Thursday, December 08, 2016

Feeling the truth and not merely intellectualizing the truth

Ironically philosophers have probably blocked the truth more than revealed the truth mainly because they intellectualize the truth too much. We need to feel the truth because the truth is intimately connected to real material life, physical life, real living objects, the whole of the senses, truth is not merely found in that part of the brain that forms philosophical abstractions.

The material object is more important than the definition or idea of the object. The thing-itself is a material object not merely an idea. Even Godhood is a living material or supermaterial object, or objects, evolved to in the material world, and not merely the idea, symbol, or experience (blissful or not) of God.

In the same way we need to listen to music and feel the music before we intellectualize the various elements of the music. Also in the same way, we need to understand the old cliche that women feel and men abstract as a healthy balance evolved to in nature---we need both working together to find truth, which will be more than the idea of truth.

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