symbol pointing the way to the Outward Path of evolution to real Godhood.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Theological materialism

Theological materialism follows the extrovertine or Evolutionary Path in interpreting the divine in the real world and in deepest part of the senses, and secondarily follows the introvertine or Involuntary Path which confines itself to the mystical experience of the spiritual God Within or the Father Within seen as outside the world of the senses, but which is not. Most religions are fundamentally the same in the mystical experience of the God Within as seen in the involuntary path of most relgions, although they interpret the experience in different ways, seeing the form of the divine as God, the Brahman, the universal self, the void, Nirvana, and so on. Theological materialism says that knowledge of the God Within from the Inward Path can lead to the next knowledge of the Outward Path to Godhood attained and shaped by material and supermaterial evolution.

The highest religious experience is often said to be the awareness of absolute union with the divine, and much ascetic discipline is required for this experience, which changes the body and the mind with strict ascetic discipline so that we may experience the divine, examples have been fasting, ridding the body of all desires, etc. The awareness of the God Within usually involves the old idea of the separation of the material from the spiritual, the soul from the body. But theological materialism sees Godhood as in the world, as material although supermaterial, at the zenith of evolution, which brings a more immediate, more natural, more real and even more credible sense Godhood---we are less evolved versions of the highest evolved Godhood which material life is seeking. That is the "likeness of God."

Theological materialism can bring science and philosophical naturalism into religion, although they will have to stretch a bit to do so. This can also bring ecumenism between the feuding great religions in that they already experience a similar God in the Involuntary Path. Then we can join the great adventure of materially evolving to Godhood in the cosmos by way of the Outward Path.

Deeper philosophical aspects of theological material can be found here.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The nullification way out of the American mess

I agree with those who don't see secession in the immediate future for America but see state and regional independence moving along in the form of “nullification,” or resistance to the huge federal government. The idea is to have the states assume most of the processes that have been unconstitutionally given to the federal government, business regulation, social policies, and so on.

I also continue to affirm some form of economic nationalism, which originally made America strong. Light federalism is needed to protect the states and regions internally and externally. Jefferson was too fond of the French revolution, whereas Hamilton was appalled by French regicide, which was not the American way, he preferred the historical ordered freedom of England to continue and increase in America.

A very important although politically incorrect reason to affirm the nullification movement is to calm present and future ethnic conflicts in America, which continue and increase. The phoney neoconservatives harp about “balkanization” when states rights are promoted but their global agenda has done more to destroy America than anything else, including the immigration of often unassimilable cheap workers into America, as well as purposefully inserting distinctly different ethnic groups throughout the nation in different cities, eg. African Somalis in Nordic Minnesota, which has made civil order difficult if not impossible to maintain. Sweden is now paying big for the same mistakes.  This is as unfair to the immigrants as it is to the natives.

We need to pursue the nullification of federal power, and promote state and regional rights and independence, otherwise there will probably be civil war and real attempts at secession, followed by violent federal takeover, etc, etc. It will be difficult to accomplish, especially with the controlled media nefariously telling everyone not to worry, be happy, smoke pot, or sing the blues.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Healing religious blockades and illusions

The Great Spiritual Blockade is related to the Great Illusion of becoming the Spirit (usually meaning the Soul) when one finds the God or Father Within. No doubt it is a blissful and greatly expansive experience but one does not become the Spirit beyond the senses or beyond the mind, one experiences the Father Within within the senses, although they are the supersenses, which are in the world not outside the world.

The soul is not released from the mind, the soul is experienced at the zenith of the mind. Then, at least metaphorically, at the zenith of the soul one finds the Spirit-Will, which activates material life to evolve to real supermaterial Godhood, shaped by outside evolution. And Godhood itself is in the world although at the zenith of evolution in the cosmos, and not beyond the material world. Religion needs to move out of these blockades and illusions to save itself and to save future life.

Why are we not content? Why are our desires never permanently fulfilled? The solution is not to therefore block or end desires, or to destroy the ego and the id, as is called for in reality in the Inward Path. The solution is to attain the goal of unfulfilled desires by refining not destroying the desires, so that we may evolve in the Outward Path to real Godhood, and therefore fulfill our divine---not evil---desires. Was the human body given to us for the purpose of blocking the human body? Following the Inward Path alone and exclusively would be a perversion of life.  The Inward Path is there to show us what real Godhood may be like when we evolve to Godhood.  The Inward Path to the Father Within is a symbolic experience of the Godhood we evolve to in the cosmos, and not an end in itself... This affirms the Twofold Path in a world which is understandably rejecting the Inward Path of traditional religions.

But revitalized religion comes primarily to redeem us, not to judge us, in trying to create the longing not to return to the Father but to evolve to Godhood.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The design argument for Godhood

I could go along with the design argument for Godhood, but with evolution largely doing the designing, since there does seem to be teleological purpose behind everything, small and large, which we see in nature, like machines, just as a watch is designed to tell the time, and living things designed to survive and reproduce. The universe too would have its purpose, which is to evolve life to Godhood, with each thing sharing this divine purpose symbiotically, from the simple to the complex, and onward to Godhood, which would be the ultimate success in the purpose of survival and reproduction with eternal representation, but with few things attaining Godhood, and many not. Adding the activation of primal life to Godhood by the supermaterial Spirit-Will, which is then shaped by natural evolution, could be the design argument for Godhood.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Great Spiritual Blockade

It is tragically mistaken, given the consequences, to believe as most mystical ascetics do, that because they manage after great effort to rid the body of all desires and attachments in this world, they will therefore maintain this blissful condition after death, everlastingly, in the spiritual realm of the Father. It is assumed that having no attachments to this life will keep them from coming back to the world. But being content with experiencing the bliss of the Soul-Within, free of attachments, has blocked the evolutionary path to real Godhood in a Great Spiritual Blockade.

The experience of God-Within lasts only as long as the body, mind and soul within the body lasts, this is not an experience beyond the material senses as is often claimed, although supersenses seem to be involved. To attain real Godhood the material and supermaterial body must evolve in the Evolutionary Outward Path, activated by the Spirit-Will within life, and this should not be blocked by the Involutionary Inward Path to the God Within. We can apply the experience of the God Within as a metaphor or symbol of real Godhood, which is reached through material and supermaterial evolution. This is the Twofold Path.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Reasonable faith in a teleological system

The teleological argument does not necessary mean that the universe was designed by a super-intelligent being, the theory of evolution can explain how populations over great time can evolve parts that fit together like a machine in the inter-survival of nature. 

The general evolutionary direction of life from the simple to the complex seems to infer the eventual evolution of life to super-complex, supermaterial Godhood, even though life often falls back or devolves. Can we see purpose in what seems to be the endless action of big-bang origins (or any other explanation of the origin of the universe)? Some universes may not even have the conditions for life in them. Why does this keep happening over and over again, as if trying to get it right?

I see a Primal Material and an activating supermaterial Spirit-Will always together defining life, with the Spirit-Will within life activating life in the universe to evolve to supermaterial Godhood, shaped by outside evolution.

Science rightly needs to know of the conclusion before it can know if the premise is true, like a dog chasing its tail. Although science, as best as I can do science, is the ground of my thinking, I can proceed on reasonable faith in a teleological system, even if science, dragging behind, will not yet go there.

Alas, neither religion nor science are happy with this worldview.

Monday, July 15, 2013

What can be done about racism?

In view of the fact that we have made little progress in ridding the nation of racism, as seen in the recently concluded Martin-Zimmerman trail, here are a few thoughts.

In the study of sociobiology, racism may also be seen as group-selection, and it is deeply embedded in actual human nature, mainly because it was a successful survival strategy during the difficult epoch when human nature was formed. Human nature has not changed much since those times. Black and white racism still exists even when we are told incessantly that we are not to discriminate according to race.

So what is to be done? E.O. Wilson wondered if the human species will change its own nature or remain in what he called “ the jerrybuilt foundation of partly obsolete Ice Age adaptations.” Perhaps there is something already present in our nature that will prevent us from making such changes? Techniques are increasingly becoming available for altering gene complexes. But modern liberals who emote the most against racism are also the most against any kind of eugenics to change human nature.

Another politically incorrect thinker, Wilmot Robertson, suggested that we might transform socially destructive racism into a socially constructive force. Race, now actively tearing countries apart, might actually be helpful in putting them back together again, but this time in the form of relatively self-sufficient collectives, which the author designates as ethnostates. To demand equality, even at the point of a gun, as in the Soviet Union, has not worked.

We could decide to genetically and culturally move on to higher intelligence and creativity, but we would do so within far more practical natural configurations of small states, regions or ethnostates. The light federalism in the Constitution of the United States could even accommodate such a political perspective. This may eventually happen anyway, voluntarily or involuntary, given human nature.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Community leads individualism

The tension between individualism and the community or the group has been creative in America, but this creative tension seemed to work better when America was more homogenous than it is now. The importance of group behavior leading indivualism is a verdict affirmed by empirical studies in sociobiology regarding actual human nature and success in survival, and is affirmed by common historical sense. This means that libertarianism is philosophically inferior to paleoconservatism if we care at all about natural human nature. For example, this means that economic nationalism is superior to globalism.

But the community is not the centralized state first and foremost, which the Left has trumpeted, community is localism, small states, regions, and according to the Constitution the main duty of the central state is to protect the small states internally and externally.

Growing cultural and ethnic differences between people in America, brought about both by ignorance and from purposefully weakening the local homogeneous order, will require even more emphasis on protecting the differences of states and regions and local independence. This seems like virtually the only way to keep America from falling apart in the coming decades. A communist or fascist take-over by the central state in a vain attempt to create either ordered equality or homogeneity throughout the land would be the failure of America as it was the failure of the Soviet Union.  On this crowded planet new/old politics is needed emphasizing regional and local differences, and cooperative competition.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

As our nation is taken from us

Recent studies by psychologists and social scientists in the US and UK suggest that contrary to mainstream media stereotypes, those labeled “conspiracy theorists” appear to be saner than those who accept the official versions of contested events.”


Ron Unz wrote another excellent article in the June 2013 issue of “The American Conservative” showing how our “reality detecting apparatus” needs remodeling regarding what the media tells us, or rather what it does not tell us.

Unz suggests that Boris Berezovsky, who looted billions from Russia before he went too far, had taken his clever political schemes from America. His plan was to transform Russia into a fake two-party system controlled behind the scenes by ruling elites. With citizens thus channeled into meaningless dead-ends, controlled largely by the media, Russia's rulers could maintain unlimited wealth and power for themselves with little threat to their reign.

I have little doubt that Unz has it right. So what can we do about it? Empower more men like Unz and the “paleoconservatism" he represents. Better to go down fighting than sitting around as dupes while our nation is taken from us. If nothing else future generations will be inspired.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sameness in the Inward Path can aid in the differences in the Outward Path

The terms and parables defining the God-Within may be somewhat different in each religion but there is a definite ecumenism suggested between the religions, with similar ascetic ways to reach or experience the God Within or the Light Within, all involving blocking the desires of the flesh. Masters such as Ravindra, Bebe Griffiths, Maharaj Singh and many others have pointed out that the term “Son of God” does not mean only one son of God. This has not been suggested merely to elevate one religion or devalue another, it is done to bring forward the truth seen by all saints. For example, the gospel of Jesus Christ was written years after his crucifixion often by those who did not know him and phrases could be easily transposed, a few word-changes can make a big difference. It is vital to see that the Inward God has been known and experienced by great masters from all the great religions West and East. The teachings of Jesus Christ regarding the God Within or the Father Within are much the same as the teachings of all the Saints of all the religions.

Once the ecumenical nature of the great religions is understood then we can move on to the next stage of the Twofold Path, where we may recognize that the God Within is a symbol or metaphor for the God Without, which is reached by material and supermaterial evolution---not by blocking material desires but by refining desires in higher evolution toward Godhood. Here the general ecumenism of the great religions can be helpful in establishing cooperative competition between different groups, as we evolve toward Godhood in the Outward Path---differences may be recognized and affirmed as evolution moves in its natural way, with variety, toward Godhood in the cosmos. The Twofold Path and the theological materialism of the Evolutionary Christian Church have the added value of bringing religion and science, the spiritual and material together, after being separated and at odds for so long.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Unreal God and Godhood

Degrees of greatness and largeness, where something is always greater, suggests endless evolution toward Godhood, where "being" continues endlessly. But higher evolution of intelligence will allow a better understanding of this evolution.

Philosophers have told us that existence is not a predicate, there is a big difference between something in our understanding and something in reality. Too often in religious history God has been a predicate, a definition, a denotation in the mind only.

The God that most religious sages speak of was an internal God, a Father Within reached by ridding the body of all desires so that the bliss defined as like-God could be experienced in the soul-mind. In the Twofold Path this Inward Path God is now seen as a metaphor, a symbol of Outward Path real Godhood reached through material and supermaterial evolution in the cosmos.

The Twofold Path can help save religion, which has been dying since the Enlightenment---this has left  human beings rootless and lost out here in the stars. Science has helped but it has not been enough.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Not right or left but evolution

When the right actually stands for such things as self-reliance, thrift, the wisdom of tradition, reduced government in society, when they are against drastically cutting national defense, against illegal immigration, against tolerance of homosexuality, against government aiding of socially irresponsible elements and the neglect or maltreatment of  socially responsible people, and for the greater rights of small states, then I cannot disagree. But I also affirm equal rights for women, greater expenditures on medical research, greater expenditures on sociobiological research, tax breaks or university scholarships for parents with gifted or talented children.

I seem to have more in common with the right, but do I not split my vote when I vote right or left? The bottom line: I support what is good for evolution all the way. That is my party, and it can move both right and left.  Ordered Evolution can combine change and tradition.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A transformative cultural role for sociobiology

Philosophical psychologist Raymond Cattell writes about Lord Snow's “two cultures" as “literature-art” (instinctive, rooted in play and fantasy) and “science-engineering” (rooted in curiosity and reality testing.)

Then Cattell distinguish between “feeling liberals,” who operate more in literature and the arts, and “thinking liberals” who are more frequently in science. Feeling liberals are as vulnerable to emotional distortions as the average man, and it is the feeling liberals who communicate (often very well) with the man on the street and influence him, while the thinking liberals are in their backroom laboratories.

It seems to me that in our educational philosophy what we need is a far more transformative cultural role for sociobiology, in both the arts and sciences. This is the vital change needed. Who is holding back these changes and why? This might be a good expose/study for a dissertation/book by someone with a base in both the arts and sciences... With sociobiology enhanced, then evolutionary religion will be better able to provide the deeper base needed for present and future culture.

Monday, July 08, 2013

The middle class does matter

What happens genetically in a nation is largely decided by the birth and death rates of the large 80% majority, so if we want to raise average intelligence and altruism in our population we have to be concerned with more than the top 10% percent of the population or the bottom 10%. Why worry? Studies show that as far as intelligence is concerned we are on a dysgenic trend. (Cattell, Van Court, Vining etc.) The middle class does matter.

Cattell suggested tax breaks to encourage intelligent parents to have at least the three children required for replacement (since intelligence is largely inherited), and that number is even without expansion, just replacement. For the sake of Godhood, which we evolve to, let the large families with neglected and illegitimate children have birth control, many will welcome avoiding the burdens they have suffered.

If we want to avoid having a country where 60% of the population are technologically unemployable then we need to think statistically, even as we recognize the many individual exceptions. Can we do this? If we cannot then the downward trend will most likely continue.  Tough facts, but true.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Anti-social and social courage

Where does courage come from since it seems to come from many different sources, protectiveness, revenge, creativity, rebellion, conservatism. Perhaps courage is amoral, and needs to be applied in a social and moral way rather than an anti-social or immoral way by any given society.

The strict communists might define free-enterprise as anti-social or criminal and the libertarians might define communism as criminal, so how one defines social and anti-social needs to be answered before one can understand courage within these systems.

In any case courage seems to relate to doing something irrespective of the obstacles in ones way, physically or mentally, which suggests a sacrifice of self, even if their may be a reward much later.

The fundamental question seems to be, does the courageous action enhance or weaken ones group or ones society, which is not always easy to detect in a plural society of several distinct groups. Why does it come down to the group?

Human nature, as seen since ancient hunter-gather times to the present, is defined both by tradition and by the empirical science of sociobiology as pair-bonding, group-selecting and group-centered, territorial, xenophobic, family-oriented, a word, conservative or traditional.

Creations, inventions, new art and technology can this way be distinguished as social or antisocial by whether or not they enhance or weaken the group and its traditions. Culture can drift away from human nature, as it has in the West at the present time, but culture will eventually come back, or snap back, to what humans actually are.

Courage seems to exist or operate within these human traits and within the various cultural creations of human nature. For example, Orwell said that in a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. But again, courage needs to be applied in a social not anti-social way related to enhancing or weakening the given group or society one is living in.

When our future human evolution enters the culture then long-term and short-term values will necessarily complicate the worldview and the courage that comes with affirming our evolution.  In this case Ordered Evolution seems to affirm the best of the past and the future.

Friday, July 05, 2013

The material and supermaterial in religion

“Traditions are best preserved through change and renewal”

Thinking metaphorically or theoretically, in Hinduism prakrati is material and purusha is spiritual, whereas in our theological materialism both of these forces are material, with the spirit-will defined as supermaterial.

With this cosmogony the cosmos derives from the two forces, primal matter and the spirit-will, their union helps create the world, but they are never separate, matter does not function without the spirit-will which activates matter.

Science believes that everything is made of matter and religion thinks that in reality everything is spirit. When spiritual things are seen as supermaterial, science and philosophical naturalism seem closer to the truth.

But science says that only through our conventional physical senses can we obtain knowledge, which seems to deny senses that may transcend the conventional senses while remaining material or supermaterial. The spirit-will which activates matter, and the soul at the zenith of the mind seeking the traditional experience of God, exist in this realm of supermateriality.  The soul seeks the metaphorical Christian and Eastern religious internal God, and the spirit-will seeks the real external supermaterial Godhood, which we evolve to.  This defines the Twofold Path.

Evolution is the natural principle of the cosmos, and the spirit-will-to-Godhood activates life to evolve to Godhood, and life is then shaped by the forces of outside evolution and selection. At this point in the evolution of intelligence we cannot see a beginning or end to this process, that is, no first cause. Life rises, evolves, falls, begins again, endlessly, always seeking to evolve to Godhood.

This displays why we need to be centered on evolution and the spirit-will, otherwise we may misuse life and power and religion.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Dealing with the loss of homogeneity and uniformity

The question for the United States and other large nations is how will we deal with the loss of our homogeneity and uniformity?  The answer is to affirm a federalism that separates different regions and states, even ethnostates, and then protects them internally and externally. In the United States this is the legal Constitutional way to handle the problems of our growing plurality and avoid radical revolutions.

Populations in the world are now too large and diverse for one large nation to declare that they are one race and one nation superior to all others and demand their own private imperialism. They will eventually be set upon and destroyed by everyone else. Separation into smaller regions and states with their independence protected by a light federalism is the practical solution.

Various courageous studies in sociobiology (Keith, Jensen, Eysenck, Cattell, Robertson, Wilson etc) show that homogenous people with a high degree of uniformity (the Chinese, the Jews) historically have more stability along with high performance than nations with a greater plurality of ethnic groups (India, South America). Distinct ethnic groups for the most part simply don't assimilate.

Real evolution prefers variety, one species or subspecies alone cannot guarantee survival under changing conditions.  The longer-term interest is our continuing survival and evolution out into the cosmos. Cooperative competition is perhaps the best we can manage, along with the encouragement of ongoing evolution.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Changing definitions of God over time

I think theism went a little wild in the West in attempting to make God separate from the world, although the arguments were clever they seem sophistical compared to the pantheistic East, with its belief that the inner nature of all things is God. Yet both the East and the West wanted God to be beyond the material world, even beyond time, whether that God was considered inner or outer.

These arguments for God were gradually whittled away from around the 18th century with Hume, and continuing on through Russell to our present time, which increasingly does not believe in a God at all. My argument for theological materialism brings material life back to religion by defining Godhood as the supermaterial zenith of evolution. The inner God of the East is seen as the ecumenical esoteric God found in all religions East and West in the Inward Path, and outward Godhood is seen as the inclusion but transformation of the inner God to outward Godhood which we evolve to in the cosmos in the Outward Path.

Monday, July 01, 2013

The politically incorrect religious/social change needed

Raymond Cattell was rightly concerned that the ten percent of our population who are technologically unemployable will rise to 60 percent of  humans, and they will be left to vegetate or cause serious mischief---and the increase in robotics will add to this number. Welfare can help but at the expense of affording more positive programs, and an increase in service jobs and harmless amusements can help, but this will not solve the problem. We will one day have to face up to the fact that genes and nature play as big a part in who we are as nurture and the environment.

The stark reality is, we need to see less reproduction of the now more numerous genetic/cultural mutations which do not fit well for higher culture, and more of the now less numerous genetic/cultural mutations that do fit well for higher culture. 

When the deepest foundation of religion becomes the base for refining our culture and our evolution in this way, then these changes may be seen as humane, which they are. In general we are evolving toward the zenith of intelligence, beauty and noble character, which is Godhood, and that will be the direction of reproduction in the religious values of the future. 

This need not even go against the traditional religions, when the Inward God, seen through ascetic disciplines, is included but transformed to the Outward Godhood arrived at through material and supermaterial evolution.

The fact that this is now very much politically incorrect and not fitting with the cultural Marxism or the neoconservatism of our present culture shows how far we need to change before we can actually help ourselves.