Saturday, March 31, 2012

Godhood Is Not Outside The Universe

There is nothing outside the universe, any cause is within the universe. Natural science is correct in this principle.

The present universe appears to have evolved from primal matter. Even the Spirit-Will, which is yet to be acknowledged by science, exists within matter as an activating part of matter.

The Spirit-Will is not Godhood, it seeks Godhood through activating matter to evolve to Godhood. Evolution and natural selection then shape the material world.

Godhood is arrived at, like everything else in the universe, by material and supermaterial evolution, within the universe.

The sacred mission of mankind is to become in harmony with the evolution to Godhood and to help evolution along the Path to Godhood.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Ecumenism and the Twofold Path

My view of ecumenism, a view of unity among all the religions, relates to the Involutionary Inward Path which all the religions hold in common, although they may have different methods to this goal. The competitive battles in reality come from the natural activations of evolution to Godhood in the cosmos. This is described as the Twofold Path in the Evolutionary Christian Church.

Problems between religions and people and the often deadly charges of heresy hurled back and forth are not valid, in view of sharing the same Inward Path to the God-Within.

It is in the Evolutionary Outward Path where natural competition of religions and people take place, natural competition between those who have glimpsed the same Inward God, which is a virtual image of Real Godhood evolved to in the cosmos.

Sociopolitical ways can be found to allow natural differences and variety to aid in our evolution to Godhood, such as small states, or ethnostates, protected in their independence by a light federalism, where all people, all races, are guided voluntarily by the Church and science in accord.

When it is seen that the Evolutionary Outward Path activated by the Spirit-Will is the method nature uses to bring life to Godhood, then cooperative competition seems more likely, given the ecumenical connection between religions and people in the Inward Path to the God-Within. Indeed it can be seen that life must survive on earth first if it is to evolve to Godhood in the cosmos. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Small States Rights

Several conservatives have said that the impossibility of Marxism and cultural Marxist social schemes comes from the reality that liberty and equality are not compatible. People are naturally unequal and can be brought to equality only by interference and force.

The rights of an individual also depend upon the conditions of group survival. Cattell used the example of a man joining a ship's company and demanding his right not to drown, or a man investing in the stock of a company and demanding that his shares will not decline no matter what the stock market says---ethics deals with rules among individuals. This contradicts libertarianism.

I believe the sociopolitical reality of human nature leads to affirming small states, or ethnostates, protected by a light federalism. The United States already has such a structure but the states need to be given far more power than they now have, and the federal government needs less power.

This reality is grounded in human nature as well as conservative tradition, and even sciences such as sociobiology can affirm it. There is nothing to do but make it happen, not only in America but in the rest of the world, although each region of the world needs to do it themselves without outside imperialistic interference.

However, the most important reason for this political philosophy is that it allows the variety, independence and stability necessary for evolution to take place, and evolution to Godhood in the cosmos is our most sacred, and natural, mission.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Soul, the Spirit-Will, and Godhood

The Spirit-Will exists as long as there is primal matter to be activated by the Spirit-Will. If not, where matter dies out the Spirit-Will would die out, although it never seems to do so in the cosmos. The Spirit-Will is not Godhood, It's central motivation is to evolve to Godhood by activating primal matter to do so.

The Soul is more of an anthropomorphic thing, existing at the Zenith of the Mind as a state of material-free desires, a blissful emptiness brought about by individual ascetic discipline. The Soul is the I Am-ness that mystics speak of but it is not the bodiless-objectless thing they often describe it as. It is the state of the mind made free of desires while it is still dependent on the mind in the body.

Traditional religions have put up a Great Spiritual Blockade by affirming only the Soul-Goal, but we should more importantly also be attending the Goal of the Spirit-Will which is Real Godhood. Mystics have been too willing to rest in the witness of their own awareness of the empty yet blissful Soul. The Soul gives a glimpse of the God-mind as it may be when evolution reaches Godhood, but the Soul is not Godhood anymore than the Spirit-Will is Godhood. In the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church the Soul is the Goal of the Involutionary Inward Path and Godhood is the Goal of the Evolutionary Outward Path.

Godhood is more difficult to define since we will not fully know Godhood until we have evolved to Godhood. All the Absolutes of Truth, Goodness and Beauty would be contained in Godhood. Eternal Representation may also be attained in Godhood as the ultimate goal of survival and reproduction in the cosmos.  The higher we evolve the more we will know Godhood.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Darwin is only temporarily losing to cultural Marxism

Reality is hard to see yet alone accept regarding the competition between cultural Marxism and Darwin. Although they may wish traditional values to be outdated, liberal notions of which gender is better fitted to what, socialist paternalism, egalitarianism in all things, gay rights, etc, and most of the changes taking place from cultural Marxism, have done more damage than good in all the important areas of living.

Women certainly should receive equal pay for equal work, but there has been a dramatic increase in single parent families—41 percent of babies are born to single women—although the birth rate of white women is well below the replacement level. Many studies have shown that children from single families do not do as well as children from traditional marriages.

Some may ask, so what? This attitude indicates living in the grip of nihilism, nothingness. If we don't replace ourselves, or if we do a poor job raising our children, we are going against the strongest drives of human nature, and the main purpose of living itself.

Meanwhile, women are buying $1.358 billion dollars worth of romance novels (2010), which tend to portray a Darwinian world of traditional gender roles and conservative values, even if a modern approach to these things is taken.

It is ironic that many conservatives are against evolution and Darwinism which in many ways affirm traditional values, and this has enhanced the strength of cultural Marxism.

Human nature says that culture, including cultural Marxism, is on a biological leash, and it will always snap back to human nature. We have basically the same human nature as we had in hunter/gatherer times. And human nature leads to largely traditional values.  Granted changes will take place, creativity is vital, but the new has to fit into old human nature or the new does not last long.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A political structure that is not anti anyone

Many small states, or ethnostates, decentralization, guarded by a light federalism, is not anti anyone, it sets everyone free, while remaining bonded in actual human nature.

Only those who hate this kind of freedom hate this decentralization, such as imperialists, globalists and supremacists, who now have the power to stop it. But the truth tends to always rise to the surface, even if it is then buried.

The protection of light federalism is needed to keep tribal-type wars from breaking apart the whole, or to keep imperialism from creeping back in.

Religion is needed to give a sacred and solid grounding to culture and civilization. Decentralization helps our evolution to Godhood, which is the central purpose of life, allowing the variety and independence which makes evolution possible over time.  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Godhood and Materialism

It has been said that materialist philosophy is not possible unless by definition God does not exist. A modern world of science and the humanities is based on this idea. I do not agree with it.

When God is defined as a supermaterial supreme object evolved to in the cosmos then both material philosophy and Godhood are possible.

It has also been said that it takes as much faith to believe there is no God as to say there is, neither side fully knows God. But the Godhood of supermateriality is more believable and reasonable than a God of no material qualities. Godhood can be seen as not qualitatively different from the rest of creation, Godhood is the zenith of creative evolution.

This leads to a real cosmic totality, this can really bring the two ancient legacies of religion and naturalism together (although Aristotle did not seem to make a distinction between natural and supernatural.)  The nearly empty bottle of religion can be filled with naturalism.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Conservatism of Progress

Classical conservatives don't much like the idea of “progress” mainly because traditional religion tells them that humans have limited and finite powers and intelligence, reason is downplayed in being able to solve problems. But it is not the liberal desire to master the world that is the problem, it is how liberals want to manage the world that is the problem: universal equality, globalism etc.

Godhood is arrived at through material-supermaterial evolution and this requires a conservatism that believes in progress, a conservatism which understands that decentralization and localism offer the stability necessary for long-term evolution to take place.  This calls for a Revitalized Conservatism.

Evolution is like the wind, sometimes it blows in opposite directions even as evolution is generally flowing in the direction of evolution to Godhood, that is, toward eternal representation, the ultimate and logical goal of survival and reproduction. Our sacred mission is to set our sails in the steady direction of evolution, from wherever we find ourselves at the time.

We are aided in this mission by the activation of the Spirit-Will within us, which activates life to evolve to Godhood, and we need to bring life in harmony with the Spirit-Will.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Group and the Individual

As Raymond Cattell pointed out, groups take on their own psycho-dynamics, tied to the temperament of the individuals within the group. I like to apply this to the states within the United States, and to a future Europe and Eurasia of thousands of states. For example, the Midwestern Swedes and Germans in the U.S. created states that are culturally different from the Scotch-Irish Southern states.

This is why I speak of small states and regions as virtual ethnostates, and why their differences need to be protected by a light federalism. The group and individual are like the hen and the egg, does the egg exist for the hen or the hen for the egg? Political abstractions are tied to patterns of the individuals in the group. The group in this sense has a life of its own, just like individuals.

But the cultural advance of a group is tied to the innovations of individuals, to a surprising degree. Therefore it is vital to support priceless creative individuals. It is not always easy to tell the difference between unethical deviation and very creative deviation, but this must be done. Unchecked individuality can go too far, like the wild adolescent, or the radical libertarian. The individual is like a cell in the body, the organic unity of the whole needs to be taken into account.

This position regarding the group and the individual can allow cultural creativity and evolution to flourish around the world.  This is the answer to the dark warnings of people like Pat Buchanan.  Will we eventually find leaders to make this happen? 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Great False Definition of I Am-ness

When we quiet the mind completely and reach the I Am-ness of awareness, this has been falsely or ignorantly defined in the mystic traditions as the Spirit, the Ground of Being, or God, and as the same Oneness throughout time and the universe.

In reality, I Am-ness takes place at the zenith of the human mind, which has through serious ascetic discipline managed to block all input other than the I Am awareness. This state should be defined as the Soul-Within, the God-Within, or the Father Within which is entirely dependent on the material glowing of the human mind, although it is thought beyond the material world by the mystics.

The Spirit-Will is another deeper thing, and it could contain supermaterial elements of the Godhood it seeks to reach by way of activating life to evolve to Godhood, which is It's supreme goal. Experiencing the awareness of I Am-ness in the human mind is only a mirror of the Real Mind of Godhood at the zenith of material-supermaterial evolution, which is a Godhood vastly higher evolved then the I Am-ness of the emptied human mind.

Although the Inward I Am-ness of the Involutionary Inward Path is valid as the main goal of spiritual traditions, it is time to stop exclusively gazing at the empty mind so that we may complete the Twofold Path with the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Moral Expanse

An action is moral or ethical the more it takes evolution toward Godhood into account. Worldcentric actions are not “better” than ethnocentric actions since ethnocentric actions, or group selection, is the main unit of selection, but worldcentric values come into affect at some point in survival, for example, evolution cannot take place if the world is damaged or lost.

This is how one affirms both the ethnocentric and worldcentric views of thousands of small states, or ethnostates, protected by a light federalism. This allows all mankind to take the highest moral actions toward evolution, without imperialism or supremacy destroying the whole.

All mankind is driven or activated by the Spirit-Will to Godhood, which is then shaped by evolution, to deny this is to deny the essence and reason for living on earth and in the cosmos.

Mystics usually confound the God-Within with a worldcentric vision of Godhood, when it is more an egocentric experience of material-free bliss, which is a mirror image, or Soul-image, of Godhood at the zenith of the human mind, and not the Godhood evolved to materially and supermaterially in the cosmos. In morality the Evolutionary and Involutionary Twofold Path is needed and not only the Involutionary God-Within.  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Recovering The Instincts As Sacred

Conservatives often misjudge the instincts, or inherited behavioral patterns. Both liberals and conservatives misdefine the instincts as Dionysian, as disordered and frenzied. But the instincts are family-oriented, kin-centered, patriotic, and driven by the needs of successful survival and reproduction (see sociobiology).

The instincts are even sacred, in that reproduction, the sex and family drive, is in essence the drive of life to evolve to eternal survival in Godhood, activated by the Spirit-Will.

The instincts are often blocked in conservatism due to centering on the God-Within of the Inward Path, which is reached by blocking or stopping the material instincts. This is legitimate but incomplete religion.

Religion needs to affirm not only the Inward Path to the God-Within but also the Outward Path of evolution to supermaterial Godhood in the cosmos. This is the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What Is Our Conservatism Conserving?

“ By conservatism we mean conserving the best elements in our civilization.” Russell Kirk

In the Theoevolutionary Church (TC) conservatism includes sociobiology and genetics; evolution makes possible the Path to Godhood. But Ordered Evolution in culture and society is needed, not revolution. Evolution is also one of the“permanent things” that needs to be conserved if we wish to reach real Godhood, and ordered evolution requires the stability of conservatism.

Conservatism has downplayed or blocked biology and genetics mostly due to its too narrow insistence on the universal inward spirit of Christianity. Sociobiology cannot be left out of religion or conservatism.

The problem stems from the Inward Path to the God Within (universally experienced) which has religiously blocked the more local and group-centered Outward Path of evolution to real Godhood. The Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church (TC) seeks to correct this imbalance.

Real Godhood in the Outward Path of evolution can be defined as containing the Absolutes of Truth, Goodness and Beauty, and these elements are not only hierarchical but discriminating, from the least of these to the best of these values.

All people, all groups, all states are encouraged to biologically and morally conserve the best of truth, goodness and beauty, in the balance of the Twofold Path.

Friday, March 16, 2012

A reality that humans can live with

Most people, most groups, certainly are no match for the global power masters and their gnostic subterfuges. So what can we do?

The differences between people will never be made whole by insisting on a one-size-fits-all cultural philosophy. What we are looking for in the future is political leaders who will affirm the great variety and diversity of people and states as being healthy and normal, who can therefore advocate the separation of nations, and the separation of the world, into many small states, or ethnostates, protected in their independence by a light federalism.

This is a reality that humans can believe in, a reality that harmonizes with actual human nature and nature itself. This future can set us up for real evolution to take place, which is our primary mission.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

All nations can be humanely guided by social psychology, and religion, to avoid the tragedy of collapse, and to evolve

Cultural Marxism, the philosophy of political correctness needs to fade so that human beings can avail themselves of social psychological studies which can now measure how healthy a country is in relation to its survival. Psychometrics and factor analysis have made this possible (see the work of the late Raymond Cattell). The social psychologist can draw a profile of a nation or a small state the way a psychologist draws a profile of an individual. The morality level of a country can be measured by such things as fewer deaths from venereal diseases, lower percentage of illiterates, energy consumption, and so on, all the way to the more controversial genetic and cultural qualities of intelligence and character involved in the fitness of a culture. If we know the signs of a dying condition prior to the decline of a nation, the nation can be humanely guided to avoid the tragedy of collapse.

In the short term the ethical system of the Theoevolutionary Church is based on the goal of human evolution, adjusted to the given environment and the given people. The longer term sacred goal is to evolve to Godhood in the cosmos, the God first seen in the Inward Path of the Revealed Religions. That is the nucleus of the religion, a religion of the future and the past, connected by the Twofold Path to the traditional Inward God and to evolutionary Outward Godhood. The global power masters embedded in the institutions and corporations of the West are now exploiting cultural Marxism and political correctness, but once this corrupting force has lost its influence, we can build a real future and a real morality people can believe in.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Real And Mirror Image Of Godhood In the Twofold Path

Mystics rid the body and mind of all material desires, as Christ and Buddha did, and others, and suggest that we do too, to experience the Soul-Within. This means blocking the material-supermaterial Outward Path to Godhood with the Great Spiritual Blockade, so that we may see-experience the God-Soul-Within consciously rather than unconsciously. The Soul-Within is the mind emptied of all consciousness except the consciousness of utter, blissful, emptiness.

The scientists have attempted to define this human spiritual experience as a glowing of the material or supermaterial brain. The ground of being, or the Spirit, or the God which mystics see, they see at the zenith of the human mind, where the Soul is experienced. This is not Supreme Godhood, which needs to be evolved to at the zenith of material-supermaterial evolution.

These paths are defined as the Twofold Path in the Theoevolutionary Church. The Involutionary Inward Path leads to the Father-God-Soul-Within, and the Evolutionary Outward Path leads to Real Godhood of cosmic evolution. The attention and emphasis moves to the Outward Path while retaining and including a mirror-image of the Father-God-Soul-Within in the Inward Path of traditional religions, seen as a human experience of what Godhood is like at the Zenith of Evolution.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A More Positive Outlook Than Buchanan and Murray

I see the states and regions as becoming virtual ethnostates to harmonize the growing divisions in the United States, and elsewhere. Even though I approve of Jeffersonian devolution, I lean toward a lighter Hamiltonian federalism as the larger national unit to protect the states from becoming battling tribal divisions, as happens in central Africa. This is a more positive way to view the future than those who see mainly inevitable, tragic, decline, as Pat Buchanan and Charles Murray.

States and regions as virtual ethnostates also happen to be the most natural way to accommodate real human nature as described most recently by sociobiology and in the past by traditional conservatism. Mankind prefers its own locality, its own kind, and we have got to allow this to happen without the corruptions of cultural Marxism or political correctness. Then we can get on with the sacred mission of Ordered Evolution to Godhood in the cosmos.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Divine Order and Revitalized Conservatism

There is a divine order which we must be a part of, but this order has been defined differently by different schools of religion and science.

Cultural conservatism in its classical form is concerned with what will help us live healthy lives with one another in accord with the divine order of life, applying cultural creeds and religious morals.

Divine order in the Theoevolutionary Church is defined, essentially, as the continual evolution of life to Godhood in the cosmos, and the political and cultural creeds that affirm and assist this divine order.

Each nation, each region, needs to pay attention to its patrimony, the beliefs and practices it has inherited over many centuries. In the West, in America, the American Republic came from institutions and beliefs handed down from the ancient Greeks, the Bible, the struggles for English liberty, and the struggle for American liberty.

This patrimony, this history, can be harmonized with life evolving to Godhood, with a conservatism revitalized by the naturalism of sociobiology. Our traditional and original Republic, our many states and regions can be thought of as laboratories of evolution, protected by a light federalism, as we evolve toward Godhood.

Other nations can synthesize their own patrimonies with the divine order of this religious philosophy. This Revitalized Conservatism rejects revolution and affirms Ordered Evolution.

Friday, March 09, 2012

A realistic religious vision of the world

There has been a Great Spiritual Blockade against materialism in religion and philosophy, blocking the theological materialism which leads to real Godhood in evolution. Matter evolves to supermaterial Godhood, which is the other half of the “non-material” God-Within of the Involutionary Inward Path of the Revealed Religions.

“Spirit” is not “awareness” of the non-material bliss of religious enlightenment, which takes place in the Soul at the Zenith of the Mind. Spirit is the Spirit-Will To Godhood which activates the Soul, mind and body to evolve to supermaterial Godhood, its sacred destination.

Honest and courageous science-- not as common as is thought--shows that evolution takes place at the group level which interacts with individual and cultural evolution. This means that in religion and cultural philosophy “world-centrism” is an extreme idealism of the mind, and group selection, or ethnocentrism, should not be spiritually devalued lower than world-centrism, since evolution takes place first at the group level, and material evolution is the vehicle to Godhood.

Both scientific natural selection, and the idealistic religious goal of evolving to Godhood, point toward a world of thousands of small states, or ethnostates, protected by a light federalism, and this evolution and variety needs to be valued much higher than a world of gurus who are aware of the blissful God Within. The extreme idealism of the Traditionalist School of religion, and of philosophy, even defines the whole material world, which is the vehicle to evolve to Godhood, as illusion!

The Twofold Path defines the ground and goal of existence as not merely the blissful, “non-material,” experience of the God Within, which is only the goal of the Involutionary Inward Path. The highest goal of existence is evolving in the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood in the cosmos. The real human challenge is to fit the natural traits of human nature into a world that values evolution in all its variety, as all groups evolve to Godhood.  Gazing only inward is a truncated view of religion and the world.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Ideal

The Theoevolutionary Church (TC) would like to integrate the biological, social and psychological sciences into religion, along with art, philosophy and the humanities.

The ECC sees itself with two main missions. One: applying the psychometrics and sociobiology that Raymond Cattell dreamed of in his Beyondism, that is, the humanitarian discovering and measuring of the health and sickness of a society and a people, so complete collapse is not the only criterion, and assigning a survival index for society.

And two: we take ourselves out of the rigidly scientific world of Beyondism and into the religious world, by devotion to the inward, supermaterial, Spirit-Will which activates life to Godhood, shaped by outward evolution.  We think the natural sciences will one day affirm the Spirit-Will.

The helping hands of psychometrics, and sociobiology, are synthesized with the religious Ordered Evolution of mankind all the way to Godhood in the cosmos.

This will require a level of genius and integration not attained before.  All of humanity can benefit from this mission, life can continue its evolution to Godhood, the earth can be redeemed.

Working with people like the late Cattell, as well as religious mystics, we would hope to offer only advise, we are not a political organization, the separation of church and state works well with cool objectivity, political groups come and go but science and religion remain.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Absolute and the Evolving Object

The Evolving Object is defined by the instinctive drive toward the true, the good and the beautiful. For example, when we seek out the most beautiful over the less beautiful we are driven by the usually unconscious sacred ideal of Absolute Beauty, or Godhood.

Carl Jung wrote of how spirits-alcohol could be a plea for spirit-God. I define the Evolving Object not as a sublimation or misdirection but as a gradual, incremental evolution toward the Absolute Object, or Godhood.

The religious philosophy of the Theoevolutionary Church seeks to focus material desires toward the sacred goal of evolving to Godhood by way of incremental Ordered Evolution, not to rid life of material desires, as does the Inward Path to the God Within.

This means mankind is gradually evolving toward Absolute Truth, Goodness and Beauty. The Outward Path always seeks the most truth, the most goodness, the most beauty which points the way in evolution naturally toward Absolute Godhood.

This means that in the Outward Path material desires certainly are not evil, on the contrary, they are essential drives directed toward the Sacred Supermaterial Object. Sociobiological conditions can misdirect these material desires in the course of evolution, but the desires are the vehicle that evolution requires to reach supermaterialism and Godhood.

We need to stop the great materiaphobia, the Great Spiritual Blockade against material-supermaterial evolution to Godhood.

A total art philosophy can be defined this way too, as an affirmation of the sacred drive for the true, the good and the beautiful. Psychology can affirm this dynamic in human behavior.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Natural non-dual reality is the base of future religion and culture

The natural order is in harmony with the sacred order, and this defines theological materialism and our place in the order.

Moral action takes place when the material and supermaterial are understood as one, in harmony, and not as duality, not as in conflict.

The sacred does not have a dual nature, it is evolutionary. Mankind has not recognized the sacred in material and supermaterial evolution toward Godhood.

Evolution brings forth a natural religion, not a non-material or dual or civic religion alone, but a religion where the natural material world evolves to supermaterial Godhood.

We seek Ordered Evolution and not only the anthropomorphic ordered liberty of conservatism, although we affirm that too. We require evolution beyond the human species to reach Godhood.

The higher will in the prefrontal cortex of our brain is not in real conflict with the lower will of the midbrain, they want the same things, survival, higher Godhood, and the Spirit-Will within activates life to evolve to higher Godhood, shaped by evolution. These things harmonize.

Even the activating Spirit-Will is the supermaterial overall instincts of the body, not non-material, and the Soul can be seen as the material-supermaterial zenith of the mind, there is no non-material duality in theses things.

But this worldview is not a morality of unchecked passions or Dionysian instincts, higher evolution is valued over lower evolution as we seek to evolve toward higher and higher forms of the true, the good, and the beautiful.

As the conservative's say, the culture comes from the cult in every long-lasting civilization, which means that religion is the base of culture. Natural non-dual reality is the base of future culture and religion.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Agreements and Disagreements with the New Right Identitarians

I can go along with Europe of a thousand states, or China of a thousands states, protected by a light federalism, but I can't go along with a leftist, fascist, revolutionary imperialism, which many of the New Right Identitarians in the United States, France, Sweden, and Russia have affirmed. I am an American patriot, and it goes against my instincts to see the New Right Identitarians turning to Eurasian imperialism against the West.

I do not approve of the marauding, global-business imperialism of the United States, promoted by the neoconservatives, but I do approve of the light federalism and the strong states rights of the original United States Constitution. And I approve of the enormously successful free enterprise system. I think the federalist example of the United States gives us an historical advantage in the legal separation of small states from the central government, but this independence needs to be reaffirmed and revitalized, even to the point of thinking of the states and regions as virtual ethnostates. I share the Identitarian idea that ethnic-cultural factors are central, and that man is a combination of genetic and environmental traits, which is why I affirm small states as ethnostates, more or less.

Another main difference between my worldview and the Identitarians is that I strongly affirm evolutionary religion, which goes beyond the realm of power politics. When Identitarians do speak of religion they usually mean an Evolian-Guenonian style Traditionalism, which basically rejects the Enlightenment, progress, science, and evolution. These advancements are of vital importance in the religious philosophy of the Theoevolutionary Church (TC), since it is the primary mission of mankind to evolve in the material and supermaterial world to Godhood.

The Traditionalists attempt to exhume remnants of ancient pagan ideas of the God-Within, and connect this with the remnants of this God seen and renewed in Orthodox or traditional Catholic traditions. But in the Twofold Path of TC, in addition to experiencing the inward mirror of God---which was the first glimpse of Godhood seen by mankind---we affirm the Evolutionary Outward Path of material-supermaterial evolution, which is the evolution of mankind beyond the human species to real Godhood in the cosmos, not only the inward mirror of Godhood.  This will necessarily involve progress, science and evolution. Evolutionary religion is the deepest foundation for the rise of mankind out of the decadence of the modern world. Politics and the cultural ethos need to affirm this sacred path.

I approve of an America which brings its empire home, its troops home, an America which takes its manufacturing base back again from the imperial outsourcers, an America with trading partners in the world, yet an America of economic nationalism, and an America of independent states---even of ethnostates and regions---as the original Constitution can affirm. I think Europe and Russia and China should go this way too because it fits well with real, and ideal, human nature. Some Identitarians do appear to affirm this worldview, more or less, but for a long term civilization to rise, the ground of evolutionary religion is needed.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Political realism and religion

I admire the political realism as first describes by Thucydides.  But alone, on its own, political realism is like power for the sake of power, a truncated philosophy.

Political realism is another phrase for power politics, which puts military protection and the political security of a nation over ideology, morals or social structures.

In the West, banking and global corporations have tended to use political realism and the military as their vehicle to power, contrasted with other value systems, such as the idealism of modern liberalism. The military in the West is usually ruled by “democratic” political leadership with their agendas.

I think political realism needs to be attached to evolutionary religion. A people and a nation who are surviving and reproducing successful are doing so for a larger more sacred reason than mere survival. The evolution of mankind is advancing toward Godhood, not mere survival, and political realism needs to be attached to this sacred goal. 

This points to a political realism less present-time-provincial, less imperialistic in its cultural ethos, suggesting a  world of thousands of small, largely independent states, or ethnostates, protected by a partially symbiotic light federalism.