Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Being is not the same as Truth

Being is not the same as truth. The Vedic word “Sat” connects these two as noun and adjective, and this metaphysical error has moved down through history into religion and philosophy.

Truth is secondary to Being, they are not equal and not the same. Being has life, truth is the definition of that life. In-the-flesh-Being seems to have become a problem for sages who saw Godhood as Truth, a Word, or equation. Therefore gradually flesh became evil.

The Evolutionary Christian Church separates Truth from Being and thus transvalues the old Vedic Sat (and Plato): Truth reflects the world, the world does not reflect the Truth.

We unblock the material world from the Great Spiritual Blockade. Godhood and Being become possible as the ultimate goal in living evolution, and Truth is only a reflection of that Being, or Godhood.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Three Covenants of Deep Conservatism

Because we see the solid ecumenical connection of the Involutionary Inward Path in the Revealed Religions, we give credit to the Jewish and the Brahmanic-Zoroastrian religions for retaining the ancient perennial religion throughout human history. Almost alone in the West, the Jews retained the ancient perennial wisdom of Egypt and Babylon, in the face of exile and rejection. And the Hindus have retained the most ancient Vedas and the Yogic schools, which harken back to the original homeland of perhaps the original proto-Indo-European perennial religion.

But what we do Not affirm is Imperial Religion, or an imperial race, or defining any people as Noble Aryan or Chosen Jew alone. The introduction of the Evolutionary Outward Path, and the Twofold Path, corrects the metaphysical error of having only the one path to the God Within, the Involutionary Inward Path. In the Theoevolutionary Church, all people, all races have the right, indeed the Covenant, to evolve in the Evolutionary Outward Path to the Godhood first seen in the Inward Path, with variety and voluntary separation if they choose, in small virtually independent ethnostates protected by light federalism.

The Jews and Hindus established the First Covenant, where the Spirit and Soul of the Inward Path were understood tribally, racially in the blood. In the Second Covenant, Buddha and Christ brought the knowledge that the Soul-Within need not be understood racially or tribally but could be understood by any race, any people, universally, provided they were taught the proper way, applying the proper deeds, to see the God Within. The Third Covenant is the mission affirmed by the Theoevolutionary Church, where both Primordial Tradition and Christianity are revitalized by once again addressing the First Covenant, and the vital biological, genetic qualities in our evolution to Godhood, which is applied to the Evolutionary Outward Path of material evolution to Godhood. We do not see the need to go back to the tribal religions themselves which have mostly passed away. And also, as in the Second Covenant, this is applied to all people, all nations, all races, all should have access to knowledge of the evolution to God. In the Twofold Path we affirm the ancient Involutionary Inward Path of identifying with the Second Covenant God-Within, whom we are evolving to materially become while applying the First Covenant in an ethnopluralism of ethnostates...This affirms real conservatism, or as I call it, deep conservatism.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Radical Traditionalism is based on a metaphysical error

The vanguard among the intellectual radicals have been turning to Traditionalism, or Radical Traditionalism, in their attempt to deal with the decadence and degeneration of the West and the East. While I can understand their frustration it is based on a metaphysical error.

Where does the blame lie for the degradation? Those who blame our degradation on the loss of faith and tradition do not see where the faith itself played a big part in the decline. From Plato's time, and prior to that in Vedic and Babylonian times, what is called the Perennial Tradition began the Great Spiritual Blockade against the material world, and it was this great error from the start, ejecting of the Outward Path, which has led to the degradation of religion, art, and culture.

By the time Nietzsche declared that God is Dead, which influenced all the modern philosophers, religious influence had been greatly diminished. The fact that this metaphysical error was exploited by the enemies of Western Culture was secondary, although of course very damaging as well. Secular or non-Christian wills-to-power had an easier time kicking down a door that was already rotting. The only alternative there seemed to be to materialism-hating, life-hating religion was atheism, gross consumerism, or strict fundamentalism.

To bring back what has been lost, traditionalists and conservatives advocate going back to the same materialism-hating values and morals. No matter how clever and pedantic the religious scholars have been in trying to somehow include the world in their apologies (eg. better to marry than burn), the revealed traditions essentially hate the material world, and that is the great error.

What is needed to revive religion and culture is the theological materialism of the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC), which retains the religion of our fathers in the Twofold Path, but redefines or revitalizes Godhood as the Zenith of Material Evolution. Tradition identified with the God Within of the Inward Path, but the Outward Path materially evolves to the Godhood first seen in the Inward Path.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why we are patriotic

Ordered evolution, its friends, and enemies

The enemy of the Evolutionary Christian Church is imperialism, or imperious people, philosophies, religions, or states that do not give the freedom to others that they demand for themselves.

The original United States Constitution is a unique quid pro quo document which demands freedom for various people, states and religions, and whose main task is to protect and defend those freedoms. This is why we are American patriots.

This seems to be an eminently Western ethos, going back to the Greeks, Romans and Christians---the English gentleman of the past being the epitome of this character, tone and guiding belief system.

We believe that both tradition and evolution work best within this sort of freedom, where Ordered Evolution can flourish.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Representing God In Art

In Gen. 1. 26, 27, man is said to be created in the image of God. If one sought to portray a nonhuman God one might at first think of such sublime architecture as the Pantheon, with its beauty of symmetry, or Chartres Cathedral. But if God is to be portrayed as a living image in man it would perhaps better be an idealization of the absolute beauty of a beautiful woman, from the male perspective, or a beautiful man, from the female perspective. This brings to mind Ancient Greek art. The image of near perfect human beauty would relate better to God than even the most splendid architecture. However, Godhood is not only Absolute Beauty but is Absolute Truth and Goodness as well, so the beautiful human idealization of Godhood would need to be at the zenith of these primary ideals as well, and the Godhood evolved to is beyond the human species.

Since God is also supermateriality it makes sense to be represented by biological ideals, at the zenith of biology on earth. Forms in evolution are temporary symbols of the tension between where evolution is going and what the reality of nature is able to do. This sublime tension seems to be created by the activation of life from within, by the sacred activation of life, or Tirips, working in conjunction with the world of natural selection and evolution. An orientation toward the Future, toward the Beyond is inherent in Tirips Within, which is the Will to Godhood.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Truth and Beauty: Object Over Definition

The power of naming names, of giving definitions to things, eg. equations, principles, forms, has been overrated. The Object itself is more important than the definition of the object.

The “ truth” does not transcend the object, and to say it does initiates confusing dualities and triads. Most important is the object that the truth defines. Defining is secondary.

Beauty too is in an object first before it is defined as beauty. In this sense, beauty is not truth, beauty is the object defined as the truth.

The Zenith of Evolution becomes the Supreme Object Godhood, which is secondarily defined as Absolute Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Dualities and triads here should not take precedence over the Supreme Object.

It seems that the emphasis on definitions over objects has been the will to power of philosophers, artists and priests, who have controlled the little people who simply have tended to appreciate and even worship the real object---in this their values were more right than the specialists.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Never A Purely Disembodied World In Theological Materialism

Godhood and theology are not applicable to the disembodied in the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC). If Hegel (and Plato) thought that we exclusively evolve from materiality to pure reason they were making the same metaphysical error as the Revealed Religions, where the "Father" is defined by such things as Pure Thought, Word, or Principle. This applies only to the Involutionary Inward Path in ECC, and even here it is an experience in the mind at the zenith of the mind.  And the view of science is not that much different from the evolution of a sort of mathematical abstraction, of quantum worlds, to man.

The "theological materialism" of ECC says that there is never a purely spiritual world, there is only an epiphenomenal or supermaterial world. Pure Reason, the Father, quantum mathematics, are grounded in supermaterial things, or at least in the epiphenomenal, achieved in evolution, and not outside evolution.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Lack of Moral Imagination In Art

The flight of modern art from “ideological traps” and “propaganda” ended up throwing the art out during the flight.

Traditionally, great art is sacred art, and popular art is a less refined version of sacred art, but these do not need to be ideological or theological traps, or dim-witted didactic art.

Russell Kirk, remembering Edmund Burke, pointed out that what we need is “moral imagination” in art. This is a key concept.

It is not the religious foundation of great art that makes it dull, it is the lack of moral imagination. And subtle art uses a scalpel rather than a hammer.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tradition and evolution can live harmoniously

The Involutionary Inward Path is the path of enlightened darkness, not light, “neti neti,” “not that, nor yet that.” The Inward Path is the path of the death of the ego, and from this death, bliss arises through identification with the God Within. All life needs to be suspended in this path, “Whatever is other than the sense organs (deva) and vital breaths (prana) is truth.” (Evola). This is the path in essence of the Revealed Religions.

The Evolutionary Outward Path in the Theoevolutionary Church is the path of light and life. The Great Spiritual Blockade of materiality in the Inward Path is unblocked so that life can evolve to the God first seen in that Inward Path. But this is not a path of unrestrained Dionysian action, it is ordered evolution away from devolution.

Both these paths are affirmed in the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church. Tradition and evolution can live harmoniously in religion.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ayn Rand's Error

Ayn Rand was a great champion of capitalism but she should not have pursued an either/or proposition regarding self-interest and altruism. Self interest can be pursued along with altruism. Ayn Rand virtually wanted to force out altruism, uprooting a big chunk of human nature, even though she seemed to be obsessed with stopping force.

In evolution, the sociobiology I affirm says that natural selection takes place at the group level first and the individual level second. Self-interest is actually served with altruism, ones kin and larger group advance related genes through altruism, which is mainly why altruism developed.

Self-interest and altruism work together in a society of freedom, such as the original Constitution of the United States affirmed. Men need to be free to pursue their own self-interest but men must also be free to apply the benefits of their creations altruistically. The fact that government and business corporations grew too big, and thus took away individual freedoms, does not change the fact that the freedom of capitalism in America brought men out of poverty and into abundance more rapidly than any nation in human history. Bigness in government and business was not intended in the Constitution and needs to be reversed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spirit and Matter As One

Just as energy can “freeze” into matter, and matter can unfreeze into energy, Spirit and Matter are of one essence and not dualistic.

This means you really can't define Spirit and Matter as good and evil, but you can define Matter as evolved and unevolved. God creates cosmic evolution where some evolve to Godhood and some do not evolve to Godhood.

Plato thought that matter was the passive principle, moved by the Spirit. Matter is activated by the Spirit, but God is not all Spirit. Godhood is the highest evolved Matter and Spirit together as One, defined (but only defined) as the Father.

A body is both enspirited matter and enmattered spirit, and priority is not given to Spirit in this definition.

Contrary to the Platonic and Gnostic perspective, evolution does not “imprison” the Spirit or life in matter. Life is the activation of the Spirit within matter to evolve in nature to Godhood. The Spirit does not “escape” matter even when it attains Godhood, Godhood is Spirit and Matter at their Supreme Goal together as Godhood, the goal of the Spirit's activation, which can be defined as Supreme Materiality and Supreme Spirituality combined.

Humans have contacted the Soul within man and have defined this as attaining the universality of Godhood. We emphasize that the Soul within is not God---blissful as it may be to contact the Soul--- deeper within, at the Zenith of the Soul, the Spirit is activating humans to evolve to the actual Supreme Object Godhood.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Dualities

Mind, Soul, Spirit, And The Will To Godhood

The Mind does not have primacy over the Spirit, the Spirit, or the Will to Godhood, activates both the mind and the body. The mind Is the body, there is not a duality here. The mind can guide the body but the mind must be activated by the Spirit.

The God Within is identified within the mind by attaining the Zenith of the Mind which is the Soul. The Soul is the mind emptied of virtually all sensual things. I say “virtually” empty because at the Zenith of the Soul is the Spirit, and here we contact the Will to Godhood, which activates all life to evolve materially to Godhood.

Essentially there is not a duality between Spirit and Matter, the Spirit is supermaterial or epiphenomenal---as Godhood is.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Values In Embodied And Disembodied Godhood

I don't see why we should be boxed into any one particular philosophical theory of values, be they absolutist (traditional), subjective (existential), or objective (scientific). Each of these can be applied in arriving at the truth.

Good and value are placed in living objects, but an ideal (disembodied) value, both absolutist and subjective, is seen in the goal of evolution, which is Godhood. Yet here also objective thinking can lead to seeing this goal.

When Godhood is attained at the Zenith of Evolution, Godhood is a living thing, or things, and not disembodied, but before that also an ideal, or faith, which in that sense is "disembodied."

How would you define this ontology, or this value system? Teleological Evolutionary Epistemology? Theological Materialism?

Monday, June 14, 2010

How The West Receded and the East Advanced

The State capitalism of China and other nations is a form of national socialism, a version of fascism, where the government owns companies but uses the world markets to advance state power. State capitalism has been advancing as the so-called free market West declines, but state capitalism was bankrolled and supplied technology by the West.

The great recession in the West is related to emergence in the East, which was helped along and advanced through Western complicity. The Western financial class has more or less abandoned the West and invested in Eastern business and labor.

This is the virtually traitorous nature of Global finance. The various classes in America are disappearing and any reaction against their disappearance is considered “home court bias,” or racism. Soon the globalist's will have utterly destroyed the middle class and lowered the wages of the workers to the level of Chinese slave labor. Unless they are stopped.

How can they be stopped? A grass roots movement returning to the original United States Constitution, a conglomeration of leave-us-alone populists, grass roots gun owners, school choice and home schooling groups, the term limits movement, property rights groups, religious advocacy organizations, tax limitation groups, small business owners, and so on.

The federal government is supposed to be supported only, I repeat only, by tariffs on imports, the government is meant to grow no bigger than what tariffs on imports can afford. Power has to be returned back to the States, which have the power to tax their people as they see fit, and free enterprise is mainly between the states, and the central task of government is to protect these freedoms.

This is not revolution, this is Revitalized Conservatism, this is real America, and this is our hope for America.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Theoevolutionary Church Affirms Women

The Theoevolutionary Church (TC) affirms women after they have been neglected by the Tradition of the Involutionary Inward Path and the Revealed Religions, which believed that women brought sin into the world. Religious Tradition has in fact been androcentric, or man-centered.

The Evolutionary Outward Path in TC adds to the Inward Path by opening up the Great Spiritual Blockade of material evolution, which not only blocked women, but blocked evolution to Godhood. This meant denying the very material vehicle by which we can attain Godhood.

TC continues to identify with God through the traditional Inward Path, which requires blocking the material world of survival, reproduction and evolution in order to see the God Within. But thereafter we must affirm the Outward Path of material evolution to Godhood, which actually attains the God first seen in the Inward Path. This is the Twofold Path.

The image of Godhood in TC is the union of the patriarchal and matriarchal initiating the Holy Spirit, the Trinity.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Superrationality and man's qualified freedom

Is man free? Man is free to evolve, which is a qualified freedom. We are activated by the Spirit Within, which is the Will To Godhood, and it works in conjunction with evolution and natural selection. We can harmonize with this activation or we cannot. We often have choices in our actions but we are essentially activated by the Spirit-Will to evolve to Godhood, and our choices are qualified by this.

Is the Spirit or the Will to Godhood rational? The Spirit developed man's rationality out of its activation of life to survive, reproduce and evolve, and human reasoning helped this cause so it was selected as useful. The evolution to Godhood is an ordered evolution but the order is beyond man's reasoning to fully understand at this stage in our evolution.

This does not mean that the Spirit-Will is irrational, as Nietzsche and others suggested. The Spirit-Will is superrational and requires more intellectual intuition or superrationality to understand than human rationality at this time.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Absolute Object is Godhood

Intellectual intuition tells us that the Object is beyond the distinction of subject and object. They are one and the same, without duality.

Knowing and being are within the Object, the same thing. But knowing requires a mind within the object, not a mind outside the object.

Everything is without duality. All is object.

The Absolute Object is Godhood, which is evolved in the cosmos through less evolved objects.

Matter and Spirit are one and the same thing, or at the most supermaterial. Both are therefore without duality. Tradition says all is Spirit, the Evolutionary Christian Church says all is matter and the highest evolved matter is epiphenomenal Godhood.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Negative and Positive Theology in the Twofold Path

The Evolutionary Christian Church contains both the negative theology of the Inward Path and the positive theology of the Outward Path in the Twofold Path.

A traditional example of negative theology would be John Mehung's statement that “The concupiscence of matter incessantly attracts a new form,” meaning this in a negative way, applying negative theology. The Soul Within is seen by blocking out the material world, and for this, negative theology is necessary.

And why does the concupiscence of matter incessantly attract a new form? This is evolution! Matter seeks to evolve, eventually to Godhood. This is the positive theology of the Outward Path. The Spirit Within activates life to evolve to Godhood in conjunction with natural evolution.

We see the Soul Within (Zenith of the Mind) applying negative theology, which identifies with God, and gives us the blissful hint of the power of Godhood, and we see the Spirit Within (Zenith of the Soul) when applying positive theology, where the Spirit is understood and experienced as the activator of material life to evolve to the Godhood, the Godhood seen in the negative theology of the Inward Path.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Existence or essence?

Existentialism says, according to Alexander Bard, that we are what we think, what we say and how we act, we identify with all those things, it is not the other way round, nature does not force us to act in any particular way.

I believe just the opposite. Nature in fact causes us to behave in a certain way, and our minds are part of nature. Does this place essence before existence, or existence before essence? Essence IS existence and existence is essence. If you are to define an essence it would be the Spirit-Within, but Godhood too is part of nature and existence. The Spirit Within is activating life to evolve eventually to Godhood, which is not outside of nature.

Man can choose some of his moves, but if he wants to be in accord with positive cosmic law, the moves must be toward upward, material evolution to Godhood. Evolution is a cosmic law activated by the Spirit Within, which is also called the Will To Godhood, working in conjunction with natural evolution. This law at its best could be called Logos, but it is a Logos with no real power other than the definition of the action of actual evolution, or the definition of Godhood, and we will not make an idol of definitions or principles---the object is all. We can make devolutionary moves too, for various reasons, which relate to negative cosmic laws. This is the sort of freedom we have.

Monday, June 07, 2010

The moral issue on tariffs

How did tariffs on foreign imports become merely an economic issue rejecting the moral issue, as the Founding Fathers meant it to be?

Years ago Holmes Alexander pointed out that the Constitution is primarily moral. Tariffs protect much more than manufacturers, labor is protected, and our way of life is protected. Low wage foreign labor can—and has-- dispossessed Americans of their jobs.

Economic invasion is not unlike warlike invasion, and it is the task of the Federal Government to stop it. This is morality, not economics. Abolishing tariffs was like abolishing military defense, it let the world have its way with us. Cheap goods are produced in China or Mexico with virtually slave labor, this eventually reduces our way of life to the bare subsistence level, if we allow present trends to continue.

Alexander Hamilton perhaps couldn't even imagine the immorality of American globalists investing in foreign corporations to become personally rich by destroying American manufacturing and American jobs.

Hamilton's remedy was to have the Federal government become no bigger than it could be supported by taxing imports. That was virtually the only source of income for the Feds. The states would collect their own taxes. “Free trade” was meant to be within the union between states.

Friday, June 04, 2010

What The Constitution Protects

Three forms of protection

The Constitution doesn't protect the poor by giving them things, it protects the poor by keeping all the lanes of opportunity open for the poor to become rich from their own creative efforts, and they are creative if you don't get in their way. But also voluntary charity has always been big in religion, where it is assumed that we will always need to give extra help to a bottom 20 percent or so.

The Constitution protects the rich by protecting their right to private property. We don't often hear that the top two and a half percent in America now pay more taxes than the bottom 97 percent.

And the Constitution protects both rich and poor with law and order to prevent bullying by the majority or by authoritarianism, or by foreign powers.

That is about it, the government is permitted by the Constitution to keep all lanes of opportunity open for all people. If either government or business, yes business, damage this freedom and opportunity they must be protected against.

As to partisan politics, disagreements are the alternative to a one-party dictatorship leading to tyranny.

Are these protections still in place? No, and the Constitution Party, Tea Party and the Paleoconservatives are correct in saying so.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Sacred Interface

According to Richard Yonck the less alike two entities are, the more obvious the need for a well-designed “interface” becomes, interface being the connection between systems, equipment or people. A well designed interface simplifies control of otherwise complex functions.

I think of the Evolutionary Christian Church as the interface between the spiritual and the material, unblocking the Great Spiritual Blockade. We close this duality with the sacred Twofold Path interface. The material evolves to the spiritual, the spiritual is really the supermaterial and epiphenomenal. We evolve in the Outward Path to the Godhood we have seen in the Inward Path.

The Outward Path does not do away with the Inward Path, each is applied in the Paths for which they are designed, in an evolving progression resulting in a new positive theology.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Decadent Genius

and healthy courageous producers.
Lady Gaga is in fact a very good spokesman for complete decadence

Since traditional popular art is supposed to be a less refined version of serious art, and serious art is supposed to be sacred art, you can see how transvalued art has become in the modern world. Popular art today does retain its less refined version of serious art but serious art today is thoroughly decadent.

I tuned in the Larry King interview last night out of curiosity about the latest popular art sensation, Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is in fact a very good spokesman for complete decadence. She could be a design genius, she was honest, courageous and very creative. Her worldview is a decadent affirmation of gays, hedonism and hatred of tradition.

When popular artistic genius is attached to decadence it can have a very corrupting influence on the very impressionable young, and Lady Gaga is a talented champion of all things degenerate—perhaps more talented than Madonna. Oddly, genius does happen in modern art. I don't know how many times I have reviewed an art piece, film or book and defined the artist as a highly talented but promoting degeneration.

It is the background financial producers of corrupt art who should be held responsible. The idea seems to be to produce works that, one, make money, and two, destroy tradition. The question is, can these dangerous producers be stopped?

Successful human survival, reproduction and evolution does not rise out of degenerate modern art and culture, but it also does not rise out of truncated theology, which trashes the foundations of healthy, evolving material life. Theology needs to come out of its Inward Path obsession with the God Within and affirm the Outward Path of evolution to Godhood. We need the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church.

Religion can have a deep enough power to change the political and cultural vacuum and thereby change the modern art world. But we also need traditional artistic genius to counter decadent artistic genius, and healthy courageous producers.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Avoiding imperialism with the particular and the universal

We can evolve in the Evolutionary Outward Path with “particular” biocultural variety, and we can “universally” accept that we are evolving to the same God seen in the Involutionary Inward Path of all the Revealed Religions. This is the Twofold Path.

The dictatorship of one people, religion, political group or economic group damages biocultural variety, which is vital to evolution and vital to the Evolutionary Outward Path. Some form of federalism (the U. S. Constitution is a prime example) insures the freedom of the particular parts, of the people, religions and states.

The Evolutionary Christian Church affirms this form of ecumenism (Inward Path) and federalism (Outward Path). The alternative is imperialism or one-race supremacy, the enemy of this worldview.