Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Deeper Kind of Conservatism

Politically incorrect as it is to say, I think some individuals are more capable of handling freedom and responsibility than others, and I think this may also apply to ethnic groups---but in saying that I must quickly add that I am not talking about superiority or inferiority, I am simply talking about differences between people.

This necessarily relates to demographics and immigration policies which have a great deal to do with the tone of the culture: as the people change the culture changes. It has been a lie to say, as the cultural Marxism of political correctness says, that all individuals and groups are the same with only slight unimportant differences in skin color.

I don't think the "civil rights" movement had as much to do with seeking equality as it did with seeking superiority---it is seeking supremacy far more than ethnocentrism which causes the defamation and discrimination that modern liberals constantly go on about.

But conservatives don't seem to fully realize that it is not enough to tell distinctly different individuals and groups to better handle freedom and responsibility by affirming conservatism and tradition.

This is why I advocate an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, which can be conservatively accommodated by the constitutional separation of powers and states, where different ethnic groups and individuals can develop the cultures that best suit them, with federalism protecting the whole. That is the deeper kind of conservatism.

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