Friday, July 31, 2009

The Jeffersonian-Lincolnian Position Regarding Ethnostates: Revitalizing What We Have

We need to give the States the power they have in the Constitution, rather than thinking in terms of succession or devolution into a Union of States as George Kennan proposed before his death, or as the more controversial Wilmot Robertson proposed before his death. And Regionalism can be revitalized as well.

The Principle of Subsidiarity (Catholicism) can be reaffirmed, local people and organizations perform more effectively than a more distant central organization. Each state within the American Federal System could even be thought of as an “Ethnostate,” if independence and variety are fully reaffirmed.

The States must be safe within the Union, but the Union must allow the States great strength and independence. This defines a Jeffersonian-Lincolnian position, with individuals and society prior to government (Jeffersonian) and States as units of the central government (Lincolnian).

The structure of Economic Nationalism needs the central government to protect the businesses within the independent States from global exploitation. This is affirmed in Revitalized Conservatism.

Virtues of Development in the Evolutionary Christian Church

The Involutionary Inward Path Virtues: Prudence, justice, courage, temperance ( from the Greeks), faith, hope and charity (from the Christians).
The Evolutionary Outward Path Virtues( from Beyondism ): Evolution.

The vices run contrary to these virtues and oppose them. “Satan” is the dynamic behind the vices, with his minions of entropy---the Kosmic Center represents Satan. The Spirit, or the Will to Godhood, is behind the virtues leading to Godhood at the Kosmic Summit, the White Mountain.

Christianity synthesized the Greek virtues with the Christian virtues, the Evolutionary Christian Church synthesizes the Christian virtues with the Evolutionary virtues.

It is the Christian virtues that give grace to all the virtues, both Christian and Beyondist.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Makes America Great Also Works for the Evolutionary Christian Church

As Burke, Brownson and Kirk pointed out, the true idea of the state secures the authority of the public and the freedom of the individual, that is, individual freedom without anarchy, and the dialectical union of authority and liberty.

This was, and still is, America's mission and this is what makes the American system great. The political model for America places order and freedom in a healthy balance or tension.

Achieving this balance has always been the central problem in politics. It has not been realized fully in America. We need to reaffirm this tradition within the United States Constitution.

I think the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) can work well within a Republic of liberty under law, with a balance of order and freedom. ECC applies a similar tension between evolution and order (Ordered Evolution), between the goals of material evolution and the conservative need to maintain what has been chosen through evolution as Tradition. This does not mean, however, that ECC could not work within another system that recognized both evolutionary freedom and Tradition.

Politics is the art of the possible, it has been said, and unchecked freedom and evolution will not bring us our goal of evolving to Godhood. We need the order of Tradition (Involutionary Inward Path) along with the freedom of evolution (Evolutionary Outward Path).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Spitzer: Federal Reserve is ‘a Ponzi scheme, an inside job"

by Daniel Tencer (from "Global Research")

"The Federal Reserve — the quasi-autonomous body that controls the US’s money supply — is a “Ponzi scheme” that created “bubble after bubble” in the US economy and needs to be held accountable for its actions, says Eliot Spitzer, the former governor and attorney-general of New York..." (cont. essay here)

Allowing Both Nominalism and Anselm's Ontological Proof in the Two Paths

It seems that one has to lean toward Nominalism on the one hand, yet allow Anselm's Ontological Proof on the other hand. We do this in the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) with the Two Paths.

The Involutionary Inward Path is the Path leaning toward ontological proof which says that God can be seen in the mind--we would say seen in the Zenith of the Mind which is the Soul. But this is not the complete God, or a complete understanding of God, although many mystics have seen God this way using reason, common sense, intuition, insight and even revelation.

The Evolutionary Outward Path says that the God of “things” the God leaning toward the nominalists, actually exists as a Supreme Thing, a Supreme Object, which we can evolve to through material-supermaterial evolution. This holds out the promise of scientific proof of Godhood. Reality does exist as “things” and there is a Supreme Thing called God, Who, after must mystical work we can partially see or experience in the mind.

This is how we close the age-old debate. Accepting only one of these Paths limits the understanding of Godhood. Accepting both Paths gives one the whole picture of God in human history, evolution and Tradition, the God of both spiritualism and materialism.

ECC also contains the dynamic of “faith seeking understanding” as we see The Great Pattern in material evolution teleologically, leading from the simple to the complex, from lower consciousness to higher consciousness all the way to Godhood in the cosmos, the God first seen in the mind.

The Two Paths also close the separation of Spirit and Matter in Gnosticism, the Dark-Light dichotomy of Tradition, and the Unconscious-Conscious conflict in psychology.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Aleksandr Dugin

Brazilian philosopher Olavo de CarvalhoOne says here that "we must remember that the Putin government’s foreign policy is today guided by the so-called ‘Eurasian’ strategy, invented by Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin, who proposes that Russia, China, and Islam ally with all the anti-American forces in Western Europe, Africa and Latin America, for the purpose of laying final siege to the United States. This strategy already has strong military support in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a kind of eastern version of NATO, which brings together Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.”

Saturday, July 25, 2009

God Is Not Nowhere

“All, no matter how different the grade, is still animated.” (Spinoza, Ethics)

The position of the Theoevolutionary Church (TC) is that Spirit and Matter do not struggle against one another as “good” and “evil,” or as power and resistance, the Spirit-Will activates matter and, along with the Soul-Mind, guides matter upward in evolution to Godhood, which is the way the Spirit Itself “returns” to Godhood. The Spirit needs matter for this goal.

On the Disembodied God

The “Divine Intelligence” and the “Word” may shape the cosmos but only in a disembodied way. Divine Intelligence issues from the Supreme Body of God, within the Mind of God, which is within the Supreme Object God. We do not, as in the Zohar (Kabbalah) and in Plato, affirm a disembodied god. Although the Kabbalah seems to suggest a unity in God of cause and form, the Kabbalah nevertheless seems to subordinate the struggle between Spirit and Matter to be an absolute principle, which more or less amounts to the same thing as Plato's disembodied Idea of God.

If there is an “inexhaustible source” from which Spirit and Matter go forth it is in the Primordial Spirit-and- Matter and not merely an infinite principle, as in Ayn Sof.

God is not “everywhere and nowhere” as in Plotinus and the Kabbalah, God cannot be “nowhere” unless God is merely a denotation, an equation, merely symbolizing an object, which Godhood is not. God is only a denotation in these mystic initiations.

Godhood is not above or beyond existence, God is the Zenith of Material-Supermaterial Existence.

Body Replaces Symbols

According to Adolphe Franck, in mysticism symbols replace ideas. But in theTheoevolutionary Church the Supreme Body, the Supreme Object, replaces symbols, which are seen as only the mirror of, or at best the Mind of the Supreme Body. This seems to be the opposite or a transvaluation of most forms of mysticism.

But the Theoevolutionary Church does affirm these ancient mysticisms in the Involutionary Inward Path, which we think probably originated in a Perennial Tradition going way back to northern Hyperboria. We add to this the Evolutionary Outward Path which makes possible evolution to the Godhood so long ago seen in the Inward Path of Tradition.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Answering How, Why and Where?

Connecting Religion and Science

Some say that science cannot tell us why things exist and how we should live, that there is no evidence in the physical world of science to answer these questions. But the science of sociobiology has answered these questions, and before sociobiology Darwin answered these questions, although perhaps less precisely than sociobiology. The problem is that people did not accept the answers of Darwin and sociobiology to these questions.


We can say that sociobiology tells us how to live, and that we are supposed to enhance our successful survival and reproduction, and that the paths to this goal can vary with the given environment and with different people.


As to why things exist, we are here dealing more in “probability based on evidence.” Here we can see the patterns of an instinctive moral law within, and patterns in evolution, and patterns in the universe. The strong probability is that life is evolving from the simple to the complex, from lower to higher consciousness, with backwards going and sideways going along the way.


We are evolving to Godhood, the most complex consciousness in the Kosmos, and our natural instincts contain a moral law within which seeks Godhood in evolution through successful survival and reproduction. The Evolutionary Christian Church says, furthermore, that these probabilities of evidence will eventually turn into scientific physical evidence, although the word “physical” may have to be expanded or deepened to include something like “spiritual atoms.”

But faith does appear to remain above reason at this time.

Making Transcendence Immanent

The curse of “Ideology,” according to Russell Kirk, (Redeeming the Time), created murderous regimes that claimed they could make the symbols of transcendence immanent.

The Two Paths in the Theoevolutionary Church, one ordered and conservative (The Involutionary Inward Path) and the other evolutionary (The Evolutionary Outward Path) develop between them an “Ordered Evolution” which seeks in fact, over great time, to make the symbols of transcendence of the Involutionary Inward Path immanent by virtue of the Evolutionary Outward Path, that is, we evolve outwardly to the God we have first seen inwardly.

Our hopes are that this worldview can end the war between ideology and religion.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Regarding Jung's Idea of Culture and Consciousness Versus Instincts

I disagree, somewhat, with Carl Jung's core idea that the growth of consciousness (symbolized by the Fall of Man) causes man to turn away from or oppose the instincts, that consciousness seeks culture against instinctive drives. Consciousness grows at the prompting of the instincts. For me, this places the instincts in the proper order for trying to understand them. This way consciousness is not seen as something that grows at the expense of the instincts, which both Freud and Jung believed. I think we have not seen the real reason, the deepest reasons for the prompting of the instincts, ie, the Ideal of the Instincts is to evolve to Godhood.

Ignorance of the instincts causes man to create profane consciousness and profane cultures, but deeper knowledge of the instincts can cause man to create sacred consciousness and sacred cultures.

It is the Involutionary Inward Path of Traditional Religion, seen as an exclusive religion and an exclusive consciousness, which turns away from the instincts of the Evolutionary Outward Path. We need not blame consciousness for the death of, or burying of, the instincts. We can blame misdirected and profane consciousness and culture for the death of, or burying of, the instincts.

Traditional religion says goodbye to the instincts in the sense of saying goodbye to the Evolutionary Outward Path while keeping only the Involutionary Inward Path. When something inside of us or in culture cries out for the more certain path of nature and the instincts, this should not be thought of only as a brutal Dionysian tooth and claw dynamic, as it usually is, which greatly reduces the definition of the instincts.

In the image of the Garden of Eden, Satan does not merely offer the gift of consciousness in place of the instincts, as religion and Jung suggest, Satan offers, rather a turning away from the Ideal of the Instincts, which is the evolution to Godhood. Satan offers a transgression or perversion of the instincts away from the Ideal of the Instincts, or a devolutionary direction for the instincts, an entropy back to the Kosmic Center.

Contrary to Jung, we can go back, we are not condemned to a conscious Great Spiritual Blockade of the instincts in order to have civilization, or a great blockade of the Unconscious. The journey to the instincts is the true journey toward wholeness, but a wholeness which is not exclusively restricted to the human psyche, which defines Jung's Self. Jung's Self is a reduction of God to the human psyche (or an “inflation” of the Unconscious) whereas God is the Ideal of the Self, the Ideal of the Instincts, and we stop short of God when we journey only to the psychic Self.

(A longer essay on Jung will be comingsee #22)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Paul Craig Roberts descibes our economy straight between the eyes

"There is no economy left to recover. The US manufacturing economy was lost to offshoring and free trade ideology...."

Essay here: Can The Economy Recover? from the always true Economy In Crisis.

The Spirit Within does not want to block the ego

"Reality is simply loss of the ego. Destroy the ego by seeking its identity. Because the ego has no existence, it will automatically vanish, and Reality will shine forth by itself in all its glory. This is the direct method. All other methods retain the ego. In those paths so many doubts arise, and the eternal question remains to be tackled. But in this method the final question is the only one and is raised from the very beginning. No practices (sadhanas) are even necessary for this quest."
—Sri Ramana Maharshi World Wisdom

Comment on the above quote:
The ego stands for the material world and as such to rid the body or mind of the ego is to block or even murder the Body, but more than that, blocking the ego blocks your chance to evolve to Godhood. The Spirit Within does not want to murder the ego, it wants to activate the ego and the body to evolve to Godhood.

Change in history, and the concept of freedom

In answer to the concept of determinism in history, Russell Kirk said, quoting Burke: “Providence, chance, or strong wills abruptly may alter the whole apparent direction of... the meaning of history.” (Redeeming The Time) This seems largely true, and this would seem to answer Spengler's determined Seasons of civilization as well.

But within those strong willed men and women who may change history exists a determinism which puts a check on the concept of human free will. It is after all “providence” working through the materiel Spirit-Will within, and not even the Spirit-Will is “free.” The Spirit seeks to activate material life to Godhood so that the Spirit-Will Itself may reach Godhood. The natural world and evolution  must be negotiated by the Spirit-Will and the Body, the path is not always clear, but here there may be some choice. But the sacred goal is determined.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Statements do not exist without objects

“Statements do not exist without subjects.” Alexander Bard

What should be said is statements do not exist without objects. The way to define this is to say that Sacred Statements-Mathematics reflect Real Subjects-Mathematics, and Profane Statements-Mathematics do not reflect Real subjects-mathematics. God is usually defined in profane terms not reflecting Reality. The Supreme Object Godhood is Real but Sacred Statements-Mathematics about Godhood are still only reflections of the Supreme Object Godhood. Godhood the object comes before the Word of God, or any abstract mathematics defining Godhood.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Liberation Or Attainment

“Liberation cannot be achieved except by the perception of the identity of the individual spirit with the Universal spirit. It can be achieved neither by yoga, nor by Sankhya (analysis), nor by the practice of religious ceremonies, nor by mere learning.”-Shankaracharya

This is a classic Involutionary Inward Path view of Tradition. “Liberation” is here defined by “identifying” the individual Spirit with the universal Spirit, which is no small task in itself. However, this is not nearly enough, although Shankaracharya is right that yoga or analysis, ceremonies and learning (which are not that different in any case all being more or less defined in the Inward Path) won't get you there either. It won't get you there because it is more or less a liberation of the human Mind-Soul into the “universal spirit,” which was really an earlier and perhaps better version of the Jungian human Unconscious.

For Real liberation, or rather, for Real Attainment of Godhood, we must evolve all the way to Godhood through the “dreaded” and Spiritually Blockaded Evolutionary Outward Path of material evolution, leading to the Supreme Object Godhood. This is not merely identifying with God, this is attaining Godhood. The Evolutionary Christian Church affirms both the Inward and Outwards Paths.

Contrary to Plato and Badiou

(It is the power of appearance that leads us astray.
- Plato (Protagoras, 356 D)

"Ontology is mathematics."--Badiou) 1988 ---or did he mean that satirically?

What Plato, and the Eastern guru's mean by appearance is the real, and what they think is the real is only that, a thought. It is rather the power of the mind that leads us astray. The mind can lead us into definition and mathematics and away from the refined material, or evolved Real, which leads---after evolution activated by the material Spirit-Will, and guided by the Mind-Soul---to the Supreme Real Object, or Objects: Godhood.

Mathematics of God?

Ontology is not, or should not be, mathematics

Origin and Goal

Ontology or Being consists of the Real Supreme Object Godhood in the cosmos at the cosmic summit.

Sacred Mathematics would reflect Reality, profane mathematics would not reflect Reality. Both can be created but neither are enough. In this sense human philosophers, theologians and mathematicians who define God's mathematical form are applying doubtful mathematics since only Godhood's united Mind-Soul-Spirit-Body (or perhaps a penultimate God) knows the real mathematical formula of Godhood.

But all is not without hope. We can evolve materially-supermaterially to Godhood, activated by the Spirit-Will, guided by the Soul-Mind, in natural evolution, where we may then know the mathematics of God. But even then, the mathematics of God will only mirror the Real Supreme Object God as the Mind-Soul of God lives within God the Real Object and not apart from God in a mathematical form or denotation.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On Fascism, Conservatism and the Theoevolutionary Church

"Before the yews, no (evil) magic can remain."

Conservatives generally accept the concept that history arises from the cult, our religious bond regarding the sense of the sacred (see Kirk). Conservatives tend to downplay (but not overlook) the genetic qualities of the people bonding within the cult. Racialists say that history arises essentially from the race, from the genetic qualities of the people who develop the cult (see Cattell). Racialists tend to downplay (but not overlook) the religion of the people.

The Theoevolutionary Church (TC) affirms both Traditional religion and the genetic qualities of a people, and we insist on not singling out, for example, a “noble Aryan” or a “chosen Judaic.” Racial and state imperialism have damaged the variety and separation necessary for the true evolution of all of the human species, as well as destroying the maintenance of Traditions.

Ethnic Federalism in some form, with small independent states---for example, the U.S. Constitution, which is (or should be) tolerant of all religions and small states---seems to be a good way to proceed in the world of competing peoples and competing states. A balance of order and evolution (Ordered Evolution), or a balance of conservatism and evolutionary change is necessary. Conservatism alone tends to stagnate, and evolutionary change alone tends to destroy evolved Traditions. We need both. In TC, the Evolutionary Inward Path affirms Traditional religion and the Evolutionary Outward Path affirms evolutionary change. We must make it possible for all people and all states to evolve to Godhood.

Our existence is defined as the movement of evolution to higher and higher stages, and we must not on the one hand stagnate at any one level, or, on the other hand destroy the various levels which were so painfully attained. One day the laws of science may reveal the more precise manner in which we evolve to Godhood (Evolutionary Outward Path), which is the God first revealed in Traditional religions (the Involutionary Inward Path.) Our planet and the Kosmos moves with the force of evolution to Godhood and we must affirm this sacred bond with the Spirit if we are to save ourselves and the world. As the old religions fade we will need this transcendent bond for the rising worldview to endure, mere political ideology does not endure.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Denying The Determined

We seem to lack free will other than having some choice in the paths taken to a determined goal. Our actions arise largely from unconscious physiological and psychological processes. Now, how do we deal with this? Do we curse our fate? Well, we do not do what Nietzsche did and presume there is no goal to the Will other than an amoral power drive. Moral responsibility relates to seeing and accepting the goal, our Fate, that is. And what is so bad about evolving to Godhood, which is the goal of our Will (Spirit) and the goal of the cosmos? Perhaps we are too selfish to affirm Godhood if we cannot personally make it to Godhood? Denying this has caused many problems.


Positivists and many ideologues tend to be short sighted or reductionist. What is the relationship between Objectivity and the Object or Objects Godhood? Can the Object God be objectively understood? Here, higher evolved minds may be required, and furthermore, to understand God's Mind, we need to be God, or perhaps at least a Penultimate God. But will this understanding of God, by Gods, be objective, rational and scientific? The answer will be both religious and scientific, coming from intuition, faith, and revelation, which are not yet affirmed by modern thinkers, but we feel certain that Godhood can be defined by science as well, even if the scientists probably have to be evolved Gods to do so.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The moral crisis was inauthentic and premature

The modern moral crisis that supposedly arose from the “death of God” and the death of a moral view of the Kosmos was inauthentic and premature. The Kosmos is not morally neutral, it is full of life evolving to Godhood, which is the main purpose of the Kosmos.

Evolution offers moral direction in the Kosmos when guided by the Spirit and the Soul. The Evolutionary Christian Church is founded on the teleology of evolving to Godhood. The teleology of evolving human nature is the teleology of the evolving Kosmos.

Biology is not aiming at only human ends, it is aiming at superhuman ends, followed by Godly ends through evolution.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ending Duality

The split between Spirit and Matter seems to go back further than the Revealed Religions to “pagan Shamanism,” which developed the idea of duality between Dream-Mind and Matter, thinking they could leave the body when dreaming. This was developed, it appears, in very ancient Hyperborean times.

This duality was then picked up, for example, in ancient Egypt and Babylon and by the founders of Judaism while they were in exile in these places. The same duality was carried to India and Iran where Hinduism and Zoroastrianism developed it further, eventually evolving a “oneness” doctrine which supposedly closed the duality by simply rejecting the material side of duality and calling the result oneness.

The Evolutionary Christian Church finally seeks to end this duality honorably by exhuming materialism and synthesizing it with spiritualism, as both the Spirit and Material Body must evolve together to Godhood.

From Transmigration To Evolution

The old religious idea of the Soul “developing all perfections” to return to the Absolute substance, after many trials, is really evolution in the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC), but in the old religion it is was evolution devoid of material substance and confined only to the Soul, which is said not to be material.

The Soul travels through “metempsychosis,” supposedly, and “transmigration,” where the Soul has many trials and transformations. In EC this too is really evolution, although it is devoid of materialism in the old religions.

The Kabbalists say (see the Kabbalah by Adolph Franck) that Souls alone lack the power to regain heaven so therefore they seek other Souls to unite with to complete each other, with each Soul looking for a more virtuous or stronger Soul. This is really evolutionary reproduction in ECC and this progression can develop into evolutionary advancement.

In ECC this transmigration is rather smoothly transformed and returned to evolution, reproduction and evolutionary advancement. In ECC it is the Spirit which activates the Soul and Body to evolve to Godhood.

Human Liberty And the Spirit

How do we reconcile liberty and the destination of the Spirit? We do not. Freedom is far more limited in man than has been hoped for. The Goal of the Spirit is determined but man does have some liberty in choosing the paths to the goal.

What has happened is that we have been in a sort of exile from the Spirit and Its Goal, we have blocked it, we have been taught directly or indirectly to desire more freedom than we are entitled to. A central task of the Evolutionary Christian Church is to get us back in line or in balance with the Spirit and Its Goal within human nature.

A very serious deception, or more likely ignorance, was played upon mankind in separating human nature from the determined—and not blind—force of nature. This deception is very old, going back perhaps to the times when Shamans in Hyperborea separated the Dream/Mind from the Body, and which was eventually picked up and expanded by Revealed Religions.

It is perhaps fear, or awe, of the determined path of the Spirit evolving to God, rather than love, which has led to the deception or ignorance regarding liberty. When we love the path and the goal, and do not fear it, then the path does not appear as restricted or limiting, or as something to rebel against.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Reductions of Chardin

Teilhard de Chardin saw a progression from biological to psychological to spiritual evolution, but he seems to have moved away from biological evolution too soon. Psychological and spiritual evolution can only take place within biological evolution, or within the higher material/spiritual Objects of evolution. At the highest level, or Zenith of Evolution, Godhood contains the Zenith of all three aspects, biological, psychological and spiritual.

The “noosphere,” or collective mind over the globe, something like the internet, is actually limited by mankind's level of evolution. Therefore it too is a reduced destination for mankind, certainly when compared to a higher noosphere that might be created by higher beings or gods. We cannot be limited by the earth.

A problem with Chardin seems to be his preference for convergence over divergence in evolution. After convergence comes divergence without which higher and higher evolution is not possible. Peace on earth is a very worthy goal, but convergence often brings more war. Small, separate states make the best neighbors, especially when lightly federated.

The Heart Has Reasons

“The heart has reasons which the reason cannot know.” (Pascal)

Is sentiment a better guide than reason? The task is to understand the instincts which can lead to knowledge of the Ideal of the Instincts. This knowledge also comes from the mind (the Soul is the Zenith of the Mind) which may discern the direction of the instincts.

It is the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood which guides and activates the instincts, lightly turning the instincts toward the evolution to Godhood in the face of nature and natural selection.. And this is how we can affirm the aphorism above by Pascal.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Actual and Unactual Forms

Actual Forms mirror something Real and Actual. Unactual forms are unactual and do not mirror something actual.

The Highest Actual Form (or Forms) is Godhood.

Truth is related to Actual Forms not unactual forms. Untruths are unactual.

Mathematical Forms can either reflect or mirror actual or unactual forms. Actual Forms are mirrored by actual mathematical forms, unactual forms reflect unactual mathematics.

The Eternal Form of Godhood is Actual God and the Form is only the mirror of God, or the Actual Mind of God.
The Eternal Form, or Plato's First Principle, we define as not merely an Actual Principle but as Actual Godhood.

We seem to thus place ourselves in the camp of very ancient religion and not in the camp of philosophy, although we will apply modern philosophy, as well as science, when we may use it.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Notes On Politics, History and The Order Of The Outward Path

Politics and the State

The Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) contains a synthesizing idea, unifying all aspects of life in religion, while at the same time being formally separate from the various political states it resides in.

The political state may or may not contain a theology but it can be guided by the morality and theology of the Church. However, “imperialism” is rejected since evolution and order work best in small, often federated states, or ethnostates, and the Church can guide many states without being imperialistic. The Involutionary Inward Path follows the ancient Perennial Tradition existing within all religions, and the Evolutionary Outward Path seeks to advance all religions and all people in their evolution to Godhood.

ECC's position on political systems is that they represent various forms of political evolution and cannot be judged as absolute truth. We therefore pass over affirming any particular political system, although we are partial to some form of Ethnic Federalism, we hope to exist symbiotically within a variety of states. There cannot be a political doctrine good for all times and places, but there can be a religious doctrine good for all times and places.

We may seem revolutionary in the Outward Path but we are reactionary in the Inward Path, this makes a Conservative balance between Order and Evolution.

On History

ECC refines the instincts in men toward the Ideal of the Instincts, which is the Evolution to Godhood.

ECC conceives of life as evolution and all action is related to the aims of evolution, which has a moral aim in ECC.

The Spirit, or the Will to Godhood, is an “objective” spirit which transcends the individual but does not deny the individual. The Spirit is seen as having a teleological goal in Its evolution to Godhood. Yet EC aims at being realistic in life and in actual history and in natural selection.

The Order of the Outward Path and ECC lead men from lower to higher evolution and link men to the distant past and the distant future.

ECC has its own conception of history in the sense that evolution is always moving toward Godhood, with starts and stops and devolutions along the way. Men are not puppets of history but history does evolve men forward inevitably, if we survive. In this sense we do believe in progress.


The main concern of the Order of the Outward Path is the religion and the work toward accomplishing its final goal. In this task the Order is central and individuals are secondary, although individual meritocracy is a highly prized valuation.

The Order of the Outward Path is a meritocracy seeing its members qualitatively and not quantitatively, therefore it will tend to be hierarchical in leadership.

The Order of the Outward Path is a manifestation of the Spirit, as is all life, but the Order is totally devoted to this manifestation.

Monday, July 06, 2009

The Spirit Also Needs The Body

It is true that the body cannot live without the Spirit, but what is not said is that the Spirit cannot live or evolve without the body. Indeed, the Spirit needs the body and activates the body to evolve to Godhood because this is the way the Spirit reaches Godhood.

With this understood, we can rescue material life from the Great Blockade and prison it has been placed in by those who do not understand that it is through material life activated by the Spirit, that we evolve to God. It is not the Spirit that has been imprisoned by matter, as the Gnostic perspective suggests, it is matter that has been imprisoned through this misunderstanding of the symbiosis of Spirit and Matter.

The Metaphysical System Of the Evolutionary Christian Church

Matter Above Form

Now it is important to first say that the Supreme Body of God is not just ordinary matter, It is Matter evolved to It's Highest Point, the Zenith of Matter, the Zenith of Evolution.

The Evolutionary Christian Church declares that “Form” is not above “Matter,” Matter is above Form, Form is a reflection of Matter and not the other way around. This brings the transvaluation of Tradition back to Reality.

The Spirit was never within the Absolute Truth, which is the Father, the Spirit was always and only within the Supreme Body of God, which was only reflected or mirrored by the Father.

When Godhood is attained the Holy Spirit is the Highest Aspect of the Spirit, or the Holy Spirit. The Spirit that is within all life is derived from the Holy Spirit but is not entirely the same as the Holy Spirit, the Spirit within life activates life to attain the Holy Spirit and the Supreme Body or Son.

Every Spirit and Soul in every being was at the Kosmic Summit before the Birth of the Kosmos, as the genes of a human being were in the genes of the father and the mother before we entered the world.

This does suggest a principle of “predestination” and it limits the concept of human liberty. However, it is the Great Goal of the Spirit that is predestined, whereas the Path to the Goal gives some freedom to man and to natural selection in evolution. An old Odinist aphorism says that only love and courage can change fate.

The Twilight Of The Gods And the Birth Of The Kosmos

The Soul and the Spirit Are Always United

The Soul and Spirit, or Mind-Body and Will to Godhood, are never separated. In Godhood they are united as the Son and Holy Spirit. When They evolve They do not split into separate male or female but each continue united in each being. That is, we do not see an “androgyny” here, as in Plato, and more so in the Kabbalah, and later in Jung.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Buchanan on Hamilton

“...Alexander Hamilton, the architect of the U.S. Economy... had served in the Revolution as aide to Washington and lived through the British blockades. He had led the bayonet charge at Yorktown. And he had resolved that never again would his country’s survival depend upon French muskets or French ships.

As first Treasury Secretary, he delivered in 1791 the “Report on Manufactures,” one of America’s great state papers. Reflecting on how close his country had come to losing its liberty, Hamilton wrote,

"Not only the wealth, but the independence and security of a country, appear to be materially connected with the prosperity of manufactures. Every nation … ought to endeavor to possess within itself all the essentials of a national supply. These comprise the means of subsistence, habitation, clothing and defense."

Under the Constitution he helped write, a national free-trade zone was created. Hamilton’s idea was to use tariffs to end our dependence on Europe and force British merchants to finance our government and the roads, harbors, and canals that would tie America together with commerce.

Tariffs would give our national government the revenue to operate, while providing our people both privileged access to the fastest growing market on earth and incentives to go into manufacturing. With American manufacturing thus encouraged, we would soon produce ourselves the guns and ships to defend the republic and the necessities of our national life so we could stand alone against the world.

For 12 decades, America followed Hamilton’s vision. On the eve of World War I, the 13 agricultural colonies on the eastern seaboard had become the richest nation on earth with the highest standard of living, a republic that produced 96 percent of all it consumed while exporting 8 percent of its GNP, an industrial colossus that manufactured more than Britain, France, and Germany combined.

The self-sufficiency and industrial power Hamiltonian policies created enabled us to rearm in security, crush the Axis in four years, rebuild Europe and Japan, and outlast the Soviet empire in a Cold War, while meeting all the needs of our people.

But in the Clinton-Bush free-trade era, Alexander Hamilton is derided as a “protectionist.” Woodrow Wilson’s free-trade dogma is gospel. Result: our trade surpluses have vanished, our deficits have exploded, our self-sufficiency has been lost, our sovereignty has been diminished, and an industrial base that was the envy of mankind has been gutted.

And for what? All that junk down at the mall? What do we have now that we did not have before we submitted to this cult of free trade? …”

Complete essay here

Saturday, July 04, 2009

The punishment and cure for gangster economics is economic nationalism

“It's a gangster state, running on gangster economics.” Matt Taibbi

How can we deal with the criminals in the banking system who virtually destroyed our financial system? Not with socialism, communism, or fascism, but with Economic Nationalism.

The big problem is that crony capitalism has recourse to enormous amounts of money, which it uses to control the political system. Getting rid of the deadly cancer will not be easy, if it is not already too late.

Will only the police or military be able to clean out this deep level of crime, and do it without creating fascism? Once Economic Nationalism prevails, we must be vigilant to keep it from being corrupted by the same criminal scum.

We should support Economic Nationalism however we can. Here is one organization exposing the scum and offering the cure of Economic Nationalism in clear language.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Bringing Mythos Back

I would say that of the two, Logos and Mythos, the Evolutionary Christian Church centers more on the Mythos. We see the Mythos more as the Object and the Logos as denotating and mirroring the object, which seems to be the opposite of the Gnostic view.

The Mythos in this sense has departed modern culture, more or less, as science has centered on Logos. But the odd thing is, Logos is not material and science is material. So there seems to be a tension, conflict or contradiction here.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

On the Spirit and It's Goal

We agree with Plato in thinking that the Spirit can “recollect” God, from whence the Spirit came. This recollection is a longing, a great need, a great love, with which the Spirit needs to return to the Beloved. But unlike Plato we believe that the Spirit activates matter to evolve to Godhood.

The Spirit “travels” through reproduction (not exactly the same as “transmigration”) and the Spirit is always embodied, even when the Spirit reaches Godhood where It is embodied in God as the Holy Spirit. Evolution is the “ladder of love” to God.