Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Why multiculturalism paved the way toward ethnopluralism

It's a very odd thought to realize that the liberal religion of multiculturalism could pave the way toward ethnopluralism.

One of several big problems with multiculturalism, which centered on group identity, was that it left whites out of the mix and made whites the enemy of multiculturalism. The other big problem was that multiculturalism demanded that distinctively different ethnic cultures and groups get along well together living in the same space, which is contrary to real ethnocentric human nature.

As we have said here many times, group altruism evolved to advance ethnic groups and was not designed to work in a borderless multicultural world which causes antagonisms and competition to increase between ethnic groups and cultures.

Liberals were actually on the right track in underling group identity but they took a left turn off the tracks against real human nature into the la la Utopia of Marxism.

It seems to me that now ethnopluralism could be affirmed by, yes, the multiculturalists as the best way to improve the lot of the various ethnic groups which they claim to champion, this time including the whites. Even fringe groups on the far right and far left could find this workable.

Conservatives who still hope for a common, non-ethnic, John Wayne America need to see that world was lost in the immigration policies and ethnic breeding styles of modern America. The federalism of the constitutional separation of powers and states, perhaps with a few amendments, is the common America we can all still retain, as both liberals and conservatives affirm an ethnopluralism of ethnostates. I believe this is what is either radically or conservatively coming, and I prefer conservative change.

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