Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Anthropomorphic Guru Blockade

Ken Wilber's "transrational" or “universal consciousness” is not on the opposite end of the spectrum from the pre-rational, as Wilber and other gurus claim. What Wilber calls the Pre/Post Rational Fallacy is basically not a fallacy, it is a rationalization regarding the unwanted similarity between the pre-rational subconscious and so-called transrational universal consciousness.  The trans-rational state of supposed universal consciousness is arrived at by consciously, at first, rejecting or blocking out all material desires, including rationality and normal consciousness.

This brings one to a state not unlike the unconscious state of subconscious life, the difference is that one is aware of it, or conscious of it in a rare state of consciousness. But the state of "universal consciousness," blissful as it is, is only a mirror, or a virtual experience of what real Godhood will be like when Godhood is reached by way of material and supermaterial evolution. Godhood is far beyond the anthropomorphic experience of transrational bliss.

There is much snobbery and elitism in this guru blockade of material things, although it is disguised with nice words like “include rather than reject.” It is said that only 1 percent of the population reaches this transpersonal state, while the rest of humanity is mired in the lower level of ethnocentric materialism. This is a gross misconception of the Path to Godhood, which requires the vehicle of material-supermaterial evolution to reach Godhood. 

That being said, we can, and do, retain the Involutionary Inward Path to the blissful God-Within in the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church---which was mankind's first glimpse of God. However, this long-lasting Great Spiritual Blockade by the gurus needs to be unblocked to include the sacred Evolutionary Outward Path of evolution to true Godhood in the cosmos. If  Paul Tillich was correct in defining “spiritual intelligence” as referring to that which indicates a persons “ultimate concern,” then it is time for our ultimate concern to be the evolution of material-supermaterial life to real Godhood, not merely attaining the blissful but anthropomorphic state of God-Within, which only mirrors some aspects of real supermaterial Godhood. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A religious and social philosophy affirming nature

Do not leave nature out of your religion, or your social philosophy, or nature will come back and give you a final verdict by way of natural selection.

If your religion or social philosophy essentially hates the material world you will eventually be in trouble because nature will not sign this pact and inter-group selection will debilitate your group.

The most realistic and just way to deal with the realities of nature and human nature is to have thousands of states or ethnostates in the world protected by a light federalism, each evolving in its own fashion toward Godhood.

Evolution has worked like a spiral rather than a strait line, as history has shown, moving forward, circling, moving back, before moving forward again.

Godhood is supermaterial, evolving from the material world to the supermaterial world, activated by the Spirit-Will To Godhood. Religion and social philosophy need to harmonize with this activation of life to evolve to Godhood.

Science has not as yet acknowledged the activation of the Spirit-Will to Godhood, and religion has not affirmed the theological materialism of the Theoevolutionary Church. Nature will continue to render a verdict on these things. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Toward research in the causes of decline or rise of nations

The Theoevolutionary Church(TC) makes sacred the evolution of mankind to Godhood, therefore I affirm the Beyondist perspective which says that if a country can find the real signs of its decline before it completely collapses, this is a more humane way to proceed than complete collapse as the only criterion, which causes much suffering.

Social sciences such as sociobiology and Cattell's Beyondism can discover or develop an index for measuring the signs of sickness and health of a society, the general genetic and cultural elements of success or failure, which can then be applied to diverse countries in their own paths of evolution.

This kind of social science still lags behind the cultural Marxism that rules the establishment, where genetic research remains taboo and cultural changes are alone studied and applied.

I affirm Cattell's idea of setting up an international research center in this area of sociobiology for studying the causes of the decline or rise of nations. The research centers would be only advisory, we are not talking about world power here---just as TC describes separating church from state. We affirm Cattell's “organized diversity” and federalism, which is contrary to one world power. 

TC can apply this sort of vital knowledge to our sacred mission of helping to evolve mankind to Godhood.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Conservatism and the Theoevolutionary Church

Reason alone cannot guide human beings or we end up with a truncated, robotic structure. Intellectual intuition alone can't guide human beings or we get disorder. Tradition alone can't guide human beings or we get stagnation. But taken all together, these things lead, not to the individual alone, not to the state alone, not to universal humanity. They lead first, to evolving groups as a reference point, and finally, and most importantly, they lead to the central religious reference point of evolution to Godhood.

Tradition is powerful and needs to be affirmed, it is the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of mankind. If the classical conservatives are correct in believing that when Christianity goes the West goes, we can see the importance of tradition in the survival of the West. But tradition needs to include the Ordered Evolution---not revolution---of mankind all the way to Godhood. Tradition should not restrain evolution, it should restrain revolution.

Religious tradition is included in the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church. The Involutionary Inward Path leads to the God-Within of Christianity (and the Revealed Religions), and the Evolutionary Outward Path leads to the Godhood first mirrored and partially known in the Inward Path.

Postmodern relativism does not balance with evolutionary conservatism, because there is a hierarchy of values, not a relativity of values, evolving from mankind up to Godhood. There are various paths to Godhood in the spiral direction of evolution, but this is not a goalless direction. Human values and morals are not aimless.

The civilizing process is not limited to the human species and human culture, the civilizing process is the civilizing of the beast as mankind evolves to Godhood, beyond the human species. Provincialism relates not merely to periods in time, as Eliot suggested, but to the human species moving beyond the human species to future species.

The “instinctive” has been more or less devalued by conservatism related to the religious blocking of material desires, which is necessary for reaching the God-Within. But real Godhood in the outside cosmos is reached through material and supermaterial evolution by way of the Evolutionary Outward Path, which is activated by the sacred instinct of the Spirit-Will To Godhood.

Politics is not an end in itself. At the core of political philosophy is the sacred evolution to Godhood. Political philosophy needs to affirm political structures that lead mankind to Godhood in evolution. This sacred goal is not meant for one exceptional group, but for all groups, which are all activated by the Spirit-Will to Godhood. This suggests a world of thousands of small states, or ethnostates, protected by a light federalism. This is the just and practical way to balance distinctive people living in the world, in harmony with real human nature as defined by sociobiology. Religion is this way the foundation of the culture.

This religious worldview is not a “liberation from history,” this is an affirmation of the evolutionary history of life itself evolving in the cosmos all the way to Godhood. And that is the deepest kind of Revitalized Conservatism.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I, We, It, and exhuming the material world in religion

It is a misconception to think of I, We, and It as, body, mind, and spirit, as Ken Wilber does in his “integral” philosophy. We need most to see the world the way sociobiology sees the world, which places these things in a hierarchy from the most powerful instincts of the I, up through the We, and finally to the least powerful It. We need to work with the realities of real life, of real human nature, and real religion, if we are to develop any kind of harmony in the social structures of the world.

It has been hard for people to accept that evolutionary selection takes place at the We level, the group level first, and the I and It levels then adapt or relate to group selection. We certainly do not need to accept, and should not, totalitarian ethnic imperialism in order to to accept and harmonize these natural facts of human nature and evolution into our social structures.

The problem with Wilber's integral structure, like the problem with mystical religions, is that they grossly devalue the material world in promoting supposedly nonmaterial states of human consciousness. It is killing the problem rather than dealing with it. And it is also misconceiving the basis of religion and philosophy. If all the world reached the bliss state of consciousness, which now only 1% can reach, mankind would probably die out.

The bliss state of consciousness is not Godhood. What has been formerly defined as “spiritual” needs to be redefined as supermaterial, because the material and supermaterial world are the vehicle by which we evolve to Godhood. It's that simple, or difficult. And body, mind and spirit alone do not define this structure correctly.

The mind evolves with the body, from the sensory mind to the supermaterial mind, within a material and supermaterial body. And the Spirit-Will To Godhood, which activates the body, also evolves along with the body, which is the vehicle the Spirit-Will uses to evolve to Godhood, from the material to supermaterial Godhood, shaped by evolution.

It is time to exhume the material-supermaterial world in religion, and unblock the real Path To Godhood.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The main problem with Ken Wilber's integral religio-philosophy

Both the involution to the Soul and the evolution to Godhood can be applied in the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church, but they need to understood in the following way.

Religions have had problems in justifying material life, since their religious goals are virtually all non- material. This is where rationalizations such as as Ken Wilber's “Pre and Post rationality” come from, along with the mixing up of evolution with involution.

Wilber becomes especially defensive in writing about what he calls the “Pre-rational and Post-rational Fallacy” because these can look much the same in their non-rationality. Wilber contrasts and defines the “trans-rational” or post-rational, as the spiritual side of experiencing God or nirvana, with the inferior state of pre-rational primitive matter (although Wilber doesn't use the politically incorrect term “inferior”).

But non-rational is non-rational. The real difference is that the spiritual “trans-rational” stage is reached by blocking the material and rational state, and the pre-rational “primitive” state is supposedly unaware of rationality without consciously blocking it.

Wilber's terminology needs to be changed, which is not unlike the terminology of the mystical religions. It is the Soul which is the involutionary---not evolutionary--- goal of Wilber's integral system, and the goal of the mystical traditions. It is the Soul-state at the zenith of the mind that is the blissful, material-free, goal desired and reached (by few) through the blocking of all the material desires, including blocking rationality.

The Soul-state is indeed not a rational state but it also is not Godhood, it is a mirror or reflection helping us to understand something of what Real Godhood will feel like, and this state can also be defined as pre-rational and not as trans-rational. The term trans-rational only dresses up a primitive although blissful, non-rational experience in mystical religious veils.

I would reserve the term “trans-rational” for the truly trans-rational Spirit-Will To Godhood, which activates life from within to evolve to Godhood in material-supermaterial evolution---not involution--- and then life is shaped from outside by natural selection and evolution. The Spirit-Will is trans-rational because it is a combination of supermaterial intuitive-instinct, intellectual intuition, and superationality.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Great Modification

Evolutionary supermaterialism is the fulfillment of Involutionary spiritualism

Since at least the Renaissance with the revival of classical philosophy, beginning in the 14th century, there has been a slow and steady turning away from involutionary religions---although Plato was an involutionary philosopher as well.

This has been a great historical modification of tradition, not always understood by the modifiers. As a result, involutionary religion has been thrown away at times in favor of science, or other times it has been reconciled by religious philosophers such as St Thomas Aquinas, who one could say, tried to harmonize the differences between the inward and outward paths.

In the modern world the outward path of materialism has gained much ground, even if fanatical religious movements have risen in defense of traditional religion. Yet the morals and ethics of civilization have been largely determined by the Involutionary Inward Path of religious philosophy. Priests and religious philosophers have insisted on exclusive control of the morals and ethics of society derived from the Inward Path, and secular thinkers have given us mostly modified versions of the Inward Path.

Why has the human world continually tried to modify the religious Inward Path? The Inward Path, at its essence, blocks the material world in a Great Spiritual Blockade, originally for the purpose of experiencing or seeing and knowing the God Within. Material life, seeking to live and prosper, naturally reacted to this blockade. It did so by sometimes utterly rejecting the Inward Path and sometimes by modifying the Inward Path. At this time science and secular humanism have grown strong in utterly rejecting the Inward Path of traditional religions.

In affirming the Twofold Path, the Theoevolutionary Church joins the Great Modification of the Renaissance to harmonize and synthesize the Inward Path of spiritualism with the Outward Path of materialism and supermaterialism. We do not reject the great experience of seeing the God Within, which was the central concern of the Revealed Religions. We think of the Great Modification unfolding throughout much of human history as an almost blind attempt to discover the material and supermaterial Outward Path of Evolution to Godhood.

Godhood was glimpsed inwardly as a most blissful and sacred experience, but it was a virtual experience of what Godhood will be like when reached in the Evolutionary Outward Path, after evolving beyond the human experience. All the blind groping away from the Inward Path can be seen as a positive and constructive attempt to understand and reach the Godhood of the Outward Path. Religion and science can join one another. Evolutionary supermaterialism is the fulfillment of Involutionary spiritualism.

This means that human civilization can revitalize the morals and values of social philosophy, looking outward toward evolving to Godhood, while retaining the inward first experience of God. We are evolving upward to Godhood in the cosmos and we need to apply our religion and science and social philosophy to this sacred goal.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Evolution Not Revolution

Pat Buchanan gradually came to stand between the Paleoconservatives and the New Right in Europe, with both feet still planted in the American Paleoconservative camp. But Buchanan agreed with the stark warnings of the New Right on the suicide of the West and our replacement by faster breeding immigrants.

This suicide of Europe and America continues to be denied by the media and by the elite academics who preach leftism and tolerance, and see our suicide as a sign of progress. But this nefarious denial will not work forever as strong biological instincts take over. There will be a powerful desire for revenge, violent revolution will be proclaimed to take back our territory and defend our children's future. But violent revolution is not the solution to our decline.

Evolution not revolution is the way to proceed. Endless racial-national wars will not fulfill our evolutionary destiny. Given modern weapons, wars may even lead to our complete demise. Raymond Cattell rightly described war as a breakdown of evolution, like the immature chess player who upsets the board. Competition, cooperative competition, is important, but war is not a part of the intelligent evolutionary cooperation needed to evolve upward to Godhood. The chaos of war destroys the order upon which steady upward evolution depends.

The activation of the Spirit-Will To Godhood exists within all people, within all life, and is shaped by evolution, wars will never extinguish it.  There must be a place on earth for each people to pursue their own evolution. For example, in the United States, the Constitution can be legally applied to affirming the independence and variety of the many states. There can be Europe of a thousand states. Even China of a thousand states, at least.  And each people can be protected in their independence by a light federalism.  Humans are capable of this, especially when our future depends on it.

We need to evolve, gradually, beyond the human species, which continues to make war on one another. In the Theoevolutionary Church our mission is to help guide human evolution to Godhood in the cosmos. Given our serious dilemma, will the revolutionaries see the wisdom of evolution over revolution? Evolution will need to be strongly proclaimed and defended.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The moral imagination and prophets of evolution

My take on Russell Kirk's “moral imagination” (and his mentor Edmund Burke) is that the moral imagination should aspire to the right order regarding the activation the Spirit-Will To Godhood, and the right order in political structures, but also the right order in philosophy and art.

The “total art work” was supposed to do this, as envisioned by the Ancient Greeks, and much later by Richard Wagner. But in this sense religion is the real total art work.

This affirms the definition of great art as, art that affirms the sacred. Art obviously does not do this today, which means that modern art is not good art, if it can even be called art.

What is “right order?” Right order means distinct and varied people directing their lives toward evolving to Godhood in the cosmos, living in small states, protected by a light federalism, and creating art and philosophy which affirms and seeks to illuminate the sacred path of evolution to Godhood.

This means we need prophets of evolution more than prophets of inward salvation, which we have had plenty of, or prophets of human stage utopian political schemes.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Revitalized Tradition the Third Revelation

If we separate history into the “religious traditional,” from about 400 BC, to the nineteenth century “modern scientific,” we see how tradition has been fighting the modern, and the modern has been trying to bury tradition, with tradition losing much ground and nearly fading away.

But rather than struggling, pinch-faced and hopeless, to avoid and block the modern world, tradition needs to face and affirm the Third Revelation of the Theoevolutionary Church. 

When we look to the Great Books of Western Tradition we no longer need to close the door to the Enlightenment. Revitalized Tradition includes the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood, the Third Revelation, which includes and emerges from the first two Revelations of tradition.  

The First Revelation was the tribal interpretations of God. The Second Revelation was the universal interpretation of God of Jesus Christ. The Third Revelation includes both the tribal and universal God of the Inward Path, who is evolved to in the cosmos through the Outward Path. Religion meets science, the spiritual meets the supermaterial.

Again, if we are to survive, prosper and evolve to Godhood, we need to face and affirm the Third Revelation of the Twofold Path.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pat Buchanan has proved his political thesis

If even those who warn about the suicide of the West are blacklisted, then Pat Buchanan has proved his political thesis by sacrificing his own pound of flesh.

Buchanan is no racist or anti-Semite, real racists and anti-Semites see him as a naive Christian universalist.

Few Americans are as ethical and moral as Buchanan is, without these dirty tricks Buchanan would have been President of the United States.

So what's next? This injustice will create more racists and anti-Semites who will use Buchanan's demise as proof of their philosophy. But this will only feed into the deceitful narrative of those who rise to power by destroying the West.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It remains for the individual states and regions to be seen as saviors from the bureaucratic lies

Was the false idea of the limitless assimilation of distinctly different people into one, peaceful, nation and culture, a big lie, or was it an example of the human tendency to always be overly optimistic rather than real? Both are possible explanations.

It has proved not possible to create one, big, bureaucratic state of distinctly different people living in harmony.  So why try? Here is where the lies, or the over-optimism comes into practice. Clever and lying people can gain advantage as middlemen in these schemes. Or people can dream of emotionally satisfying but unreal utopias. Even the use of force does not cause the assimilation of distinctly different groups in the long term, big imperialistic states always break back down into small states or ethnostates.

During the so-called process of assimilation, distinctly different groups do not fight merely for their “rights,” they fight for the dominance of their own people, their own culture. This is simply true and obvious.

When the old classic list of the five original living races of man is considered, the Mongoloid, Caucasoid, Australoid, Capoid, and Congoid (not necessarily in that order), and when it is seen that these differences evolved separately, in very different places, and at different rates (and it seems possible that these differences existed even before the Homo-sapien stage was reached by each race), then one can see how deep these ancient divisions can be. Now we have the cousin-races of these divisions with almost the same unassimilable differences.

Why is this so hard to affirm? And why is it so wrong to have these differences? Again, it seems to be the result of the lies or the over-optimism of man. This is not "racism," this is realism.

Lucky for us living in the United States, our Constitution affirms the demarcation of many different states and regions, each being as different as they choose to be--short of becoming monarchies--protected by a light federalism. No revolution, no secession, is necessary to legally bring people in harmony with true human nature. It remains for the individual states and regions to be widely seen or interpreted as saviors from these bureaucratic lies, and saviors from the many problems caused by the over-optimistic dream of limitless assimilation.

What do all people, all races, hold in common? We are all activated by the Spirit-Will To Godhood, which works with evolution in its diverse ways, on the sacred path of evolution to Godhood. The Theoevolutionary Church is committed to helping all people on their varied paths to Godhood.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tough Humanitarianism

Like “tough love,” tough humanitarianism is the appeal of the Theoevolutionary Church (TC). As in Cattell's noble Beyondism, the humanitarian appeal comes from trying to prevent the complete collapse of a people and their culture as the only criterion for judging success or failure.

This can be accomplished by discovering an index in social science, or sociobiology, for measuring the signs of health and sickness of a society and a people, relating to its gene pool, natural resources, geographical position and its ethical and moral standards.

One advantage of TC over Beyondism, which largely rejects traditional religion, is that we define the God seen in the Inward Path of traditional religion as a mirror of the Godhood reached through material/supermaterial evolution, thereby we can offer a less radical Revitalized Conservatism and an Ordered Evolution.

TC wants to help all distinct people evolve to Godhood in the cosmos. This fulfills the sacred activation within  the material world by the Spirit-Will To Godhood, which is then shaped by evolution from without.

TC is concerned mainly with the ethical and moral standards of the evolution to Godhood.

This is a humanitarianism that still needs to be understood as humanitarianism, or at least as tough humanitarianism, by a culture of ruling politically correctness which is not unlike cultural Marxism.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The problem of too complex social structures

The “integral” approach of Ken Wilber, like traditional religion before him, overestimates and outruns real human nature in affirming social structures too complex to work well over time, which is mainly why we don't have the world they envision after thousands of years of trying.

Valuing “worldcentric” and universal programs as the most desired human structures, when they exists at the weakest reaches of real human nature, and the most difficult extensions for bonding humans together peacefully, leads to various failures. This kind of  “world philosophy” wrongly defines the world as more important than small states, creating an unreal or false holism of values.

Better to admit the hard reality of the basic kin-centerdness and ethnocentrism of real human nature, and learn to work with and harmonize this into the world, which suggest a less complex view, of small independent states within a very light protecting federalism.

Real workable social structures require working hard on understanding cooperative competition rather than hedonistic compacts of unreal harmony, which have their origin in the Involutionary Inward Path to the Soul of traditional religion.  This is only half the religious worldview of the Twofold Path required to reach Godhood.

The religious base of working with real human nature, and the social programs that work best with real human beings, is grounded in the sacred evolution of humanity over great time to Godhood. This sacred evolution works best with variety, localism, and competition, but a competition monitored by science and the religious values of Ordered Evolution.

Monday, February 13, 2012

No pluralistic theism in the origin of the cosmos

Primal Matter activated by the Spirit Will To Godhood gives birth to the cosmos, then the Spirit-Will  within matter activates the cosmos to evolve to Godhood, from the material to the supermaterial. Matter always has within it the Spirit-Will To Godhood.

This is not “pluralistic theism,” this is one process of life, activation, and evolution. The Spirit-Will requires Matter and Matter requires the Spirit-Will.  This is defined in theological materialism.

Those who seek to “release” the spirit from gross matter (eg. the Gnostic perspective), would kill both matter and the spirit. Those who allow only matter and no spirit (eg. science), see an incomplete or dead matter and also kill both matter and spirit. Those who see the Spirit-Will activating matter to evolve, unblock the Path to Godhood.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Diversity rather than multiculturalism

Like the past term “cosmopolitan,” multiculturalism overlooks or blocks the sociobiological definition of human nature, defined as being essentially kin-centered, local, patriotic, even ethnocentric. You can't block these basic elements of human nature without suffering a disjunction of personality, a disharmony of culture.

It is not “bigoted” to be in harmony with human nature!   E.O. Wilson sought to include sociobiology in the humanities beginning back in the 1970's with little affect on the academic world, popular culture or the media.

Diversity is a better concept than multiculturalism. Americans are most fortunate to have inherited a Constitution that affirms diversity in the form of small states within a light federalism, whose main task is protect those differences. Small states can even be seen as ethnostates, where real human nature can harmonize with a culture that relates to real human nature.

When “provincialism” is defined the way T. S. Eliot defined it, failing to affirm multiculturalism is not being bigoted. Being provincial is being blind to historical knowledge, blind to other periods of history which can help us understand how to be better provincials, and better able to live in a world of diverse people and cultures.

Granted, this is position is “politically incorrect” at this time, but it had better not remain so. True diversity unacknowledged has often led to radical, secessionist revolution, and not tolerance of multiculturalism.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

On Conservatism

I love America and feel patriotic toward my country. I take my stand with those who see the government mainly as a protector of the freedom and liberty of the individual states within the light federalism of the government. This includes government protection of our manufacturing base, which free-market libertarians don't agree with. I approve of the creative free-enterprise system, but there is a limit to economic growth related to dwindling resources, and to survival ethics, and this still needs to be understood by the free-enterprise philosophy.

The split among conservatives really began in the 1950's and 1960's, between Russell Kirk and Willmoore Kendall, that is, between traditional, ordered, religious-grounded society, and free-market ultra-individualism.

In the 1970's the “neoconservatives” crossed over from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party in protest against the antiwar movement, and also in dual support of Israel and the United States. The neocons strongly influence the big-government, war-interventions of the Bush years. They also more or less rejected from the Republican establishment Russell Kirk-oriented "paleoconservatives," like Pat Buchanan and Thomas Fleming.

The Republican Party establishment continues to support many neoconservative programs and has persuaded many social conservatives, using religious interpretations of the end times, to go along with their military adventures in the Middle East and elsewhere. The libertarian wing of conservatism does oppose these foreign military interventions, even if many of their members don't mind the foreign interventions of global corporations.

Evolution is sacred in my religious philosophy, yet my position on change and order relate well to the slow and careful changes affirmed by Burke and Kirk. The future goal of evolving to Godhood requires a degree of change over time that Burke and Kirk would not affirm, but successful survival and evolution takes place best in stable conservative societies, where positive mutations have the chance to be incorporated in the gene pool.

The decentralization of the states from the central government relate well to evolutionary variety and natural cooperative competition. If given the proper independence affirmed by the original United States Constitution, the growth of multiple ethnic groups and cultures can be accommodated in the various states of the union.

And finally, the religious roots of society, emphasized by Burke and Kirk, is affirmed in the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church. But this requires a Revitalized Conservatism which includes the goal of Ordered Evolution all the way to Godhood. The God first seen, and mirrored, in the Inward Path of traditional religion, is the Godhood of the Outward Path evolved to in the cosmos.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Wish-fulfillment of Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber centers on human personal development, which is good but not nearly enough---Wilber's view of evolution is really involution, not unlike the religious wisdom traditions. What we need is the evolution of the human species to higher and higher species and eventually to real supermaterial Godhood in the cosmos.

Wilber's second problem is that his “integral” approach defines “worldcentrism” as the highest development of man, failing to emphasize the realistic, sociobiological, view of human nature as proceeding in strength from the egocentric and ethnocentric stages to its weakest bonding at the worldcentric stage.

Our worldview needs to harmonize with actual human nature and actual evolution, which leads to the synthesizing vision of the Twofold Path in the Theoevolutionary Church. We do affirm involution and the Inward Path to the God-Within, as do the religious wisdom traditions, but we also affirm the evolutionary Outward Path to Real Godhood in the cosmos.

We are all in this world together, not worldcentrically, but ethnocentrically, and cooperative ethnocentrism is the key to both stable societies and evolving societies. We require psychological and social structures that enhance actual, sociobiologically valid,  human nature, which can then enhance real evolution, such as small, naturally-bonding, states or ethnostates, with a light federalism--- not worldcentrism.

Worldcentrism suggests a utopian dream that leads to the hedonism of stopping all competition, variety and evolution in favor of listless, noncompetitive pleasure. This relates to the worthy goal of the Inward Path to the God Within, which is nevertheless only a mirror of the goal of the Outward Path of evolution to Real Godhood in the cosmos.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Change and Conservatism

The Revitalized Conservatism I write about is based in the concept that we are evolving to Godhood, which certainly defines change, but we are doing so within conservative structures which provide the best foundation for Ordered Evolution. We have always survived and evolved best in familiar surroundings among homogenous people who are loyal and patriotic regarding their local environments.

This is somewhat different from Edmund Burke's modern conservatism, or Irving Kristol's  neoconservatism. Religion makes sacred the moral and ethical standards which also tend to help us survive and reproduce more successfully. This is the insight of the new/old science of sociobiology.

The religion of the Theoevolutionary Church affirms the Spirit-Will To Godhood which activates life to evolve to Godhood. But it retains the traditional Inward Path of the Revealed Regions, which puts us in the camp of conservatism. This gives a new foundation to understanding change and conservatism.

It is the Twofold Path of Involution and Evolution that provide the basic religious foundation for uniting change and conservatism. The God seen in the Inward Path of traditional religion is the Godhood reached in the Outward Path of evolution to Godhood.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Humans can prevent miserable biological and social collapse

(The shame of the taboos against evolutionary sociology and genetic engineering)

Evolutionary sociology and genetic engineering can be benevolent and altruistic in preventing the miserable suffering and collapse of individuals and societies. As Raymond Cattell said, there is a difference between emotional compassion and “planful altruism.”

By studying the genetic as well as the cultural causes of the fall of people and groups, these cruel things can be prevented, so that we all can get on with the sacred business of evolving to Godhood, which is also prevented by the taboo against evolutionary religion.

In the future these taboos will be seen as irrational and even dangerous biases. It is ironic that those who propagate these biases usually do so to try to advance themselves or their group, consciously or unconsciously.

Of course there are dangers to human administration in any field, but fear of the truth must not block new truths.  For example, people can simply be sociobiologically maladjusted to the cultures they live within, and it takes more than education in job skills, important as education is, to change things for future generations. There must at least be voluntary ways to restrict the birth rates or genetically improve the maladjusted, rather than to try to cover it all over with blind charity, which does not change the problem in the long run and can often make things worse.

The universe is not cold and indifferent, since I believe that all life is activated to evolve to Godhood, and therefore humans should not be cold and indifferent. We cannot really block sex and aggression but we can control them, especially when evolving to Godhood is the purpose of it all. In any case, the natural justice of natural selection will take place, and groups that do not or cannot choose wisely will collapse.

We can prevent these miserable collapses with real altruism and compassion by way of the sociobiological sciences, and with evolutionary religious values.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Reconciliation

The Inward Path of the Revealed Religions “reasons” from the inside outward, the the Outward Path of the Theoevolutionary Church (TC) reasons from the outside inward. This Twofold Path harmonizes and reconciles religion, science and evolution.

The God seen inwardly is the Godhood evolved to outwardly. These are the Two Pillars of the Inward Path to the Soul and the Outward Path of the Spirit-Will To Godhood.

The problem now with this reconciliation is that traditional religion does not want to “merely” define its view of God as the inward God, and traditional science does not want to admit either and inward or and outward God, whether evolved to or not.

The Twofold Path of TC saves religion, science and evolution by harmonizing and reconciling them, which defines revitalized conservatism rather than radicalism. This is a religion of the past and the future.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Reason and intellectual intuition

The Theoevolutionary Church aims, at least figuratively, to be one with the inward Spirit-Will To Godhood which activates life, and then life is seen as shaped by outward evolution. In this sense the Spirit-Will is given higher priority than evolution although both are sacred and connected.

Science, and even the very few noble attempts at science from religion, such as Raymond Cattell's Beyondism, do not admit the Spirit-Will and think of this mainly as an illusionist concept. This tends to make science seem ungrounded, at least emotionally ungrounded, which is why it is so difficult to make a science of religion.

Truth does not depend on science or reason alone, but truth can use the help of reason. Tradition defined reason as the “handmaid “ of the intellect. Reason and science receive their subjects and their substance from intellectual intuition and faith, which was once called revelation. The Spirit-Will to Godhood is seen from this source at this time, but science will one day catch up to it.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

On the new altruism

Looking at human competition and modern warfare, the new Darwinism of sociobiology has helped us to see that “survival of the fittest” does not mean the survival of only one fit group. Nationalists, racialists, supremacists, hegemonists (including global corporations), religionists, and various chosenhoods, need to fully understand that the world gangs up on hegemony and supremacy, and given modern weapons, all groups can end up greatly damaged, or destroyed.

This means we have to develop a more intelligent altruism, beyond affirming ones own group against all others. But this does not mean moving to the extreme altruism of demanding (sometimes at the point of a gun) love of the world more than love of ones own people (which can also be a disguised attempt for dominance). Understanding the biological origin of altruism, as a means to successful within-group cooperation and advancement, needs to expand to cooperative competition between different groups, rather than supremacy.

The universe can seem cold or cruel in its natural selection and evolution, but when we see that the Spirit-Will To Godhood activates all life, all groups, then we can better understand the practicality of cooperative competition. Human beings are not designed to love the whole world but they are designed to understand that in order for their own people to survive and evolve they need to allow others to survive and evolve. Unplanned benevolence, such as feeding people rather than helping them develop agriculture, has almost always done more harm than good.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Synthesizing Vision

When we connect the physical, or the material world, to the “spiritual” world by defining the spiritual as supermaterial, then we uncomplicate the overcomplicated divide between religion and science, among other things.

Godhood then can be seen as the Zenith of the material-supermaterial world. Evolution can enter the religious discourse because the material evolves to supermaterial Godhood in the cosmos.

This brings various separations together, as the God seen, or incarnated in Jesus Christ, and other wisdom traditions, by way of the Involutionary Inward Path of religion, is the mind-Soul vision, or mirror, of the Godhood reached in the Evolutionary Outward Path of material-supermaterial evolution.

This is how the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church is defined as the synthesizing vision.