Thursday, September 25, 2008

America's Founders' Financial Advice

A few simple but powerful financial solutions from Chuck Norris.

“Turn back the financial clock 200 years and return to the fiscal prudence of our Founding Fathers.”

Five basic approaches to fiscal management.

“The 10th Amendment restricts the size of government, and that always should bear out in spending and the federal budget...income and export taxes were unconstitutional to our Founders...

Don't bail out debt with more debt. George Washington wrote in 1799 to James Welch, "To contract new debts is not the way to pay for old ones...." Have a pay-as-you-go government. If we don't have the money, we shouldn't spend it. Period...

Minimize taxes to citizens. Our earliest government's primary tool to raise revenue was from tariffs... abolish the unconstitutional Internal Revenue Service and implement a "fair tax," which doesn't penalize productivity and will bring American manufacturing back within our borders..." "Taxes on consumption are always least burdensome because they are least felt and are borne, too, by those who are both willing and able to pay them; that of all taxes on consumption, those on foreign commerce are most compatible with the genius and policy of free states." James Madison

Get over the greed...

Norris says "If you get in a pinch, go back to the basics."

“...Recall unconstitutional congressional incumbents; and rise up and elect above-reproach, non-greedy and selfless representatives who aren't afraid to stand up to governmental status quo and corruption, will vote for constitutional restrictions of government, reduce big government (deficits, budgets, spending and taxes), reform the tax code (by providing a "fair tax" or its equivalent) and fight for a constitutional amendment that would mandate a balanced federal budget.”

Saving The System To Change The System

Historically the Wall Streeters and bankers have demanded complete freedom to do business, but now after they grossly abused and virtually destroyed the system, they call for (and they will get) big government regulated socialism-fascism to bail them out. Honorable aren't they?

We desperately need a sound money system but it would be too radical to cut the head off the whole system in one swoop, as many libertarians want to do. Pat Buchanan said to save the sheep we have to save the pigs, and that's the conservative thing to do, but the conditions imposed on the bailout should lead to phasing out the whole borrowing and lending ethos of the nation, and perhaps eventually an end to the Federal Reserve System.

A sound money system based on real wealth, and perhaps economic nationalism, looks better and better, that is, a return to the philosophy suggested by our Founding Fathers, and the American Constitution.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Sacred Synthesis

The Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) does not depart from the worship of God in the form of the Soul within the Self in Eastern religions and Judaism, and the ECC does not depart from the worship of God outside the Self as in Christianity, the ECC includes both.! The Inward Path of God to the Soul Within, and The Outward Path of God evolved to and existing Both outside and inside the self is the sacred synthesis.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A symbol can join the divine and human

To paraphrase Martin Donougho in “Myth And Symbol,” priests give names to the nameless. Explicating and making symbols are the same. A symbol inhabits the realm between the ideal (spirit) and sensuous ( matter). A symbol can join the divine and the human. Symbol consists of a momentary totality.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Isfahan Masjid Shah Dome and the E8Plane

It's interesting to compare the Isfahan Masjid Shah Dome with the E8plane image model (top image) of the theory of everything.

On Seeking The Truth

If you say you want the truth which resides in the activating Spirit-Will you are being religious. If you say you want the truth which does not reside in any Spirit, you are being scientific. If you say you want to know if such a thing as truth exists you are being philosophical. So when someone says they want the truth it may be the beginning of wisdom, and they may need to examine all the fields, each has elements of the truth. Courage is probably the best trait to have in seeking and finding the truth.

Reconciling Spirit and Matter

Marx took heaven to earth, or Spirit to Matter, religion had always taken earth to heaven, Matter to Spirit. The Evolutionary Christian Church doesn't take sides like that, we put them back together. Using religious terms, Matter is the child of Spirit, Matter evolves to Spirit.

It is not the either/or of Kierkegaard, either faith or total knowledge, these two are reconciled in ECC.

Reconciling Church and State

We could agree with Hegel's thought that the reconciliation of the state and religion comes through the realization of the religiosity of the community. We evolve to God, ever upward, culture and biology, religion and state.

Hegel said, “A people that has a bad concept of God also has a bad state, bad government, bad laws.”

We have to overcome the so-called opposition of the sacred and secular, church and state.

The implicit Spirit within must attain It's goal of explicitly evolving to Godhood.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The new mandarins not up to the task

..."Our American mandarins gained their places by political image-mongering and bureaucratic infighting.  They lack the ethics and the wisdom to manage an empire or to be in charge of the lives and wealth of the American people. They are the accidental figureheads of an immense machine which they do not begin to comprehend but pretend to direct (to ends that are largely puerile and self-referential).  Yet they are busy playing incompetent games of manipulation in every place in the world.  The last American leader who had any remote claim to statesmanship was Eisenhower, who left office almost a half century ago”....

from “Observations and Lamentations on the Way We Are Now” by Clyde N. Wilson, “Chronicles.”

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thoughts On Faith And Reason

I might say could say that reason guides faith, faith is not guided by reason. That is, the Evolutionary Christian Church guides Beyondism (science) not Beyondism the Church.

Biology is moving toward Godhood, the sacred goal of Godhood guides biology through the Soul-Mind and the activating Spirit-Within, we do not adjust the goal of Godhood to biology, but biology is the vehicle of evolution to Godhood. We have faith in religion, and we can be skeptical of science even as we apply science to religion.

We see Godhood and the destination of evolution to Godhood through faith, methods of evolution to Godhood are seen through reason, science and faith.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mind Games And The Return

Philosophers and religious thinkers play mind games while the material world of business and politics falls apart. Empire will once again devolve into localism. But we can begin again making the old new.

The original American system, with its brilliant if imperfect Constitution, so undervalued by the European Right, champions localism and variety, while protecting the whole, and it can be affirmed by the Church. Radicalism is not necessary, only making the old new.

Making Whole

It has for some time been suggested among neopagans, Traditionalists, and non-liberal psychologists, that when Christianity came to Northern Europe it damaged the psyches of Northern Europeans by cutting them off from their ancestral religion, and that the only way to repair the damage is to restore the ancient Odinic religion. We would say that the problem came from missing a deeper synthesis of religions than was done at the time.

The advent of the Evolutionary Christian Church, with its Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood, included with the Traditional Involutionary Inward Path to the Soul within, and applying such modern sciences as sociobiology and Beyondism, can help solve the problem of a damaged European psyche, making it psychologically, spiritually and physically more whole than it has ever been. The old ways were not wrong, they were incomplete. We evolve materially to Godhood.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Revelation

The theologic is also the biologic, the biologic is also the theologic. This closes the ancient duality. The Involutionary God is the Inward Spirit of the Outward Evolutionary God, whom we evolve to over time. We accede to the authority of the Church regarding the Involutionary Inward God of theology, which is the God of Revealed Religions. The Evolutionary Outward God of biology is added to the old Revelations as a new Revelation, which we pray the Church will eventually affirm. But we are not holding our breath.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Keeping The New With The Old

Conservative principles of order are also good for evolution and religion

The Theoevolutionary Church has no intention of getting in the way of the Conservative religious and political ties which have been the foundation of America and the West. Without these convictions there would be no America.

The Traditionalist School has taught us that all Revealed Religions affirm what we have defined as the Involutionary Inward Path to Godhood. St. Thomas Aquinas brought the Greek philosophers into Catholic Christianity, we apply evolutionary science, as well as Eastern Religions, which have affirmed the same God Within.

Conservative principles of order are also good for evolution. When we include the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood in traditional Christianity, and in Conservatism, it is not at all done because old things are wrong, we are underlying science and the Evolutionary Outward Path with the traditional Involutionary Inward Path to Godhood to create a more complete world view.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Post-Catastrophic Conceptions of the World

The superficial political conventions in Denver and St. Paul have caused me to think about the future. I agree mainly with the post catastrophic world predictions of James Lovelock and Guillaume Faye. Lovelock speaks of “sustainable retreat” (not sustainable development) to the Northern Lattitudes from cities overrun and descended into chaos, predicting that of the present 6.6 billion people, only 500 million will survive. Guillaume Faye has the Third World invading European Homelands, with violent conflicts, increased paralysis, and the world unfit for human habitation. Nothing, Faye believes, can stop the advance into the abyss, big change will happen only after the catastrophy. Faye accepts modern science but says it should become the provence of a small elite, along with a revitalization of “ancient spirits,” rejecting liberalism and egalitarianism. Faye wants a new European Empire which uses science and technology along with reestablishing ancient heroic values. Humanity will return to biological or sociobiological values out of necessity.

My question is, will these “archaic values” be imposed or restored by Islam, Neopaganism, or a revitalized Christianity? We believe the Evolutionary Christian Church can become the required revitalized Christianity, the right blend of philosophy, science and religion. We prefer the terms “evolutionary” to “futurism” and “Traditional Christianity ” to “archaic.” Conservatism or Paleoconservatism gives strong practical advantage to our cause, people are in favor of things long established, while we also boldly reconcile the opposites of the material and spiritual, the archaic and the future. And we will not revive the beast to do so, we will civilize the beast to evolve from the material to the spiritual, and on to Godhood, by retaining the moral bonding of such things as Catholic Social Philosophy; we can synthesize Cattell's Beyondism with Aquinas's Catholicism. It will not be easy. A Wolf-Age is coming. But even a brave little French Girl, Joan of Arc, could change the world. And if God is with us, nothing can stop us.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Toward Defining The Universal In Religion, State, And Evolution

Bede Griffiths wrote about how in order to unite religions we might return to something like the organization of the five patriarchates of the fifth century, where Rome was considered first among equals (Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria and Constantinople) yet the other patriarchs independently chose their own liturgies, theologies, etc. Into this Universal Church can come the Asian religions, as Asian ministries, with the same perennial philosophy and religion.

In American politics Christianity has affirmed helping with aid the bottom 20 percent of the people, who are inevitable in any system. This is realistic. The classic definition of justice is equality of opportunity under the law, but not equality of final reward. This way “merit” can rightly be the guide. Variation is natural and useful in evolution.

It may seem at first difficult to reconcile Christianity and scientific evolutionary culture, such as Cattell's Beyondism, into a political state, but we can see the implications for enhancing evolution in the U. S. Constitution, which affirms equality of opportunity but not equality of reward. Evolutionary advancement, even positive eugenics, does not seek to guarantee equality of final reward, whereas guaranteeing equality of final reward has been linked with both totalitarian states and with modern liberalism.

The Religious Order Of  The Theoevolutionary Church affirms that we can pursue intelligence, higher consciousness, even beauty, all evolving toward Godhood, lightly guided by a Universal Church, and federal states.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Going Forward While Going Back

Affirming A Neolithic Ethos With Conservatism In The New Age

The problem with the Industrial Age, which more or less followed the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages, is that it was not Conservative, it did not substantially bring forward the permanent things evolved or revealed from the former ages. For example, in the mechanistic age, rural life, ethnic and cultural connections and religion were gradually undermined and replaced by mechanistic materialistic thinking, leading to a world which, among other negatives, has been depleting and destroying the material world.

The Theoeolutionary Church (TC) does not advocate merely “going back” to the permanent things lost from the Neolithic or Paleolithic Ages, we advocate “going forward” while re including the lost permanent elements into the modern scientific age, as good Conservatism must do.

We part company with the New Age, which could perhaps agree with this assessment so far, when they say that spiritual education should merely “go back” to the perennial philosophy while essentially rejecting the scientific age; going back this way departs from the Conservative dynamic of “bringing forward” the permanent things. We seek to bring forward the perennial philosophy to join with evolutionary philosophy. The Inward God seen in perennial philosophy is attained through the Outward God of Evolutionary Philosophy. The Material evolves to the Spiritual.

We do not see a reconciliation of all religions merely based on their shared perennial philosophy, as the New Age tends to advocate, this eliminates all the advances, changes and variations of evolution. We do not see this kind of “going back” as desirable, realistic, or Conservative. The addition of the Evolutionary Outward Path of TC brings religions together, which synthesizes variations and differences with the perennial Involutionary Inward Path. We all seek to evolve to Godhood and the Church is there to help guide all of us.

Those who advocate the perennial philosophy in the New Age usually do so with the idea that divisions between religions and people must be overcome and that competition is evil, since all religions are talking about the same perennial God. TC agrees that the involutionary insights of the Revealed Religions reveal basically the same God, but we must not try to eliminate natural evolution, we must conservatively bring natural evolution forward into the new age with the sacred realization that we evolve in nature to the God we have seen in all Revealed Religions. The religion of the Theoeolutionary Church civilizes and refines competition, civilizing the beast, making available Wilsonian Sociobiology and Cattellian Beyondist knowledge regarding evolution, in our universal quest to evolve to Godhood, for all people and all localities.

When E. F. Schumacher called for a new technology that would create an “intermediate technology,” building upon localism, with respect for local arts and crafts, local agriculture and small industry, the term “new technology” must be emphasized. This is not really “going back,” this is not a new Ludditism, this is bringing positive elements of past ages into the technology and philosophy of the modern age. Science can actually introduce improvements in neolithic localism, e.g. new forms of solar, wind, water and other energy sources, which can work well in small decentralized localities, which do not require huge and damaging industrial energy institutions.

Classical Federalism, and perhaps Subsidiarity and Distributism work in harmony with TC, which means that the original Constitution of the United States can be reaffirmed. Recently Pope Benedict has spoken well of the Constitution of the United States, perhaps for some of the reasons just mentioned.

When the material world is seen as rising naturally into the spiritual world through evolution then both the material and the spiritual are integrated into a whole. The beauty of TC, if we may say so, is that it brings together materialistic and spiritual philosophy without suppressing either side. Our reforming synthesis suggests that the Theoeolutionary Church has the potential to bring about a sacred renaissance of art, culture, science and religion.