Saturday, October 30, 2010

Matter Over Mind

"What is enclosed in the sanctuary of the arcana
Is disclosed in the testimony of phenomena."
- Ibn ‘Ata’illah

Human history seems to be the “triumph” of mind over matter, but it is time to reverse the near-hatred of the material world, which was initiated by the Reveled Religions as an esoteric attempt to see the Soul and Spirit Within by blocking out the sensual-material world, using various religious disciplines. Science began the slow climb out by exhuming the material world, but science made the same mistake of radicalism that religion had done, in reverse, by rejecting religion and the Soul and Spirit.

Now it is time to combine the two, which Evolutionary Christianity does in the Twofold Path. We can see the “God-Within” using the Involutionary Inward Path of the Revealed Religions, but now we go deeper within the Soul to the Spirit, which activates the material world to evolve in the Evolutionary Outward Path to the Supermaterial Godhood first seen in the Inward Path. Materialism and spiritualism, religion and science join here in the Great Synthesis.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The foundation of the political view

People predominantly create cultures, cultures do not create people. Political theorists often miss the base of human nature when they define the meaning of political life.

Before capitalism or socialism arise men have basic survival and reproductive drives that seek success by developing various cultures. The various attributes of a people, such as intelligence, energy, creativity, are not the same among all people, and therefore they create different cultures.

Because all men are not the same, yet all men do have the will to success and power, it seems best to form small states for a variety of men with a variety of attributes. The small states can then be protected by a light federalism, with the central task being the protection of the sovereignty of the small states.

But deeper even then the power drives of reproduction is the Will to Godhood, the Spirit-Will, which activates all life in conjunction with natural evolution. This is the divine base of human nature, and this is why men need ultimately to make upward evolution toward Godhood possible within the states. This is where religion, specifically the religion of Evolutionary Christianity, can be seen as separate from the various states, yet at the right hand of the people.  No real culture has ever developed or sustained without being based in religion.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Toward Evolutionary Realism

Truth is an object

Hegel seems to have thought that truth was “imageless,” but truth is an object, and Godhood is a Supreme Object, therefore “image-thinking” is higher than imageless thinking. In this sense there is no “pure thought” free of materialism or supermaterialism.

It was an error when philosophy and religion claimed that they could dispense with the material and deal only in “pure concepts.” That way you lose reality.

Art strives to become supermaterial rather than immaterial and abstract. Art needs to return to what Hegel disparaged as picture-thinking. Less abstract sculpture might this way rate higher than abstract poetry.

Art can explore present and future material life, which is a form of idealism but grounded in nature and evolution. Art can be shaped to future organic life, future man and future Gods, who are of nature and evolving in time.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sociobiology And Back To The Sense-Object

Religion, art, philosophy became too deep, too complex, as they moved away from the sense-mediums and into airy idealism.

I think sociobiology, which is the study of the biological aspects of social behavior, in the 1970's began to bring culture back to the sense-object, the material foundation. But sociobiology has just barely penetrated the liberal arts in our colleges and universities.

Sociobiology has given us the most accurate reading of human nature in history and it affirms and helps explain the Revitalized Conservatism of Evolutionary Christianity. We add the activating Spirit-Will to evolution with the goal of Godhood.

Monday, October 25, 2010

How Time Is Secondary

It seems to me that the timeless God of Plato and the esoteric religions was defined because thinkers could not face an always moving, always living and dying, evolving world, they demanded a timeless God, say, like the number three, which exists forever.

Yet even if the number three does not perish, it is not a living entity, it defines a living entity, and so it is secondary to the living entity. Time is less important than life in time, and time should not be valued higher than life. Life moves through time, time doesn't move through life.

The living object is more important than the definition of the object. The always transforming Godhood Object is more important than the definition of Godhood.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Great Error Of God-Within-Devil-Without

God-Within-Devil-Without has meant the slow decline of the Christian Church. It is a great error, it is a Great Spiritual Blockade against the Real Path to Godhood, which is the “Outward “ world of the Evolution to Godhood.

Does this justify rooting out the Inward Path? No, but it does demand the divine addition of the Outward Path, without which all the Revealed Religions will fall, because they are all based exclusively in the great error of the God-Within-Devil-Without, even though some of them attempt to rationalize the material world, and some actually use materialistic armies to proselytize.

Only the Twofold Path of Evolutionary Christianity carries the God Within forward while it does not and cannot define the Evolutionary Outward Path as evil.

Sham Economics

Only economic nationalism can save us

The global capitalist's have been destroying the manufacturing base of the United States, and putting us deeply in debt to China, but they do not much mind the massive trade deficits, the borrowing, and the outsourcing of our jobs, because they have big interest in the lending banks and in manufacturing in China. We hear only how we as consumers demand cheap goods, and we hear how economic nationalism is “anachronistic,” and that we have an unchangeable symbiotic relationship with the world which cannot be changed. This is all a sham.

Because the global capitalists control the major media, and bankroll the politicians and the government, we continue to hear propaganda against economic nationalism, and therefore it won't be easy to bring back economic nationalism, which originally made us wealthy, and is now making China and their fellow travelers in the West wealthy, at the expense of our nation. They try to scare us with words like “isolationism,” but economic nationalism trades with the world, it only demands fair trading of our manufactured goods.

Let's hope the Tea Party is not totally controlled by the global capitalists because then nothing will change, except perhaps a smaller government that is still controlled by the global capitalists. In any case, only economic nationalism can save us.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back to the object in art

Back to the object in art means back to the senses, back to matter, the opposite of the call to the idealism of a matter-free Spirit.

Matter, Soul and Spirit are whole in man, and at their Absolute Wholeness when Godhood is evolved to, so we don't merely center on the abstract spirit but on the whole human being, the whole Godhood.

We need to move away from abstract thinking in art, religion and philosophy. Back to the concrete, back to matter and supermatter, back to the object.

Beauty is not the “appearance of the Idea to sense” (Hegel), beauty is the appearance of sense to the idea.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Evolution creates the mind

This much we seem to know: evolution creates the mind. Why does evolution create the mind? Evolution creates the mind because the mind seems to help or enhance evolution.  For me, epistemology comes down this phrase: evolution creates the mind.

German Idealism, for me, can be bypassed this way, like cutting the Gordian knot rather than trying to endlessly unravel it. This way Heidegger is seen as the last great unraveler.

Why does evolution create evolution, or what created evolution? The least we can say is since evolution is what we can see in the world, evolution must have created evolution. Now here is where I take things into theology, into Evolutionary Christianity, positing a Will or Spirit within material life activating evolution, all the way to Godhood. But if one does not wish to take things into theology, eg. as scientists or philosophers, one can at least take it to evolution, that is, evolution creates the mind, and then examine who we are or how we think from that perspective.  Perhaps then theology will come later.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Free trade is not an end in itself

 I believe that the United States Constitution holds out the best possibility for fulfilling the sociobiological imperatives of human nature. Capitalism ended serfdom and slavery. But small states rights, even to the extent of ethnostates, and much smaller federal government, need to be reaffirmed, but the government must protect the nation with fair trade, or economic nationalism.

A nation must have more than material advances and political freedom, as vitally important as they are. The bottom line, the essential fact is that we are sociobiological beings, and business and politics are means to sociobiological ends. Man is really more than merely a consumer.

The free traders must not destroy the manufacturing base of a nation, the sociobiological imperatives of human nature must be protected, such as naturally and instinctively seeking to advance kin and group and locality. I also see this as a religious imperative to affirm the right to evolve all the way to Godhood for all ethnic groups.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Future War, Peace and the Law of Persons and Groups

Civilization and Barbarianism

I would expand the emphasis of the old Roman law of persons, to groups, keeping both. When we do not recognize the right of life for other people and other groups we put ourselves in the position of antagonism or war. It is that simple. War happens when we do not recognize the right to life of others. This is the difference between civilization and barbarianism. War takes away the best of all people, all races. A state is great not by the territory it has taken but by the genius of its people in the arts, sciences and government.

The just political structure, given human nature, is small states, ethnostates, and localism, protected by a light federalism. Imperialism and racial supremacism are automatic positions of antagonism and war because they do not recognize the right to life of others, they are barbarian in this sense.

It follows, however, that war is justified only in defense of the right to life of persons and groups. Until we have a legitimate world order we will have wars. It would be naive to think that peace is possible without the power to defend or enforce the order. But the world order should not be like the United Nations which essentially tries to keep the peace by bringing all people together, it should be a global body that guards the independence and sovereignty of small ethnostates all over the world.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Warning to Tea Party: Don't let the global business elite take you over

If Economic Nationalism is not the platform of the Tea Party then nothing will change in Washington or in the nation, manufacturing and jobs will not come back to America, and imperial foreign wars will continue.  The Globalist's only want to exploit you to help them remove the meddling government. If the Globalist's win, this would then require the development of a Third Party which is unabashedly Economic Nationalist. And that Third Party may depend on changing demographics in America moving away from a Third Party.

Revitalizing the Philosophy of Nature

Upside Down

Unlike Hegel's worship of the Idea, which places nature lower than the Idea of nature, evolution, in my view, brings nature back to religion and philosophy, and places the Idea as secondary to the Natural Living Object. Evolution is the engine of the philosophy of nature.

When the Idea is made God, as in Hegel (and Plato), and as in many religions, at least on the esoteric level, then Nature is wrongly seen as less than the Idea of nature, nature is seen as the “self-degradation of the Idea,” as Hegel sees it.

I see the Idea as the “degradation” of the Natural Living Object, since I see Godhood not as mere Logos or the Idea-In-Itself but as the Supreme Natural Object, or Objects, evolved to  in the cosmos, of which the Idea can only be secondary.

This Great Spiritual Blockade of nature by religion and philosophy needs to be transformed and is in theological materialism.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Reason and love, sexism and epistemology

It has been said that reason and love are the two ways of comprehending the world. If we assign these in male/female categories, then we can go beyond the stereotypes and say the the whole person, man or woman, need to try to balance these. Using these categories, women don't have as much of a problem with paradoxical thinking---something can be both wrong and right---and men can see where emotion can get in the way of survival imperatives. Indeed, men and women need to keep their gendered rational and love bases, which do have a solid sociobiology foundation, but to be more whole, men and women need to add more of the traits of the other.

This is not only the way to deal with “sexism” but the way to deal with epistemology, how we think, how we know what we know. Both reason and love need to be involved in thinking and knowing, the conceptual and the sensory-perceptual. As it stands, more or less, religion has rejected reason and science has rejected emotion, although Aquinas and sociobiology have tried to resolve some of the differences. This has made both science and religion less than whole.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How the subject is the object, humans are only advanced animals

Animals don't separate appearance from reality, and most people do not, only philosophers play these epistemological games.

Phenomenology gives too much attention to man and is too anthropomorphic. This is the general problem with idealism which makes the self and what the self sees as all.

There is no real separation between subject and object, the subject is the object, the subject can be the thinking part of the object and is as material as the object body.  This transvalues the subject and object from idealism and says it is the object that is the subject, not the subject projecting the object.

Animals are “rational,” they can solve problems, choose ends, change from evidence coming in from the senses, humans are just more rational. Humans only think they are freer than animals because they have more choices or can see more choices. We are as determined as the animals in nature.

In humans language is just trickier than language in animals, language especially engages philosophers who like to dwell on it. Logos or reason in humans is just advanced animal thinking.

The “intellectual intuition,” idealism, or even “revelation” that still exists in Evolutionary Christianity leads to affirming the Will to Godhood, or Spirit-Will, in both animals and humans. The Will-Spirit activates life within the natural world of evolution. Humans only add a more advanced mind to the Will that we share with other animals, humans evolved a more advanced brain-mind, even to the point where humans can look back inside to see at least some of the Will-Spirit Itself.

This intellectual idealism will only be defined as “idealism” until the Will-Spirit is validated by future science, and it will be, but science may also have to change some its methods of doing science.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Constitution emburdens Congress to regulate commerce

..."Washington finances and supports the off-shoring of industry and jobs. Washington and the Wall Street crowd that got us into this mess are not a bit interested in U. S. jobs or the U. S. economy. Corporate America and the financial crowd are interested in opportunities in China, India, Vietnam, or wherever..."

continue here from "Economy In Crisis"

Church, State And Freedom

Evolution as logic

In Evolutionary Christianity the religion, the church, is the objective embodiment of the Path to Godhood, not the state. This means that the religion and the church deal with ethical and moral life designed to attain Godhood for its practitioners. The state is a secondary embodiment of the Path to Godhood, and the church can or cannot be separate from the state, since there are many paths to evolve to Godhood.

I endorse representative government, small states with much power, in a light federal system, with economic nationalism (see the U.S. Constitution), but again, there can be many paths to evolve to Godhood.

Does history gradually reveal “freedom as logic,” as Hegel believed? History reveals evolution as logic. The goal of Godhood in history and in evolution is determined, but the path is undetermined, which means that in reality there is no perfect freedom, there is only the secondary freedom of humans to deliberately choose a purpose from within determined paths, and then strive toward that purpose or goal.

The Will-Spirit that activates life is not opposed to nature, as in ancient and modern Idealism, the Spirit is not seeking to break free from matter, as in Gnosticism, the Spirit is essentially supermaterial, and a part of matter and nature, activating matter as Its only vehicle, of which it is a vital part, to evolve to Godhood.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Holding Economics Up To Nature

Free traders cherry pick reality, fair traders do not

The free traders say that a free trade economy reflects the natural reality of the law of cause and effect, seen in the law of supply and demand, and seen in the constant growth condition of life. This much may be true, but then the free traders go on to cherry pick reality overlooking or unaware of the natural reality of group selection and genetically activated altruism and kin selection, while affirming strict selfish individualism (see the Randians).

Holding economics up to nature one affirms economic nationalism. I can agree with the libertarians that government needs to be greatly restricted, but based on nature and human nature I do not think that business should be free to trade away the manufacturing base and jobs of a nation, as it has done. Government needs to control this, as it did during the rise of all nations, with fair trade rather than free trade.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The subject-object arguments of German philosophy come down to theology in Evolutionary Christianity

Never is there a separation between body-object and spirit-subject.  For comparison, there is no purpose for the engine (Spirit-Will-Subject) of a vehicle (Object-Body) to exist other then to make the vehicle go, or activate the vehicle. Why would we want to separate the engine from the vehicle, separated they are both dead?

The subject-object arguments of German philosophy come down to theology in Evolutionary Christianity (EC). There is no duality or separation between object and subject, it is one object. Fichte and German philosophy saw the object as the projection of the subject-self. I see the object never separate from the subject-self. The Spirit-Soul-Mind (subject) exists in the object-body and does so from the micro-world of lower life to the macro-world of higher life. Each form has its Spirit-Soul-Mind-Subject at different levels of evolution which can see more and know more the higher it evolves, until Godhood is attained in evolution, which contains more Absolute Knowledge of Godhood. The lowest forms have a mind at least in the form of the Will-Spirit which actives the form to evolve to Godhood, even if it cannot think about it.

Thinking does not have to reach beyond itself, beyond material life, to see transcendental “things-in-themselves.” The activating power of life, the Will To Godhood, or the (Will-Spirit), has supreme knowledge of It's destination, which is Godhood, and we can have knowledge of this with intellectual intuition, although is a partial knowledge of Godhood or the Supreme Thing In Itself. Yes, this Will-Spirit to Godhood is “transcendental” but it is also immanent within us. And most importantly the Will is material, but in a supermaterial category. There is not a separation here between spirit and matter, there is only materiality and supermateriality.

In the Twofold Path the true task of the Involutionary Inward Path is to reach the Soul within---which is the human mind at its best---and then to see the Will-Spirit that lies at the Zenith of the Soul, where the Thing-In-Itself can be glimpsed. This is where the highest intellectual intuition is involved.

Reason and logic are found in the mind where the mind can grasp the deeper reason and logic of evolution, which the intuitive mind can then synthesize or harmonize with the Will-Spirit. Spirit-Soul-Mind is one thing, one mind, with different levels. The Body, Mind and Soul are activated by the Will-Spirit.  In the Evolutionary Outward Path the Will-Spirit knows Its goal but does not determine the paths to the goal in outward natural evolution.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reason is not the essence of man

Reason is not the only way to perceive Reality, other faculties need to be involved, like emotions, intuitions, and even revelations. To leave these out and allow only reason is to cut man in half.

Ultimately reason and evolution are activated by the Will to Godhood, or the Spirit-Will; reason is not in this sense the essence of man, the Will to Godhood is, although man seems to be unique in using reason.

The Will knows its destination, which is Godhood, and It can and does apply reason and other faculties to find the best paths to the goal of Godhood. Animals can't know this goal, their “minds” are a simple will to live.

Contrary to Nietzsche and Foucault evolution and reality are not dictated by power, and not dictated by the reason of Aristotle, but by the Will To Godhood. Evolution seems to better define how reason works, activated by the Will to Godhood.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Preserving the Involutionary Perennial Path and Including the Evolutionary Outward Path

Eastern sources such as Taoism, Hinduism and the Brahmanic Tradition seem to have kept intact more of the original Hyperborean Tradition than the Near Eastern and Western Abrahamic Tradition. The Abrahamic Tradition seems to have derived at least some of its religion, including the ethos of the Kabbalah, during the enslavement of the Jewish people in both Ancient Egypt and Babylon, while the enslaving states were themselves secondary---though important---centers of the Hyperborean Civilization. And much was lost in translation.

Even so in the West, the Kabbalah of Orthodox Judaism retains more of the Perennial Hyperborean Tradition than much of Christianity does, with Traditional Christianity retaining what little it could. I see Vatican Two changes in the Catholic Church as an attempt to recapture some of this Hyperborean Tradition from the Abrahamic and Brahmanic Traditions. But this is all speaking of the Involutionary Inward Path of the Revealed Religions.

The Theoevolutionary Church seeks to renew the “Universal” meaning of “Catholicism,” and include in its Involutionary Inward Path as much of the lost Hyperborean Tradition as possible, including insights from the Eastern and Abrahamic Traditions.  But most importantly, we add the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood, which defines the original Twofold Path.  This is obtained at least partly from modern knowledge, and it is our unique contribution to the Tradition, the Church and science.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Remembering Robertson's Ethnostates

I came across old notes on Robertson's book, “The Ethnostates,” and remembered how wise he was in his approach to ethnostates, although I do not agree with his idea of ethnostates seceding from the union. I think States Rights within the United States Constitution can include the concept of ethnostates without radical change.

Robertson said he was speaking of a time not in the present but in the future when Americans and Europeans will have reached the point where they have to choose between ethnostates or no states at all.

He felt that overpopulation and matters affecting the environment would demand international recognition of regional control and regulation.

Robertson thought the worst crime after genocide is culturecide, and the second crime to military aggression is cultural aggression.

He insisted on the sequence of “education, arouse, act” in that order, because acting before education and arousal are invitations to failure.

Robertson believed that a countries greatness does not depend on the wars it has won, or the wealth it has produced or the territory it has grabbed. A countries greatness is determined by the genius of its people and by applying that genius to unique achievement in the arts, sciences and government. (I would add religion.)

He advocated the criminalization of war, other than ethnostatist defense. Military aggression against another ethnostate should be a high crime. Empire-building is the opposite side of ethnostates.

The goal of future global bodies would be to guard the independence and sovereignty of ethnostates, not as the United Nations trying to keep the peace by bringing people together.

Robertson suggested an historical scheme different from Marx, where feudal fiefdoms (thesis) evolve to huge multi-racial political agglomerations (antithesis) eventually resolving into ethnostates (synthesis). The Marx scheme was feudalism-capitalism-communism.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Free Ground of the Political

Evolutionary Christianity adapts from Christianity the even-handed knowledge that not just some men are free, all men are free to evolve---the evolutionary goal may be determined but the path is undetermined. This was an improvement over the pagans, eg., the Ancient Greeks with their slavery and supremacy of one group over all groups.

Civilization since Christianity says that there can legitimately be no single, supremacist, Civilized Greek, Noble Aryan or Chosen Judaic people, since all groups, all races are activated by the same Will to Godhood, or Spirit. This broad view leads to a political world with a religious view of the community, different from the supremacist religious view of communities.  All groups rightfully affirm themselves and the rights of other groups to affirm themselves.

Localism, ethnostates and light federalism are essential in allowing the best possible environment for a wide variety of separate groups to successfully survive, reproduce and evolve upward. Evolution is the last judgment, the culture and state are not a completed work of art, they offer the best known environment for ongoing creation and evolution.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Gnostic Hegel

In seeing Spirit as unfolding toward “freedom” or “liberation” from the “subjection” of nature, Hegel is Gnostic, not unlike his forebears, Plato and the esoteric versions of the Revealed Religions.

In Hegel, Spirit is opposed to (contrary to) nature, because history is the unfolding of Spirit, in stages.

In Evolutionary Christianity, Spirit is nature, or supermateriality and epiphenomenal, and It is not opposed to Itself.

The Spirit or the Will to Godhood does seek the total freedom of Godhood, which it must evolve to in nature.

Freedom” means essentially the freedom to evolve, ultimately to Godhood. Freedom does not mean that men are without a determining nature.

This is why we affirm localism, ethnostates and light federalism, they allow the most possible freedom to evolve for the most people, and not just one people or one state.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Innovation In Revitalized Conservatism

I must say I began as a radical and then wised up. Revitalized Conservatism is not against innovation but against rule by innovation. Innovation needs to be merged or synthesized into the majority status quo which always exists. Conservatism has been wrongly depicted as against innovation. Evolutionary Christianity and theological materialism are innovations, but the hope or strategy is to have them merged into the status quo, or at least merge the status quo into them if innovation is totally blocked.

More seriously, we are evolving kosmically toward the totality of Godhood, which is a divine progress, yet need not be radical change. The Revealed Religions have blocked our instinctual nature in a Great Spiritual Blockade which needs to be unblocked even as we hold on to the Involutionary Inward Path of the Revealed Religions in the Twofold Path. This is change but not revolution.

There is also innovation required in adapting States Rights to ethnostates with light federalism, thereby holding on to the Constitution of the United States. This is more a return to what once was unspoken reality. The same return is needed from global free trade to economic nationalism. But these all need to be merged, not forced, not because we are afraid of confrontation but because we affirm the reality of the status quo.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Inner Force And Therapy

Whereas “negation” is the inner life force of Hegel's dialectic, and the Will to Power and the Will to Sex are the inner life force of Nietzsche, Adler and Freud; the Will to Godhood, or the Holy Spirit is the inner life force of theological materialism and Evolutionary Christianity.

A form of Evolutionary Therapy naturally develops out of this worldview, where the way people, cultures, philosophy's and religions compensate or overcompensate for the Will to Godhood, and how this force or drive is thwarted or affirmed defines the health of people and cultures.

Monday, October 04, 2010

On Plato

The world is not an illusion created by the mind of man as some extreme subjectivists hold, and reality is not “co-existent” with God, as Swami Krishnananda holds, the world of man is merely a lower order evolution toward higher order Godhood. This means that the lower order of evolution is not in “bondage” to material life. 

I disagree with Plato who, according to Krishnananda, believes that “by itself matter or the sense-world is quality-less, nothing; it derives values from the reality of the Ideas which give form and value to it.” Vedanta seems to agree with this and I disagree with Vedanta. I see it precisely the other way around, it is the material and supermaterial object that gives value to the Ideas.

Ideas don't range beyond the “senses,” the phenomenal world is all there is, but the phenomenal world ranges from phenomena to superphenomena or epiphenomena.  It is not Plato's Ideas that activate matter, it is the superphenomenal Holy Spirit, or the Spirit-Will to Godhood, which is not better than matter, the Spirit is part of matter—being supermatter-- and It uses matter as Its vehicle to evolve to Godhood.  What is real is the Object, not merely consciousness, which can only be conscious of the object which gives it “life.”

Vedanta seems to have a bit better view than Plato in thinking that “the activities of the material world are all consciously directed towards the fulfillment of the cosmic purpose of Self-realization. Matter is not an unwilling self but a willing cooperator in the grand scheme of the cosmos.” This lack of dualism, unlike Plato's dualism, seems right, even if Plato's Idealism does see a whole as being only Ideas, the opposite of our theological materialism.

I say that the Holy Spirit-Will (not the Demiurge) helps activate creation, but within the Primordial Material, then the Holy Spirit, along with natural selection and evolution, is the architect of the world, the cosmos is therefore the very body of future Godhood. The Holy Spirit does not require Plato's “World Soul” to create the cosmos, It helps create the world Itself.

Unlike Plato, the Soul and Spirit have not “forgotten” their original knowledge, but they do require evolution to go back to the Absolute Knowledge that exists within the Supreme Object, or Objects of Godhood, which the Soul and Spirit do not posses, thus they have the divine motivation to evolve  to Godhood. All that we know here is merely an imperfect evolution of Absolute Knowledge, and the Absolute is "only" Absolute Consciousness, or Godhood's Mind seeing and knowing the Supreme Object and Body of Godhood-Itself.

Friday, October 01, 2010

How We Can Know The Thing-In-Itself

Thinking does not have to exclusively reach beyond itself to transcendental things-in-themselves, the activating power of the Will to Godhood or the Holy Spirit Within us, which actually is material, seems to have knowledge of It's destination, which is knowledge of Godhood. Yes, this knowledge is “transcendental” in the sense of the highest evolution, but it is immanent within us and we can therefore have at least a glimpse of the Thing-In-Itself called Godhood---although evolution never ceases and there is therefore no final Thing-in-itself. It is a partial knowledge of Godhood because full knowledge, or Absolute Truth, comes only when we evolve all the way to Godhood in the cosmos.

The true task of the Involutionary Inward Path in Evolutionary Christianity is to reach beneath to the Soul—which is the human mind at its zenith-- and see the Spirit-Will that lies at the Zenith of the Soul, where the Thing-In-Itself can be somewhat grasped. It is the Soul at the Zenith of the Mind where intellectual intuition takes place, and where we can discern the Spirit-Will.

Reason and logic are known in the mind and Soul, where the mind can grasp the deepest reason and logic of evolution and try to harmonize with it. Evolution moves more or less dialectically toward Godhood, from the simple to the refined etc., and the mind can grasp this, which is the deepest reason and logic. The task of the Evolutionary Outward Path is to make possible the evolution to Godhood.

The Soul, Reason and Logic are activated by the Will to Godhood, or the Holy Spirit, which knows Its goal but does not determine the exact paths that evolution will take in evolving to Godhood.