Friday, December 23, 2016

Do Trump and his advisers have the following bold policy in mind?

Perhaps Trump and his advisers are not as Putin-supporting as we thought they were. Trump and his advisers may think of Putin as having done the dirty work ridding Syria of ISIS, while they go about trying to form a Western block between the U. S., Israel, and the Sunni states, which probably would inevitably go against an Eastern block of Russia, Iran, and China, depending on how cooperative Putin wants to be regarding Syria. I suppose Putin could then turn around and support Shia Islamic fighters and Iran who hate the West and then support fourth generation warfare against the West. Putin's Traditionalist School intellectual, Dugin, would probably not mind joining with Islam, Shia or otherwise, against the hated West, but Putin might not, so he could be trapped. Then the West and Israel could figure some way to get rid of Assad in Syria.

This would mean another bi-polar world, which could bring harmony or disharmony. One big difference from the past will be determined by how much Trump is devoted to real American economic nationalism and whether he stops going abroad in search of monsters at the behest of the super-rich manipulators of globalism.

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