Friday, September 30, 2016

Anti-white “Whiteness Studies”

There is a big difference between caring about ones ethnic identity and hating other ethnic identities, but these have been linked together by the corrupt academy and the Big Media.

In a healthy world people would object to the anti-white “Whiteness Studies” which are now taught in our decadent and corrupt colleges and universities.

The bitter irony is that this anti-white movement has been promoted not only by clueless modern liberals but by ethnic groups intent on their own ethnic dominance. How is that for diabolical?

I eventually realized that many of the racist groups which push hate against other races are full of trolls (or even originated by trolls) who know that promoting this hatred will help destroy the identity groups they hide within. Avoid such groups.

Real human nature cannot be blocked forever by the real haters. Real human nature remains basically group and ethnic selecting, because this offers the best survival and reproductive advantages.

That is why ethnopluralism is one of the things featured on this blog, along with the philosophy of theological materialism. The healthy way to deal with the natural differences and competitions between ethnic groups is not to hate one another but to affirm regions and states set aside for distinct ethnic cultures so that they can be what they are.

This can even be accommodated by the constitutional separation of powers and states, with perhaps a few new amendments. Civil disturbances are not necessary. Civil war is not necessary. Federalism can protect the whole.

If we have to hate something we should hate the diabolical and corrupt taboos against affirming ethnic identity---although the taboos seem now to be meant only for affirming a white identity.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Waiting for the moment when Hillary's smugness turns to shock

Hillary obviously thinks Trump is a complete idiot, which is seen in the smugness she shows thinking she won the first debate. The Brit establishment showed the same smugness prior to the Brexit vote.

I will much enjoy seeing the moment when Hillary's smugness turns to shock when she realizes that the Great Unrepresented have won.

The pompousness of Hillary is shared by all her modern liberals friends, as well as the Big Media, who were taught their cultural Marxism in our decadent colleges and universities.

The question is, will Trump be able to change the Establishment? It will probably take his kind of narcissism to overcome the dirty tricks planned against him.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pre-Halloween Debate

What kind of a pre-Halloween nation is it when a smug rotten-apple career politician wins a debate over a healthy but blotched non-politician pumpkin?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Where feminism becomes a threat

I guess there is no way to avoid speaking out against feminism. Sociobiology needs to be taught in our schools because feminism has no idea what real human nature actually is.

The gender trait of male protectiveness toward women actually works against criticizing feminism, not to mention the potential reproductive disadvantages of women disliking men. Show business has been teaching the feminists that beauty and sex sell better than angry lesbians dressed like men. Think of the actress Emma Watson pronouncing the phrase “gender equality” in that soft British accent. Feminist-lite apparently has sold many men---and some of them are not even effete. He-For-She? Really?

Equal pay for equal work everyone agrees with, but things get serious when gender equality in the infantry units of the military is promoted, which becomes a real threat to protecting the lives of Americans of either gender. It has been made clear from the data gathered that the only way to have women in infantry units is to lower standards. Mixed sex-units were slower at accomplishing tasks than all male units, and musculature-skeletal differences created many more injuries in women than men. That is only a few of the problems.

What really is He For She involves defining real human nature as containing not only big gender differences, but being kin-centered, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection, followed by individual selection. Feminism agrees with none of this reality.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Can we bring back civilization?

Culture is first written in the genes and then reinforced by cultural rewards and sanctions. In real human nature individualism takes second place to group-selection. Group-selection is, and was, the original creator of morals and values long before traditional religions came along.

But virtually nothing of that morality remains in the modern liberal cultural Marxism which now rules. What we have now is individualistic license, not freedom. There is no social stigma other than the social stigmas against any kind of traditional morality. And so we continue to decay.

Many many generations created Western civilization yet civilization has been largely destroyed in a few generations. That is a powerful negative movement. Can we bring back civilization?

In a word, yes. We can allow real human nature to regain social and cultural relevance, since modern liberalism rejects real human nature. People are not as stupid as the Big Media think they are, which is part of the inherent arrogance of the controllers of the Big Media.

Human history shows a continual return to real human nature as the various forms of imperialism always break back down into smaller ethnostates, reflecting real human nature. And human nature remains as it has always been: kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection, followed by individual selection.

The return to civilization could happened legally and conservatively, or through radical revolution. The radical way could resemble the old long-running series “The Sons Of Anarchy,” where the violent motorcycle gangs resemble old pagan society in many ways. Or the return to civilization could happen the right way, through the legal constitutional separation of powers and states within federalism, which could accommodate an ethnopluralism of states, with perhaps a few amendments.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cutting The Gordian Knot Of Phenomenology

(reblog from April 2011)

My personal thought is that Husserl's phenomenology is just too complicated to be useful or correct.

It was obviously very difficult to build his intricate mazes and puzzles which analyze consciousness and how we know what we know. The alter-ego, intersubjectivity, self-alienation, self-externalization, and on and on, seem to be scaffolding built around the pet idea that we are solipsistic, trapped in our own ego, our own consciousness. This is its presupposition even though they claim to be “presuppositionless,” a word they would like.

Heidegger continues the maze, he was a student of Husserl. And philosophy students in this field continue to enter the maze and trap themselves, or even add new structures to the maze, or are forced to do if they want to be professionals.

I don't buy it, at least not the complication. I pull an Alexander and cut the Gordian knot of phenomenology, rather than sitting there, for years, trying to untie the pretentious knot. The truth has to be simpler. I offer the Four Givens which I believe are simpler yet deeper than phenomenology.

The first given is what comes in from the senses, the second is our memory of what comes in from the senses (mind), the third is the supermaterial Spirit-Will activating the material world, fourth is the synthesis of these givens (Soul-Mind). It is the Soul not the ego which is the center of the mind's integration. The Soul-Mind, with great effort, can even rid the mind and body of all desire, as in Traditional religion, which is only one of the Twofold Path. The central mission of life is to evolve materially and supermaterially all the way to Godhood.

Conservatives claim conservatism is not an ideology---yes it is

Conservatism at least shares the same ideological definition of being an abstract system or theory of ideas. Theology is another related term which abstractly concentrates more on God. And philosophy, another related term, abstractly calls God "Being," which ideology abstractly calls "end-goals." Conservatism forms abstract ideas with principles as much as ideologies do. There is nothing more abstract than spiritualism. Conservatism fits together into a system, a magisterium, which includes as much “social-justice engineering” as any ideology. Russell Kirk is one of my favorite thinkers but his anti-ideology is also an ideology.

Conservatism should not waste valuable time and reputation smugly putting down non-conservatism because it is ideology. It would be better to say, yes, conservatism could be defined as an ideology, but it is deeper and superior to leftest ideologies, such as cultural Marxism. Conservatism still describes reality better than leftist ideologies, although perhaps not better than the study of sociobiology. Abstractions in general can become a problem in trying to see reality, and that includes the abstractions of conservatism.

Theological materialism sees or defines Godhood not as a non-material spiritual abstraction but as a living supermaterial object, or objects, which life evolves to in the non-abstract material world of real objects. Call that an ideology, theology or philosophy, whatever pleases you. It's reality we seek to understand so that we can then better relate theology, philosophy and ideology (and don't forget science) to reality.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Universal oneness and ethnopluralism

Regarding the ethnic differences which continue today to tear us apart, Christianity encourages the spirit of oneness and universalism with the teachings of Christ. This at first seems to conflict with the spirit of ethnopluralism, which encourages the natural separation of distinctive ethnic groups based mainly on the strong biological or genetic elements of group-selection in real human nature. Marxism promotes another version of oneness and universalism believing that cultural nurturing (on not nurturing) makes men different and unequal, and biology and genes have little or nothing to do with it.

Nietzsche rejected Christianity largely for this reason, he found “universalism” and “oneness” an absurd fiction. I think Nietzsche could have been more like Aquinas in transforming Christianity rather than rejecting it, but perhaps without the hyperintellectualism of Aquinas. I think Nietzsche should have been more conservative and less radical in transforming and not rejecting religion.

Real universal oneness is seen in the universal drive to survival and reproductive success along with the preference for group-selection which all people, all ethnic groups, possess. This is what creates many of the conflicts and competitions, which ethnopluralism can help to harmonize, by separating the fighters, as in a schoolyard altercation. Ethnopluralism becomes the real and practical solution to us all getting along better, more than preaching univeralism, oneness, and equality, which does not reflect real human nature.

As to retaining or transforming Godhood, theological materialism affirms the material evolution to real Godhood, which reflects the sacred inward drive of life “universally” within all people. This sacred goal is better realized and evolved toward, with fewer conflicts, in the conditions of variety and separations of ethnopluralism.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ethnopluralism is the real opposite of modern liberalism

The transvaluation of values of cultural Marxism, or modern liberalism, defines anyone who disagrees with its propaganda as a fascist, bigot, or racist and as a threat to its monstrous world of no borders, no religion, no history, no ethnic differences, and its approval of such things as sodomy and total equality.

The real opposite of modern liberalism is not libertarian capitalism which tends to become licentious and even fascist, and the opposite is not the Traditional School of religion, which tends toward both religious and political imperialism. The opposite of the transvaluation of values of modern liberalism is ethnopluralism, with regions and states grounded in well protected and diverse ethnic cultures.

Ethnopluralism is the way to oppose modern liberalism with the moral high ground, which actually respects real human nature, real human rights, real diversity, and real freedom---and don't forget real evolution. Ethnopluralism can bring whatever peace and harmony is possible for human beings because it is based in real human nature, which remains very much group selecting.

So let's see the movement toward ethnopluralism at least begin. It can be done legally, conservatively, by affirming the constitutional separation of powers and states, with only a few amendments. European thinkers on the right have been affirming ethnopluralism for a long time, although recently they seem to have been seduced by Alexander Dugin, who hates the West with his version of the imperial, non-material traditional school, led by Russia.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Understanding reality requires the teaching of sociobiology in the humanities

As today's headlines show that racial riots are once again increasing, I think of how education in America has encouraged such disruptions. 

If we define education as the growing understanding of reality it is not enough to teach the old classical tradition and the Christian faith. That of course would be a great improvement over the cultural Marxism now taught. But reality requires the teaching of sociobiology not only in the sciences but in the humanities. If we want to understand reality we need to understand the depths of the biological origin of much of social behavior.

Where do we come from? Why are we here? Who are we? These questions need to include the sociobiological definition of human nature, which remains kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection.

This deepened view needs to be taught along with the traditional great books of the world. But the negative spin on the Enlightenment which traditional, classical, and religious education now teaches needs to change. Sociobiology would not have developed without the Enlightenment.

At the heart of education is the affirmation of identity, and not the identity of cultural Marxism which is now taught in our schools. Our biological ethnic identity is no small thing, it largely determines who we are and how we conduct our cultures. Teaching sociobiology can fill this empty gap.

Perhaps when we once again define education as the growing understanding of reality, that reality will include an ethnopluralism of ethnostates which protect who we are and where we live, for all ethnic cultures. As we move in and out of dark ages this is the inevitable future which real human nature always moves toward.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why the dominant cultural Marxists feel threatened by Trump

It has been all but taboo to include the quality of people in discussing economic growth, immigration, innovation, the arts, and culture in general, including political culture. This has been largely due to the cultural Marxism now prevailing in the West which has buried nature in an orgy of nurture.

Culture is created first by the traits and qualities of the people who create the culture, and nurturing follows, although of course the two work together. The big growth of America between 1940 and 1970 happened during a time of immigration and trade restrictions, when Northern European or at least European people and economic nationalism were favored. General growth stopped when these restrictions were lifted and a small elite in global business and the Big Media emerged at the expense of everyone else.

The dominance of cultural Marxism promoted by global business and the Big Media blockaded nature with incessant nurture propaganda. For example, the domestication of modern men became the feminization of men, whereas domestication should mean the traditional civilizing behavior of the gentleman.

The Trump and Hillary presidential competition now taking place is really a nature versus nurture competition, guts versus brains as someone said. Nature/quality has been buried by nurture/quantity, and Trump at least is moving away from the nurture/quantity dominance and toward nature/quality. The dominant cultural Marxists feel very threatened and are hitting back with all the Big Media at their command. But people are not paying much attention to them.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The truth about human nature and Islamic integration in the West

The failure to integrate or assimilate Islamic immigrants in the West is not due to white racism any more than the failure of blacks to fully integrate is due to white racism---just ask the Black Lives Matter agitators if Blacks have assimilated. The failure to assimilate is directly due to real human nature which remains at it has always been: kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection. That is why we have had the failures to integrate.

The truth about human nature and integration seems to be against the law to even mention in Europe, and it is a taboo subject in the powerful Big Media in the U. S. where the agenda has been to brainwash the public in cultural Marxism, which has defined modern liberalism. The Big Media propaganda for cultural Marxism has been more clever than the old Soviet communist propaganda.

Modern liberals like Hillary Clinton, and even some conservatives, are just plain intellectual fools (or bold liars) in not seeing or admitting the real reasons why we have had the failure to integrate different ethnic cultures in the West. Integration and assimilation only worked reasonable well when the immigrants were closely related ethnic cultures.

The West is going to have to eventually accept these truths about real human nature and integration if there is ever going to be harmony or peace, or these truths will be brought home through civil war, which is the stupid way to change. The forces against these truths are diabolically clever and will use any means to stop it. Distinctly different ethnic cultures and groups need distinct ethnostates with protected borders. The constitutional separation of powers and states in the U.S. realized this fact, but did not make it clear enough. Now it needs to be made clear, with amendments, or with whatever other legal means are required.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Suicide of Swedes and Germans

The multiple stabbings yesterday in the Minnesota Mall by someone shouting Allah is great shows that the suicidal altruism of Swedes and German in Minnesota is the same at it is in Sweden and Germany. Minnesota Swedes and Germans have happily brought in an estimated 20,000 Somalis refugees (and growing), and that is adding to 63,619 Hmong refugees (and growing)---and both groups are mainly not assimilating.

We are seeing the dying of a great branch of northern people, who developed their altruism due to very difficult survival conditions during and following the last Ice Age where strong altruism and sacrifice were the only way to survive. This natural altruism has been diabolically exploited for many years in our educational system which teaches cultural Marxism.

So it will take an equally strong educational system to discourage accepting unassimilating immigrants. That may take more time than we have. So stronger means of preventing the suicide of Swedes and Germans will probably be tried... I continue to believe that preventing the great suicide should be done legally, even if it takes a few amendments to the Constitution.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Arab Racism and Realism

Because Islam claims to to be against any form of racism, Arab racism is not discussed as a motive behind terrorism, which is largely supported by wealthy Arab nations. Racism is a taboo subject in the West too other than as another word for evil, so the foreign policy of the West is missing a rational understanding in dealing with terrorism and the problems of the middle-east. Interestingly Israel is about the only nation in the world to openly declare itself devoted to an ethnically chosen people, yet even with this, an understanding of Israeli racism is missing, at least openly, in the policy toward Israel.

Western dominance over Arabs in the past 100 years or so has not gone unnoticed by the Arabs, who highly resent it, although the Arabs may not be conscious of their own racism because it is supposedly forbidden in Islam. And the competition between Persian Shiite Islam and Arab Sunni Islam has a lot to do with racial and ethnic differences, and is not merely differences in religious interpretation.

If this is the reality, and I think it is, how does this biological-oriented knowledge relate to foreign policy in the middle-east? Since the preference for group-selection is a basic part of real human nature, a policy of not meddling in the affairs of the Arabs would make sense, as long as they do not try to create another empire beyond their borders. The same applies to Israel and its will to power and disguised racism.

Then, with a realistic foreign policy the West could get on with looking at the real motivations behind its own existence, which are no less biological than the Arabs or the Jews. The ethnopluralism of ethnostates written about here needs to be considered, which could be conservatively accommodated (without radical revolution) in the constitutional separation of powers and states in the U. S.. It's long-term evolution and survival that is being mismanaged, even in what now passes for realism.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Post-Utopian Ethnopluralism

Paleoconservative Chilton Williamson Jr. wrote another good column (Chronicles Sept. 2016) on how liberalism is no longer capable of controlling, liberally, the liberal society for which it is responsible. But then Williamson goes on to say that the alternative to post-racial politics is not white or black identitarian politics, it is a “post-Utopian politics” in the context of post-liberal politics, whatever that means.

That doesn't do it for me, because unless there can be a constitutional separation of powers and states into an ethnopluralism of ethnostates---that is, an “identitarian” solution within our constitutional tradition of the separation of powers and states---any post-Utopian dream is only another kind of Utopianism. Ethnopluralism harmonizes with real human nature, which remains kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection.

Ethnopluralism follows the deepest kind of conservatism, and it can be done legally and constitutionally if we have the wisdom and will to do so. If we cannot unpack and transform our liberal politics toward an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, well protected by federalism, then Williamson's fear of the “tyranny that has followed historically on the collapse of democratic regimes” will probably take place. I think we can do it, but it will require more intellectual and political courage than conservatism has been showing. Those who love America as I do want to see a legal, constitutional, and conservative transformation, not radical revolution.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why a new religious Mass of the Twofold Path is required

It is, of course, the ascetically negative way to describe it, but the experience of the God Within or the Father Within of Christ and Buddha requires the “death of life,” that is, all the desires of the flesh and the material world need to be blocked or dissipated to experience the real bliss of the God Within. This goal of the God Within defines the basic origin of Christian and Buddhist values and morals, which were later dumbed down by religious philosophers to make the extreme life of asceticism more palatable to the public. The Vedic thinkers had perhaps the best solution in declaring stages of human life allowing survival and reproduction but advocating asceticism at the end of life.

The God Within is not real Godhood, it is the first historical glimpse or experience of what Godhood may be like when life evolves in the material world to supermaterial Godhood. There seems to be an endless evolution of improvements in beauty, truth, power and goodness, with many starts and stops along the way. But this does not lead to the rejection of the Inward Path of the great religions, it describes the transformations of the Twofold Path, the involutionary and evolutionary paths, described in theological materialism, which includes both paths and both philosophical naturalism and religious theology.

The charge of megalomania is not enough to stop the call for a new religious Mass, which is required to affirm the Twofold Path, patterned after the traditional Mass in the conservative way of including the best of the past in the present and future, to help bond and give solace over the long term evolution of life toward Godhood.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary's deplorables define basic human nature

Hillary's deplorables, described as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic (or Christophobic for that matter) are an essential part of the genetic traits of basic human nature inherited from the ancient times when human nature developed these things as the best way to survive and reproduce in extremely difficult conditions.

This same human nature remains with us today, and only a few religious ascetics have managed to block or suppress human nature by suppressing all the drives of life, or all the “desires of the flesh.”

Nietzsche called this sort of thing a transvaluation of all values. Peace and love on earth has obviously not happened with the transvaluations of Hillary's political correctness and cultural Marxism.

Rather than hopelessly attempting to stamp out real human nature it is more realistic to find a way to balance or harmonize real human nature in our cultural and political philosophy.

The basic traits of human nature, which Hillary and her cohorts define as deplorable, instinctively and logically lead to the natural separations of ethnostates and ethnopluralism, and certainly do not lead to a melting of all people and cultures into one motley stew of love and peace.

Where are the “realists” in supporting this?

Monday, September 12, 2016

The fear of determinism in every field

The pervasiveness of the fear of determinism in every field of knowledge is surprising. It exists not only in the nature/nurture debates of sociobiology and psychology but within the debates over which national territories were the first to evolve Homo sapiens, the traditionalism/Marxism debates, and even within physics where the “indeterminacy” of the “superposition” now seems to rule.

It always comes back to the physical, the material, at least for me, where seemingly free and random movements are more like the boulder rolling down the mountain with physical forces determining the paths. When the wind blows the leaves of the tree it is not a mystical force, it is physical, planetary, weather forces.  I think the superposition in physics remains tied to physical forces still needing to be better determined.

And in the same way Godhood, the Spirit, and the Soul are material or supermaterial forces, they are not immaterial, spiritual, indeterminate, mystic forces. The Spirit, or Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, is a material or supermaterial force within life that helps activate life to evolve steadily toward Godhood in the universe, with many starts and stops along the way due to having to work in conjunction with the ups and downs of natural evolution.

So why this pervasive fear of determinism? It seems tied to our drives toward survival and reproductive success, mostly unconscious, and we simply can't accept any force as being determined to control us or win over us, unless it is a force which allows us to win---even if we have to invent the force. This makes the truth about these things hard to come by.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Can the lamb and the wolf be friends?

The “immaterial” lamb (the God or Father-Within) of the revealed religions has largely not brought the material “wolf” into the fold where they might lie down together in some leafy glade. The revealed religions have said that only the lamb can be king and wear the crown, and in response the wolf has denied the lamb. Material life demands life.

This is not a dance of destruction, the lamb and wolf can live together in the leafy, but competitive, glade of evolution, but differences and separations need to be protected. The God Within of the Inward Path is the virtual Godhood which is attained in the reality of the Outward Path of evolution toward Godhood.

The wolf needs liberation from the Great Spiritual Blockade which has hung over the religious world for so many centuries, but the ascetic vision of the lamb is not destroyed by the wolf, that has been the mistake of nonreligious liberalism. The Twofold Path conservatively retains both.

In theological materialism the lamb-God-Within is seen as the precursor of the wolf-God-Without. The Involutionary Inward Path of the lamb leads to the Evolutionary Outward Path of the wolf. (One could also use the symbol of the tiger as the Outward Path and the domesticated horse as the Inward Path)

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Why didn't Nietzsche and Heidegger directly link their philosophies to a reform of past religions?

It seems that even philosophers like Nietzsche and Heidegger believed that new religious philosophy was not possible, they did not label their philosophies as religion. Nietzsche's “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” could be thought of as religion, and so could Heidegger's conception of Being.

Perhaps it require the courage and independence of a madman or superman to create a new religion, but the fact is, the great religions were mainly developed as a reform of past religions. So why didn't Nietzsche and Heidegger link their philosophies to a reform of past religions? Nietzsche's hero was even named after one of the first monotheists. The great Aquinas reformed Christianity (and probably saved it) when he synthesized pagan Aristotle. Heidegger was even trained scholastically, and Nietzsche came from a long line of pastors.

Philosophers of new religions are labeled as megalomaniacal, at least at first, but they were less thought of as madmen when they formally synthesized past religion in their new philosophy. The political philosophy of conservatism works the same way synthesizing the past in the present and future.

The new religious philosophy of theological materialism takes materialism and philosophical naturalism and brings them together with traditional religion, art, and political philosophy. The divinity of the inner dynamism of life, called here the material Will-Spirit or Spirit-Will, which internally activates all life, working along with external natural selection and evolution, connects past paganism, Christianity and present science.

Godhood was understood or experienced first in the exclusive inward paths of ancient traditional religions, which can be transformed in the outward path of material evolution to the real supermaterial Godhood. God is not nature as a whole as the pagans thought, and God is not non-material or spiritual. The Will and Being are also not spiritual, which seems contrary even to the bold Nietzsche and Heidegger.

Godhood is the highest evolved material goal of life in the cosmos---and religion, art and politics can affirm this sacred goal. This does not lead to totalitarianism but to natural separations and variety, which real evolution and real human nature prefer, as human history has told us time and again.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Can art, politics, and the affirmation of the sacred be revived?

Art was not solely murdered by modern artists like Picasso and his cohorts who entered the dying room of art with knives to inflict the stabbing death blows. Art was murdered by malicious and perverted patrons of modern art, and by degenerate political and cultural philosophers who built a multi-cultural tower of Babel, which murdered the legitimate motivations for art and politics.

Nothing was left for art and politics but the license and hyper-individualism provided by decadent democracies. Real human nature was blocked and buried by false ideologues with agendas of their own and with no love and even hatred for traditional Western art and politics.

Can art, politics, and the affirmation of the sacred be revived? Is the patient really dead? The patient will not rise until there is something to affirm! Affirming real human nature means being kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection.

The people would be happy with an art and politics which affirms their sacred lands and their sacred people. Those of us who are against imperialism and globalism remember that many totalitarian dictators were motivated by a hatred of the degenerate art and politics of their time. Ethnopluralism with thousands of protected ethnostates is the moral high ground allowing art, politics, and the affirmation of the sacred to to be revived in the world. Will we do it?

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Like their followers, Trump and Hillary simply do not understand one another

I think the generational divide between a 70 year old man who went to military school and then to business school, and those who have been indoctrinated in politically correct cultural Marxism in college has been underestimated, they simply do not understand each another. Think of the smart-ass college sophomore and uncle Pete trying to communicate at the family picnic. This also explains why Trump appeals to non-college educated populists who, like Trump, are not foolish enough to buy the lies of the corrupt Big Media.

I think “the people” would vote for Trump even if he said he was against the equal rights amendment, against affirmative action, against feminism, or even against giving the the vote to women. But that might allow Hillary to win. The question is will there be enough Trump voters who have given up on voting because they believe the corruption is too deep to change? We can't believe the biased polls that's for sure.

Even if Trump is somehow elected president will he be able to overcome the power of Global Business and the Big Media? Perhaps conservatives will have to live with merely going in the right direction---that essentially defines conservatism anyway.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Religious and scientific opposites come together

Is “perspective” only artificially calculated and not really important? So say the postmodernists, influenced by Nietzsche. Perspective can be biased by disordered human psychology or by culture. It is not easy to see real nature and human nature, although it would be easier without such distortions as cultural Marxism.

When real human nature is the codified perspective than we tend to get traditional culture. The real “alienation” comes from being blocked by the drugged cloud of such things as postmodernism, and not from traditional culture. The traditional perspective relates to real human nature, where kin and group are affirmed over the individual, although there is individual selection within groups. And this is not the same as the traditionalist school where all things material are considered illusions.

A real religious and philosophical perspective does not come from only rationally standing above or from only emotional seeing from within, it comes from the Twofold Path combining the inward and outward paths, where intuition and peripheral vision are included with reason. Religious and scientific opposites come together, disjunctions converge, and there is no real duality between the spiritual and material, all things including Godhood are material or supermaterial.

We are living and selecting ourselves and our groups as we all evolve in the material and supermaterial world toward Godhood, with many starts and stops and lies and truths along the way. It is basically an ordered evolution where the goal is largely determined but the path is more free and naturally selected, like E. O. Wilson's boulder rolling down a mountain. This is the perspective of theological materialism.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Change and unchange in the alt. right

The tension between ethnic groups in democracies has been vastly underestimated, it is even a taboo subject mainly due to mistaken notions of human nature which say that we are all the same. The alt. right has had the courage to speak of these virtually irreconcilable differences and so they have been ridden out of the conservative movement where they rightly belong.

Evolutionary realism defines human nature as it is, kin-centered and group-centered, and even xenophobic, but this does not intrude on real conservatism, it transforms conservatism, as evolution transforms nature. Radicals and conservatives usually take only one side of the change/unchange dynamic, when both are needed.

St Thomas Aquinas could be understood as having saved Christian philosophy by synthesizing Aristotle's pagan Greek philosophy into Christianity. Evolutionary sociobiology needs to do the same  to save Christianity now. Theological materialism is attempting to do this, transforming the Inward God of traditional religion into the Outward God reached through material evolution, while retaining the Inward Path in the Twofold Path.

The Traditionalist School is digging in their heels and rejecting not only change but virtually rejecting science, yet many in the alt. right have embraced Aleksandr Dugin (who hates the West) and his retooling of Rene Guenon and Julius Evola, and therefore the alt. right is accepting only the unchange side of the change/unchange dynamic. Talking about long-term cycles that are unchanging is affirming unchange. Godhood is reached by the vehicle of evolution in the material world which the traditionalist school essentially rejects, 

The alt. right has over-concentrated on whites since whites have been overwhelmed by liberal social programs, but the moral high ground goes to promoting an ethnopluralism of ethnostates where all distinct ethnic groups have their own ethnostates protected by federalism. This could be done legally by the constitutional separation of powers and states, and maybe a few amendments to the Constitution.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Great art is the affirmation of the sacred

Beauty and form above subject matter? That idea is part of the perversion of art for artists, not for the public---if you can call them artists. Poetry has done the same thing in being written for other poets---although black rap does reach the public as obscene nursery rhymes (if you compare rap to Shakespeare you are a fool.) It is all empty ideology, like modern liberal politics, feminism, transgenderism, etc etc etc, with no basis in the biological reality of human nature. Great art was formed around the affirmation of sacred religion, and religion is not present in art today, nothing is present in art today, other than the ridiculous.

Here is a simple phrase: great art is the affirmation of the sacred. Great art has a constant sacred theme but an ever-changing character. The sacred may not be portrayed exactly the same for all people but that is what the separation of powers, states and people is all about. The sacred remains. My sacred art points toward evolutionary realism because life is evolving toward sacred material/supermaterial Godhood, and realism best affirms this for the group.

Modern critics have the perverted personalities to define classical Greek art as simply “racist” or “xenophobic.” Why aren't such critics thrown out of journalism? It's the same old corrupt, nefarious, and highly destructive Big Media, which needs to be understood as helping to destroy Western culture, not create it. They have to be held accountable if we are ever to have great art again.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Social problems from unreal abstractions

Conservative Christians define such modern liberal mistakes as sexual freedom and gender sameness as negative and unreal abstractions, but then they go on to affirm the even bigger abstraction of spirituality claiming that abstraction can make us all love one another. It has not worked. The latest street disruptions between black and white seem even more full of hatred than the “love-ins “ of the 1960's which nearly tore our country apart.

Real respect for others needs to take into account what human nature actually is. Human beings remain kin centered and group or ethnic centered and real respect comes from allowing distinct people to live and worship in their own distinct ways, and not jammed together in the same abstract multicultural space. This logically and emotionally suggests an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, well protected by a federalism limiting itself to that protection.

We could actually do this legally due to the constitutional separation of powers and states, even if a few amendments to the Constitution are necessary. It is certainly worth the effort since the alternative seems to be increasing civil disruptions, civil war and the fall of the West.

Worshiping together has not been enough to bond and harmonize “multicultural” societies. Religious and political problems always go back to abstractions and ideologies with little or no basis in reality. But absurd as it sounds we can retain bonds of religion, Godhood, and political philosophy without unreal abstractions. The great spiritual blockade of material life and material evolution was promoted mainly for the sake of experiencing the inward God or the Father Within. That Inward Path can be retained but transformed in the Outward Path to the real Godhood reached through material evolution, grounded in the concrete reality of real nature, real human nature, and real evolution, which requires variety, separation, and differences, as we all evolve toward Godhood.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

My hypothetical response to modern physics

"The field is the sole governing agency of the particle."
Albert Einstein

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."
Nikola Tesla

There is no such thing as “non-physical phenomena,” there are only the forces developed by physical phenomena, all of which we might not yet be aware of.

I am a long way from being a physicist but I am presumptuous enough to believe that the “forces” Max Planck, Einstein and Tesla spoke of are all material. I think the physical forces of matter, atoms, etc.---or some material force undefined--- leads to those forces, and then also controls the forces.

Energy, frequency, and vibration in the universe are not the secrets of the universe, it is matter, discovered and undiscovered, which drives those forces.

Is not the field which governs the particle created by the interaction of material forces? The field is not spiritual. In the same way gravity or electric forces are not spiritual, they are brought about by material objects.

Science has refused to see it but randomness to explain evolution is not enough, at least not for me. Randomness seems inadequate to explain the development of form and order, and the timeless movement from simplicity to complexity. I see a material inward activation as a “force”and it is not a non-physical force. In the same way the forces of energy which vibrate the particles are a material force “activating” material particles.

The only “duality” I see, which is not really a duality, is the Inward Dynamism of a material Spirit-Will or Will-Spirit of life activating material life to evolve in the world toward Godhood, shaped by endless sometimes random outside evolution. Perhaps that is the force physicists look for.

Friday, September 02, 2016

How Oneness Is Not Godhood

Does “likeness imply a oneness from which all likeness descends” as David Middleton poetically put it? (Modern Age, Summer 2016) If so, why does oneness suggest a highly complicated and wise God rather than a basic primeval origin? If a basic primeval origin is the reality, and I believe it is, then “oneness” has been vastly hypertrophied into a God.

What is important about the beginning, or beginnings, is the activation, the “force” that leads material life to evolve. This force is not God, it seeks Godhood. And this “force that through the green fuse drives the flower” (Dylan Thomas) is not any more “spiritual” then the Godhood it seeks to attain by activating and riding within the vehicle of material life toward supermaterial Godhood.

I have called this force the Will-Spirit or Spirit-Will mainly for the sake of continuity with the old idea of the Spirit or Soul. There is more to evolution than the duality of genes and nature, or genes telling the cells what to do within natural selection. That seems inadequate to explain the development of form and order, and the timeless movement from simplicity to complexity. Godhood is evolved to in the material world with stops and starts along the way, in an unending evolution.

Traditional religion sought the Inward God or Father Within which was a symbolic experience of the real Godhood reached through outward evolution. This is retained and defined in the Involutionary and Evolutionary Twofold Path of theological materialism.

A single beginning is part of that fantasy of oneness mentioned above. “Eden” is not that basic, primeval, unevolved, oneness. Eden is the zenith of material evolution which continues endlessly, like the universe. The world is not “fallen” from that basic primitive beginning, the world has evolved from that primitive beginning. “Time” is not a finality or a God, time is a technical measuring of endless evolution.

If there is something that could be called “divine” in humans it is that activating force within life, which is nevertheless not a God but is an imperfect “desire” for real material/supermaterial Godhood, which seems to define “life” in its evolving essence toward that sacred goal.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Beyond Gesamtkunstwerk

Can metaphor be more than two differences linked? The total words that the German language is so fond of, like "Gesamtkunstwerk" (artistic creation that encompasses various arts), which Wagner and Nietzsche tracked to Ancient Greece, find a deeper metaphor in theological materialism, which combines two things thought impossible to link, the spiritual and the material.

In the grand religious/philosophical metaphor of theological materialism the spiritual is seen as material or more precisely as the supermaterial, and arrived at through material evolution. Traditional religion and much of philosophy sees it the other way around, material things are considered grand illusions of the real spiritual world. That is a very deep “transvalution of values” which even Nietzsche seems to have believed, as his will to power seems to be a non-material force. Heidegger's Being also seems to be non-material and spiritual.

In private caves and public monasteries the ascetics sought to block the material world and material desires so as to experience the God Within, both Christ and Buddha strongly promoted this Inward Path. And the “truth” most philosophers sought was seen as a nonmaterial idea. But the Twofold Path of theological materialism sees the God within as only the first glimpse or experience---which is a blissful experience better than drugs---of the real Godhood reached in various levels of the Outward Path of material evolution. The Twofold Path does not reject traditional religion it retains and transforms it.