Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It is not necessary to invent a non-material transcendent God to believe in real Godhood

It is not necessary to invent a non-material transcendent God or first cause of the universe out of nothing to believe in real Godhood. Believing in Godhood does not depend on the idea that reality issues forth from a non-material primal source. If this kind of creator is accessible to reason only, as St. Thomas Aquinas said, then reason is suspect.

A God, a Being of immateriality is a creation only in the minds of men. There is not a creator who is not a thing, not an object, not a living object, and there is not a creator who is a form, definition, an idea-only, or a blissful experience. Yet these define the God of most religions and most philosophies.

What there is is endless evolution, with many beginnings and many endings, with no first beginning, no first cause, and no final ending. Evolution does evolve life to Godhood, real Godhood, in the material and supermaterial world---but there is no final Godhood, only endless evolution of Godhoods.

There is a material or supermaterial primal source, and a material or supermaterial activation of the primal source from within the primal source, at the beginning of every universe. And this same primal source and activation from within is present in all life, including human life.

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